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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 7 and 8

Live recap for episode 4 of the Korean Drama Switch: Change the World starring Jang Keun-suk and Han Ye-ri
That ending scene was hilarious. Now I am just going to assume that our swindlers will get out of basically any situation that can be planned for. I just want to know when and how he got that fake lightning bolt scar put on him. Did he do that in the bathroom as well?

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: April 5th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air
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Recap of the previous episodes.

We open at the birthday party with the friend coming in. he is JS’s high school friend. DR introduces him to everyone and says that prosecutor Baek didn’t recognize him. DC apologizes and says that it was because he is at a public event. HR thinks DR is going too far. But DR mentions the burn wound. The friend has one and JS has one as well. So show me your burn wound.

The CEO tries to stop this mood and fix it, but the DIrector says that he likes this surprise present, continue. Let’s see it.

DR says he can’t show it, because JS is a fake. Who are you if you are not Baek Jun-soo? Conspirators are also guilty. If he is real, then show us your shoulder. HR tells him to just stop, but DR keeps kneading DC about it and calling him a fake. If you are real, then show us.

The friend says he should have a lightning bolt burn on his left shoulder. The Director tells him to remove the suspicion and show them. So DC stands up and takes off his shirt slowly, he pops it open and shows the lightning bolt on his shoulder!

Everyone is shocked.

Cut to SD going inside somehwhere.

Back at the party. DC says all the details about the fire and how he got the burn. The friend says that they are the only two that know about this, only JS knows about it, he is Baek Jun-soo! The CEO is so relieved and pours himself another drink. The Driector tells DR that he has to apologize to Director Baek.

Secret hospital bed. The thugs have found it at last. But no one is in the bed, only pillows are underneath.

Party. They are all headed to the second location to continue drinking. The Director get sin his car after looking at HR and DC.

Thugs. The thug calls TW and tells him that Baek Jun-su isn’t there.

Party. HR pulls DC aside adn into a separate room. She wants to know how he managed that, how did he even know that sunbae had a burn wound, I dint’ even know it! Well, of course I shoudn’t know it. Ah, I was dying, I thought I was fired!

DC tells her that she knew this was dnagerous, so why did she start it. HR says that DR started it and He finished it.
DC pauses and looks at her for a moment, then HR stands. She says, you…necklace. So you only had the necklace. So you finally broke that woman of justice. You shouldn’t break it. Wow, it is the real JS! he starts to talk about HR about coming back and how his seat will be removed. HR said this to him when he was in a coma.

DC comes in at that moment, SURPRISE! This kind of thing in swindling is called the reversal of reversals. Cut to the swindlers dressing up the real JS. DC laughs about it. Wow, it is weird having them both on the screen.

HR hugs him and tells him, thank you for coming back. But then JS collapses.


Thugs. TW asks the director, so , he had the burn wounds? The director says it is true, he said things that only the real JS knows, so he is the real JS.

Swindlers. EJ looks over a passed out JS and thinks this is daebak, he looks just like you. She pokes him and they rell her to stop pocking his face. Outside, DC and HR talk about what just happened. DC knew that the prosectuor DR might investigate him. He saw him in the office and asked the person working there what he was looking into. the woman said that DR wanted to investigate JS, not DC. So I made out team ready right away. We also knew that Prosecutor Baek was in danger. He made arrangements to have him moved.

On the way back, he woke up and DC told him what was going on. They saved each other ironically.

HR thinks that he is pretty good. DC says that his attractive point is that he can’t say from his own mouth, that he is always prepared. He smiles and looks at HR.
She tells him that you shouldnt’ expect him to wake up. he says setting is 90% planning and one spoon of luck. they go back to the swindling team and talk about JS. They wonder how long he will be there with them. He says that they don’t commit crimes so they shoudnt’ have to be with a prosecutor. But JS wakes up and say they did commit a crime, they pretending like they are prosecutors.

Thugs. SD tells TW about JS, he can just kill him, then he won’t be a headache. But TW points at him and tell him not to kill JS.

Swindlers. JS tells them that they are all sinners, including HR and DC and him becaue he participated in that show. So he will do his duty as following the law. DC understands that the eral prosecutor is different. He is like a knife. The real actor came back, so the fake one is leaving. Whatever he does, he can sue him, but he should consider his team because HR dragged them into this crime.

The CEO coughs up his water. Sue! He is going to Sue! Well, yes, he is a person of honor. In the hallway, everyone mocks DR about what happened at the party. They tell him, thank you for the show. The sister makes a report about it as well and asks him what she should make the title? She does this in a mocking way as well.

Cut to the Prime minister. JO is at home and is talking to TW about becoming a grumpy old man, he is getting impatient. Did you get anything? TW says it doens’t matter if he is real or not, we know the target, so we can just focus.

TW leaves and runs right into Ko. Ko says that prosecutor Baek sent him to meet with him. They go to an office and talk. Ko is investigating the fathers death and asking TW about it. TW says he heard that he committed suicide. TW was the detective on the case so he should know something. Did he remember any evidene about murder?

Ko leaves and TW wonders why JS is bringing a 20 year old ghost back to life.
Puffs talks to someone on the street about something. It looks serious. He says, okay, that is what happened…okay, please look at him closely.

The man leaves and Puffs runs into Mom again. he calls her Mrs. hepburn again. She us surprised that he remembers her. Her daughter is a prosecutor right? i should be good to you from now on. This can be free for you. She says, really? he says he is joking, but his son is also at the central prosucutors office. But then he says Pong (a snack food and also bluffing). That is why he sells Pong. it was a little joke. then he asks her if her daughter got married. She says she likes a prosecutor but that guy is not good for her. he looks good.

Puffs says the prosecutors salary isn’t that much either. She should marry someone big. What is his name? She says Baek Jun-soo. Puffs is all like, huh? Baek Jun-soo is my son. She thinks he is lying and tells him that she isn’t going to buy anything today. She leaves and Puffs thinks this is a small world.
Bong and DC sit and chat about the near future of the case. Bong thinks that DC will get hurt. DC thinks JS is a man that will beg him soon. But he needs to figure out the identity of Brown Break before JS gets healthy enough and doesn’t need him anymore.

HR tells JS that no one trusted her when she blamed someone for a robbers, that is why she became a prosecutor. He was the one that lifted the suspicion of her, so when you went to Seoul University law school, I also talked about it. I didn’t go to Seoul University, but I also went to law school. I worked hard to be a prosecutor like you, but you almost got killed. Do you think I can think of anything? I started this because I had the determination that I was okay being fired.

DC says this doesnt’ justify what she did. the wrong method will bring the wrong results. She yells that she knows that . They do all the bad things and even kill peole. I just wanted to change the order and catch Brown Bear and go to jail. Is it that bad? She starts crying.

Later, HR and DC talk outside. DC thinks it is strange, a handsome guy like JS shouldnt’ be that stubborn. Look at him, he is open minded. HR thinks DC should understand JS. She tried to pursuade him, help her do it. DC thinks JS won’t trust him anyway. HR says that JS can’t go to work for a while now. Meanwhile, all the people will run away, you also want to catch Brown Bear right? You said you would protect me right? He says, did you really trust that.

She wonders if he ever speaks the truth. She says that he was in danger too, so they should catch him. DC stands up and says, okay lets do it. they are about to fist bump but DC says that he has 3 conditions

1. You should call me sunbae.
2. Dont’ call me swindler anymore
3. When you see JS, don’t look at him like you are in love.

Huh, are you jealous? He says that isn’t it, it just makes him confused that you are doing that to someone that looks just like me.

She tells him shut up and leaves.

DC is outside on the street. He sees a woman ask how much something is which gives him a flashback to his appa. His appa asks him if he would like to be a swindler. The little DC says he likes appa, but he wants to be a person who catches criminals. Appa rubs him on the head and they leave.

Cut to DC looking at JS at his place. They walk up to each other and they both sit to talk. JS says that it bothers him that they have a problem witht he process, but he thinks catching them is important. He thought about what HR told him, if they get punished then the process will be delayed. DC wonders how a prosecutor can work together with a swindler. JS says he is the only one that can act like him so he begs him formally.

DC says he can’t refuse if he asks him like that. HR walks in on them and says that it looks good when they get togehter. Why don’t they have a handshake. JS puts out his hand and DC shakes it……but he pulls his hand back and rubs his head. He wants to listen to the briefing first. He wants to know what they investigated so he can do a good job on the investigation.

One year ago. An influential persons sons had a drug party with models and actresses. the prosecutor team investigated this. they broke up the party but byt the time they got there, everyone was gone accept one person who is asleep on the couch. Diplomat Park Young-kim was there and that is how they found out that diplomats smuggle drugs for Brown Bear.

TW says that they need to put a lot in a statue, to another person. the other person says that TW is Brown Bear. But TW says that he doesn’t have to know this. It looks like this person was an undercover agent. Later, the diplomat was found dead in prison. they said he committed suicide, but it was obvious that he was killed. They did their own investigation into it.

The witness got the video from the hidden camera, the diplomat who was helping them, gave the video to the witness. But the drug smugling in diplomatic baggs is still continuing.

We cut to two diplomatic looking people with bags that they are rolling from the airport. The prosecutors pounce on them and tell them to open their trunk, they ned to check something. The prosecutors open the trunk and check the bag, but the diplomat won’t let them open it. He says he can’t open it because it is a diplomatic bag. But the prosecutor says he knows that , but he still wants to open it.

There is a cracking sound and we see a lot of broken pottery. there are no drugs there. The diplomat tells them to get ready, he won’t just let this go.

The team is in trouble as they meet with the Director, DY. DY tells them that the dipomat is complaining a lot. He kind of took care of it, but he still asks the CEo what he is doing with his team. The CEo says that his team wants to do it. HR tells him that they are sure that diplomats are smuggling things in their luggage. We need a warrant.

Cut to the team walking in slow motion through the airport with action music playing in the background. they confront another diplomat and present them with the arrant to search their bag. they also have a drug dog with them.

They remove a red powder that the dipomat says is a very spicy pepper. DC tries it and his mouth almost burns off, he runs somewhere for water.

Later, HR asks him if he is okay but he says that he isn’t okay, he has an allergy and it is swollen, see? But HR says it just looks okay. He says it isn’t okay, he needs to go to the hospital and check it out. He leaves, but he doesn’t go to the hospital. Instead, he goes to the gallery where TW works.
then DC sees TW walking down the hall toward him and his eyes grow wide. He remembers TW from when he was a kid. TW asks him where his appa is and little DC says that he doenst’ know where he is, but if you buy me jajangmyun then I will tell you were he is. TW buys him jajangmyun and tells him that he is his appa’s friend. Do you really not know where he is? Little DC says his appa didn’t come back, can you find him, please find appa.

In the present. TW shakes DC’s hand but he thinks he is JS. He says, nice to meet you.

They walk around the museum and talk about the art. TW is impressed that the prosecutor knows about art. he says he deals with a lot of people. His favorite painter is Amadeus Mozart. TW says he is humorous but DC says that when he hears his music, it reminds him of a person who died painfully.

they have a seat in TW’s office and talk. TW mentions that he told everything to Ko, but now he is there. TW thinks that detectives shouldn’t meet swindlers. DC thinks back to what TW said about being his fathers friend and looking for him. DC’s gaze lands on the Chinese chess board. this causes TW to ask him if he knows Chinese chess?

Cut to them both playing it.

But while playing it, they also talk about it as they play. DC asks him if he would like to be friends with him. TW says that they should see each other. They both shake hands. the tension is high.
The Chief also goes to the swindlers home. But it is more like he is dragged there by HR. He sits on the couch and looks at DC and JS as he tries to take in the scene. He wonders if they found the drug, but JS says it wasn’t there, that warrant was fake. A smart rabbit makes three holes. We blocked one hole so it will come out through the other hole.

Thugs. JP and TW laugh about the prosecutors pocking around Incheon airport. But they also think that they have ways to import the drugs, so it doens’t matter.

Swindlers. the last hole JS is talking about it the presidents Airforce One. they will smuggle it all on the presidents plane. But how can they search the presidents luggage? How can they stop the president? jS thinks this is a good chance to catch Brown Bear. The Chief thinks that is true, but they dno’t have a way. HR thinks they have a way. DC should make a setting.

Cut to the President driven in his motorcade. The police lead the motorcade and cars drive all around him. But an ambulance if coming up so the president tells them to stop because they have an emerency car that has to get around them. the ambulance stops in front of them.

Swindlers. the presidents made his cars stop on the street. We can stop him by that. They hav a ake ambulance for their job.

Present. DC and HR get out of the ambulance in their lawyer attire. he cops pull their guns on them and they put their hands up. the secretary comes up to them and asks them who they are. they say that they are prosecutors. the prsident gets out of the car and comes up to them. He asks they waht is going on. they says that they have had a report of drugs in his motorcade. it is an emergency so they don’t have a warrant.

The president tells them to search. If they have illegal things, then the hubae prosecutors are brave. No one is excused from searching illegal things.

News. Prosecutors stopped the president for drugs.

Director. He looks very upset. One of the women runs out and says she will see the chief. But he is hiding in the closet, lol. And praying. he says that if it dosnt’ come out well then he doenst’ know anything.

Prosecutors. the prosecutors go through the cars and look through everything, they have their drug dogs all around. But the dont find anything. Finally they come upon the last car, which is a large truck. they open it and seea lot of wooden boxes. The dogs go inside and sniff around, but it looks like they won’t find anything.

Ko comes back out and says that the building is clean. HR tells him that he can leave. The secretary comes out and tells them that there are a lot of reporters here, what are you going to do? He tells them that they will all be fired.

But then DC says, wait. he thinks back to all the things they downloaded from that one persons phone in the club. They found a person that this man contacts often. He looks at the containers again and hops in the truck. One of the men glares at him.

DC gets a crowbar and opens the box up. there is a statue there of Mowai. He remembers that he saw a broken Moai statue in the museum. He pushes the statue to the ground and it crashes. there are drugs inside the statue. bags of cocaine.

DC smiles and looks at one of the diplomats that is glaring at him.

Fade Out

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  1. Adralyn
    April 5, 2018 / 12:09 pm

    This show is getting more interesting by the episode. Hope it continues!

    • V
      April 5, 2018 / 12:22 pm

      I am really enjoying Switch. It reminds me of early 80’s or 90’s movies where the good guy always wins. I love that.

  2. Adralyn
    April 5, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    I do too! I also like it when the charater is smart and continually outsmarts his clever opponent and often the audience.

    • V
      April 5, 2018 / 2:29 pm

      Did you see today’s yet? I really didn’t see that switcheroo coming in the opening minutes. That was surprising in a very good way. I thought..yep, you got me. 🙂

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