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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 5 and 6

Switch is high octane colorful fun, like a burst of skittles. It is a very different from most of the shows out right now which is a nice change. It is a difficult one to live recap though, because they switch scenes often and fast, but we’re handling it! I’ll just use this as good practice for Suits which airs at the end of the month.

Speaking of Suits, there will be another shakeup to this lineup once Suits airs. For now we are keeping My Ajusshi as our live recap, Switch as our aftercap, and Queen of Mystery 2 as our quickcap. Suits replaces QOM2 and may move to live recap or aftercap status depending on how good it is and how much people are enjoying Switch and My Ajusshi.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: April 4th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air
Recap Countdown: RECAPPING!

Recap of the previous 2 episodes

Then we are back at the nigth were DC is kidnapped by those thugs. he tells them that he is not JS, it might be hard to believe. the thug says he is about to die anyway, but DC says he is not JS. But then he gets hit hard across the head. Right at that moment, another car pulls in with people wearing gas masks. they roll a lot of smile into the scene and start beating up al the men with steel rods. A man puts a mask on DC, but then that man is pulled away and starts fighting again.

DC breathes in the gas mask but then passes out.

Kim brings someone to TW, he needs so money to hide. TW says he did good, give him some money. But then he gives Kim a signal and Kim grabs the nearest knife and slices the mans neck. TW complains about blood getting on the painting.

Everyone is at DC’s bed, they are all concerned. HR is upsed that DC tried to do that, does he think she would be happy about it! He looks away and she looks concerned. DC tells them that they knew that he was Jun-soo from the beginning. The pregnant woman case was a made up case to attract Jun-soo. His car accident wasn’t an accident right? Before meeting the witness, prosecutor Baek and I both had an accident. You whould find the witness. HR tells him that he is dead in the mountains.

DC is upset that she involved him in this dangerous case. She yells at him, i told you to be quiet and don’t do dangerous things. He retorts that she is the one doing dangerous things, he was almost dead and didn’t know what was going on. So what is going on?

But she won’t tell him. He thinks that she uses him but dosn’t tell him why, it is better to go to jail as a conman than die as JS, I am going to have a press conference. HR thinks he is crazy, what is he going to do, that will bury us all. he yells at her, just tell me so that I will be prepared, I can run away or fight! Just tell me what he was investigating.
HR tells him he was investigating drugs, but not just drugs, they are big thugs that can move prosecutors and diplomats. For the last several years they even asked Diplomats to carry drugs for them because you cannot search things in diplomats bags. They are using that money to make something bigger.

What did you want to get from the witness? She wanted to get the videotape from the witness that included the boss. Who is the boss? We don’t know, the usb is the only evidence, that is why we wanted to get it. We only know one thing, the nickname…Brown Bear.

DC looks shocked…Brown Bear?!?


DC runs into his house and goes upstairs. He starts to quickly ruffle through a lot of paperwork. Then he finds what he is looking for, a notebook with the name Brown Bear written on it. Bul Gom = Brown Bear. So Bul Gom is written on teh paperwork. This is also the same Bul Gom that DC was looking for.

Cut to DC witnessing Bul Gom strangling someone on the floor. Possibly DC’s appa. DC looks out the window and thinks that he has been looking for this man for 20 years. 20 years.

Back in HR’s office, she thinks about the way DC said Bul Gom. She is in full work mode as she rests and thinks about this, perhaps DC knows something?

HR tells the Chief that seh talked to DC and told him that he can quit, because he is unpredictable. The chief agrees and thinks they should wrap it up there. But she thinks they shouldn’t wrap it up, they should continue. But the chief thinks that everything is in a mess, the witness is dead, JS isn’t there, so they don’t have anything.

HR walks down the hall mumbling. She runs into DC and wonders if she meets JS or she missed him.

Cut to a scene of SC with his swindler team, they want to work on this case. But they think HR won’t trust them

We cut back to HR talking to DC, she doesn’t trust him and is questioning him about it. What if he runs away like before? Also, seh is in danger. But HR just says, F you and folds her arms. However, she ends up agreeing. We are prosecutor and conman together (a Korean joke).

Cut to DC meeting with DR on accident. At school he was sunbae, but on the prosecutor team I am sunbae right? You should come to our reunions, it is good for your future. Then he looks at HR and says that her school won’t have any reunion. he walks off and HR and DC talk about how much they both hate that guy. Then they think that they are a good team when they talk badly about someone.
SD tells Kim that he made two mistakes. For the health of ther organization, he should be punished. Kim apologizes to TW but then SD starts complaining to Kim, you shouldnt’ blame someone else for your mistake. But Kim thinks something is strange. The same day they had a car accident, SD also met JS on an island. it was the same time as well. Maybe it was a fake.

TW tells them to look in some hospitals to find JS. SD says he will find him and bring him in front of TW.

A little bit later, TW sits in his car waiting for something. Perhaps someone. He sees another car flash its lights at him and drive up. The person in the car is the director, DY. It looks like the director is on the dark side. TW tells the director that he will change his plan, but, by the way. Is prosecutor JS real? There is something…I feel like he is not real.

Meanshile, DC and HR are at the crime scene from the begining. There are no witnesses or fingerprints or anything. They go back to the prosecutor office and start talking about the case. Ko pours them several teas in a pottery glass and they all drink it. DC says the green tea tastes good. then KO leaves and thinks about his interactions with DC, he grows suspicious of him. he thinks personalities will change, but finger prints won’t change. he grabs the cup and runs a finger print analysis on it.

DC plays the computer game again when HR runs in. She tells him that Ko wanted to run his finger prints. What should we do? DC isn’t sure, he didn’t think that much.

Cut to HR packing her thinks away. Oh, no, is she fired? Maybe she is packing in advance of being fired?
They are both packing up everything actually. Then Ko comes inside and looks at the two of them. They straighten up. he tells them that he needs to talk to them because DC was a little different than he saw before, so he thought he was a little different eprson, that is why he did the fingerprints. the result is that …….it was your fingerprint, 99.9% Thank you.

DC looks at HR and half smiles. Ko asks them why they are packing and HR tells him that they are just cleaning, just cleaning! he tells them that they should get their hubaes to do it.

In the elevator, we find out how DC got the fingerprints. EJ got the finger prints from the real JS and they made it into fake finger prints for DC. Right before drinking her went to the bathroom and put it on. then he touched the ceramic cup with it.

HR thinks he is the best conman, can I buy you lunch? They go to lunch and HR asks him a lot of questions about being a conman. Was he great from the begining? How many cases did he have? Has he ever been caught? Are you family members like that too? And many other questions. he tells her to ask one at a time. So she asks him how he became this great con artist.

He looks at her solemly for a moment and says that is was the power of an early education. HR doesn’t know how to respond to that so she just says that they can eat.
Outside in a market, a man makes puffs. his name is Puffs. A woman tells him that no one eats those puffs anymore, but he tells her to try eat. She tries it and they start to talk back and forth. he compliments her, she is like Audrey Hepburn, her eyelids are like Audrey Hepburns. the woman buys two Puffs and he gives her a huge discount.

Then we cut to TW and the Formal Prime Minister playing golf. JP wants to know how JS can survive twice? It doesn’t make any sense. He tells him to be careful. TW tells JP that the director doesn’t want them to kill JS anymore. Ah, so it looks like The Director and the Prime Minister are in the pocket of the thugs (or vie versus). JP tells TW to bring the Director to the sauna, they can take a hot breakfast together.

Cut to a lot of money in an apple box (they use apple boxes because it was a real case in Korea, apple box=bribery money). TW had Secretary Kim prepare the boxes to deliver. But we see someone else taking a lot of secret photos from a car.

Inside another car, SD talks with TW about their plans. SD doesn’t understand the plans. He thinks TW is rich enough to live forever. TW leans in and says 10 million will make you live well. 100 million and you can use people, but to move the world, you need a lot more money. he sits back and lets SD ponder that for a while.
HR drives up to a gate in a restricted area and gets out. She goes inside the gate. Inside the gate is the real JS who is still unconcious. HR tells the doctor to let her know when JS regains his conciousness. She tells him that she was happy that he was coming back to Seoul, but what is this? I waited for you too long

Flashback to HR and JS. She asks him if she should go to Seockcho? She is not a little kid anymore, she has been a prosecutor for 3 years. She asks JS if he is taking the justice with him this time? But he givs it to her and tells her that she shouldn’t break it. Outside, HR tells JS that she won’t give up the investigation, whoever F’d him, she will catch that person. JS gets in the small moving can and leaves with HR watching him. Lady justice in her hands.

Cut back to the present. HR tells JS that she is working with some strange guy now because JS is in the bed. He looks a lot like you, you would be surprised. he is not a normal guy. But if you don’t wake up soon then I will go work with him, there may not be a spot for you anymore, so wake up quickly.

She leaves and drives back to Seoul.
All the swindlers are chilling when DC tells them that they need to have a little thrill in life. he puts an image of a person on the screen. this man is suspected of drug delivery.

Cut to Bong having a heart attack in a bar. EJ is pretending to be a doctor/nurse and does CPR. IT goes up to the mark and steals the mans cell phone. He downloads a program on to the phone and then leaves. He gives the phone to EJ and she gives it right back to the mark as if she found it on the other side of him. She tells him that she is a nurse so that was an easy job for her. By the way, what do you do? In the background Bong toasts both of them.

Cut straight to Director DY thinking about what TW said about DC. He thinks he is not the real JS. The director is in his office and talks about how he can see more from up high, but he can’t see the details. he talks to DR and then we cut to DR trying to get a background check on Baek Jun-soo. the woman says he has to do the proper steps. But he yells at her and tells her that he wouldn’t’ ask her if he wanted to go through the proper steps! This gets everyones attention, even DC. The man tells the woman that she can email it to him.

He leaves and runs into Detective Ko. DR annoys Ko about some trivial things. Once he leaves, Ko thinks he did a good job enduring that man.

Ko and DC meet. Ko apologizes for not believing him, but DC just says it is cool. They both talk about how they admire each other and DC says he will call Ko Hyung in private. Ko starts tearing up and says he had a lot of prosecutors, but he is the only one that treats him like a human. how can I repay it? DC says that he does have a favor. Can he reinvestigate a case 1998 a suicide case. Maybe it was a killing and there is a prime suspect. The person is Sam Ha-chun. Ko writes all this down, he asks if DC knows him. DC says it has nothing to do with me, and it is a secret from prosecutor Oh. thank you Hyung.
DC was walking the street and sees some fish, this reminds him of something. Flashback time.

Puffs goes up to someone with a fish in an aquarium and asks that man a favor. He failed his business and needs some money from the bank, can he take care of this fish until I get money from the bank? the man says yess and Puffs puts the fish on teh counter.

A kid comes in and talks about the fish. His father is a murine scientist, this fish is being auctioned. Can you just sell it to me for $500? I will bring my father. the man comes back in to get his fish. The owner of the store asks Puffs to sell the man the fish. he will give him 150 dollars for it. The man tells him that he is lucky that he met someone like him. No take backs. Puffs leaves and the store man calls him a stupid guy then tells the fish that you have to be smart.

Puffs goes out with the money and tells a Halmoni that he got the money back, don’t borrow any more money from that bad guy, he needs to decide if he will be a swindler or a pharmascist. the street halmoni thanks him. Then Puffs goes to a little boy and asks him if he wants to be a con artist with him. No one would suspect a kid like you. You are the Mozart of conartists. the boy says that this is his first and last con work. But Puffs tells him that he should use his ability. the two of them could be invincible. the kids says he liks him, but he doens’t want to be a conman, he wants to be a prosecutor who catches bad guys.

Cut back to the present, DC sighs and conntinues walking up the street.

Meanwhile HR is at home and plops on the couch. Her mother makes her some soup, but HR falls asleep before she can eat it. her mom goes up to her and wonders why she works so hard, the world won’t change if you do this, just marry to a good person and live comfortably. She covers her daughter with a blanket and lays next to her for a moment.
There is a birthday party for the director that day. DS and HR walk up to the building, but DR is leaving. HR wonders if he will be at the birthday. DR says that he has some work to do, but of course he will attend the party. But DS is a little suspicious of him.

We cut to people showing up at the birthday party. The CEO and HR are standing outside the birthday party and greeting the people who come in. But they check their watch, he should be there by now.

Cut to HR’s house. the sister comes home and looks at some men that her mother is picking out for her daughter. The mother gives the daughter a mission, she should separate JS and HR in whatever way she can. Then the mother asks her if she thinks she looks like Audrey Hepburn? No?

The prosecutors all go inside to celebrate the Directors birthday. They all sit at three long tables and toast to the birthday party. the director wants everyone to drink comfortably so they start to drink the night away, but it isnt’ comfortable.

Cut to the thugs showing up at the hospital. They found where JS is. they show up with all their steel rods and walk around like they own the place as they look for JS.

At the party, DR has a surprise birthday gift. he said he knows of some shocking things going on in their department. He will reveal it. Prosecutor Baek isn’t real, he is just a look a like. HR wants to know what he is doing. DR apologizes, but he says he has evidence. Come in.

A man comes in who is the highschool friend of JS. But DC walked right past him without talking to him. the High school friend asked DC if he remembered me? DC says he is sorry, he didn’t notice him. It looks like both of the friends got burned playing with fire when they were little. DC should show him his burn as well, in front of everyone.

The CEO tries to break this up with a toast, but the Director tells him to keep going, this is his surprise gift after all.

At the hospital, the thugs don’t find JS. They leave in a huff. But then SD sees something in the distance.

Back at the party, DR tells DC that he is fake. The CEO takes several shots. HR tells DR to just stop.

The thugs open a door adn go inside to another area. He calls TW and asks what they should do if they find him there. TW says they should bring him to him quietly.

At the perty, DR keeps kneading DC, can’t he just show it to them. See , he is fake. DC tells him to stop. But DR tells him not to call him sunbae, since he is a fake. the director takes another shot and says that he should show it to them if he wants to resolve the issue.

DC stands up and says that he will show it to them if they are really interested. He starts taking off his clothing and shows the lightning bolt looking burn mark on his left shoulder, lol.

Everyone is shocked.

Fade Out

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    April 4, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    This episode sounds awesome! Can’t wait to find out how the burn mark situation turns out. Thanks for the recap!

    • V
      April 4, 2018 / 3:40 pm

      He really had me going with that! I thought he didn’t have it.

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