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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 13

February 10, 2018
Live Recap for Kdrama Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey ep 13

Y’all, I am finally over my runny nose and cough and everything. I feel so much better. It couldn’t have happened at a better time because Hwayugi and the Hong sisters demand lots of typing. They talk so fast! I am really looking forward to finding out how the preview actually shakes out this episode. We know, they be trying to mislead us and stuff…don’t you fall for…


Eulachacha Waikiki Live Recap Episode 2

February 6, 2018
Live recap for Kdrama Waikiki episode 2

Waikiki is amazing. This show had us cracking up so much yesterday, it was ridiculous. The famous star who didn’t talk and only pointed was too much for us to handle, we couldn’t keep it together. That wasn’t the only funny thing though, there were so many other hilarious moments. I love this show so much.…


Misty Live Recap Episode 2

February 3, 2018
Live Recap for the Kdrama Misty

Okay, truth time. I was completely blown away by the first episode of Misty. This is no Makjang, I’ll tell you that. We’ll be live recapping this one about 30 minutes after Hwayugi ends if you want to watch along. And I highly recommend that you watch along, it is that good.…


Misty Live Recap Episode 1

February 2, 2018
KDrama Live Recap Misty episode 1

Misty is a quiet drama that isn’t getting a lot of buzz internationally, but I loved Kim Nam-joo ever since Queen of Housewives and I’m looking forward to seeing this comeback project. This is grown folks time over here on Bah+Doo, the first three episodes are rated +19. Plus it has a makjang feel written all over it. Definitely new territory for us.…