Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

It has been a long road for this drama to get to the finale and we are finally here. Is everyone still with us? Did…

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 15 Live Recap

We are on the eve of the finale! Today I have a feeling that Osol is going to throw away all that nonsense and just go love on her man who is in the hospital after going into an obsessive cleaning germophobic episode.

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 14 Live Recap

Finally, two weeks in a row with Clean With Passion for Now airing like a normal television show. I think this episode might be full of tears, but still, at least they are on-air tears.

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 13 Live Recap

We were able to watch and recap this one yesterday evening, but didn’t get a chance to post until today. We just found out that today’s episode is postponed due to soccer. I know, I know, this show just can’t catch a break with its airing times. When I was joking about dropping this show if it got postponed again, I didn’t really think it would get postponed again, goodness. Also, the week after next is Korean New years Day (Lunar New Years) so this show could get postponed again.

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 12 Live Recap

This show continues to be cute, and even though I don’t actually have to watch it, is a nice show to watch after The Crowned Clown, because TCC is so heavy whereas this show is so light and fluffy. So we plan on continuing until the end! Don’t hold us to it, because if they have another hiatus then it might go bye bye from our lineup, but that is the plan.

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 11 Live Recap

This show is f-i-i-i-nally back on the air! So much time has gone by. Hopefully that doesn’t mean they will make each episode 1.5 hours long, because I really want all dramas to be 45 minutes. So far, this drama is good with keeping their 60 minute format, for that I am grateful. Now I just need to remember where the story left off…

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 10 Live Recap

This story is getting convoluted with tropes and circumstances that feel forced, but I also think that is the nature of webcomics, sometimes things just don’t translate well to the screen.

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 9 Live Recap (also ep. 7&8 mini catchup)

We are back! We missed the last two episodes due to real world busyness but we actually didn’t miss much. The big things that happened…

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 6 Live Recap

I am enjoying all the adorable episodes in this show but I am growing a bit tired of the super over acting and I am ready for our boss to start getting it together a bit.

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 5 Live Recap

We left off with a reprimand from the boss, Sun-gyeon, toward Osol. He thought she was to blame for the incidents at work and that she was dressed prettily to go on a date or pick up a guy. But she was actually dressed nicely for her mother’s memorial. Sun-gyeon does not know that, though, I’m sure he is going to find out today.

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 4 Live Recap

Love this sudden kiss from the last episode. For a man who does not like grossness of any kind, and was just kissed by the…

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 3 Live Recap

As Indrakl said on Twitter, Clean With Passion for Now is deinitely a Monday happy pill. I am with that 100%. I actually really love…

Clean With Passion For Now: Episode 1 Recap

We watched both episodes of Clean With Passion for Now and will be posting them both today. I loved both episodes, they were fun and…

This week in Korean Drama Posters

Well actually the last week and a day or so but you know… This past week released several posters for shows that will be coming…

Clean With Passion for Now at the Asia Pacific Star Awards

The Dramafever news is crazy so here are some pretty photos to brighten your day. How Clean With Passion For Now stars Kim Yoo-jung (김유정)…