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Switch Change The World


Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 21 and 22

May 2, 2018
Korean Drama Switch Change the World Live Recap Episodes 21 and 22

Ha-ra realized that she got swindled by Do-chan and Jun-Su. It was good intentioned swindling though. Tae-woong also realized that Do-chan and Jun-su are working together to take him out. Now the team is back together to finish the job. But now that Tae-woong has found out that he is the next target, I’d be surprised if he didn’t form a retaliation attack.…


Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 11 and 12

April 12, 2018

We left off with the diplomat breaking out of jail with the help of Dong-chan’s swindling team. He led the team to the thug from Hongdae who is running for local office. But the thug pretends like he doesn’t know him (he actually doesn’t know what is going on) and hangs up the phone. However, this leads Do-chan to mistakenly thinking that the big thug from Hongdae is…


Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 9 and 10

April 11, 2018
Live recap for episodes 9 and 10 of the Korean Drama Switch: Change the World starring Jang Keun-suk and Han Ye-ri

I’m looking forward to whatever excitement this episode brings. At the end of the last episode, DC and team were able to find all the drugs that were hidden in the statues. I’m not sure how that will affect the President. Perhaps he will get away unscathed? Or maybe he will give our team more authority to find all the baddies? Whatever the case, I love that the…