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What’s Wrong with Secretery Kim


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Kdrama Live Recap Episode 15

July 25, 2018
Miso's father is yelling hilariously on the bed in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

We’re in the final stretch! Only two more episodes left of this adorably delightful romp through Secretary Kim land. I’m looking forward to the father’s cock blocking in the opening minutes of this show and possibly for the entire episode (but don’t be too hard on them Mr. Kim). I also hope our other two love stories continue to develop nicely with our working-hard-for-the-money secretary team.…


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Music List, OST and BGM

July 15, 2018

Music list for the Korean drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. We will upload the OST’s as they are released; the background music list is mostly community based, so if you hear a song that you want then leave a comment with the episode, time, and a little description of what was happening (ex. Episode 2, 05:23, when that guy tripped and fell into the coffee shop and…


Specially For U “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Giveaway! (CLOSED)

July 12, 2018
Drama Milk Specially For You Jewelry Giveaway

Update! Congratulations IANNA! We used to pick a comment number and you’re number came up (#50)! You are the Winner of our $30 Giveaway! Woo Hoo! Hello! Did you come over from our live recap post? Welcome! As mentioned over there, our giveaway today is for a $30 gift card for anything in the SpeciallyForU Etsy Jewelry shop! To enter, just leave a comment on this post.…


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 10

July 5, 2018
A man and a woman secretary looking crazy surprised in Secretary Kim

Y’all, I love this show so much. It owns it’s outlandishness, rips out my feels, and hands them back to me on a diamond encrusted silver platter that Young-joon would approve of. I still haven’t read the comic (even though that is always on my must-do list at the end of every episode!) so I basically hold my breath the entire episode as surprise after surprise surface.…

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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 9 + Giveaway! (closed)

July 4, 2018

** We have a winner! Sia is lucky #7 which was chosen through the numbers generator! Congratulations Sia, I will put you in contact with Inspire Me Korea ^_^ ** We have a kiss! An excellent one at that. To celebrate, we have something fun planned for today. We mentioned last week that we had something cooking for this week, well, today has finally come so in…


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 6

June 21, 2018
Kim Min-young and Park Seo-joon are on a bus in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

I don’t know how the VP is going to recover from that lovely turned hilarious almost kiss. That’s the second time he’s ruined a romantic moment in almost as many days with no explanation for it. Come on, get it together V.P. Also, might we get an awkward-lovely bus ride this episode? MUSIC: OST and BGM Music List NEWSLETTER: Subscribe here to keep in touch! How we do…


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 4

June 14, 2018
Episode 4 Live Recap for What is Wrong with Secretary Kim starring park Seo-joon and Park Min-young

Good Lord, how I have missed Park Seo-joon on my screen. He has a wonderfully unique way of acting which is hilarious and yet vulnerable at the same time. It’s like a basket of puppies eating marshmallows. Park Min-young is definitely bringing her plate to the table as well, I love her as Secretary Kim. They are both wonderful and this show as a whole is wonderful. I…