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Terius Behind Me: Episodes 21 and 22 Live Recap

So Ji Sub disarming a chemical weapon in Terius Behind Me
Everyone is running to save the children and parents and everyone from the chemical weapon! It is a race to the scene as Bon and Aerin charge into the building while all the evil people slink away. I have no doubt that they will save the day. I am really here strictly for the laughs, actually.

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Rewind. RaDo finds out that the location is the primary school Aerin and Ji-yeon think that the health minister is giving a speech there, he must be the target! Aerin exclaims that her children are there!

Everyone heads to the scene. The Health Minister greets everyone in the auditorium and tells them how they can prevent getting a cold.

The NIS team continues racing to the school.

The minister talks to the kids about proper hand washing techniques which keeps all the ajummas from answering Aerin’s phone call, because they are practicing washing their hands like the Minister is describing.

In the back, SunMi’s husband finished placing the weapon and tells the other woman that it is all done. She leaves. Around that same time, one of the Health Ministers guards gets a call and answers it this time. Ji-yeon tells him that they have a tip that someone is targeting the Minister and that they need to move to a safe place.

The guard tells The Minister right away with disturbs the speech. Eun-ha also gets a call from Aerin to press the emergency bell. She tells Sang-ryeol to hurry up and do it! Balli! Balli! SR goes and does it even though he is super confused. Eun-sa explains that she will explain everything later.

The alarm goes off in the building. All the parents and children start walking out with a quickness. The minister lets the children leave first and walks out with his guards. Everyone starts screaming and running out (as kids do). Bon gets there during all this pandemonium. Aerin gets there as well and looks around for her kids.

She calls there names and then sees them safely away with Sang Ryeol and Eun-ha. They hug and then continue running out with everyone.

Inside, the bad woman attacks the guards and easily takes them out. She then starts to attack the Minister, but Ji-yeon jump kicks her and knocks her to the floor. In theback, Bon finds the detonator. But the husband shows up and starts to fight him. It is mostly hand fighting (Jason Bourne style).

In the auditorium, the evil lady gets up and starts fighting Ji-yeon. The Minister is able to get away. The bad woman chases him and Ji-yeon chases her.

In the back, Bon and the other guy start to Taekwondo style fight, lots of kicks everywhere. Bon is able to knock that guy out and proceeds to try and stop the chemical weapon.

Bon talks to RaDo about stopping the chemical weapon. RaDo tells him what wires to cut and what wires he definitely should not touch. The problem is that there are 3 lines that each can cause issues. One is the trigger, one will make it speed up, and one will make it stop. But he would need to see the back to know. but it should be 64% blue.

Bon cuts the blue one. But time start to go faster now.

In the school, Ji-yeon and the lady keep fighting. But the evil woman is able to get away, find the Minister, and pull her arm waaaaaaaaay back to administer the leathal shot. Ji-yeon is able to find her at that point and stop her from injecting it into the Minister.

Meanwhile, Bon cuts the green one. The reason? Joon-hee likes green, so it was a very lucky guess that saved their lives. The NIS anti terrorist squad shows up at that moment. Ji-yeon tells Bon to run away, she can take care of it from here. She takes the Minister away.

Bon tries to get away, but the NIS people are already all around the building.
Ji-yeon meets with the head terrorist person and expains that the Minister is fine and the terrorists are on the stairs and in the basement. The leader person tells her that he will take over from there, he asks her for the evidence. Ji-yeon hands it over and asks if she can talk to the Minister. The leader says that she needs to make it short.

He then goes to his team and gives them orders on what to do in this situation.

Ji-yeon goes over to the Minister and says that she is glad that he is okay, but do you know the reason why you would be the target? The Minister says that he has a guess, he met that woman before. She wanted to sell that new vaccine, but I refused it. The pharmaceutical company Kase developed the vaccine.

Later on, Aerin meets up with Bon with her kids. The kids are happy to see him and Aerin is stunned to see him. He tells her that he just wanted to make sure that the kids are okay, that would put him at ease. he thanks Aerin for her help and information. The kids give Bon a hug and asks him how his trip was and when he woul dbe back. He tells them soon. Then they tell him that he has to do koko to them!

He does koko to them and then he looks at Aerin and leans in to do Koko to her as well. It is a touching moment that is made all the more touching because it is in slow motion. Bon leaves right away afterward, possibly partly embarrassed, and then recives a call from Ji-yeon.

Ji-yeon tells him that the pharmaceutical company Kase is involved as well as Lucas. The Minister will help them, there are also terrorists there so they won’t be able to get away. But then a shot rings out. The husband gets shot in the head. He’s dead-dead.

No one takes cover.

Ji-yeon looks around, Kay is somewhere on a building and aims at the other assassin terrorist. She is just nonchalantly being led down the stairs as if someone didn’t just get shot.

She is shot in the chest.

Bon goes to his hideout where Yong-tae is. On the news, everyone is worried about terrorism and the vaccine. The Minister did not buy the vaccine so everyone complained about it. So now the Minister has to buy it. Bon turns off the TV and says that the publics opinion is so bad. YT tells him that this was their plan.

Cut back to Ji-yeon talking to Agent Shim about what has happened. She tells him that the two assassins died and it looks like their goal was to sell the vaccine. They did it all for money. But, why was the minister a target. It was because he refused to import the vaccine. Now he had to grant the purchase because a lot of people are worried.

They think they will have a safe place soon, they can move Bon and Yong-tae there. But, who reported the attack?

Cut to the ajummas. Aerin shows Sun-mi a photo of her husband leaving with that terrorist woman on an airplane. They show this to her so she won’t be hurt by knowing that her husband is actually a terrorist. All the ajummas are upset for her and yell about him. Sunmi is just destroyed and wails at her bad luck with Eunha and Sang-ryeol yell at the injustice of it all. he should have at least divorced you!

meanwhile, agent Kwon also tries to figure things out. They wonder about the finger prints on the husbands phone. There are 4 people on it (all the ajummas when they took his phone). But it turns out that Sun-mi is not married to him. The daughter is also from a previous marriage, so the husband used Sun-mi to disguise himself.

Ji-yeon tells agent Shim that Sun-mi did not know about her husband.

Cut to the ajumma fight from the last episode. Agent Kwon looks at CCTV from that event and wonders what the husbands job was in the army.

Back to the ajummas, Sun-mi is still balling her eyes out. Aerin tells her that they are not married and he is not Yura’s appa. But SM wonders why he can just betray her like this. SR says that he can just hit him! Eun-ha says that SR could do that! he was a special force guy! But SR looks timid for a moment. He tells them that he has a secret. I was a cook in the army. I made all the meals for 365 days a year, it was so difficult.

The ladies are all like, well…It is truth telling time. EunHa says that she didn’t actually go to that “S” university. It was another S university. But everyone has a secret in their heart! SR asks what Aerin’s secret is. AR says they know of all of her, then she tells Sun-mi to not cry. SM thanks them for comforting her and revealing their secrets to her.

EH wonders how she will live. SM says her appa will give her money, her appa is rich. So don’t worry, tomorrow we will have tomorrows sun! She looks to the east and says, IT IS SO SHINY.
Later on, EH, SR, and and Aerin walk, they wonder if SM will be okay. SR says she will be fine, she has a bright spirit. But then they wonder how Aerin could call them about the terrorist attack. Aerin says that seh overheard some agents talking about it and then thought of them and the kids. It drove her crazy.

SR asks if she saw Bon and wonders if he is really having a baby with a secret woman? She smiles as she thinks about Yong-tae in the OBGYN wing of the hospital. SR asks why she is smiling. Aerin says that she saw a very strong woman in the hospital. SR asks about the King’s bag woman but then thinks that he should keep some things private. But EH tells him that he should tell them! Don’t keep secrets!

Ji-yeon meets with Agent Shim in his office. They talk about Aerin and how she is helpful but it is also dangerous to involve civilians. Cut to Agent Kwon talking to her right hand man. They talk about RaDo helping out in this situation. But Kwon makes the conclusion that Terius is the real person that did everything.

Bon does a lot of pushups at home. Yong-tae looks on in amazement but then says that he is bragging. Bon stops and looks at him to where Yong tae exclaims that his ribs really hurt. he lays back over again.

Cut to Ji-yeon telling Agent Shim that Bon is trying to find out where things are.

Bon asks YT wehere the bag is. YT says that he will not tell him until he is 100% sure he can trust him. Bon tells him that he knows he can change his mind at any time.

Flashback to YT taking all the bags out of his storage room and putting them all in his car. His jaguar. And walking away. The car is in a garage. Bon asks him if he is sure that he was not followed? YT says he is sure, but in the flashback it looks like he was followed. He wondered how they knew and starts to think about a quick service that he got. It was an expensive watch. YT puts it on, but the watch has a locator in it. That is how they were able to find his location.

But he threw away the watch in the jimjilbang. He tells Bon this. Bon takes out his cell phone, it appears as if he will turn YT in. YT tells him that they can talk about the bag later! But it looks like Bon says he got a wrong number. Then he asks YT what he said. YT slinks back to his tent and says that it was nothing. I will take a nap.

Meanwhile, Aerin calls Bon right around that time. Bon answers. Aerin asks him if he ate? Of course. What about both of your wounds? It’s okay. Should I trust you? Bon asks how the kids are. She says they are okay. he asks how she is. She says that she is also okay.

Yong-tae watches all of this from the tent and then starts playing with the tamborine. Bon tells Aerin that he will talk to her later and then tells YT that he is way too noisy, what are you doing? YT tells him that he is hungy, what is there to eat?

Bon throws him some bread. YT complains so Bon goes over to him to take ita way. But YT grips it tightly and says that he is okay, he will try to eat it all. May I have some ketchup, brother? No ketchup…..? he starts eating.

Bon goes back to his thoughts.
The evil people start talking. The main guy asks why their terror attempt failed? The other guy tells him that Kim Bon is a part of it. The main man asks, Terius? The younger guy tells him that they are handling it. They made the incident involve only the other two people.

Cut to Agent Kwon, Kwon’s agent tells her that Aerin calls a number a lot. That number ends up being Bon’s home in King’s Castle. They burst into the home, but Terius is not there. However, the kids things are all around. Kwon thinks that Aerin dared lie to her.

Aerin gets to her floor and sees the door opened to Bon’s place. She thinks it shouldn’t be Bon there. So she goes inside and sees Kwon there talking to her agents. Aerin asks why she is there. Kwon walks up to her and tells her that she is super brave, more than she thought. You hid Kim bon in front of your home but said that you did not know him? Arrest her!

they arrest her and take her to be interrogated. Aerin sits in a room awaiting interrogation, she is alone and terrified. In the back. Kwon tells her agent that they can use this woman as bait to catch terius. Call Ji-yeon.

They call Ji-yeon, she asks what’s up. But then she sits up and asks, WHAT???

Agent Shim bursts into Kwon’s office and asks what she is going to do with an innocent civilian? Kwon tells him that she lied to her. You know that she works at King’s Bag. We can arrest her with that informatin alone. Shim tells her to let her go! Kwon mentions that she will let her go if she tells her where Bon is.

Ji-yeon gets off the phone and tells RaDo that YS is in charge of this case. She is hiding the person she has. RaDo wonders what they can do. Ji-yeon asks him to call SR to pick up the kids.

Cut to Bon getting a call about Aerin as well. he tells he person that they can think of a way. YT wonders what is going on. Bon tells him that YS took Aerin in because she hid him. She wants to catch him. YT wonders, if that woman is a part of the cornerstone, then what will she do?

Bon walks away to a queter location in the hideout. He calls someone and tells them that it is him, they need to use Death Protocol service. Ji-yeon asks if they really have to? Bon says that he does not want Aerin or the kids to get hurt. This is the best answer. Ji-yeon tell shim, if you want then okay.

Ji-yeon runs to Shim’s office and tells him that he said he would do anything for Bon, right? We are in a hurry.

Cut to Bon walking under a bridge at a park. He is surrounded by NIS agents in no time. They all point their gun at him. Ji-yeon and Shim walk out and greet Bon. Bon apologizes for seeing them like this. But Shim says he should be worried about Kwon because they don’t know what she will do this time. Bon looks at Ji-yeon and holds his hands out to be handcuffed. She cuffs him and then leads him away.
Bon is taken to the NIS headquarters. Aerin is brought out and a trade is made between Terius and Aerin. Shim tells Kwon that she should not do these things without his permission, next time he will not forgive her. YS tells him that she just did her job, she did not do anything wrong. They release Aerin and then walk Bon into the building. Aerin turns to watch him walking in as she is led away. She is in disbelief that he is caught.

She is un-handcuffed and allowed to just walk home. Ji-yeon runs up to her and tells her that this must be difficult for her right? Aerin says that she is okay. JY tells her that Bon will be back safely so don’t worry and just go home. You know that today is his birthday right? Did you prepare a gift? Aerin says yes. JY tells her to go home and pack a nice present, Sang-ryeol has the kids. Ji-yeon runs off with a last wave. Aerin still looks very concerned.

Inside the NIS building, Kwon calls someone and tells them that they have Bon now, she will take care of the rest also. *evil laugh*

YT is still at the hideout. He thinks back to what Bon told him when he left. he told him to follow JY’s order, he will see him later. Yong-tae lights a cand’e on the bread and thinks that he doe snot feel good about this, why doens’t he feel good?

Inside the NIS interrogation room, Bon sits quietly as Ji-yeon walks in. She tells him that he will be moved to R3. You must keep your promise. She gets up to leave. But Bon asks, Aerin? JY tells him that she went home safely. she leaves.

Bon is transferred to R3 and put into a black van.

In another van, JY tells Shim that they are supposed to blow up the van, that is the death protocol. Ah, this is a flashback. Ji-yeon and Shim explaint his all to Bon, they will blow up the van and he will have to sneak out the bottom. Are you sure you want to do this? You will only have ten seconds. Bon says he wants to do it, unless he dies, Kwon will not give up.

Now they are back in the real van. It is almost time to set off the bomb. Bon closes his eyes. (I guess they aren’t that worried about the other men in the car? Let’s just say that they will be alright.)

Ji-yeon is in the car with Kwon. She is a bit concerned about her watch. Kwon notices this and then tests someone. *evil look*

Bon still has his eyes closed in the van. he thinks that they will do a left turn right now…..500 meters on this street….but then the van stops. Bon thinks that they are not supposed to stop here. Ji-yeon also thinks the same thing. She asks what is happening?

Suddenly the bomb goes off int he van. Ji-yeon’s eyes grow bright, she tries to get out to run to th evan, but Kwon tries to stop her. She is able to get out and runs to the van, but two agents stop her as she screams, Kim Bon! Kim Bon! No! No!

Kwon also gets out of the car, her face is blank.

At home, the kids run to Bon’s house to play with the fish, but the uncle fish died. they both start to cry.

back at the Van, Ji-yeon still cries out for Bon.

At home Aerin wonders what is going on.

Fade Out

Okay, we all know that Bon isn’t dead, so what really happened? Did he and Shim have another plan that Ji-yeon did not know about? It didn’t look like that, but this writer is not all that consistent to perhaps? I kind of think that this is the moment were Shim can go evil and might have had the agents in that van protect Bon from the blast so that they could sneak him away to the main bad guy whose face we have not seen yet. Any other thoughts?

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  1. Rose
    October 31, 2018 / 9:21 am

    Cant wait for the recap! I need to understand one of the clips i saw on youtube 😂❤😍

  2. Rose
    October 31, 2018 / 10:07 am

    Oh my god! That nose to nose 😍😍😍😍
    Somehow they made it look more romantic than a kissing scene…..😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Rose
    October 31, 2018 / 10:59 am

    My thoughts….well….im pretty sure he’s not dead….i think he jumped out of the van before it blew-up….i still dont trust Shim so im not sure if him and terius has some other escape plan beside the original one…..and im still in cloud 9 with that nose to nose 😅

  4. Jammmm
    October 31, 2018 / 12:19 pm

    I saw the nose nose on YouTube and OMG! They are so cute!!! I didn’t think that they look good together but now, they have a great chemistry and hoping for happy ending!

    • Rose
      October 31, 2018 / 12:46 pm

      I know right? That was soooo cute…..but then again it made me realized, she just became a widow not too long ago, she moved on that fast? 😂 Anyways, Bon just walked away after the nose to nose 😂, he must have realized “what just happened?” 😂

      • Jammmm
        October 31, 2018 / 1:15 pm

        Agreed, I would think that happy ending will be everything is all taken care of and being neighbor/sitter for her for a year and finally get together? He wanted to do nose nose last time and he finally did it and he is like what did I just do??? Her reaction was also so cute!!!

  5. RevSparklyAndroid
    November 2, 2018 / 10:07 am

    I cried with laughter in this episode. That scene with the fingerprints was comedy gold! I have to respect how the show transitions from hilarious to ‘high-level’ spy stuff in every succeeding episode. And I so look forward to the Yong Tae scenes. That low-key jealousy bit with the tambourine… so funny!

    I like this show. A lot.

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