Arthdal Chronicles Ending Explained (Must Watch Epilogue)

Here is the illustrated epilogue that explains what is going to happen in Arthdal after part 3! I am so glad this was mentioned in…

Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 16 Live Recap

A whole bunch of #@$% hit the fan yesterday in Asadal, y’all. Tagon let everyone have it who tried to kill him or his people,…

Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 14 Live Recap

Alright, we have a lot that happened in the last episode to get to. First, Tanya became the high priestess who is second only to Tagon. She is working with Tagon to rule the nation. Her first action was to free her people and bring them all to be with her in the palace city. However, one of those people is a turncoat, which is how he survived as a soldier.

Arthdal Chronicles: Part 1 and 2 summary, Part 3 – Episode 13 Live Recap

Alright y’all, bear with us because we did not watch season 1 or 2 of Arthdal Chronicles which only amounts to 12 episodes. But we did try and find summeries on YouTube to catch up. So, we think we are ready to tackle season 3 head on!