Touch Your Heart: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

And we are at the finale! We had a cute reveal at dinner followed by a sleep over that probably did not have that much sleeping. So will they show us the cute morning after in the kitchen? I think so, actually I think this entire episode will be filled with cuteness for all our couples.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 15 Live Recap (Finished)

We are way late today (car issues), but we were able to get this post up! Whoo hoo! It’s the last two episodes which means there will probably be a lot of fluff, but I’m okay with that so long as we don’t have any more dire court cases. Fluffy court cases, I’m cool with.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 14 Live Recap

Okay, I kind of want the stalker case back. Not gonna lie, I am pretty annoyed that this court case came back to the show. I already had in my mind that the disabled man got off easy due to his disability, upstanding reputation in the community, and the fact that it was self-defense. It helped me sleep better at night thinking that.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 13 Live Recap

Okay, who knows what is going to happen now because we have 4 episodes left and the stalker thing looks done-done. I’m not complaining, that stalker stuff was cree-to-the-z creepy so I’m all for all the fluff that is to come, but you know, they have to get back together again.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 12 Live Recap

So, I wonder how quickly this bad guy is going to disappear because it looks like they might wrap up his storyline pretty fast. My guess is that Jin-sim’s fame will take a front seat to everything and will cause a rift between our two lovebirds. I have to admit, I like that storyline much better than “crazy rich stalker man.” Especially when Jin-sim and Jung-rok go on adorable dates to theme parks.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 11 Live Recap

Let’s see just how crazy this crazy stalker is about to get. Hopefully the law can protect Jinsim a bit better this time around. Though it is nice to have an ace lawyer in her corner.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 10 Live Recap

It seems like we will get a few more cute scenes together before the foreboding starts. Secret company kisses, anyone? Also, we plan on working…

Touch Your Heart: Episode 9 Live Recap

We had a kiss, it was an adorable one, I loved it. But, the scary part is creeping in with the rich chaebol stalker so I don’t think they will let us eat cotton candy from their adorable fair much longer. Though hopefully we get at least this episode to bite into.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 8 Live Recap

I loved yesterday’s episode! Nothing took away from the super fun and flirty atmosphere. However, the emotions were still real with how Jinsim felt about the eunnie actress who made her acting life hard whenever they ran into each other. It was fun and touching and I’m here for those kinds of emotions y’all.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 7 Live Recap

I’m ready for cuteness! (Though you can keep the serious criminal court cases to yourself). We left off on a high and low note. They…

Behind the Scenes of Touch Your Heart with Lee Dong Wook

We have another Behind the Scenes video for Touch Your Heart today! This one is from KingKong by Starship, which is Lee Dong-wook’s entertainment company.…

Touch Your Heart: Episode 6 Recap

Today we should find out how this huge court case is going to end. I have to admit, the court cases are my least favorite part of this show. I love all of JinSin/YoonSeo’s moments and especially love her anger outbursts. I also love Moonhee and her bleeding heart. I hope she ends up with the divorce lawyer!

Touch Your Heart: Episode 5 Recap

We left off the last episode with a little bit (okay, a lot) of uneasiness as we saw the chaebol stalker still stalking our heroine. Though he took it to a My Mister level and is actually stealing all her cell phone info. Creepy! I need a break from that creepiness, so hopefully this episode is filled with cute.

Behind the Scenes with Lee Dong Wook in Touch Your Heart

Lee Dong-wook’s management company released several behind the scenes videos for Touch Your Heart! We plan on translating all of them for our YouTube squad and have the first video translated on our YouTube for everyone to see.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 4 Recap

We had a fun Valentines Day! Now we are back with our recap that we missed. This episode was so creepy at times! it definitely sets the stage for darker middle/ending episodes. Was anyone else as creeped out as I was?

Touch Your Heart: Episode 3 Live Recap

I love it when I think several episodes of a Kdrama have aired and then find out, nope, it’s only been two. That is the sign of a good Kdrama, y’all, those stories that can pack in a lot of punch in the opening two episodes. The goal is whether they can hold onto that punch. This drama is starting strong, so let’s see if it can maintain that strength this week!