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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 3 and 4

Live recap for episode 2 of the Korean Drama Switch: Change the World starring Jang Keun-suk and Han Ye-ri
I loved the first episode of Switch. It was just straight up fun with no strings attached. The pace was go go go, but it still allowed moments of rest to kind of mentally catch up with what is going on (so much thievery!). We are dealing with swindlers here, y’all, and there was a lot of fun swindling to be had in the first episode. Hopefully this one keeps it up!

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: March 29th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air
Recap Countdown: KKEUT

HR and JS run into the Spanish cultural center. They look in the red box, but nothing is there.

Cut to the ambulance. the swindlers say that this was a great switch, no one noticed. DC opens the red box and looks inside.

Cut to HR yelling in a car, i should have killed him! Ah, breath…breath….if I catch him, I will kill him!

The swindlers meanwhile are walking thorugh the airport with not a care in the world. they are going to Maldive. But HR shows up, you are going to Maldive? All the swinders are stunned and start coughing. She tells DC that they need to talk. She says she followed his location. he says that she shouldn’t be so surprised, there was nothing inside. But she dons’t believe that.

Meanwhile, SD is in trouble with his head boss, TW. He says he was winning, but then the prosecutor came in. he is on his knees and trying to explain that JS prosecutor came. TW asks someone, is SJ still aliev? Someone shows SD an image of JS and he says, that is the guy! TW thinks that is why you miss the fish you don’t catch the most.

HR and DC go back to the prosecutor office to talk. She asks him where he put it, but he says he is wondering that also. Who took the 5million dollar one? But then the witness calls. DC talkes the call and puts it on speaker. DC asks what happened. the witness says he is sorry, but actually, he has it. He has s condition, he needs money to hide, $100k.

The Chief wonders how they would be able to get that amount of money. Then he thinks they can use their special investigation money, he can get it, give him one week. Maybe they will give it to us, maybe….

Cut to a man who is all bloody and busted. Ah, perhaps this is the witness. He gives the phone to secretary Kim. It looks like Secretary Kim found him and dragged him to TW’s place. TW asks him where that thing is, but the man says he won’t tell a monster like him. he gets punched. TW says to tell him where it is otherwise he will die.

Afterward TW gives a usb to Secretary Kim and tells him to burn it. Then they talk about whether they will really kill the witness or not.

HR wants DC to come there regularly as an employee. But it looks like he is refusing it. She tells him that his team is her insurance. the team is behind bars and begging DC to do get them out. EJ really wants to get out. DC says that he will do it on one condition. She should let them go.

The team all go home and HR comes in to meet him. They tell him that he is in his office. HR goes to the office and sees a sleeping DC. He says he can’t memorize everything about him in a few days. But then he starts listing everything about JS. he ends by telling her that JS was an outsider in college and you were the only friend.

DC then starts to say all the people they need to be careful of, especially the trainer because he knows JS the best. So DC should never ever meet The Director (DY).

DC goes to work and sees the deputy chief prosecutor on the street. He playfully says hello to her and to another person on the street. he goes inside the building and says hi to everyone, lol. I think he is just saying hi to all the people who’s name he memorized.

HR tells him that he remembers everythin, but he behaves very differently. DC says he will not live like Baek Joon-soo forever. But HR just tells him to go fix his tie as a triangle tie and put on his glasses. DH goes to the bathroom and does all of those things. Then he gets to work.
The Chief tells everyone that JS is back and he will be there for a while. DC smiles and tells everyone that he is happy to see them. Then The Chief tells Detective Ko that he should take care of DC. Ko introduces himself and DC jokes that he thought he saw him as a criminal before (from the street). then DC goes to sit at his desk.

Later, all the prosecutors go into a meeting. DC is concerned that someone will ask him questions, but HR says it won’t happen, just breathe. But then, KH comes in and asks him a question right away. Why did you go to the Spanish Cultural center? before you moved to our office, why did you do an investigation without permission?

The chief tries to help him out, but then he tells DC not to go on vacation. KH tells the chief to give DC a company case, does he know how to do 4G cases? DC says yes, it is a 4G case so I will trap their body! Everyone is all like…um. (It is another Korean joke). KH doesn’t laugh and says for them to start their meeting.

DC finds out that she meant a bribery case, but how can he know prosecutor slang/jargon? HR tells him that he has to memorize it all and gives him a book on prosecutor term.

DC and HR sit to eat, but all the lawyers don’t have time to sit and eat, they all eat quickly and leave. HR also eats quickly and eats which makes DC roll his eyes.
A man talks to all the prosecutors and says that they need to act differently with the new government. then a younger man starts talking. there is a big underworld economy because of all the bribery and corruption, so lets remove it all and get rid of the underground economy.

While this younger man is talking, we see TW doing his illegal things. he meets with an older man and a lot of other suits. The older man looks like the head of all the thugs? Or maybe a politician. this man tells everyone to flow like water. But everyone does their own thing! The people who created this country do whatever! This old man was too angry, I have to at least say these things in front of y’all. He has a weakness and we should find his weak point. Then we will remove everything.

HR and DC are hard at work while everyone else has gone home. They have piles and piles of paperwork on their desk. But the camera scrolls to DC and show him playing a computer game while looking serious. HR falls asleep.

Then she wakes up and sees DC working. the music is soft as she says, sunbae? DC looks up and then smiles like DC. that snaps HR out of it as she fixes her hair. She tells him that she thought he was her sunbae and walks over to her.

DC put all the results for the cases in order. But it looks like HR didn’t want him to touch those things. He says he just sorted it for her. But it looks like an amazing job, she asks him if he really did that.

Meanwhile, SR (the sister) shows up. She leans in on the door and hears some language that sounds like sexy time language. She buts into the room and ask who this is? You two look close. HR introduces SR as her sister. SR says this is the first time she has seen him in person, but his mood looks different. He says he got upgraded not too long ago.

the sister runs home and tells their mother that JS came back and they look close! The mom and sister talk about this. The mom thought she didn’t have to worry about marriage for a while, but maybe she will have to worry about it now. She would prefer a rich person married HR, a lot of rich families want to go on dates with her.
The thugs are in a whatehouse and are about to open a large wooden box. they got the object. they open the box and see a large Hawaiian statue inside. Maybe a Polynesian statue? But instead of taking it out, they just bust it open. The statue is filled with drugs. Maybe cocaine? One of the men tastes it and says that this is the best quality drug. So TW tells them to get 20% more.

The office is quiet as they all continue to work. But then DC gets a phone call. Woo Jae Shik wants to meet with him. DC thinks, WOO JAE SHIK!?!

HR says she will take care of him so DC can just use the stairs. But DC runs into someone on the way down. Maybe this is Woo Jae-shik? Not sure. they talk for a bit. DC thinks the man wants to play golf, but actually he wants to fish. They start walking to his office and DC answers wrong again which leads this man to think that something is wrong with him. he is too young for dimentia.

They go to the breakroom and meet. Jae-shil tells him that he wants him to live like a normal person. he should be more flexible and yield so he will live long. DC says he changed a lot, so don’t worry. then DC crosses his legs and says that people change. it is another strange mannerism.

The chief busts in and tells jae-shik that he should come to his office. He drags him away. jae-shik tells the chief that DC changed a lot, he doens’t know why, but he is different, it is because of him?

Meanwhile, HR tells DC that he is crazy he shouldn’t cross his legs in front of the chief! they argue about that for a while and then they talk about the object. they won’t see each other after they get the object! They shake/promise on it and HR walks away.

The witness is all changed up and bleeding with SD breathing on him. SD has a metal rod and asks him why he trusts that prosecutor. the man says he has a face that he can trust, but SD says that he has a face to trust. The man tells him that he has to go to the restroom, he has diarhea, so SD takes him there.

The man uses this as his moment to break free and pushes SD down the steps. They fight. Then SD gets the witness in a choke hold and kills him. But it looks like it was an accident, he just wanted him to quiet down and not move. Uh oh. SD is in a lot of trouble now.
SD runs to Secretary Kim and tells him that it was an accident, he didn’t mean to. then SD goes to tell TW. SD bows in front of TW and asks him to forgive him. TW says he has a small farm in Jeju, can he go to Jeju and take care of the farm? SD begs him, don’t abandon him, it was his fault.

TW grabs his hand and SD yells. Don’t cut my hand! TW asks him, do you know what the different is between animals and man? We have regret. Something you do and regret, something you don’t do and regret. If I don’t slash you then I feel like I will regret it in the future. SD says he won’t regret it, think of his dead mom, his mom!

TW sighs and stands up. SD is crying a lot. TW wonders what he should do since he started it. Outside, Secretary Kim listens to what they are talking about.

A pregnant woman is trying to get to the polcie. She is asking them to help her. Then she starts bleeding. Cut to the prosecutors. It looks like some thugs tried to put drugs inside a pregnant lady and used her to deliver the drugs.

The higher up prosecutors said that JS took that case before, so they should give it to him again. Cut to DC, HR, and the CHief talking a bout this case. WHy do they want JS to take it? HR says she will take it.

It looks like they fed a balloon with a concentrated drug to the pregnant woman and it burst. The baby dies. HR and DC go to the hospital to meet with her, but the woman is unconxious. DC sits witht he son and tries to comfort him. He says he is a prosecutor, but it isn’t a good job, don’t become one. The son asks him to catch the bad guys that made your mom sick. But he says there are some circumstance right now that make it hard to catch them. But the boy just says he doens’t know what he is talking about, can he just catch the bad guy? the son gives him something which looks innocent, but it also looks like it might be a clue to the case.
Afterwards, DC tells HR that he is not a prosecutor so he won’t catch the criminal. But he holds the candy that the kid gave him. That night, DC has a bad dream about his father being strangled. Bong comes in and asks him if he has the same dream. When he has that dream then he is a jinx, thing don’t go well. We should delay todays work.

DC gets dressed and goes outside. He spins his star. HR comes up to him and asks him why he spins that, he tells her that he spins it to think. then he asks to read her sacred investigation notes. He starts to say a lot of law things and HR wonders how he knows that, did he go to law school and study for the bar?

DR comes up to them and asks, is that a new joke? Do you asks a prosecutor if they passed the law exam and went to law school?

DC tells HR that he has an appointment and has to leave. But she tells him to not make any toruble and stay there with her. He smiles and says he is tired, he will rest in the back room.

DC and EJ make a scene at the club. He is dressed like a guitar player and she is dressed like a pregnant woman. SHe says he is a bad guy and starts crying. DC walks off and yells at all the club people, what are they looking at! But a man comes out and walnts to talk to the pregnant woman.

Cut to DC and the pregnant woman talking to this man. He says that is seems like they need money. if DC can pursduade his girlfriend then he can help them make big money. the man tells them to just take an airplane ride, he will pay for everything. (DC’s team is listening to this in the back).

But it looks like the man was suspicious because someone covers DC’s face with isoflorane. Bong runs into the room, but they are long gone.

Elsewhere, someone is hiking and sees a body hanging from a tree.

Cut to the prosecutor office. The Chief tells HR that their witness is dead.

HR is shocked, he is dead? The Chief says they will do an autopsy, but he was probably killed and they made it look like a suicide. he asks where DC is.

Cut to DC waking up with his hands bound behind him. He is outside somewhere at an abandoned place that looks very thug like. The thug recognized DC as prosecutor JS and asks him why he wears that wig.

Meanwhile HR runs to the sleeping room to find DC, but he isnt’ sleepign there. She calls him, where is he? Pick up.

At the thug place, Secretary Kim walks up to DC. He says that he survived last time, but it will be hard this time. DC asks who these people are. Who are you who don’t care about prosecutors!

Secretary Kim says it doesn’t matter who they are. What you touch is important. DC tells them that he is not Baek Jun-soo. Kim laughs, are you a lookalike? DC says he knows it ishard to believe. he is about to explain it, but he gets hit in the head with a baseball bat.

Just at that moment, a car drives up with its brights on. Several people get out who roll smoke bombs into the thugs and walk in with steel bars of their own and go to town beating up all the thugs. These new men are wearing gas masks and brought one for DC as well. One of them has a fake hand that falls off. DC looks on, but he passes out.

Fade Out.

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  1. bbcream
    March 29, 2018 / 4:37 pm

    Thank you for the live recaps on the first two episodes. Your site is becoming my go to to see what dramas are worth watching and which I might skip out on.

    I’m with you on having more fun dramas to watch. I love the melo’s (for now), but too many melos on my plate kind of affect my day, lol. It’s nice to have a show where I don’t have to think too much. And this looks like the perfect show for that.

    But what’s up with no one covering this show? I would think it would be pressed a bit more since it is so distinctive from all the others shows out.

  2. V
    March 30, 2018 / 11:48 am

    Good to hear that bbcream 🙂

  3. Kayen_SAA
    March 30, 2018 / 11:28 pm

    Thank you again for recapping Switch. Love your recapsas if I am watching AGAIN the drama, haha…

    • V
      March 31, 2018 / 7:00 am

      So glad your here on the switch page Kayen_SAA 🙂

  4. April 1, 2018 / 10:59 pm

    I feel like you’re the only site recapping anything I’m watching now. I’m enjoying Switch immensely. And the live recaps for LIVE! Thanks! And for recapping Noona too, especially with all the hullabaloo over the delayed English subs. You watch a ton of dramas!

    • V
      April 2, 2018 / 11:40 am

      We watch so many drama’s! Lol. I am working on my Korean so I want to watch a lot (as many as possible). O actually does all the translating of these live recaps and I do all the typing. 😀

      Switch is so fun! I’m glad you’re watching it! And Live and Pretty Noona as well. I was going to drop Live, but a person told us to go until half way so we kept at it. I’m glad I listened to them 🙂Pretty Noona is the only romance-romance out with no other major plot line to interrupt it, so I love that!

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