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Terius Behind Me: Episodes 25 and 26 Live Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 25 and 26 live recap
Whew, it was a long night last night with all the election coverage and subsequent nail biting*. I am very happy to get lost in the world of dramas for a cool 3 hours or so to unwind. Terius is the perfect drama to start with. Bring me the zaniness Terius!

So, where did we leave off with Terius last? Aerin was in Jeju, but she went back to Seoul to sell her apartment. However she did not end up selling her apartment in the end because her eunnie, Eunha, called her with the sudden news that she found the USB everyone and their ajumma have been looking for. Eunha immediately headed out to meet with Aerin in the cover of night, but Kay was hard on her tail. It ended with us not knowing if Kay got to Eunha first or if Aerin did. Oh, and Terius was around there somewhere.

*If you’re wondering: the blue wave was a +9 point voter turnout. Democrats won the House, so checks and balances have been restored (whoo hoo!); Republicans still have control of the Senate (I know, I know, gerrymandering); and several governor seats were flipped to blue (which means we can fix gerrymandering). We will do it all again in two years for the presidential election! Right now, I think I need a month long political vacation. But then it’s back to work.

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We open on Eun-ha walking up the street with the usb safely in her jacket. Kay is hot on her trail. He catches her and knocks her out with his gun then dumps her purse contents al on the ground. He finds the USB and takes off.

Aerin finds Eun-ha knocked out and calls the police.

Meanwhile, Terius is in his safe room and hears someone coming in. he pulls his gun on the person who turns out to be – Yong-tae! Yong-tae tells him not to shoot him, brother. Terius asks for his laptop data.

In the hospital, Eun-ha has a neck injury that makes it hard to move, but other than that she is her hot tempered King Castle Ajumma self. She asks for her bag wherein turn she tries to find the USB, but it is not there. She asks Aerin where it went. Aerin thinks she might have left it on the floor. But then she asks if she remembers the guy in the video’s face. Was it the one that was seen with Jun-soo and Jun-hee?

She shows her a picture of the dead NIS guy. Eunha says that she remembers him. But what does that have to do with this? Aerin gives her directions on what to do about not telling anyone what is going on and how there are some serious things happening around there. Eunha is a bit afraid but then Sun-mi and Sang-ryeol come in yelling about their friend, WHO DID THIS TO YOU.

Outside, Aerin looks for the USB, she thinks that was the real target, not her wallet. Right then, Ji-yeon talks to Aerin on the phone and tells her to come to King’s Bag.

In the hideout, Terius lowers his weapon and starts to talk to a very scared Yong-tae. Yong-tae fills him in on everything.

Flashback. Yong-tae told Terius that they have to give small things to those people and get a big thing. Terius tells him that he can hand over the bag but they should meet the Voice in person. Yong-tae asks if he wants him to be bait? Terius says that he can do it all if Yong-tae is scared. A little bit later we see Yong-tae with the bag. Kay walks up to him as he stands outside on the street.

Yong-tae tells him that a lot of people are watching them so don’t attempt to do anything to him. He also wants to see the voice in person. He gives the bag and says that he has all the data in there. if he sees the voic in perosn then he will give them the bags that they are looking for. Kay looks at him for a moment then tells him to wait for his call.

In the present, Terius tells Yong-tae that he was brave. Good job. Yong-tae tells him that he is at least happy that he is alive. He planned on giving all the data to the King’s Bag people when he figured out who the voice was.
Aerin tells Ji-yeon that she knows everything. She recounts some events and asks Ji-yeon if she is right. He killed her husband, right? That guy in the USB.

Cut to Kay looking at the USB.

Back with Bon, Yong-tae tells him that he has a connection with a person at Cornerstone. Bon tells him that it is dangerous by himself, he can be his ghost and support him since everyone thinks he is dead now.

At King’s Bag, Aerin is upset at Ji-yeon for hiding her husband’s true killer from her. She wants to call the police and tell them to search everywhere!

In King Castle, Sang-ryeol and Sun-mi check the CCTV to find out what happened. But the CCTV folder is gone for today. SR remembers that this happened after Joon-soo’s appa died. SR is a bit scared about a ghost, SM yells at him to not say that! The security team tell them that they will search some more.

Back at King’s Bag, Ji-yeon tells Aerin that her husband was a witness for murder. That is why he was attacked. Bon wanted to protect you and your family. He did not want you to get hurt or injured. Aerin remembers Bon telling her that he wanted her to stay in Jeju and rest.

She goes back to her place and cries as she looks at her family portrait.

Outside, Bon finds out that Aerin was crying a lot. Ji-yeon tells him that she is not comfortable with her crying so much, because she is usually so happy and bright. He tells her that he will talk to her (Ji-yeon) later. Then he goes to Aerin’s place. But he can’t manage to ring the bell.

It seems like he might hear he crying ont he other side of the door so he just stays outside in the hallway/stairwell area and waits.

Aerin cried herself to sleep last night on the couch. But it is a new day so she wakes up where she crashed last night (partly on the floor and partly on the couch) and stands up to get something from the kitchen.

But when she opens the fridge, there isn’t anything there, no water as well. She goes outside and is startled to see Bon still standing there. Awake as well. they both go inside where he tells her that he is sorry he could not tell her everything in advance. The truth was too dark and too cruel. We both lost important people due to the asme people and organization. I will find it all out, but you should not come into this world. I don’t want you to be in danger in this world anymore.

Shim talks to Kwon about what happened with the car exploding. Find out what happened. Kwon asks him why he is looking at her like that, do you think I did it? I wanted to catch him, not kill him. He is the only one that knows the whereabouts of the last files that we lost from the Candy project. I don’t know who killed him.

Elsewhere, RaDo goes to see Eun-ha bearing gifts. he also lets himself into her place for a cup of tea. But we cut to him leaving soon, Eun-ha tells him that it would be hard for him to join King’s Castle Information group because he does not live there. He leaves politely, but he accomplished what he set out to do – take the sticker.

Ji-yeon tells Bon that they should have that video footage, Bon tells her that they can get it back but he also says that he met Yong-tae.

Cut to Yong-tae apologizing for Aerin’s husbands death, it was an accident. Aerin yells at him, you killed the head of the family without a reason! Yong-tae tells her that Kay already did it, he had to cover it up. He will also make them pay for it.

Bon tells Ji-yeon that Yong-tae wil be a double spy, he is trying to get their trust. The first mission is to know who the Voice is.

Yong-tae tells Aerin that he will not ask for her forgiveness, but she hopes that she will understand his braveness. She knows that he is a timid guy, but he is putting his life on the line for this. Aerin tells him that he must catch those people, or she will never forgive him.

She leaves. Someone across the street takes several photos of her as she walks away. Inside, Yong-tae gets a call on the secret phone. He says, yes it’s me…today? Okay.
Everyone meets at King’s Bag. They have secret glasses to give him that have a camera and voice inside. Bon says he is his backup so don’t be afraid. JY tells him that he looks good in glasses, YT agrees, it is because he is super handsome. Everyone is all like, eww. Then Yong-tae goes to get all the bags from his car.

Elsewhere, the evil pharmaceutical guy holds the usb and laughs. He tells Kay to stay next door. When I give you the signal, be sure to kill him without hesitation.

Yong-tae shows up at the restaurant and goes to the proper room. Ji-yeon and Bon watch from a secured location. Yong-tae goes inside the room where we see that the evil man is the Chief secretary of the president! (So not a pharmaceutical rep.) They both sit and share a drink. Yong-tae tells him that the bags are in the trunk.

The man laughs and pulls out the USB. Bon decides to go inside becaue Ji-yeon thinks that Yong-tae is in danger. the man inside asks Yong-tae if he was trying to threaten him with that USB. YT says yes. The man tells him that he should have asked him to save him, but yeah? YT says he has more of those, he thought he needed a weapon if he was in danger. He did not want to die like that before. It will all be revealed if I die.

The man gives the signal and laughs. YT says he has the key to a bank account in Switzerland. that makes the man hold off so he signals for Kay to stop. What is the secret bank account in Switzerland? YT says that there are important documents from Candy there, you know that Candy. I will give you Kim Bon’s Switzerland Bank account.

We open right at that scene. The Voice wants to know what Yong-tae wants. YT says that he just needs a promise that he will be used as a loyal dog, that is all. In the car, Ji-yeon thinks about the Switzerland secret account. She tells Ra Do to find all the information he can about the Voice Guy.

Outside, Yong-tae and Bon have a refreshing drink outside as they overlook the river. Inside, Ji-yeon wonders what they are talking about. Outside, YT asks what was in the secret bank account, brother? But Bon does not tell him.

At home, Aerin talks to her kids over Skype. They are still in jeju, so they sing her a song to give her some energy and then say goodnight. The doorbell rings, there is a cup of coffee otuside with a note from Bon.

Note: today we are one day further, I will cheer up, so you should also cheer up Aerin.

Bon goes to his apartment and feeds his fish. he also has a Tiffany box? it looks like Ji-yeon gave him this turquoise box and thanked him for coming back. She also told him that she will not hav a one-sided love in the next life and leaves.

At home, Bon opens the gift, it is a gold bracelet. He puts it on and smiles then mutters to himself, it’s pretty.

Aerin gets her house straightened out then sits by the couch. however her door bell rings, it’s Ji-yeon who asks for a drink. They sit where JY cuts to the chase. She has something to ask her.

Cut to Ra Do telling Bon about The Voice guy. He saves all his important documents inside his house. And spent a lot of money on house security with lasers and cameras and lots of stuff. So his house in impenetrable. We cannot figure it out so you have to go inside and then we can figure it out.

In the apartment, Aerin tells Ji-yeon that she will do it. JY tells her that it will require a lot of courage, but i will support you. I will let you know when we are ready. Later, Aerin calls Eun-ha and asks her if she can help her.
At King’s Bag, Ji-yeon tells Bon that they will sneak in a housemaid. All his family members are in America. But there is a head maid that runs the house. People know her as Ms. Ahn. She even wrote a book and knows everything in that region. If she opens her mouth then people joke that Korea will collapse. All the powerful men wanted to get her but The Voice got her.

She was normal through high school, after that she went to Pyong Chan and has no record for 5 years. She also went to Russia after high school, but there is no record of Russia. We think she is speciallized in fighting.

Cut to the woman fighting a chicken and seperating it for dinner.

Bon wonders, she can use martial arts? JY says yes, she might be a secret agent for Cornerstone.

The Ajumma’s are on the task to help Aerin get into the house! Eunha tells AR that she can never ask the woman’s name and never talk about wrinkles as soon as you say wri~ you are out. Everyone is fired in one month, that is why you will have a chance.

Next, they show the book on the screen. She mastered all the food in Korea and has artistic knife work. Image of the woman carving a rabbit from a carrot. The ajummas wonder how she can like Aerin. Eun-ha is worried about that as well, she will need to prepare!

First, strength: She can cook everything without measuring. Secon, weakness: age, weight, wrinkles, handsome man. We have a rumor that she can’t think straight when she sees a handsome man.

SR thinks maybe he should go there. But SM tell sher that his face will make her sense come back, not disappear. Also, third thing, she might hit you. Sm is concerned, does Aerin really have to do it? SR says that the last person went to the hospital after touching something. And the last thing: The Voice really likes small radish kimchi. You are the best at that kimchi and they are really looking for someone that can make that kimchi well!

Elsewhere, Bon recounts that the maid is good at contact fighting, so is Ji-yeon going in? JY says no. Bon says, okay, so we will have an outside person? Interpos? CIA? Ji-yeon tells him it will be the KIS. Bon is all like, King Castle? is it…

Ji yeon confirms that it is Go Aerin. Bon tells her that they should not involve Aerin. But Ji-yeon explains that Aerin wants to do it for her husband. Whatever it takes, she will help them. Bon is a bit upset and walks out.
He walks up the street and has a flashback about Candy. Candy was nervous as they both walked through a library. She gave Bon something through the stacks as she nervously looked around. Bon told her that the first time is the most nerve wracking. Candy wonders, what if the deal does not go through? I cant eat or sleep, it feels like someone is after me. What if my lab knew about it? if I don’t come to our next meeting, just assume that I am dead.

Bon gives her a vinyl record of Norah Jones. He tells her, if it is really really difficult, then you don’t have to do this job.

In the present, Bon is pulled from his thoughts as Aerin calls his name. The Norah Jones record plays in the background. Bon takes Aerin’s bags and asks what she is doing. She tells him that seh is going to make radish kimchi. They both go inside. She tells him to take his present from Joon-soo and Joon-hee since he is there. he opens it up. There is a car and a bandaid. The car says, my friend #5! The bandaid says, use it when you get hurt!

bon tells her to tell them that he loves it. Then he asks if there is anything else? She tells him that she actually threw away a lot of things that day he didn’t come. But she can make kimchi for him if he waits a bit.

Bon waits and helps out by peeling garlic. He asks her if she got another job. Aerin gets nervous and says yes, it is just kitchen work for an eunnies restaurant, I will get paid a lot. Bon asks where. She tells him the neighborhood. Bon asks, can I stop by? But Aerin quickly responds, no! Um…it is not opened yet. Did you finish peeling everything?

Cut to the morning where Aerin gets ready for her interview. She tells herself that she can do it! She goes to the interview, she is there with two other ajummas. Aerin is recommended by a senators daughter. The maid asks them if that is all true? then she tells Aerin to tie her hair so she can see he ear.

Aerin takes out her ear piece and then ties her hair up.

The test comes up. It is a seasoning test. One of the woman asks, how old are you, you don’t have any wrinkles. But she did two thinks she should not do: age and wrinkes, so she is out. Only two are left.

Aerin and the other woman are left to taste the seasoning. The other woman lists what she thinks is in the seasoning. Changirum, soy sause, vinegar, sugar. But she left one thing out. Aerin answers meshil (plum extract). The second woman is excused.
Meanwhile, The Voice looks at Terius’s death report and wonders who Aerin is. Someone says that they used her as bait to catch Terius.

In the house, Aerin brings kimchi for the Maid to tast. But the maid says that she did not ask her to, what if it is poisoned. Aerin says that she will take it back. But the maid decides to taste it – from a wine glass. She inspects the look and taste just like she is tasting wine. It is her style – Your Hired.

Aerin thanks her so much. The maid tells her to come to work starting next week. She gets up to leave but gets a call and then looks suspiciously at Aerin. Then she walks up to Aerin and tells her that there is a security system at night, do not leave through the front door. Follow me.

They walk up a hall and into the back. The Maid tells her to use this door at night. Then she tells her that she will see her next week. Aerin leaves with a bow and starts walking away. But JY is not around. She looks up and don the street for her, but she is not there. There is a shadow though.

Aerin quickly starts walking away. her walk turns into a job as she runs up the alley. Some one is in pursuit. She tries to put her earpiece back in, but a muffled gun clicks right by her temple before she is able to.

Fade Out

Bon is certifiably pissed and trying his hardest not to let it show to Aerin. But the preview seems like things might work out?

JY – It is the last chance that we can wrap up our King’s Bag Project.
Bon – Today is the last chance, so lets be successful
YS – Well, I suspect if King’s Bag is on to something.
WC – Yoo Ji-yeon, where are you, where is Bon?
AR – I heard your code name is Terius, so maybe I should come up with a code name?
Bon – What about Alice?
AR – Alice in Wonderland?

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  1. Rose
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    There you are! I know how you feel…lets go to our own little world of kdrama and forget politics for a little bit…..the D got the house!! 🍻🍻

    • jammmm
      November 7, 2018 / 9:18 am

      I was starting to worry you weren’t able to do this show today. Thanks for keeping up with our obsession V! I’m here and ready to what other troubles they will all get in today…

      • Rose
        November 7, 2018 / 10:13 am

        Oh yah….trouble is what Aerin is goin to do now, i think shes going to help Ji-yeon to do something risky without Bons knowledge. Bon will not like this, he doesnt want Aerin to get involve anymore. What was Ji-yeon thinking? 😣

        • Rose
          November 7, 2018 / 10:22 am

          ….i guess Bon knows and he’s not happy

      • V
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        Always here for Terius! I try to give updates on Twitter but got back so late today 🙂

        • Rose
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          Thank you so much V for the recap! My Wednesday is not complete without this 😊

          I knew Bon wont like the idea that Aerin is invlove again. And for some reason i laughed about the code name Alice…Alice In Wonderland. It suits her since alice is always in trouble in wonderland 😅

          • V
            November 7, 2018 / 1:16 pm

            I thought that was the perfect code name as well!

  2. Mio Chan
    November 7, 2018 / 6:28 pm

    Though I kind of like Ra Do’s hair more now… But I was wondering why did he change his hair colour and hairstyle. Do you think he is going to confess to Ji-Yeon soon?
    And I think it’s Bon who pointed the gun at Ae-Rin just to let her know what kind of mess she is getting herself in.

    And I can’t really wait to know who this “Voice” guy is… 😀

    • Rose
      November 8, 2018 / 3:17 am

      I thought its Bon too, just to teach her a lesson that if its Kay, she’d already be dead.

  3. November 9, 2018 / 2:55 pm

    Hmmm!! Poor Aerin, She Should’nt Get Involve.

  4. Anonymous
    November 9, 2018 / 3:00 pm

    I Thought Its Bon That Pointed Gun At Aerin Is Shouldnt Be Kay

  5. Anonymous
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    Is there by any chance anyone know the song name when Bon having flashback his past with the informer?

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