8 Fun & Romantic Korean Drama Romantic-Comedies to Binge Watch this Holiday

Looking for a fun Korean drama romantic-comedy that leans a bit more towards the comedy? We picked our favorite recent (2018-2019) dramas that had us…

Kdrama Travel: 10 locations to visit if you loved Hotel Del Luna

Did you watch Hotel Del Luna and immediately want to go to all the sites they mention in the drama? Well, this post is for you. From museums to neighborhoods, we have 10 locations in our Korean Drama Travel spotlight for Hotel del Luna.

Hotel del Luna: Episode 16 Final Live Recap

Here we are at the finale! There will be a lot to get to in this episode. All three ghost employees need to have a resolution and be sent to the afterlife as well as Man-wol. We also need some kind of happy ever after or bitter sweet something for our couple. Will reincarnations be on the list? I hope so!

Hotel del Luna: Episode 15 Live Recap

We are in the finale week! Only two days left to see if our couple will wind up with their happily every after. I for one find it really refreshing that Koo Chan-sung is not the reincarnation of either of the two men from the past. He is just a good soul who matches with Man-wol in a lovely way. And, from the end of the last episode, it looks like Man-wol was able to hold on to her memory of Chan-sung on the bridge and head back to the world of the living. I’m looking forward to seeing their reunion!

Music List: Hotel Del Luna

Music list for the Korean drama Hotel Del Luna. Herein are all the OSTs for the drama; the background music list is mostly community based, so if you hear a song that you want then leave a comment with the episode, time, and a little description of what was happening (ex. Episode 2, 05:23, when that guy tripped and fell into the coffee shop and there was a time warp to the 80’s where a song played on a girl’s walkman across the street, what song was that?). Hopefully a kind soul can find it!

Hotel del Luna Catchup 13 and 14

We didn’t get a chance to recap episodes 13 and 14 this past weekend. But I do want to say that I enjoyed watching them (until that #$%& serial killer ghost showed up, ugh) though that last hour did have me looking at my watch. One and a half hours is way too long to quickcap. So, we settled on only watching it and enjoying all the rollercoaster rides that they gave us. We will be back for our live recap of episodes 15 and 16 this weekend! See you on Saturday!

Hotel del Luna: Episode 12 Live Recap

Oh, no! The creepy serial killer has his eyes on Chan-sung and Dark Mago seems to know exactly what kind of sacrifice Man-wol has to make in order to redeem her soul, which seems to be related to Chan-sung! The preview let us know that Chan-sung is okay, at least for the moment, but it does have me wondering what is actually in store for him, eep.

Hotel del Luna: Episode 11 Live Recap (Finished)

The amazingly scary and simultaneously hard to believe and yet we are watching a story about ghosts in a hotel so there is that serial killer story line continues today! Hopefully it ends today too because I am all sorts of creeped out by it. It does not help that the hotel moved to the countryside and sits right next to a cemetery, eep. But at least Man-wol is there to protect Chan-wung who, let’s be honest, needs a lot of protecting. On the good side, the tree has fully blossomed! Whoo Hoo!

Hotel del Luna: Episode 10 Live Recap

Okay, y’all, yesterday got the better of us so we haven’t finished episode 9 yet, but we think we will hop right into episode 10 this morning and then finish up episode 9 afterwards when we get some additional free time! So, let us know, WHAT HAPPENED? What did we miss? Hopefully it won’t be too weird to watch episode 10 without finishing up 9 first!

Hotel del Luna: Episode 9 Live Recap

So much came out in the last episode y’all. It makes me think that a twist is coming. You know, like, we think we know what happened, but maybe that is not actually what happened, or something like that. There are some good theories floating around in the comments. We love reading theories over here, so if anyone has one or has heard one, let us know about it!

Hotel del Luna: Episode 8 Live Recap

I feel a lot of revelations coming! But we are only episode 8 so there shouldn’t be too much revealed yet. Hopefully it will be just enough to whet my appetite for more! Honestly though, it would take a ‘jump the shark’ moment for me not to be excited about the next episode.

Hotel del Luna: Episode 7 Live Recap

The love is really picking up and the flashbacks are giving us a lot more information. Plus, we have a bloom on the tree, y’all! The beach scene was so sweet last week with so much emotion packed into what Man-wol said about the view. Episode 7, here we come.

Hotel del Luna: Episode 6 Live Recap

Gem, I love your theory about the wedding flashback! The back story of Man-wol is intriguing me to no end. What happened in the past to put her in a hotel for 1000 years? I feel like I need to rewatch the opening of episode 1 to get some hints.

Hotel del Luna: Episode 5 Live Recap

Alright, alright, alright! We are going to try and do the darn thing live! We should be able to get at least a bit of it done before we have to run to a prior engagement we have Saturday mornings. We are shooting to have about 30 minutes recapped and then finish up the rest in the afternoon.

Hotel del Luna: Episode 4 Recap

The episode are getting better! We are definitely two days late on this one, but it is well worth the wait (for me at least). Chan is learning his way around the ghost world will all his best intentions in mind, though realizing that ghosts are mysterious things that he shouldn’t really get involved in. But Chan is a good egg and just has to help when he can, y’all!

Hotel Del Luna: Episode 3 Recap

IU is throwing shade and condemning ghosts to die while taking their money in the process. She is a ball of everyones worst nightmare and I love her for it. Though I am not sure if I root her for it. Her redeeming qualities need a kick start in the rump that will hopefully come in episode 4. But for now, let’s get on to episode 3!