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So happy that it is the end of the week. Well, almost the end of the week, we’re at least over the hump amiright? I’m also happy that we are giving live recapping another go over here. We are going to spend our weekend recapping Go Back Spouses/Go Back Couple on Friday and Saturday. It might be a little spotty as we get the kinks out. It’s been a while y’all. I hope y’all have some great weekend plans as well. Here are ten things that caught my attention, happy weekend!

1. Seoul in Fall

2. Also, a musical fountain show at Seoul Arts Center

3. Looks like Grazia is in the spirit of Halloween with this cute halloween movie

4. 1st Look is seriously making me want to play with my make-up and hair. This series of inspiration shots is just in time for halloween.

5. And doesn’t this drum rift make you just want to get up and dance?

6. Song Ha-yoon posts some of the most gorgeous images

7. Please deliver this to my closet.

8. Also this cute puppy please! But not to my closet, to my arms so I can hug and squeeze and love it forevermore.

9. Speaking of doggies.

10. I am obsessed with everything in this photo. The sweater, the broche, whatever she is laying on (seriously, is it a throw, a rug, a couch? I want to know!).

Photo above via doflwl

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