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100 Days My Prince


100 Days My Prince: Episode 15 Live Recap

October 29, 2018
Nam Ji-Hyun and Do Kyung-Soo looking at each other longingly in the Korean Drama 100 Days My Prince

My goodness, y’all. We are in the last week with so much to get to. Lee Yool found his diary last week, read all about his princess having another mans child in her womb, and told her that he wanted to stay with her for a long time tonight. I don’t think it will be the fun affair that she is picturing. But it does help us get…


100 Days My Prince: Episode 14 Live Recap

October 23, 2018
DO in historical noble garbs in Korean Drama 100 Days My Prince

Everything about Hong Sim came flooding back to Lee Yool’s mind on the bridge yesterday. Calling her name and seeing her turn in acknowledgement confirmed it. But, are all his memories back? That is the big question because if he remembers everything then he knows that the Vice Prime Minister tried to kill him and all the people surrounding him will try to do it again. There is…


100 Days My Prince: Episode 13 Live Recap

October 22, 2018

Will they meet or won’t they, that is the question! This show has done a great job of subverting what Kdamas normally do, so I have a feeling that they might just meet (because in every other Kdrama they wouldn’t). But of course because the writer has changed up how her Kdrama operates, does that mean that they might not meet? Argh, the wait is getting to me.…


100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 10

October 9, 2018
Do Kyung-Soo kisses Nam Ji-Hyun in Korean Drama 100 Days My Prince

The kiss finally happened; and let me tell you, it was a mother of a first kiss for our sageuk couple that hasn’t even held hands yet. Lee Yool (aka Won Deuk) must have heard something wonderful from Moo-yeon because he came back home and had hearts in his eyes for Hong. Did Moo-yeon tell Yool that Hong Sim is his long lost love? Or was Yool able…

Drama Food

Drama Food: Beef Pancakes from 100 Days My Prince! (Yuk-jeon or Soegogi-jeon)

October 9, 2018
How to Make Korean Beef Pancake recipe from Korean Drama 100 Days My Prince

Korean Beef pancakes, or yuk-jeon (육전) or soegogi-jeon (쇠고기전), are high on my list of Korean recipes to try due to 100 Days My Prince. This is that food item that Lee Yool (aka Won Deuk-i!) always wants to eat. He even thought about eating one that fell all in the dirt. Well guess what? We have the recipe! There are a few recipes floating around the internet,…


100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 6

September 25, 2018
Do Kyung-Soo touching Nam Ji-Hyun's cheek as she sleeps in 100 Days My Prince romantic Kdrama

I’m still tripping that the bodyguard is dead (is he really?). We left our couple hiding out from the loan shark in a side alley; but their hiding space is basically cheek to cheek and the close proximity may have jogged Yool’s memory a bit. Seriously though, is his memory really for real back? I would think that episode 6 would be too soon, but perhaps not? So…


100 Days My Prince Kdrama Live Recap Episode 4

September 18, 2018
Do Kyung-Soo looking confused in 100 Days My Prince

And so they’re married! I love how fun this drama is so far. I hope it keeps the nice pace between fun and mildly serious scenes. Starting next week we are moving this aftercap up to 9am CST! That is our earliest recap time this fall for weekday recaps. It will most likely stay at that time until the finale. Drama Food: Lee Yool’s favorite Beef Pancakes! Character…