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Switch: Change the World Recap Episode 27 and 28

Korean Drama Switch Change the World Live Recap Episodes 27 and 28
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Lots of fun twists and turns happen this episode as we lead into the finale next week. TW’s world is finally starting to collapse in on him which is satisfying to watch. The usb from the earlier episodes that started this entire thing off makes a surprise appearance as well.

This is a quickcap so there are several typos below. I tried to quickly fix a few glaring ones. ^_^

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: May 10th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air

Recap of the previous episodes.

Interrogation room. JS looks at DC and tells him that he heard it from HR, to protect them you attacked TW. DC says he just wanted to hit him more, but she came too fast. JS says he doesn’t’ like him if one of them should survive then JS should survive. HY wonders why they are so serious. DC wants to know what they are talking about. JS tells DC that he will need to be in jail for 2 years, JS will die as DC.

DC leans in. JS asks him if he can live as Baek Jun-soo. DC wants to know why he should do that? he will go to jail and then come out. He doesn’t’ accept his offer, he doesn’t’ want to live someone else’s life. He will do this all his way.

HR runs up with the chief. They go inside. JS and DC are looking at each other. HR wonders what they are talking about, what did you say? But the two men won’t tell her anything. JS says to arrest DC.

Later, HR looks at JS in the office. She says she did everything DC asked, but she is still sorry about it, they should try to get him out of jail soon. It isn’t an easy thing to live in jail. Sunbae, why aren’t you saying anything?

HR leaves and runs into DC in the hallway. He is in handcuffs. DC tells her that he won’t see pretty HR for a while. Then he looks into the office at JS and smiles cavalierly. The police pull him away.


DC is lead away. The swindlers look on in hiding. they wonder how long DC will be in jail. Ten years? No! Oppa! EJ runs after DC’s car. But IT pulls her back. They all think that HR used DC and now is throwing him away. They won’t trust prosecutors anymore.

Kim tells TW about what is happening. DC is in jail now. TW is happy about it. He thinks they are going to try and hide the fact that they worked with this conman so they will give him a high sentence. But TW doesn’t’ want to let this go. DC tried to kill him, so TW needs to be the first. Call the lawyers.

HR gives KH some forms to sign. The chief tells KH that the saw TW sneak money out of the country. KH wants the evidence. HR says, of course, this isn’t in his name, it is Simon Jo. They need to figure this out.

TW meets with his lawyers. They ask him who Simon Jo is. TW tells them that they don’t need to know. He wants to know what the solution should be. They tell him to set up a paper company and sell old cars. he can launder the money like that. But they need an international lawyer that knows about those things. Find a lawyer. I don’t need a company, I have an employee with an international trading company.

Cut to SD’s office. He is actually working hard for a change. He is also dressed nicely. TW comes to meet him and SD hops up right away. He addresses TW with lots of sugary speak. But in his mind, he thinks about what JP told him. TW meets with SD and asks him if he still gambles. Gambling is the history of humans placing bets on uncertainties. Gambling is good, but legal gambling is more fun. I will teach you real gambling. You have the trading company, so you can do real trading. Buy classic cars, and resell it to collectors. SD tells him he will work hard.

DC reads a book about approaching women with confidence. Then his cellmates talk to him. He talks to one of them about working at city hall, they are the same gongwons (government workers). The other man stole $50k, if only he stole a little less money, he wouldn’t have been arrested. The man is like, really?

All the guys crowd around. DC tells the guy to make his bribery money $1 less than 50k, by saying he bought a drink or something. Tell your lawyer to tell the judge that. The other guys want him to listen to his story too. He gives them all advice.

The swindlers meet with DC in jail. They were worried about him, but they are happy to see him looking so good. DC asks him how the others are. IT says that Brown Bear had a discussion with lawyers and SD is buying vintage old cars that collectors liked. They are trying to get their money back. With the fake hacking, TW is very angry now. DC thinks they need an international lawyer. Okay, let’s do a setting.

First, they need to rent a big store and the name of the lawyer office. It looks like IT will become an international lawyer inside man who greets the target. Bong is a custodian of that law firm and is able to sneak inside. He will become the big store manager. Bong goes into the office and changes all the photos.

EJ will follow the real lawyer target. She is the tail. She sees the real lawyer leaving lunch too early and stops him. She asks him if he would like to taste their new beer. He says he doesn’t drink. She tells him it isn’t beer, it is cider.

Kim shows up at the law office and asks where the law office is. He is directed in. IT is the lawyer. They greet each other. All his photos are in the background.

Meanwhile, EJ is trying her hardest to keep the real lawyer out of his office.

The man gets to work though, Bong tries to keep him out by mopping around the area and splashing the man with all the dirty water. The man goes to the restroom. Bong runs back.

Cut to the real lawyer getting to his office and going inside. No one is there.

DC walks into a meeting room with HR. He tells her she isn’t here to hear “Pretty Ha-ra,” right? Thank you for being pretty while I didn’t see you. She apologizes to him. He tells her not to worry about him, eat all your meals and be careful when you go home. Listen to me, my father gave me an inheritance. 200 million dollars. he told me who the owner of the money is. It is Simon Jo.

HR says she knows the name, but she doesn’t know who Simon Jo is. How do you know? DC says it is his father’s inheritance. It is SD. You should be careful, TW is crueler than you can imagine. HR wants to know why he gave the money to him. DC says it is because SD is his son. He is his weak link, that is a good inheritance from his father. Not just a son, but an abandoned son. He ditched his wife and son to marry JP’s daughter. TW will never reveal that he is the father. Catch SD and tell him that he has that much money in his name. Then he will have trouble with TW.

Meanwhile, SD is walking with his friends and looking at classic cars. He is having a lovely time at it as well. One of the guys wants to know why the president wants to buy these nonworking classic cars that are so expensive. SC says he doesn’t know but he has to do whatever he is told. Suddenly Detective Ko and the female detective show up. Cut to SD at the prosecutors’ office again.

SD is worried n the interrogation room, HR bursts in and says that they found his foreign accounts. SD says he doesn’t have a foreign account. His accounts are all negative. HR tells him that he has 200 million dollars. SD thinks that doesn’t make any sense.

At the same times, TW finds out that the prosecutors too SD in. They don’t know why they did it. TW tells Kim to contact KH.

Cut to SD walking out of the police station with a mystified smile. Kim is there. SD tells Kim that he has $200 million in the bank. What happened?

At the same time, JS is working hard, possibly too hard. He shakes his head and tries to get back to work.

Kim tells TW that he met a lawyer, but that lawyer was too expensive. TW tells him to hurry up and hire him, we don’t have time!

The swindlers are a bit concerned because TW isn’t calling them, maybe they asked for too much money? He just did what DC told him to do. But then they get a call from secretary Kim, he wants to see them again.

JS goes to meet with TW. TW has a smug smile and says that JS doesn’t’ look good, is he sad that his swindler went to jail? JS tells him he is really good, he played their prosecutor team like his toy. he will figure out his money laundering. If TW tries to block it, JS will research everything else, including murder suspects. TW says he will take this as JS opening a war with him. Of course, they should start a war. It is better to know who the opponent is and then start the war.

JS asks him if he knows about the car accident that he had? You asked secretary Kim to do it. You told JP about that plan. Flashback to TW telling JP about the plan. JP recorded that. DC has the recorded file. I don’t know where that file is, maybe he didn’t take it with him to jail.


JP hears a big sound. He asks his secretary what that sound is. She says they are building a nursing hospice on the hill. JP thinks they are screwing up his view of the mountain. Tell the town mayor to stop it. he will fire him if he doesn’t’ stop it. She says she understands. Then she tells JP that TW is there. JP wants to know why he came to his house, but let’s listen to what he has to say. Let him in.

TW and JP meet. JP tells TW that he lived well because of him. Flashback of JS telling JP to tell TW that he gave DC the recording. JP tells TW that he gave it to him. TW asks him if he wants to go to the extreme. JP yells at him, you took my club, you took my bank, you are not human. TW says he learned it from him for the last 20 years. Lying, betraying, taking, you are wearing those clothes because I did all the laundering behind the scenes. You told me that you regard me as your son. You promised to give me everything, but you didn’t’ keep the promise, that is why I got it in advance. I just switched the order.

JP tells him that he killed his daughter. TW is shocked that JP knows. JP tells him that he killed her and he blamed Puffs, you lied to me. You got married with lies and killed my daughter, are you a real human being or a demon that looks like a human. We did everything to be successful, but I can’t forgive you, when I go to hell, I will bring you with me. Your tower, do you think a high tower will last long? It will fall, you will see it. To destroy you, I will work with anyone, JS or a swindler like DC. Dogs bite people, sell the dog to a dog seller.

TW asks him if he will go out like this, then he has no other way, I warn you.

HR tells the chief that SD is TW’s son, but he doesn’t’ know about it. TW just borrowed SD’s name. Just then, the chiefs uncle comes in and sits down. the uncle’s friend has a problem, so he brought him in. The friend built a hospital but the Korean IRS investigated him, can you block it?

HR tells the men a lot of law things. If a non-doctor opens a hospital then that can be problematic. If it is proven wrongdoing, then it will be difficult. HR tells them that they can’t open the hospital by law. The Chief tells them that they cannot do it. The uncle is a little upset. The chief asks prosecutor Oh what the crime is if they ask for a favor illegally.

The uncle gets upset and leaves. HR gives him a thumbs up. He thanks her.

HR leaves and sees DC walking the hallway with a lot of people. They tell her that JS brought DC in to talk to him. JS meets with DC in the interrogation room. He turns off the speaker so they can talk quietly. JS tells DC that he told TW that DC has the recordings of TW saying that he will kill JS. DC’s life is in even more danger now, so JS will release DC from jail.

JS wants the person to die to be him. Because he wants to switch the two of them in the ambulance. DC tells him it was a good story, thank you for the story.

TW thinks DC won’t just sit by and let this happen. He wants Kim to take care of it. Kim thinks HR is investigating this so they can’t do it the same way. TW asks him if he has another way. Kim doesn’t.

At the jail, DC takes a deep breath as he looks at the snack bottle he should drink. This bottle should make him sick. DC drinks it and passes out.

Bong gets a call, DC passed out! JS tells him that he did it, he took care of the prison guard, so take DC out. It is a jailbreak. DC agreed to it. Ko is part of it as well.

The doctors in the jail tell the security guard that they need to go to a big hospital.

Kim tells TW that DC passed out in jail. He will be moved to a big hospital. TW thinks this is a good time to kill DC. If DC tries to escape, follow him and bring him to me. This time he will finish him.

Kim leaves and follows the ambulance. Kim thinks this will be a jailbreak. JS is inside the ambulance. He is dressed like a prisoner. Ko asks JS if he really has to do this? JS says that he does, they should take care of the rest. JS runs out of the ambulance and through the woods, he is chased. His heart stars to give him troubles.

Cut to Bong changing the ambulance to a regular van.

JS collapses, he can’t run anymore with his heart. Kim catches him and raises a knife.

HR hears that DC escaped when he was going to the hospital. The news report says the same thing as well. SR watches this at home and tells her Mom that this is a big case! She takes off.

Cut to DC waking up at home with lots of gasping breaths. EJ is by his side. The other swindlers come in as well. DC asks about Prosecutor Baek. Flashback to the setting the swindlers thought up. It runs like Baek’s scenario, but DC will change it a little bit.

IT followed JS as he ran away and is able to save JS from Kim. DC didn’t want to lose JS and HR.

Cut to Kim getting beaten up by TW. He apologizes. SD runs in and says that should have hurt. You don’t know when he will hurt you. TW yells at Kim and says he made so many mistakes, how many times should he forgive you! He tells Kim to get out.

SD smiles behind TW’s back.

Kim goes to a bar and drinking shot after shot. He thinks about the time TW told him that he doesn’t’ have a wife or kids or anyone he can give everything to, you are the only one, I will take you as my son. Kim thinks TW just used him. Kim didn’t burn the original first episodes USB that TW told him to burn. He opens it and looks at it.

In the USB it shows a video of TW making a drug deal. This video also confirms that TW is Brown bear. Kim looks at the video as if he is thinking about using it against TW.

DC goes to work as a prosecutor again. Miran, the security guard, comes out. he greets her in a strict way, similar to how JS would. In the office, HR wants Ko and the woman detective to investigate the jailbreak. DC busts in at that moment. HR asks him why she couldn’t contact him. Did he hear about the jailbreak? HR is the only one that doesn’t know what is happening, again.

Cut to DC in the interrogation room. HR comes in and asks him if DC is okay? He should contact me, he will know that I am worried about him. What if something happened to him? DC asks if she worries about him a lot? She says of course. At first, she thought he was a swindler, but now she knows he is just pretending.

Why is his life so messed up, it makes her sad. How can she repay him? Sa Do-chan is a nice person. DC looks at her like JS, but he softly smiles. She doesn’t see it.

HR sits outside and thinks about Do-chan. She played with him a lot in the course of their friendship and she has grown to care for him a lot.

She goes back inside and sits at her desk. Ko gets a call. Someone wants to report something. Ko tells DC and HR to look at this. It is a video of Kim trying to kill DC. JS thinks DC might have sent this. Maybe it is DC’s setting. They can catch secretary Kim with this.

The news shows that this person (Kim) followed DC and killed him (or tried to kill him).

TW sees this with Kim and SD in the room. Kim is alarmed. TW yells at him, how do you do your job! DC and the prosecutors come in at that moment, in slow motion. It looks like there are there to arrest them.

We also see that JS is at the hospital and hooked up to a lot of lines.

HR and DC arrest Kim. TW pretends like he doesn’t know what secretary Kim did. HR tells him that he will be the next one.

Fade Out

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  1. Adralyn
    May 10, 2018 / 1:47 pm

    Ok…I can breathe again. At least JS is alive…but holy cow, tons happened in this episode. I can’t wait for next week!

    • V
      May 10, 2018 / 5:04 pm

      Right! I was a bit worried about that, too. I love that we got back to the Swindlers and their scene settings.

  2. Anonymous
    May 10, 2018 / 8:26 pm

    When I saw IT saved JS, it was huge relief😓

  3. Kayen_SAA
    May 10, 2018 / 9:59 pm

    As always, thanks Drama Milk for recapping Switch. I depend on your recap since I don’t have yet time to watch the english subbed during early hours due to work. Your recaps of Switch is keeping me sane until my break from work where I can finally watch while eating. Thank you very much until next week for Switch’s last two eps.

    • V
      May 11, 2018 / 5:22 am

      Hard to believe it will be the last week next week. See you then. 🙂

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