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Switch: Change the World Recap Episodes 29 and 30

Korean Drama Switch Change the World Live Recap Episodes 29 and 30
Kim was arrested at the end of the last episode, which causes all sorts of problems for TW in this episode. But TW isn’t defeated, so far he has still come out smelling like roses. But several people are against him, including some on the inside, so it looks like it is only a matter of time before he falls.

Quickcap so typos galore…

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: May 16th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air

Recap of the previous episodes.

HR sits at her desk. the phone rings and Ko answers it, someone wants to report something. They emailed video footage to Ko. The footage is of Secretary Kim trying to kill DC. This might be DC’s setting. They can catch Kim with this.

News: Exclusive report! Someone tried to murder Sa Do-chan and we know who is is. in this video, someone was hunting down DC, they work for TW’s gallery.

Secretary Kim and TW both see this. The prosecutors show up and arrest secretary Kim. TW pretends like he doesn’t know anything. HR tells TW that he is next.

Secretary Kim is taken to the prosecutors office. Back at the Gallery, TW breaks everything. He knows that DC faked him out in order to get secretary Kim. TW quickly calls someone and tells them to remove everything about secretary Kim. Remove all the footage! Then he screams out of frustration.

DC calls IT and tells him that this was perfect timing. We arrested Kim, now time is the key. He hangs up and puts his glasses back on then resumes pretending like he is JS.

DC goes into the interview room, but he is watching it from behind the one-way mirror. HR is inside the room with the woman detective. She interviews Kim. HR asks why they wanted to kill Do-chan. You were a murder suspect for all of these people, if you did everything yourself, then you will get a terminal sentence. If you cooperate with us, then it will be less. TW asked you to do it, didn’t he? Kim says he will call his lawyer and not say anything.

The chief comes in and talks to DC. He wants to know who gave them that video. DC says it was some hikers. The chief still thinks DC is JS so he talks to him freely about the case. Chief says anyone in Korea with power and money, don’t respect prosecutors. he asks DC to make Kim open his mouth and don’t give up, get TW ask a suspect. DC says he will put his entire life into this case.


Cut to HR and DC in their office. They talk about DC and hoping that he is okay. they hope he will survive. DC tells HR that he will find DC and make him testify. HR says okay.

Then we see Ko run into DC. Ko thinks DC is DC and not JS.

Flashback. JS told Ko that prosecutor Baek wants to die for him, that is why you need to help him, I want to keep him alive.

DC and Ko go somewhere to drink. DC tells Ko that he can call him DC. Ko says he thought about it a lot, he thinks his plan is right, he can save a lot of people. DC says HR doesn’t even know this, is this okay with him? Ko says he looks sharp, but his brain is simple. From now on, the person in front of me is prosecutor JS. They toast their beers to each other and drink.

DC gets home. His team tells him that he works hard as a half prosecutor half con man. Bong talks about calling SD, they want to catch him and make him pay. DC sits up after plopping on the couch and says they need to make a setting.

Cut to Bong sneaking into SD’s car and putting a bag over his head. they take him somewhere while he is covered up and tells him that he is guilty, we should put him in the sea! But in actuality he is inside their warehouse. he apologizes and says he won’t do it again! They drop him and he falls to the floor.

IT tells SD that he wanted to kill him, but DC told them to keep him alive. If he does it one more time! SD tells them that he has something to do before he dies. He wants to drag TW to hell and near him in front of his mother. IT tells him to follow him.

SD meets DC. DC asks him if he wants to get his revenge on TW? Even if he is your father? SD wants to make him cry and wants to know how DC knows. DC says you have to do revenge when you are cold, when your heart pumps, you will make mistakes. SD asks him to teach him how to do that.

Meanwhile, TW meets with KH. He tells her to check secretly, that way you will figure out who the real imposter is. She wants to know what she would do then? He says a conman and prosecutor work together. HR also helped them internally. Whatever evidence they found is invalid. KH scoffs and TW chuckles.

HR asks Kim if he killed the first person with the video file evidence? If you don’t confess then you will have a life sentence. Regret doesn’t work, you should make a good choice.

Elsewhere, SD meets with TW. TW wants to keep Kim quiet. He says his mother lives in Busan, tell him that they prepared an expensive house for her. he will know what it means. SD is the new Kim now. SD thanks him and says he will always remember this. But while leaving, SD says he can’t call him aboji. He pulls out his phone and calls DC. He tells him that he will see Kim, what should he say?

Cut right to SD meeting Kim. He tells him that TW will buy an apartment for his mother. Kim asks what SD and TW’s relationship is, you are his son right? SD tells him that he figure it out, how do you know? SD says he is that A-holes son, that is why…~. They whisper to each other.

The swindlers wonder, what if their setting doesn’t work. Bong says just use mind control, he will call us when I count to 5. he calls them right away, lol. IT picks up. It looks like TW wants to meet him and have a presentation on money laundering. he’s scared.

IT meets with TW and explains how they will use the classic cars to launder money. They will close all the paper companies. The most important thing is for SD to go to the casino. That is how people won’t be able to track the money anymore. Find someone that will do the job for you in the casino. TW asks if they will take the money at the site? IT says he will need a big moving truck with that much cash.

HR puts on her necklace and thinks back to when she got it. Then she continues getting ready to go to work.

In the office, DR is there and asks Ko to clean his drink. HR asks him what he wants. DR tells her that she shouldn’t jump over things as a prosecutor without an ID. You didn’t’ go to a good college, but still, you shouldn’t’ do that. She asks if he is there to tell her this? He says she also took the necklace, give it back to the owner. You don’t’ have good basics.

HR asks DC if that guy was instigating her? That A-hole, why does he always tell her that? her and DC go to a pizza shop. he tells her she can buy a new necklace, just give it back to the owner. HR tells her that they got this from that woman. It looks like she feels something. DC doesn’t’ really know what she is talking about. HR asks to be excused. She goes outside and she thinks, this is not Baek (JS), it is DC! How did they do that?

She goes back inside and tells DC that the should go somewhere, they should go see sunbae, where did you hide JS?

the two go outside and HR makes DC tells her all about what is going on. Why are they faking this with her? DC fills her in on the plan and everything that happened. They did it so DC can continue the investigation just in case he died. But DC was able to go one step further and rescue JS. HR says she wants to see him right now!

DC takes her to the hospital. It is a touching moment as HR goes into the room with JS. He is strapped to a lot of tubes and a breathing machine. The doctor says the patient came too late, he can’t guarantee anything, but he will try his best to save him.


HR and DC walk outside at night. HR thanks DC for telling her. She thinks JS thought he would die. DC thinks it is scary to think about living like JS forever. HR says she hopes the surgery goes well. DC thinks the gods shouldn’t’ be too cruel to only Baek. HR tells DC that he is a good person, she is glad that he is the one that saved JS. Bt herself, she shouldn’t’ be there at all. He says, is that true? she sticks her tongue out at him and walks off.

Elsewhere, two people walk up to Ko and say they are from the special investigation team. they interview him and JS and DC. Didn’t he suspect DC was a fake? Ko says he did and he got his finger print, but it matched. They ask why he suspected DC? Ko says it was because JS was such a nice person, he was different from other prosecutors. he is such a nice person, don’t hurt him. They ask if he knew that DC was pretending to be a prosecutor? Ko doesn’t really say yes or not. he tells them to trust him. Their prosecutor Baek is a great person. He can jut quit.

Ko eaves in a stressed state and falls to the floor against a wall. he says, prosecutor Baek, please survive, I will protect you with my own life.

Ko goes to the office and tells DC that someone took him. It is a secret. I gave my oath, but I am just telling you, I went to the internal inspection team.

DC meets with JP, he wants TW caught and prosecuted. JP says he will not live long, he wants to prosecutor TW. DC says that is why he is there. Did secretary Kim use a lot of cell phones? They were cell phones without ID’s. JP says he knows where he got them from. Go to the store I tell you about and you will get what you need. DC tells him that is a big help.

DC calls HR. HR says she is on the way. then she tells DC that he is great, how did he make JP say those things?

But suddenly, a dump truck rams into HR’s car. It is a big collision.

DC knows something is wrong and runs to the hospital. The nurses tell him to wait outside.

Umma, sister SR, and the chief are all there waiting. Ko and the other detective show up. They say that a homeless person drove the dump truck, it doesn’t’ make any sense. Ko has to talk DC out of going to TW’s place right now. DC isn’t’ having it. The chief tells him that HR is like that right now, so you are our only hope. We didn’t’ come this far to lose it all now. We won’t be like him, we want o prosecute him by the law. That is why we work so hard. Please, don’t do this.

TW is at his place listening to upbeat classical music.

Everyone goes back to work. DC says they need better evidence. he tells the female detective to check the autopsy reports of the people that were killed and he tells Ko to find the phone records.

HR wakes up at the hospital, her mother and sister are next to her. The doctor comes in and says she is okay. DC comes in then too and every one watches him. Then we see him sitting next to HR’s bed, alone. She tells him that she is okay, just continue investigating. Show TW that I won’t be intimidated by this. DC tells her that people will think he is a real prosecutor. She tells him that right now he is the most prosecutor than anyone.

Cut to DR being approached by the special investigators. DR basically volunteers all the wrong things he has done. The special team prosecutors tell him that isn’t it, it is about the fake prosecutor. They asks DR about raising the question that JS was a fake. Did he see any other strange thing about him besides the scar mark?

Flashback of all the moments where something just wasn’t right with JS.

DC helps HR out as she tries to eat her food. He raises her bed and she feeds herself. Time passes as HR gets better. She also meets with Ko and the female detective and joke with them in her room. Later, she asks DC to clean her glasses for her as they look through some paperwork. DC jokes that she is using him too much with unnecessary things. But he says he will do it for her, be happy.

Meanwhile, SD tells TW that they got all they need. The taxes are low because they are antique cars, should we report them now? TW tells SD to go gambling in the casino. SD says he quit gambling. TW says to meet someone in the casino. SD asks him if he trusts him, he really quit gambling. TW tells him to do what he is telling him to do, this is legal gambling.

HR finally goes back to work with a broken arm. They all great her. She says she has to catch that guy that made her arm break. The female detective fills her in on the money laundering and how bad guys work hard. They must not have slept. Ko has the records that he was looking for. Kim was nearby when that banker died. they say they need to interrogate him.

Across town, SD meets with some company looking people. he shows them a lot of checks and they say to follow him. TW gets a call about it and drives off. the swindlers follow TW.

TW gets to the warehouse and all the money is unloaded into the truck.

DC and HR tells Kim that TW is pretending to protect Kim’s mother in a nice house, but actually, she is a hostage. Look at what TW has done to you after you have given your life to him. He has already replaced you. What do you think about his when he told you that you were his own son?

Kim says he has evidence, but he wants them to take his mother somewhere safe. HR says they will do that.

IT calls DC at that moment and says, yes customer, the object has left.

DC and HR get to work. They go to the chief and tells him that TW laundered money and put it in his truck. The chief tells them to get the money right now, what are you doing ? Run!

the special team only has suspicions and no evidence. Their boss tells them to bring them in first. They will confess after being interrogated.

The investigation team approaches the prosecutor office and walks up the steps. HR and team leave the office at the same time. They meet in the lobby.

the special team says they have a suspicion that they worked with DC, let’s go.

HR tells them that they have a warrant. The special team says that is not more important than the internal investigation. The chief hears about this and confronts the prosecutors. They have a yelling war about what is more important. Don’t you see this warrant? I will take all the responsibility, just let them out. Don’t you hear me?

The chief tells him team to go out. Run.

The team leaves.

The special teams chief tells the Chief that he will be responsible for it. The chief says he can quit.

The money has arrived at TW’s place. The prosecutors get there just as the money is being unloaded. TW asks what they are doing there. HR ass TW where he got that stuff from. TW wants to know what she is there for. She says she is there to see some money, she has a warrant.

TW wants to know what they are talking about. The prosecutors and detectives remove the boxes, but there is only cabbage inside. TW says she got baechu (cabbage) when he went to Gangwando. Do you want to take it?

Fade Out

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