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Mr. Sunshine


Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 9

August 4, 2018
Kim Tae-ri and Yoo Yeon-seok look at each other outside a shop in Kdrama Mr. Sunshine

Super late start today, but I finally got my stuff together to put this post up. I’m looking forward to seeing if more people will find about Aeshin, especially since her leg is all messed up now. Our criteria for dropping shows is at the bottom of this post! MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: We’re building our newsletter! Subscribe here to keep in touch! How we do this: We update the…


Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 8

July 29, 2018
Kim Tai-ri in all black and pointing a gun in Mr. Sunshine

(Lots of technical issues this morning that we mentioned on our Twitter page. But they are all fixed now. We are running about 30 minutes late. If things ever look weird, then check our twitter page for updates!) Yesterday was exciting, especially when Aeshin grabbed her pistol to take out that crazy soldier terrorizing Joseon. I love every moment Aeshin is able to breath as a freedom fighter.…


Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 4

July 15, 2018
Yoo Yeon-seok sporting bangs and wearing a red Japanese Yakuza robe in Kdrama Mr. Sunshine

This show continues to be beautiful and elucidate all our characters backgrounds. The only main character we do not know much about on screen is the hotel owner, but she does have a rich character description so I’m interested in finding out more about her. Right now the pairing that I am most interested in is Ae-shin and Dong-mae. I mean, Dong-mae killed two people (like it ain’t…


Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 2

July 8, 2018
Lee Byun Hyun in Western clothing looks at Kim Tae-ri in a hanbok as she sits in an office

So far so good. This drama definitely put in the work with special effects and historical research. There is only one thing though. I consider Korean dramas my escapism dramas that have nothing to do with the US or the west in general, so it is kind of weird to see the stars and stripes so prominently displayed in the opening episodes. It’s kind of like the US…


Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 1

July 7, 2018
A woman in traditional Korean clothing is looking at a man in modern clothing amidst a sunrise or sunset in Kdrama Mr. Sunshine

We are finally here with the Mr. Sunshine première episode. It’s been a minute y’all. I wish I was more excited than I am considering this is the most anticipated drama of the year. But honestly, I think I have expectation fatigue. Or maybe I am just too tired as I post this post together. Whatever the case, I am ready to get this show going already. Let…