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Terius Behind Me


Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 13 and 14

October 17, 2018
So Ji Sub in a security uniform and shades on Terius Behind Me

Okay, if you haven’t heard the news of Dramafever suddenly closing shop, then read this post. I think Terius and 100 Days My Prince were on Dramafever which puts a lot of Kdrama watchers in the lurch. Hopefully Kocowa, Viki, or On Demand Korea picks them up quickly because I assume the license has become available once again. I would assume the shows can probably sell it cheaper…


Terius Behind Me Kdrama Live Recap Episodes 7 and 8

October 4, 2018
So Ji Sub babysitting two cute kids in Terius Behind Me

Y’all, this show…One hilarious thing that happened in yesterday’s episode was that the secret entrance to the King’s Bag spy room was in clear view through the window to everyone on the street. Somebody could be walking by and be all like, ooh, what is that spinning picture and back door all about? Can I try that while they are in the back? If you want spy accuracy…