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The Last Empress


The Last Empress: Episode 51 and 52 Live Recap FINAL

February 21, 2019

It is the last episode! Finally! Y'all, this show has been going strong since Thanksgiving (November!) and it is the end of February now, seriously! And the intensity has not let up from the opening scene of the first episode. Plus, we will have all sorts of ridiculousness today because it looks like Wang-sik is still alive and will wrap himself in bandages like a mummy and might…


The Last Empress: Episode 49 and 50 Live Recap

February 20, 2019

Okay, y'all. Everyone should have heard the news by now. Which begs the question, what kind of craziness are we going to get into these last two days? The writer should have done a whole heck of a lot of rewriting now that Woo-bin/Wang-sik ran away from those guards never to return again. With how crazy this show has been, I fully expect this rewrite to be hilarious.…


The Last Empress: Episode 47 and 48 Live Recap

February 15, 2019

We'll be sad to see this rollercoaster show go, though I do feel like I will need a long vacation after finishing watching it. Some craziness is about to happen because we heard on twitter that the actor who plays Wang-sik will not be available for the last four (2 one hour) episodes next week. Luckily, his job is basically done, though he is still important as far…


The Last Empress: Episode 45 and 46 Live Recap

February 13, 2019

Y'all, the nice King facade is gone, deranged Hyuk is back, and I love it. But Wang-sik probably doesn't love it as he currently has a whole slew of guns pointed at him. But he has to save his brother, y'all. Well, he has 4 more episodes to do it in because The Last Empress got extended again to 52 episodes! Seriously, this is the Energizer Bunny of…


The Last Empress: Episode 33 and 34 Live Recap

January 17, 2019

The Last Empress has been extended, y'all! They added 4 more episodes. I can understand considering this is the biggest hit on Wednesday and Thursday for any show airing. They had around 15% viewership in their last episode (not the review/break episode). And with shows just hoping to make it to 10 percent, I can see why SBS wants to keep this gravy train rolling. Hey, I'm not…