The Fiery Priest: Episodes 13-14 Live Recap

This drama hits all my tickle spots. Hopefully they can finish airing safely and responsibly so that we can continue to enjoy it and that all the fruits of their labor are actualized into a finished product. (For those who don’t know, the lead actor injured his rib and wrist while filming various action scenes). Surprisingly, the lead actor, Kim Namgil, is back to work!

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 11-12 Live Recap

This show continues to be fun and exciting, however, we heard that the lead actor injured/fractured his wrist on one stunt and then also fractured his rib on another! Filming has halted for the time being so that he can get treated. Hopefully everything goes well for him and everyone else on set. I love all the action scenes, but I want y’all to stay safe out there!

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 9-10 Live Recap

A translation app, the Pope, and the President…y’all, I can’t, I just can’t. This show is so deliciously crazy. I want seconds and a doggie bag. Live recap is coming up!

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 7-8 Recap

The first several episodes of The Fiery Priest were a wild ride into strange yet poignant land were hilarity and heart live in cohabitation. I don’t understand how it works, but it works so well and I am here for it.

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 1-4 Summary and 5-6 Recap

Y’all, I laugh so hard through this show! it is the perfect show to get over The Last Empress or any other show you might be trying to get over. The dialogue, facial expressions, and situational humor is so crisp that I just want to bite into it. We plan on live recapping the latest episode today. But before that, we want to post our summary and quickcaps for the first several episodes