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Where Stars Land


Where Stars Land: Episodes 27 and 28 Live Recap

November 19, 2018
Chae Soo-Bin standing in the airport in Where Stars Land

Things are about to get (more) complicated at this airport. Not only do we have Soo-yeon who is basically giving himself sepsis by wearing these wearables (and he also should still be magnetizing everything nearby when his emotions get too big for Yeorum, right?), we also have thugs showing up all over the place to reek havoc on this poor little airport and all its employees, NIS officers…


Where Stars Land: Episodes 25 and 26 Live Recap

November 13, 2018
Where Stars Land episodes 25 and 26

Okay, the ending of yesterday’s episode was kind of hilarious to me. For a recap, Yeorum agreed to stop by Soo-yeon’s place to see something, but was then led into his bedroom whereupon he went into his closet and started undressing. Um, what do you want her to see Soo-yeon? Your best friend? Yeorum was then all like, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE DOING??? I AM NOT…


Where Stars Land: Episodes 23 and 24 Live Recap

November 12, 2018
Where Stars Land episodes 23 and 24

We left off with Soo-yeon on the ground after falling over in his wheelchair while trying to get his phone. He needed to get critical information over the phone about Yeorum, but the phone was just out of reach. Hopefully someone will come to his aid to help him out. Yeorum, meanwhile, has A STAB WOUND. Seriously, she got stabbed by a stalker. Not her stalker, someone elses…


Where Stars Land: Episodes 17 and 18 Live Recap

October 30, 2018
Lee Je-hoon stares at his step brother in Where Stars land Live Recap Episode 17 and 18

Okay, yesterday’s episode wasn’t filled with as much cuteness as I wanted and I was getting annoyed at how many times these airport employees have to degrade themselves for despicable citizens who break the law, but the ending erased all of my annoyance. One thing I loved from yesterday’s episode was how Soo-yeon wanted to protect Yeorum from every little thing, like the motorists on the sidewalk (also,…


Where Stars Land: Episodes 13 and 14 Live Recap

October 23, 2018
Lee Je-Hoon and Chae Soo-Bin awkwardly holding in Where Stars Land

So the show did not air yesterday. It just didn’t come on. No explanation by the station at the time either. I don’t know what to say about that, just over here shaking my head. That does not deflate my enjoyment of this drama though. It is a breezy fun look at an airport with two people trying to find self worth and appreciation. Of course it has…