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10 Korean Dramas Where Nice Guys Finished First!

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Encounter: Episode 16 Live Recap

I heard we have a happy ending which is all I truly want in any of my dramas. It has been a lot of fun recapping this show with everyone! See you on the next drama ^_^

Encounter: Episode 15 Live Recap

I’ve been under the weather and didn’t get a chance to see the preview yet, but I heard there are lots and lots of tears. I am still a bit sick, but I want to give it the old college try and recap these last two episodes! My typing might be a little bit slower, but we are going to get through it. Then I will probably sleep the rest of the day away.

Encounter: Episode 14 Live Recap

There will probably be tears galore today on both sides of this coupledom. Hopefully they can make it right, because I don’t really want to see a Romeo and Juliet ending in Cuba.

Encounter: Episode 13 Live Recap

We have the promise rings and a bouquet…hmm, are they hinting at something? In the last episode, Soo-hyun went to Jin-hyeoks house instead of her ex-in-law’s house. Talk about ballsy.

Encounter: Episode 12 Live Recap

I hope the ex-husband is buying up all the stock in order to support Soo-hyun and not to sabotage her. Also, does anyone have any ideas as to what the wolf represents in the last episode? There were some good theories in the comments. I wonder if that will be further eluded to in this episode?

Encounter: Episode 11 Live Recap

I love the cool tones and slow meandering build of this drama even though the romance is in high gear now (hello last episode!). Surprisingly, I like all the side characters more than the main couple, I love Cuba as an international location, and I love having a hotel as a drama location. I’m not sure where this drama is going for the next 6 episodes, but that is a small concern.

Encounter: Episode 10 Live Recap

Loved yesterday’s episode! It was a bit bitter sweet in that they had to cool off a bit due to the concerns over his personal life about to go sideways. But it ended very much on the sweet side and I have a feeling this episode might continue that trend.

Encounter: Episode 9 Live Recap

Happy 2019!!!! It feels so good to log back into Drama Milk! We have been taking the last week off due to the New Years but are ready to come back full swing. Encounter is the best show to kick start the New Years off with. So let’s get started!

Music List: Encounter

We finally have our Music List up! Let’s help each other find all the songs 🙂

Encounter: Episode 8 Live Recap

Jin-hyeok is off in Seokcho working hard for the money. But I have a feeling this won’t work in keeping our couple apart. Aaaaand I heard there will be a kiss in this episoooooode? It was teased in the preview, so let’s see if they deliver or if they tease it for next week.

Encounter: Episode 7 Live Recap

This show is wasting no time. He stepped out her and she stepped out for him and we are only at episode 7. So what happens now?! I am worried for the two of them, but also interested in their fate!

Character Descriptions: DongHwa Hotel

Character translations for DongHwa hotel.

Character Descriptions: TaeKyung Group

We translated all the characters in Boyfriend/Encounter last week over on Patreon. Here they are released on Drama Milk!