The Last Empress: Episode 23 and 24 Live Recap

So to recap: Suni is the most popular royal, Hyuk wants Wang-sik to seduce Suni, Meanwhile Wang-sik was hit in the head with something hard while protecting Suni…

The Last Empress: Episode 21 and 22 Live Recap

Sunni is sleeping in the bathtub with a bat, y’all! Ah! What is going to happen today?!

The Last Empress: Episode 19 and 20 Live Recap

This show is my crack. What will happen today? I don’t know, no one knows.

The Last Empress: Episode 17 and 18 Live Recap

The craziness continues. It does not look too good for the Grand Grand Queen which stinks because she was a favorite, but I also love how you just don’t know what to expect from this show. The craziness is crazy-stupid on an insane level.

The Last Empress: Episode 15 and 16 Live Recap

Yesterday’s episode had to be the most normal episode of them all so far even though Suni did just so happen to save someone from…

The Last Empress: Episode 13 and 14 Live Recap

Some craziness happened in that last episode. It was action on top of action on top of ludicrousness. I mean, one person technically died twice; Once with his own identity and once with another person’s identity, and it all happened in the same hour.

The Last Empress: Episode 11 and 12 Live Recap

I am so addicted to the crazy of this show that nothing else really matters. I have no feelings for any one character or really…

The Last Empress: Episode 9 and 10 Live Recap

Buckle up, because no one knows what is going to happen today. Literally. We left off with Yura doing the nasty with the Emperor while…

The Last Empress: Episode 7 and 8 Live Recap

We will have to run during this recap, but we will try and get through as much as possible until then! Follow us on: Twitter…

The Last Empress: Episodes 1-4 summary and 5 and 6 recap

Alright y’all, this show is bonkers crazy. We watched the first two episodes over Thanksgiving break and were immediately pulled into its weird vortex. I…