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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 9 and 10

I’m looking forward to whatever excitement this episode brings. At the end of the last episode, DC and team were able to find all the drugs that were hidden in the statues. I’m not sure how that will affect the President. Perhaps he will get away unscathed? Or maybe he will give our team more authority to find all the baddies? Whatever the case, I love that the good guys are always able to one up the bad guys in this show! It just makes me so happy inside.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: April 11th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air
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Review of the previous episodes.

We start this episode with the search and seizure of the presidents luggage. DC breaks the statue and finds the drugs. HR and DC both smile at each other. Then we see them getting out of their van in front of their office. It is swarmed by reporters. The reporters want to know how they knew all of this. It is all over the news. Diplomat Chae Sang-hun is arrested and is taken to the Prosecutors office.

KH tells the chief that he did a good job. But DY bursts in and tells them that they stopped the president to catch little drug smugglers? I won’t let this pass. he leaves and we cut to The Former Prime Minister talking to TW. More like yelling at him. He tells TW that they need to do something to stop this.
At the interrogation, the diplomat doesn’t’ say anything for 6 hours. HR wants to know how DC knew that the drugs were there. He says it was just his feeling. Of course she doesn’t’ believe him, but DC tells her that he can speak 5 language smoothly while not talking (he can read situations well).

DC wants him to tell her where he got the information. But he says that if they didn’t get the drugs, she would be fired, she should thank him first. She sits back and sighs.

Flashback of DC remembering the broken sculpture from the museum gallery. he goes in there again. TW tells him that it is too early to play Chinese Chess, he heard that he got a big case again. he should thank you. DC says that the first time he came there he saw Moai, the Easter Island Moai. But one of the diplomats had Moai, what if it was empty…but I just broke it.

TW says that he is great. But DC said that he wouldnt’ have guessed it at all aif he hadn’t seen it there. TW wonders if he thinks there is a realtionship with himand the drugs. But DC says that he thanks him.

TW says that he doenst’ know how to talk around. DC apologizes for being so straight. But if he has doubts, then they should solve it. Bring your documents about the Middle Easters Exhibition. To prepare for the exhibition, we have insurance for it. This is the list for the broken object.

TW shows him the insurance for the broken object and it looked to be in the millions of dollars.

DY meets with his superior and shows him DC and HR’s disciplinary action. The person is the head of all the prosecutors in teh building, he looks at it seriously. Meanwhile DC and HR sit in an office and wonder if the director really wants to fire them. The problem is not stopping their job or getting fired, it is that he can’t open his lawyers office! But it was a joke, she asks him how he can joke at a time like this and he says it is just to make her happy.

The chief comes in and talks to them about this complicated situation. The Blue House is on to this case and the boss said that they should get a team leader for the drug task force. But the team leader is baek Jun-soo. So they are getting mroe money and more salary. So they are basically getting promoted.

Cut to the president talking to the news about cooperating with the prosecutor team, whoever is realted to this case should be prosecuted no matter what their rank or power.

Later, HR drives home with the doctor. She wants to know if he is a real doctor, why isn’t JS getting better. The doctor goes to JS’s bedside and tells him that Prosecutor Oh wants him to change his oil and everything. But his engine is broken, didn’t he tell anyone? But JS says that he will tell everyone when he is ready (maybe he has some heart problems).

DC and HR come in and sit with JS. They fill him in on the case. They will have more money and more people on the team. But JS will be the center of attention. He is okay with that, but he says that they will figure it out soon. HR thinks JS shouldn’t be in front like this. JS is not concerned, he thinks DC can do the job nicely.
The team is formed. DR also shows up on the team as well. He says that he worries about this team and basically looks down at them all. Ko walks by DR and hits him, but says that he is sorry, is this area this narrow? DR looks at him, but then he thinks about what DY told him, he needs to prove that he is under his line. So DR is a spy for director DY.

DC heads the meeting and calls it to order. He gets to the point right away. they want to find out the root to Brown Bear. There is a bank search and a FIU money laundering. These people are diplomats, so they need to find the paper companies.

In the car, Jun-soo talks into DC’s ear about all the things he needs to be saying at the meeting. There is a camera in his glasses and an earphone. From the car IT mentions to JS that DC looks like a real prosecutor and not an Avatar.

Cut to them all working hard seizing everything from the Diplomats office and other places. They get word that the Columbia embassy says that the diplomat wanted to move to the Bahamas.

TW drops all the drug related sales and tells JP about the Bahamas. they are shocked. If he finds out about the Canada and Bahama bank accounts, then they are all dead, it will be a huge issue for them. They say that they need to make it to be the diplomats problem only and pressure the press about it. So they are going to hang the diplomat out to dry.
Somebody tells Puffs that they found out the Bahama bank account. He smiles and says that he should compete against him.

DR mentions HR’s woman of justice scale and asks her where she got it from. She says she took it, it is a limited addition. He tells her that this was a crime, but she says that he won’t report it so don’t worry.

Later we see HR meeting with JS in his office at home. they talk about the bank account and all the layers it has, so it is hard to track. JS thinks that is veyr true, they should have made several paper companies. But they need to find the lake. HR say that their process is okay so they don’t need to worry. he did everything, he made all the plans, it is all his. It was all his trap. JS tells her that this is only a onetime deal, once the investigation ends, they should confess and be under the law.

She agrees, but she hopes she won’t be treated the same. When you say crime, it is just a crime. But in reality there are different crimes with different weights. that is why we have the scale, to weight which crime is bigger, so lets catch them first.

Both of them talk about HR and JS. But they are just realxing at home with cucumbers on their faces. They think they shouldnt’ try to separate them or that will push them closer together. But does he make a lot of money? The sister says no, there are only two ways to make money. You become a star prosecutor and become a lawyer or you take bribery money. the mom is into this, maybe this case will make him into a star? Maybe they should let them keep talking then.

The thugs talk about going to Seoul and selling drugs that are in the case. TW told all the thugs to stop all the drug sales, but these dimwitted thugs want to still sell all the drugs they have. So they go to the streets of Seoul and start to make sales. SD tells each other to be careful and sell it quickly.

he sits back in the car as the thugs get out. But then the thugs run back to the car. There is big trouble! Police! Police! Then we see some police men looking for them.

Meanwhile, TW shows some people around the museum. He shows them Greek mythology paintings about a god eating his son for power. But he gets word from Kim that SD got caught trying to sell drugs. TW goes back to the people and says that the god ate his son because you cannot sell power between father and son.
HR informs DC that they found some people selling drugs, but they were able to get away. they left the drugs and ran away.

Elsewhere in the building, TW talks to Director DY about what happened. he says that he can’t take care of this drug issue if it gets noisier. TW hangs up and confronts SD. he wants to know if he sold drugs. The man next to him says that SD tried to sell drugs in his area. The drug team is all around Hongdae. They shouldn’t’ let this pass. TW says he can do whatever he wants with him, but let him live. The man pulls out a bat and it doesn’t look too good for SD.

We immediately see SD pulled from a car all beaten and broken. he is pulled into a makeshift jail and locked there. he yells for them to open the door, but no one is around.

Cut to HR talking to JS, she tells him that they are almost there, they have almost found the guy that made him like this. But they both wonder what DC’s true motives are.

TW, DY, and the former prime minister meet as the Prime Minister shoots at an archery range. he starts to talk about archery and how you have to shoot and make it go through the leather. Would you like to try it?

The director tries it, but JP tells him to shoot higher and higher. But the target isn’t sere he is aiming. JP tells the director that there is an eagle nearby. He should try to catch big things if he wants to join their club, so shoot. The director looks up and shoot his bow and arrow at the eagle.

Later, we see him in his car. it looks like he regrets or maybe he is ambitious to join their club.

Ko asks the diplomat how long he will remain quiet. They have evidence. But the diplomat doesn’t talk. His lawyer comes in and Ko leaves. The lawyer starts whispering to the diplomat which makes the diplomat sit back in his chair.

Ko goes to the prosecutor office and tells them that the diplomat will start to talk! They all go to the diplomat. the diplomat tells them that carrying the drug was by a VIP order. The President asked him to do it. Everyone looks around. DC sighs. This could be big trouble.

DR whispers what is happened to DY.

On the news all of this is breaking. All the money went into the presidents camp. That is what the diplomat said. The news spreads everywhere.

Swarms of camera men come to talk to DY. DY says they will investigate the crime regardless of their position. he goes inside and talks to DR about it. DR thinks they can move this to the special investigation team. But HR and DC bust in at that moment and say D doesn’t have any morality as a prosecutor.

But the director tells HR and DC that they are off this case now.

Kim explains to TW that all the fingers are pointing at the President now, so everyone will investigate everything about him. TW wants to know what Kim thinks about DY. Kim says he is the perfect guy because he is from a law family and passed the bar well. He still meets you indirectly because he is still suspicious of you. TW thinks he doesn’t want to make any problems with the people he deals with, that is also why he is the perfect avatar for him. He is greedy with a good record and just enough justice. He is greedy but also takes care of his surroundings. If they invite him to the club, then the club will make him their puppet and he will be the one holding the wire. TW will make him move by just a small movement of his finger. His world will come soon.

Puffs meets with Mom and explains that there is a special investigation happening right now. Since the president is involved, there are forming a special force team. Mom says she is on the task force, but Puff explains that civilian lawyers will become the investigators due to the Blue House involvement. that is why it is special. Mom thinks they are fake prosecutors. But Puffs says they are temporary prosecutors. they will have to give everything to the investigation team. Mom is upset about how these people made her daughter work hard and are now taking everything from her.

the special investigation team takes all the paperwork from the task force. Their office is basically trashed. HR goes into the room with DC, it is empty. She takes a deep breath and bites her lip in anger. DC watches her but he doesn’t’ say anything.

All the thugs stand and clap to the Director who joins them at their meeting for the first time. he greets them. he says that he is Jung Do-young and it is nice to meet them. JP asks them if they heard what he did, they shall make him a King in their club. They all cheer to that. JP mentions that the wine tastes so good today. The special investigation lawyer is theres, so they just need to press it now. Maybe it is possible to have an early presidential election. They know that politics has nothing to do with justice right? When they pour dirty water on it, then it is all done. This country that underwent war, the most important thing is, we can make you rich. DY says that is right, he will make sure of it. they toast again. But TW watches DY closely.

After the meeting, they all walk out as JP leaves. they bow to JP as he leaves and TW asks DY if he wants to have a drink with him.

In the car, one of JP’s people tells him that Victor Jang from Russia came in. He says that she should meet with him, but don’t tell TW.

Inside, TW and DY meet. TW says he will do everything behind the scenes. They talk about how they met several times before. they also talk about the Incheon case from several years ago. TW laughs about that and says that a lot of people ignore who they work for when they become big stars.

The diplomat is on the news. he is riding in a police bus and going to the special force team. he is pretty happy about it too. DC watches the news and says that he has nothing to do now, so maybe he will play Chinese Chess. he goes to play at TW’s.

But we see that the prison bus gets in a big accident with another big truck.

At the chess game, a text message is received.

Text: What you ordered has been delivered.

TW talks to someone on the phone. When DC asks about it, TW says that one of his art objects had a problem during the delivery. It got a scratch, they can recover it, but the price will go down a little bit. But that is common for galleries.

Cut to HR saying, he got away! The person tells him that he was in a car accident and got away.
It looks like the big thug from earlier is at a birthday party for a Tennis club. he says that he should be a city senator. So it looks like he is running for office.

Cut to the diplomat driving off in the truck. He calls the big thug. The thug asks him who he is? he says it is him, he is there where he asked him to go. But the thug says he doesn’t’ know what he is talking about. He doesn’t know any Cha Sung-hyun. This must be the wrong phone number.

The swindler team is listening in on this call. They call DC who tells TW that he will have to finish his game later. TW picks up the phone and asks what happened to Chae Sung-hyun. Kim tells TW that he is looking everywhere for him, but can’t find him. TW ponders, who has him?

HR shows up and says that there is birthday party music in the background. DC tells her that she is super sharp (but Han Ye-ri also means super sharp so it is a name joke with her real name).

Flashback. HR didn’t/doesn’t want DC to do any switch with this guy. How is he going to do it? Create a car accident? then he will go to his owner, I can’t do that even though i have those ideas. She leaves. So it looks like she actually told him how to do it. He smiles and says, wow, it looks like she is almost a swindler now, did she get infected by me?

Cut to Bong dressed like a Father/Pastor. He gives the diplomat a message in Russian with Bible markings. he is a Russian diplomat so he knows what it says. Then we see that IT drove the truck and hit it enough to flip the car, but no more than that.

After that, Bong shows up as a policeman and uncuffs the diplomats hands. he points to a tiny truck. But the truck should only have a tiny bit of gas so he can’t go far.

Also, a cell phone should be there so he can call someone. EJ follows behind on a motorcycle, because they never know where he will go.

Now we are back to the present. The diplomat gets out of the truck and hobbles around. EJ gets word that they need to take him back home. EJ hits him over the head with her helmet, but he doesn’t’ pass out. She is all like, huh…you should have passed out… She hits him over the head again and he passes out. the swindlers and HR giggle in the van.

Meanwhile the thug tells his handlers to put his cell phone in the Han River. DC sees him and remembers him. He thinks this might be Brown Bear. he tells everyone that he found Brown Bear.

Fade Out

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