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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 11 and 12

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We left off with the diplomat breaking out of jail with the help of Dong-chan’s swindling team. He led the team to the thug from Hongdae who is running for local office. But the thug pretends like he doesn’t know him (he actually doesn’t know what is going on) and hangs up the phone. However, this leads Do-chan to mistakenly thinking that the big thug from Hongdae is Brown Bear.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: April 12th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air
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Someone packs away everything that is in a bookshelf. Then we cut to Kim, he tells TW that they didn’t find anything in particular from that diplomat. But they did find a Thailand Bible (Ah, it was Thailand!). TW sees the highlights in the Bible. He uses a realtime translator to translate the highlighted phrase.

The way I go to send my people, I will save you.


At the swindlers mansion, HR runs in and tells JS that they finally found Brown Bear.
All the swindlers gather around and eat pizza as they talk about the pizza. They start to talk about the pizza topings and have a playful moment of which one tastes better.

At the mansion. DC, HR, and JC talk about the case and how to approach it. They can just throw chairs into the ring and do whatever they want to do. DC tells the ethics teacher, JS, to do things his way, he will do things his own way. Does he even think he will find Brown Bear before he dies? HR tells them both to stop.

JS thinks about what HR told him to do while he was in bed. She told him there might not still be a seat for him, so hurry and stand up. He grabs his heart.

Outside, DC thinks about what happened when he was saved amidst all the smoke that night. Who rescued him?

Elsewhere, HR goes drinking with her sister, SR. HR complains about how nothing is working. Both guys are on opposite ends. the sister thinks she is talking about cocktails and asks her if she wants another one. HR asks her sister if they can mix people like that as well.

At the mansion, HR yells at JS to come out! She drunkenly goes into his place and talks to him. He wants to know why she drank so much. She sits on the bed and tells him that he is so stubborn. He is not an ethics teacher, but she had high marks in ethics. He tells her she is drunk, go home. She tells him that she is drunk because you guys aren’t mixing. but honestly, both of you….don’t put it in your mind whatever I say, hey you are handsome.

She grabs her coat and leaves.

TW looks at the Greek god painting of the father eating his son. Kim comes up to him and show the person who gave the diplomat the bible. He doesn’t know who he is yet. Perhaps the car accident just happened. TW remembers back to what DC told him during their chess game. He said that TW likes to us his horse well, so he has to catch his horse first.

Across town, DC talks about Brown Bear with Bong. DC wonders if the big guy is the real Brown Bear. He has to make sure he is the Brown Bear that he saw at the vacation home. He doesn’t’ remember, it was a second story building….

Flashback to him as a child. DC tries to recreate the house in his mind. Bong thinks that this building belongs to the big guy, so he must be Brown Bear. they are following him around, so they should be able to find out something.

EJ and IT stake out the big thug. They drive past a little house and wonder why everyone is guarding it. This place is suspicious. they decide to leave because some guards come up to them. But what should they do? Ej starts kissing IT. the guards tell them not to kiss here, move your car! They both apologize and drive off.

But we immediately see them flying a drone over the house.
DC gets a call from IT while he is at work. DC says he doesn’t need insurance. IT tells him that they have a good insurance policy for him.

DC gets up to go somewhere. HR asks him where he is going. DC explains that he worked hard, so he will go to the sauna.

Puffs meets with HR’s Mom and teaches him how to cook fried chicken. Puffs takes notes during this exchange. The chicken must be very crunchy. Puffs calls her Audrey and says that timing must be important. Which is the most important. She says it is all important. He says, for him, one thing is missing, you need a Puff. She says that he wants to learn how to sell chicken, but actually he wants to see his Puffs here. He laughs and says it is diversification.

Nighttime has come. The swindlers look at the building while in a wharehouse and talk about it as well. But they can’t tell HR about it.

Of course HR followed them there and crashes their party. She says that she has to be prepared all the time while working with people like them. So, where is this place.

DY is at a gambling meeting with JP and the other top club members. they all play poker with gold coins. Each coin is worth a lot of money. JP tells him that for Poker, you have to win the first game, the first bluff works the best. DY goes all in. JP calls him a professional, maybe he has good cards.

Everyone calls him and they cards are revealed. DY has two aces in his hand. TW comes in and JP tells DY that there is nothing free in the world. The diplomat called president Hwang (big thug). So just in case JS investigates it, let us know. haha.

The swindlers think that HR is involved with them too much, that is their secret place. If everyone knows about it then it isn’t secret anymore. Bong thinks DC will take care of it. This isn’t their only secret place after all. Besides, they will get rid of it once this job finished. EJ thinks her DC Oppa knows everything. They start to talk about how they each met DC. IT had an “IT” business that failed due to a con artist. So DC helped him out and that is why he is there. But when he has enough money, he will quit. He is not Hong Gil Dong, he will not just make money from bad people, he can make money from rich people as well.

EJ met DC, she saved all her money and put it in the bank, but her mother lost all the money due to a con artist, so DC helped her. She likes this more than a nurse job. IT tells her she is having fun because she is with DC. She says that is true, but it is also fun, when she makes enough money she will buy an island on the sea.

they ask Bong how he met him. Bong says he knew him since he was young. Just eat..eat. EJ and IT both look at each other.

Mom wants HR to date someone, anyone else except JS. HR says he is a swindler. Mom is all like, yes, men are swindlers so keep that in mind. Don’t trust men, they will stab you in the back. I trust you! HR runs out.

All the prosecutors talk about the thug home. DC shows them two pictures one from 3 years ago and now. What is the difference? Everyone looks at the picture, but they can’t find the difference.

he tells them to look at the shadow, the new one is a little shorter. DC starts to talk about how the water deflects. he uses a lot of math to explain it. This is what HR was calculating earlier, though she didn’t know why she was calculating it. The Chief tells him to slow down a little bit.

DC says the one way they can make the shadow shorter is in the depth of the swimming pool. there is something under the swimming pool. HR agrees. There must have been an illegal modification on the house. So they can search the home.

Mom sees a sign on Puffs stand. He is taking a break to attend a World Puffs conference. Puffs gets out of an expensive car in front of a hotel. He has one fake hand.

Inside the hotel are a lot of well to do people. Two people talk in another language about President the association president wanting to meet him. He says it will be his honor.

The Chief meets with KH and gets the warrant for the house search. he tells them to go. HR and DC run out. The mole comes in and sees HR and DC leaving with a group of people behind them. He wonders what they are doing. Everyone gets in a car and drives off. DY also wonders what is going on. KH goes to his office and sees DY looking out the window at the team that just left. She looks a little bit suspicious of why he is doing that.

the cars pull up to the house, but they are too late. Everything has already been dug up from the pool. A delivery truck leaves. HR thinks everything must be in the orange delivery truck.

HR follows the orange truck. She is the only one following it. the orange truck gets stopped by the police in a routine road stop. But then one of the police men gets into the car, it is IT pretending to be a police officer. He takes off with the truck.

The thugs follow, but their tire if flat. HR follows, she recognized IT and starts calling someone. DC isn’t picking up the phone so she calls Ko and asks if DC is there. He says DC isn’t there and he hasn’t seen him there in a while. HR thinks something is up.

The chief called his wife and tells her that they need to give some money to the Temple to realize their dream.

Meanwhile HR chases after the orange truck, but she can’t find it. Where is it? She passes a huge truck. DC is the driver of that truck. the orange truck drives into DC’s truck like Knight Rider and they close the door. HR has completely lost them.

HR gets out of her car and screams, how could this have happened! She calls JS and tells him that DC betrayed them. DC wanted the drugs, they have been had. What should I do! What should I do with this guy? the truck disappeared in the middle of the street. JS tells her to look around, she should have something around. But she says there is nothing.

VO – The men you trust, betray you, be careful.

The truck drives by HR. On side it reads, “Everything changes, but Nothing changes.”

DC chuckles as he looks at HR and drives away.

HR goes to the secret place, but no one is there. She goes to the mansion, but no one is there accept JS. They both think they have been worked on, really. They’ve been had.

The swindlers open the truck and see cases and cases of silver containers. They are shocked at the amount. But they tell each other, let’s start.

the Hongdae thug is in big trouble with TW. How could he lost all the drugs. Hongdae thug explains that they removed all the drugs, but the prosecutors took the truck. What can he do, it isn’t on him, it is all because of SD! TW says that he won’t become a city senator for himself, don’t make any mistake in front of people.

The thug goes to the meeting with the community center. He donated a lot of bags of flour. he tells them to take it home and make kalguksu and all that they want. All the audience members cheer.

Meanwhile HR looks for DC.

At the outdoor event. Bong pretends like he is one of the old people. He presents a check and starts looking at the flour and asks if the flour is expired. The thug tells him that this flour is great, they just made it today.

DC is watching this too. HR shows up and tries to hit him with a broom. But he just cavalierly grabs it and tells her to trust him. He is creating a scene, just watch.

Bong tastes the flour and says that this is not flour. The man is all like, what are you talking about? He tastes it and realize that this is drugs. This is super high quality drugs. The reporter asks him what this is? But Bong just opens all the flour and it pours all over the thug who tripped and is on the ground.

The prosecutor team comes and arrests the big thug. he yells that drugs shouldn’t’ be there! But he is taken away.

HR asks how he did this? The truck disappeared. But DC says that the Blue truck was him. She was only following the orange one. She puts him in a head lock and says that he is shortening her life! He manages to straighten himself out and tells her, let’s go.
News: City Center candidate Hong Bum-do mistakens flour and drugs and donates it to the community center. People find out during the donation.

News: Shocking news! Hong Bum-do is a drug smuggler.

All the prosecutors look at this news in shock.

Later HR drives off with DC. he says the truth will a excite you, but before that, it will anger you. I am telling you that whatever you say, I won’t tell you any truth. HR tells him that one thing is for sure, he is looking for away, so let’s go there together.

They get to the prosecutors office in time to see the big thug there. the little boy runs up with his mother. This was the pregnant woman from earlier. She thanks them for paying her hospital bill and saving her life. DC says he doesn’t know what his left hand does. the son is super happy and says that he will be a prosecutor like him when he grows up. DC tells him never never, it isn’t fun. But HR pulls his ear and tells the little boy to grow up and become a really good prosecutor.

they walk off waving bye bye. HR thanks the ajumma says thanks and DC said he didn’t do it to get thanks. But she says that she was thanking the mom and child for becoming healthy again.

the prosecutors tells the big thug that he can’t deny things anymore. he should cooperate with them. the thug thinks back to how Kim told him, if anything goes wrong then he has to take the fall and become Brown Bear. he has his daughter in Vancouver to consider after all.

The thug says he will confess everything. He is responsible for all the crimes and used the diplomat. he did everything. HR asks him more questions, like did he order the murder of diplomats. he says yes. he says his nickname is Brown Bear, everyone calls him brown Bear because he is so big. But DC is skeptical, Brown Bear was smaller in his memory. HR asks him what he did with the video. But the big thug doesn’t know what they are talking about, he tries to play it off.

they take him away in cuffs and DC looks at him, suspiciously.
HR asks him, if it is the real Brown Bear, he should know the Spanish Cultural center, why does he say he is Brown Break? DC thinks it is because his life is in danger.

HR says that People always look where they are curious.

JP meets with TW and talks about how everything is messed up. they cant give away the scholarship money now. He talks about his plants and their rank. First, second, third all in a row. He got one of them as a gift, but he isn’t doing well now, the flower only blossomed for 11 days.

He moves the #1 plant to #3 and #3 to #1. he tells TW that he needs to take care of SD first.

TW meets with Kim. is he going to listen to JP or not listen to him? Everything started because SD sold those drugs in Hongdae.

Cut to SD sitting in his jail. he asks for some food at least. Moo-shik shows up and tells him that he gave them some bribery money because he had something to tell him. Everyone thinks all this trouble is because of him, they might slash you. SD is concerned. His friend has a plan though.

DC gets a text, go to China town 7th floor. then he gets a phone call from someone in a phone booth. Someones life is in danger, he should come. But C just laughs. The man says that DC needs to save someone, then he can catch Brown Bear.

DC pulls out his Black motorcycle that says “Prince Speed” it is a quick delivery motorcycle.

HR and her team run out and tell the driver to go to China town.

At the same time, DC is driving through China town on his motorcycle. he follows a car for a little bit and then turns off at a Chinese restaurant. He goes inside and goes through a tiny door. he is told that there will be stairs that way. DC finds the stairs and goes up them.

Inside, SD tries to break out. He takes off his belt.

DC gets to the building. It is Chun Chi hotel basement, 7th room.

Inside, SD thinks he will not die that easily.

TW looks at the image of Kronos killing his son.

DC gets to the room, but it is surrounded by thugs. He didn’t expect to see them there.

Fade Out

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    Thanks you 😘
    Please dont make JS die 😭

  2. V
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    I know! It seems like they are headed in that direction. I hope he will be okay, too.

  3. Adralyn
    April 12, 2018 / 7:32 pm

    Oh man! I hope DC has a great plan…
    And they better not kill off JS for a long while. I like the character to balance out DC and his crew.

  4. V
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    I want JS and DC to stay on screen until the end.

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