Just Dance Episode 4 Live Recap

I think today is the last episode? If it isn’t then we will be back next week! But if it is, then they better give us some kind of happy ending. Like, at least the Tempo club can continue?

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Just Dance Episode 3 Live Recap

Only two days left on this 4 hour miniseries drama. It is an adorable take on a small town high school were the kids just want to dance (or don’t want to dance and just need an extra curricular to get into college? It’s complicated). Everyone has their own reason as to why they are in Tempo Club. But they all end up loving it.

Just Dance: Episode 2 Live Recap

The first episode reminded me of stone-washed jeans on a washed out beach. I loved it. I hope this second episode continues the lovely quirky…

Just Dance: Episode 1 Live Recap

We are picking up the delightful looking high school drama, Just Dance, that appears to only be four episodes. That is a lot of story…

This week in Korean Drama Posters

Well actually the last week and a day or so but you know… This past week released several posters for shows that will be coming…

New Coming of Age Dance Drama in the Mix Tentatively Titled Dance Sports Girls!

Y’all, I might explode from joy at the prospect of this show being amazing. Dance Sports Girls, have you heard of it? I hadn’t until…