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Park Seo-joon Interview Elle Magazine: Under My Rules

June 22, 2017

Here we have our first Giveaway Winner post from the half way point giveaway for Fight For My Way. Tulaja is one of our winners and asked for a Park Seo-joon Elle interview translated from September 2016. We were happy to oblige. Tulaja, please find the interview below. We are working hard on the rest of our giveaway winners, we plan on posting them over the next couple…


[Interview] Park Seo-joon Grazia 2014: You are warm

June 14, 2017
박서준 Interview

Park Seo-joon (박서준) is burning the house down with his portrayal of the innocent and delightful Ko Dong-man in Fight For My Way. His acting skills are impressing me to no end. How can he be so heartfelt and genuine and also an absolute buffoon? I should probably throw handsome or sexy in there too, but his character actually hasn’t expressed those attributes. Park Seo-joon himself is, but…

Instagram Roundup

Instagram roundup: Pyo Ye-jin

June 13, 2017
표예진 Instagram

We have an Instagram Roundup for Pyo Ye-jin | 표예진, who plays Jang Ye-jin on Fight For My Way. I thought it would be fun to find her Instagram and do a roundup on her. Actually, I was looking through On Demand Korea (just discovered them and I LOVE their site, they have everything) and some of the shows I was checking out were the 72 second dramas.…

Instagram Roundup

Instagram roundup: Park Seo-joon part III

June 12, 2017

It’s been a busy day today with the live recap and the Park Seo-joon Instagram Roundups. Hopefully it’s been a fun day as well! Only one Park Seo-joon roundup left for today, which will be coming up in a couple of hours. Tomorrow we will be ready bright and early for episode 8’s live recap, two Kim Ji-won roundups, and one Pyo Ye-jin roundup. See you then. ^^…