8 Fun & Romantic Korean Drama Romantic-Comedies to Binge Watch this Holiday

Looking for a fun Korean drama romantic-comedy that leans a bit more towards the comedy? We picked our favorite recent (2018-2019) dramas that had us…

Her Private Life: Episode 16 Live Recap FINAL

We had a lot of new drama make an appearance in the last episode (that was resolved very quickly) and new drama to enter this episode that is typical for kdramas, ala the “I have to go out of town for an extended period of time which means we won’t eeevah be able to see each other again until I return” missing you trope. I am ready for it!

Her Private Life: Episode 15 Live Recap

The deed was done though a bit of a cut away meh after all those glorious kisses they gave us. But at least our couple went to the next stage of courtship and is ready to face the world! Unfortunately, they are about to get their first taste of family drama on the other end as Ryan finds out that Deokmi’s mom is the one that dropped him off at the orphanage and give him that life long hand holding stigma. But you know, no biggie.

Her Private Life: Episode 14 Live Recap

Good lawd, he’s painting her. You know a biblical relationship is not far behind. Though I can see how he needs to get some life-family-mama-orphan stress out on the canvas, and what better model than his lady love! Just looking at this photo makes me want to watch a drama with a painter and his/her lover. Drama lords, are you listening?

Her Private Life: Episode 13 Live Recap

Alright y’all, Her Private Life is turning into a bit of a rinse and repeat of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, in that there really isn’t that much story left to get to, yet lots of cuteness is still here to go around. Hey, I’m not complaining.

Her Private Life: Episode 11 Live Recap

It feels like ten years have passed since the last episode of Her Private Life, that is how long this week has been! I am so happy to dive right in and absorb all the splendor of first love without all that angsty stuff from the last episode. Though, of course, we will have some backstory that will reach into the present to affect Ryan. Hopefully our couple will address that strongly together. And of course, our little adorable Shian will be there as well (and possibly a big part of it!).

Her Private Life: Episode 10 Live Recap

So, who thinks Ryan ran off as soon as he realized Deokmi would be alone in that woodshop? Because that is exactly what I think. Though getting confirmation (through Latte) that Deokmi actually did like him probably only added to his resolve. However, I don’t think he got that message way back at Dain’s place. He was probably already at the woodshop and got the ShianIsMyWay beep just outside. Otherwise, how in the world could he get there SO FAST. I think we’ll find out at the beginning of this episode.

Her Private Life: Episode 9 Live Recap

This show is quirky and is hitting all my romantic-comedy spots, I especially love when Ryan and Deokmi hang out at the online fan site. Ryan (aka Latte) looks so absurd that I just have to giggle. Though I do feel like the paaain might be about to start. Hopefully, it does not last long.

Her Private Life: Episode 8 Live Recap

Loved yesterdays episode! I was squeeing like a school girl with an Idol crush the entire time. Which, I am happy to say, makes me fit right into this drama world. The great thing about this drama is that it is so delightfully adult. There are no man children here (well maybe except the Idol, but, you know) and there are no candies doing annoying things. Everything Deok-mi has done is definitely in the wheel house of something I would do, if I was in her situation. That really helps me be in her shoes and lost in her drama moments.

Her Private Life: Episode 6 Live Recap

Okay, I know no one was taking a shower at the cabin (at least not on screen), but that bathroom scene yesterday was so smoldering that I could feel the steam come through the TV and right into my lungs. My goodness. Y’all, Jenn from The Kthree was right. Have you watched their Astrology Corner with Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook yet? If not, then you need to get on that!

Her Private Life: Episode 5 Live Recap

This show is so darn adorable. I just want to slurp it up like a milkshake with a fat straw. We left off with Cindy showing up at Deokmi’s place of work as the new intern. But she is there for way more than art appreciation. This girl is on a mission to find out exactly just what is going on with Deokmi and her Idol love.

Her Private Life: Episode 4 Live Recap

I love how Deok-mi got herself into an accidental scandal with Shi-an and actually sympathized with the fan girls. But those fan girls were brutal, yo! The funny thing is, they were fangirls from her fan site that she created, lol.

Her Private Life: Episode 1-2 review and 3 recap

This show is adorable and I love it so much so far! Park Min-young is aces as a professional fan girl who has to keep her private life secret because she is a well respected, though low paid, curator at a museum. The first two episodes where zippy and introduced us to “Her Private Life” in a very believable way to me. We have a summary of episode 1-2 below and we also live-ish recapped episode three, which is under the summary.