7 Rage Inducing Korean Dramas to Avoid or Watch at Your Own Risk

Our criteria for rage inducing dramas are dramas that are absolutely FANTASTIC in the beginning and all of the middle and then – something happens.…

He is Psychometric: Episode 16 Live Recap FINAL

Y’all, recently, I feel like my favorite TV shows are not giving me the emotional payoff I deserve. They are building to these huge thematic moments, but then the climax is actually anti-climactic, which keeps me from releasing all that built up emotional energy and expectation that was waiting for a RELEASE, so I feel kind of — bloated in a way, constipated even? Because I still have all these feelings to get out, that are stuck, and yet I’m still being fed all these other emotions from this anti-climax, so I just want to take a minute to try and figure things out when really I should get the drama equivalent of a laxative or something and move on. *sigh*

He is Psychometric: Episode 15 Live Recap

The story of Sungmo is the story of this show. I love how we were introduced to him as almost a background character in the first few episodes yet now his background has basically taken over this drama. I completely forgot about Jaein’s struggle with proving her father’s innocence and Lee Ahn’s struggle with his ability, because I was just so pulled into Sungmo’s story. And boy did that reveal deliver.

He is Psychometric: Episode 14 Live Recap

Y’all, I did not think that anyone in the top four would meet a bitter end and definitely not Jisoo! She was the sweetest of them all. But now that it happened, I do see why. She is the only person that everyone cared about. So now, they all have to come together to correct all the police investigation problems that have plagued the team for the last many years and definitely since the Han Sol apartment case.

He is Psychometric: Episode 12 Live Recap

This show just gets better and better, y’all. I completely understand why Sungmo did not trust anyone, because he was locked in a basement room for nine years with one loving person (his mom) and visited by a psycho (his dad)! On top of his lack of emotions, he also has that trauma to deal with his entire life and never really learned how to interact with people, goodness.

He is Psychometric: Episode 11 Live Recap

I am ready to see how Lee Ahn is going to buckup to save his lady love after finding out that her father might have killed his parents among man others, though understanding it doesn’t have anything to do with her, and grappling with the complications of it all! Yay!

He is Psychometric: Episode 10 Live Recap

Y’all, the separation part snuck up on me! I was so into the storyline and all the clues and mystery of the past being revealed that I didn’t even realize it was about the time for some main lead love trouble to kick in! Gaaaaaaah. That is some good writing right there.

He is Psychometric: Episode 9 Live Recap

So far, this show continues to be smart and extra adorable with how absolutely dumb yet sincerely trying the lead male character is. But I would say this show is more of an ensemble cast as each of the four main actors have a good amount of screen time. I think my favorite character of them all is Jisoo. She is so suitcase heart about Sungmo that it makes me want to hook them up if I could. I love her.

He is Psychometric: Episode 8 Live Recap

I am so into this mystery, y’all. I really want to know more about Sung-mo’s past. It feels like everyone else’s past is pretty much revealed already, but Sung-mo is the real mystery. I also wonder if this woman they are trying to find is Sung-mo’s mother? All the women look similar and I think they all look like Sung-mo’s mother. So was she taking the identity of these women and the mystery man was murdering them all? Or is she the actual murderer? I’m intrigued.

He is Psychometric: Episode 7 Live Recap

We are back and ready to get He is Psychometric going! We are at the half way point, so let’s see what they have cooking.

He is Psychometric: Episode 6 Live Recap

I kind of love that Ahn wrapped the murderer up in a curtain without realizing that that is what he did. Now – how long with said murderer stay in the curtain? Because I don’t think Ahn can run away all that quickly with his stabby stab wound and it looks like everyone that works is on a permanent coffee break. So who will come and help! My guess is his brother, but you know I like the dramatic suspense.

He is Psychometric: Episode 5 Live Recap

I’m ready for some more Psychometric! The first 4 episodes treated me kindly with their spooky, yet not too spooky storylines and playful banter that only made me want to get to know these characters more. I’m intrigued!

He is Psychometric: Episode 4 Live Recap

It looks like our crew is foregoing college in order to start solving crimes right away. So, I expect a lot of sleuthing this episode, that is if Lee Ahn can pass his exam. Though I do have a feeling that he will sleuth with or without a badge.

He is Psychometric: Episode 3 Live Recap

I think a time jump is neigh as we figure out just how good Lee Ahn needs to get with his psychometric abilities in order to solve the cold case of the apartment complex fire/murder mystery and clear Jae-in’s father’s name.

He is Psychometric: Episode 2 Live Recap

We are going to try and live-ish recap this on today! But we might not get going until 9:15am or 9:30am depending on how things shake out. I will let everyone know when we start, on Twitter!

He is Psychometric: Episode 1 Recap

This first episode was pretty good! It was fun, not that creepy, and established the background character motivations and quirkiness of the show well. I am looking forward to the next!