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Switch: Change the World Recap Episodes 31 and 32 Final

Korean Drama Switch Change the World Live Recap Episodes 31 and 32 Final
We are at the final episode! There is movement and twists and turns all the way to the end. Thank you for recapping this show with us. It was a nice change up in our melo landscape for the spring.

We are publishing this one quickly (as soon as we finish it) so there are tons of typos. Try to overlook them. ^_^

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: May 17th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air

the carts are all filled with cabbage. TW says he went to Gangwando and bought baechu. Do want to take this baechu with you?

Cut to TW laughing in his office with SD. He calls them stupid people and says that they should know that he is always one step ahead.

Someone else comes in with a diary. TW opens it. Inside the diary is money Each slip has one million dollars each. So that has 2 million dollars in it. TW says he made this money working so hard, like a dog, under JP.

HY and DC talk about how TW faked that he had cash. Maybe he had unnamed bonds. DC says they have to find it. HR wants to know what he is going to do. DC says their swindlers and prosecutors, not it is really time to catch TW.


TW talks to KH and says her hubaes HR and JS stopped by. If something happens to him the KH will be in danger also.

the Chief comes in and asks her if TW is holding something from her. He basically tells her that he will put TW in jail.

The swindlers think that they need to get this money. They need a plan. they can report the Gallery to the financial task force team. They should make a smell that the financial team will smell. Then TW will want to switch the money to another form and cash it out.

Cut to TW. His people tell him that the IFAS task force is coming to collect unpaid taxes. The gallery is closed. IT also leaves comments on the KB website. It looks like he is forgerizing news.

The people in the Namsan group think they are in big trouble, they need to survive. TW’s bank tells him that he needs to step down as chairman of the bank. TW tells them that they are rude and he will make them pay.

Then someone attacks someone else in a jail. Ko gets a call. Secretary Kim is unconcious now. TW tells SD that he made him shut his mouth.

IT meets with TW, disguised as the international lawyer. he thinks he should buy a 60 carat diamond from the back market. TW takes a meeting with black market people from China. The woman is the representative from that company and has the diamond with her.

The swindlers already prepared a fake diamond for this bag. the bag also has two parts. A diamond on top and the fake one on bottom. They practice using the folder.

Cut back to the diamond. Two men inspect the diamond and says that it is perfect and real. This diamond costs 200 million dollars. It is because the price of jewlery changes everyday. they are about to leave. TW says he will give them the entire amount, all 200 million.

They are about to switch it, but they made a mistake. The diamond man is nervous because he knows he made a mistake. they put the bag on the wrong side. IT is able to make an excuse and then put the bag on the right side. All is well.

They give TW the certificate, he gives them the bonds.

The woman checks it. It checks out so they give the diamond to TW. TW relishes in it.

Afterward, IT fills everyone in on how it went. Then they tell each other good job because all of TW’s money is gone. EJ wants to wear the diamond for a few days. But the swindlers say they need to give the money back to the real owner.

Cut to Bong looking like a homeless person. He walks inside a police station and says that he found a huge diamond in the park. This makes the news. TW looks at the news and then checks his diamond. the news says that this diamond is the white star diamond. TW gets his diamond checked by an expert. It is fake.

TW asks him if he is sure. the man says this is a very fake diamond, lol.

TW thinks that DC did it all. He breaks something and screams, Sa Do-chan!!!!!

The swindler team is super happy about it. The prosecutors are also happy. The diamond is at the police department, if no one claims it then it will belong to the polcie department. One of the cops that worked with Puffs comes in and says they have thugs from Incheon with them. HR questions them in the office.

The thugs says that TW strangled and killed Puffs.

TW rages in his office some more about the diamond and being faked out. But it gets worse, because that is when HR comes in with an arrest warrant for Sa ha-chan’s murder.

Cut toHR interviewing TW. She tells him that they have evidence against TW. DC comes in as well, but he is still acting like JS. TW tells them that they won’t catch him.

KH comes in and wants to arrest DC. DR is with her. They have evidence that JS is a fake. The chief wants to know what KH is doing. DR tells them that they will use blood evidence. if it is all the same, then she will let them continue.

HR stands up and tells them all to get out, they are blocking this investigation. But DC stands up and says they can do the investigation. KH tells them that if JS is fake, then this entire investigation will be cancelled from the beginning.

DC gets his blood drawn.

Afterward, they wait in the interrogation room. The chief yells at the director about this. Then DR comes in they look at the results. DR apologizes to the chief and says it was his mistake this time. The blood is the same as the old sample from 3 years ago. He is the real JS.

Flashback. JS thinks they know that he is Sa Do-chan he says he will go there. DC was there for most of the day, but then they switched with JS right when they were going into the interogation. they do the switch in the van outside.

HR tells JS that she is glad he looks healthy, prosecutor Baek.

They are back at the interrogation. TW tells HR that she is dead as well (?) then he laughs and is about to leave. But HR shows TW the blood results. TW almost passes out. JS comes in and sits at the table. He tells him that they will continue their investigation. Are you accepting that you killed Sa Do-chan?

TW is behind bars. SD goes to meet him. TW tells SD that he is his father. You knew it? You want to kill me? i ditched you and your mother. But, I had my own reasons. Sung-doo, where you mad becasue I yelled at you a lot? It is because I wanted to make you a good person and have you inherit all my money. As your father, I ask one more thing for you. Can you testify for me? The text message with Secretary Kim, submit it as evidence. I didnt’ order anything, Secretary Kim did everything. if you help me then I will be out soon. I will do all the fatherly things, including inheriting my money, you are my last hope. Why aren’t you answering?

SD says he understands. But he looks like he is hiding something.

JS talks to DC and thanks him so much. DC says he didn’t do this for JS to thank him. they are thankful to each other. But wait a minute, I have something to give you.

News: TW’s first trial for murdering and murder suspect. Let’s see how much he can defend against the prosecutors.

JS puts on their prosecutor clothing. HR tells him that he looks good. JS says that his heart pumps as if he is wearing this robe for the first time. He says that con mans hearts pump slow, but prosecutors hearts should pump passionately for justice. They talk about involving DC. HR thinks they should becasue he was a big help with them and the case.


HR reads all the charges against TW and we see all the images of the crimes that TW committed.

The lawyers want to call SD as a witness. SD goes to the witness chair. The lawyers ask who sent the text and who strangled Puffs. SD says it was secretary Kim for everything. The lawyer says that secretary Kim did everything, no further questions.

HR comes up and asks TW if he asked Kim to do all the murders for him? TW wants to know how they can accuse him without evidence. Kim did everything ask him to testify. TW smiles smugly. HR stops her questioning.

The chief wants to know why HR stopped there. Perhaps she has something?

JS stands and asks to asks questions to SD. There is critical evidence. JS starts to asks SD more questions. SD says he killed nam Soong-tae and pretended like it was an accident. He is accepting murder in the courtroom. He says he did this because nam Soong-tae had footage of their drug deals. JS asks him if he is talking about this video? JS shows him the usb video, it is evidence #4.

Objection, that video is not on the list.

DC says nam Soong-tae died with this evidence, for SD’s safety, I couldn’t’ notify anyone in advance. the Judge tells him to continue.

We see the video played. It shows that TW is the drug dealer. JS asks Sd if TW is Brown Bear? SD says he is.

Flashback of Kim giving SD the video and then SD giving the video to JS/DC.

JS asks why SD lied earlier. SD says it is because TW told him to. he points at TW and stares him down.

JS closes his questioning.

SD smiles at TW in a smug way. TW just bats his eyes in disbelief.

The judge renders his verdict. He lists all the wrong doings and says that TW is very very bad. There is no mercy for him. The judge reads all the gulty verdicts and charges him guilty on all counts. He is sentenced to death.

TW throws the desk and says it doesn’t make sense! How dare you touch Brown Bear! I will take you to the guilotine! I won’t die by myself!

DC is in the courtroom for a moment and leaves. HR runs after him.

Secretary Kim wakes up.

HR catches up to DC and asks him what he is going to do. DC says they finishes their job so they dont’ have to see each other again. HR is sad about it. She doesan’t want him to leave. She gives him a present of DC and Puffs on a bench at the park. It is his only family photo.

HR tells him that he hopes he keeps his fathers wish, the biggest swindling job is taking someones heart fully. DC tells her that a big swindling job needs a big setting, do you think you can endure it?

DC walks off and HR watches him walk away. She sighs and smiles, then she turns back to the building.

The swindling team leaves together. DC tell them that they will have a short meeting and a short bye-bye. He tells them all that they can go back and do what they want to do in life. He gives them all some of the money. They tell him that they will miss him a lot.

DC walks away and leaves them in front of the bank. Bong tells them that they should seperate. The three remaining swindlers all walk their seperate ways, but EJ is left asking where everyone is going. She says she has nowhere to go. Where should I go? I don’t want to go to a Maldive hotel by myself! She starts balling.

KH watches her old desk, she is fired and investigated by the internal investigation team. DR is also being investigated, but he is trying to run away. The police woman, Mira stops him. DR tries to jump over the gate and trips. The internal investigation department catches him and tells him that they should go there.

Then we cut to SD in jail. he is reading the bible and then looks at the picture of his mother. He ripped the picture of TW out. He starts crying as he looks at the picture of his mother.

TW is in a tiny jail cell. He says he shouldnt’ have trusted him, he trusted him becasue he is his son.

VO – Hell is somewhere where you have no one to love or trust, that is hell right?

TW says that he created this hell. He chuckles to himself as he sits in his lonely cell. he says that he doesnt’ trust anyone. No one can trick him. I am Gum Tae-woong. Ha ha ha…..but he starts to tear up. Then he starts to cry. He tries to laugh, but he cries.

Mom sells Puffs now. She tells a woman that she looks like Audrey Hepburn and takes her food. Oh, she isnt’ selling puffs, she is just showing the new Puffs guy how to sell the puffs.

The chief is the new director now. he polishes his nameplate and talks to his wife on the phone. he tells her to donate at the temple. he needs to go to church for the thank you offering.

JS came in to work. he remembers a request that DC made of him. You should call Miran, pretty Miran whenever you go inside the building. JS does that and Miran is very happy about it.

JS goes upstairs and gets to work on a new case. HR says they need to get evidence that the money was embezzled.

It looks like they are working together again. DC is playing the piano and the rest of his team is around as well. A rich looking man comes in. he says he is happy that DC donated to their Japanese charity.

DC asks the Japanese person if he is happy stealing from other people. But the translation is “He is happy to donate to charity”

DC – Put this necklace on a pigs neck
Translation – our designer wants to give this to you as a present

The man starts to change his clothing. The prosecutors show up to the building. The man comes out with his sleeves stuck together as if he is handcuffed. He wonders why the sleeves are stuck together. Then he sees a video clip of him embezzling money.

HR thinks this is strange, they have evidence just waiting for them. HR goes to the TV and sees DC’s spinning star. HR and JS smiles at each other.

Cut to the swindlers walking away like the Avengers.


Thank you for recapping this show with us! It ended just as playfully as it began.

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  1. Adralyn
    May 17, 2018 / 2:19 pm

    I was holding my breath, but I actually loved the ending. DC can’t realistically walk away from his life of swindling without paying for it (besides the previous accusations) and if he paid for it no one would trust him to help with catching bad guys. It just makes sense that he is doing his self-assigned job on his own way. Plus, you can’t split the team.
    I think this drama was fun and clever and I never felt it dragged. I like the smart villains were out smarter.
    I really enjoyed the recaps too! Thank you so much.

    • V
      May 17, 2018 / 6:14 pm

      Thank you for stopping by each week Andralyn, this drama was a fun one to recap. I am so happy that the team was all together in the end!

  2. Adralyn
    May 17, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    *were outsmarted
    *shakes head at autocorrect*

  3. Kayen_SAA
    May 17, 2018 / 5:42 pm

    Such an entertaining drama. Thank you very much again for recapping Switch, I enjoyed every episodes. You are right, it was a playful and interesting drama, never a dull episode.

    • V
      May 17, 2018 / 6:21 pm

      We had a tiny but mighty group that loved this drama, thank you for recapping it with us Kayen_SAA 🙂

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