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Switch: Change the World Recap Episode 25 and 26

Korean Drama Switch Change the World Live Recap Episodes 25 and 26
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DC was left destroyed at the end of the last episode and he is basically on the run for the entirety of this episode. HR is left trying to figure things out and save DC all at the same time. The Swindlers team help out themselves, in their own con artist way of course.

Posting this as a quickcap, so there are some typos below.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: May 9th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air

Recap of the previous episodes

DC stumbles to his father and talks to him in his last moments of life. Appa tells DC that he gets to call his name before he dies. Your heart pumps quickly, but a conman’s heart should pump slowly. The biggest con job in the world is stealing someone’s heart. You should live normally like that. Hey son, I am sorry.

Puffs touches his sons face and then dies.

DC yells his fathers name and cries.

HR is choked up as she watches this all unfold.

Elsewhere, TW is casually reading something. DC goes to his office in a rage. TW asks him if he wants his revenge? DC calls him an evil devil person. TW wants to know if he wants to kill him? he had a good relationship with his father at first, they got everything they wanted to have at first, but he blocked his way. That is why he killed him. What ? Do you need any more explanation?

DC tells him that he will never be forgiven. TW throws his fathers hand on the floor and says he will give his fathers fake hand back to him. What? Your heart doesn’t’ pump slowly anymore? That is what your father always said, the conman heart pumps slowly. Do you want to kill me? Your heart is about to explode because of the anger?

DC and TW fight. DC pushes TW and TW hits a metal rods accidentally and rolls over, dying. DC’s eyes grow wide. TW breathes…Sa….Sa-Do-chan…you.

DC takes off running. Kim comes in and sees this, he also sees DC running off.

HR tries to call someone. Meanwhile DC is running through the woods. A lot of people are chasing him.


TW is fine, he walks to the couch in the the hospital and tells Kim to tell the reporters that Victor and DC tried to do a con job and killed each other. DC tried to kill him, he is a murder suspect. Tell them to write it like that.

The news reports on the con man case. Two conmen killed each other. DC is on the loose as a murder suspect. DC go away and attacked TW. He also tried to fake himself as a prosecutor.

The chief wants to know if this is true. HR says they got DC’s fingerprints. TW bled a lot and is in critical condition. The police are looking for DC.

HR’s Mom is at home and wonders if this guy pretended to be a lawyer? Wait a minute, he really looks like him. She thinks back to what HR said about him being a conman, was that true?

The other detectives wonder if they got faked out by DC also. they think he wouldn’t’ be able to fake them. Conmen shouldn’t have that much knowledge in the investigation.

The director asks DR if he has seen the news. TW was about to be coned. The problem is that the conman who hurt TW and ran away also said that he was a prosecutor. She hands DR a photo of DC and tells him that maybe the DC he saw was DC. Investigate if the Chief and HR knew about it.

The Chief tells HR that this is war. HR doesn’t’ know anything okay? HR says it has become this big, it might not work this time. HR walks through the halls to all her colleagues gossip. She goes into a room with DR. Did she know about this case? Did she act with the conman? She tells DR that it doesn’t’ make sense for a conman to do everything that he did. She was with JS.

DR says, let’s see if you are right. So where is the real JS?

JS goes inside the prosecutors office. Flashback to the real JS telling his doctor to help him.

JS tells KH that DC knew that he looked like me and pretended like he was me, but he is a murder suspect so he will catch him himself, for his honor also.

HR talks to JS about the situation. HR tells him not to be too cold about it. DC’s father died in front of him. JS says that is why he is there now. They need to stop it now, it won’t be stoppable later. HR is worried whether DC will make more mistakes, she cant contact him now. If we leave his alone then he will be in more danger.

DC walks around the city and sees the flyers about police looking for him. He goes to the river and thinks about his father telling him to hide until he says he can’t find him. then he thinks about his father telling him that he has a big hand. He can catch brown bear and protect him also. And then the fathers last words…my son, I am sorry.

TW woke up. They are relieved that he isn’t dead. JS goes to the hospital and sees TW playing golf in his room. he tells TW that he looks healthier than he expected. TW smiles and wonders if he should see his shoulder. JS says DC is being searched for, he will catch him.

TW tells him to do that. Bring DC to him. You created this situation, I will calculate the weight of each persons contribution. JS says he will calculate it also, he will put him in front of the courtroom. TW tells him that HR should have a bodyguard. He doesn’t feel comfortable with her walking around by herself. TW asks if he will threaten her? TW says he just worried about her.

JS takes off running.

Flashback to TW preparing fake blood. He tells Kim that this is a trap, he learned it when he was a detective. When you use it when people are angry, then it works well. So the entire thing was a setup by TW to make DC think that he hurt him.

JS tells HR that TW is faking it all. She is alarmed but this, but she thinks DC is still on the run as an attempted murder suspect. they have to find him. She will not just leave him like that as JS would. She leaves with her team.

The team goes to the hospital and tells TW that he looks okay. TW tells them that Prosecutor Baek came by. You need to visit me with a warrant. She says that she will arrest him as the real murderer. She says a lot of law things to him.

TW tells her, let’s go. I can go there, but if you don’t give me any evidence then I will make you regret it.

They arrest TW and take him in. TW goes out all bandaged. the news is there and ask why they arrested the victim. They are also yelled at at work about this. the chief tells KH to trust HR. They will do their best.

DC listens to the news with a cocked hat. He wonders how TW is still alive. Then he thinks that he was probably conned. TW created a con setting against him. He smiles at the thought.

The swindlers also figure out that this was probably a setting. they are so happy that TW is still alive. they think that TW faked out DC twice.

Cut to HR interrogating TW. TW pretends like he can’t talk. He mutters that his lawyer will be there, talk to them. The lawyers come in. TW tells her, as you see, I don’t have any strength to testify, I got hurt a lot. The lawyers tell her that she shouldn’t do this with a sick person. They have evidence that Victor and Sa Ha-chan snuck into Korea. they failed their con job and killed each other. TW didn’t sign it because he know it was a con job.

HR tells him, no, you didn’t want to sign the contract in the beginning. FIU looked at your money. To trick the con people, you sold everything you own, but you didn’t’ convert that money to a no name bond. You moved it all to a Swiss bank account under the name Simon Jo. You didn’t’ want to sign the contract, but you went there anyway, you had another purpose, to take care of the con people.

KH’s office. DR thinks HR is pushing TW too much, it is unlawful. But The Chief says this is all related. KH wants to wrap all this up and release TW.

DR tells TW that he can leave. HR tells him that she will call him back there some day. He tells her, whatever. The chief comes in and gives HR a solidarity pat on the back.

TW gets back to his hospital room and yells at Kim about going to the prosecutors. He blames it all on HR. he tells Kim to follow HR, DC will be around her.

SR pulls HR to the side and asks her if she is involved in this case? Was the doctor the conman? HR leaves.

HR meets the detective that worked with DC’s dad. He never thought their matter would become this big. He knew DC’s dad from a long time ago. He rescued DC when he was in danger. HR pours the detective a drink. She asks why he wasn’t in front of his son. It is because the father felt like he didn’t’ deserve it. The Chinese soldier case was a trap for TW, but DY screwed it all up and DC had to give up his prosecutor exam. Without that accident, DC should be a prosecutor now. Puffs blamed himself a lot because of that. He screwed up his own kids future. he blamed himself a lot and wanted revenge for that.

HR tells him that she will get their revenge for that as well. She goes home and prepares for bed as she thinks about all her interactions with DC. All the way until her last interaction with DC screaming over his father. She pulls out her phone and calls DC, but he doesn’t pick up. She gets in bed, but doesn’t fall asleep.

DC walks the streets at this time as well.


TW says he has finally removed a 20 year old ghost.

Flashback to TW arguing with his wife at that house. She thinks that TW rescued her from thugs but didn’t’ know that she is the daughter of a congressman? He needed her appas help, not her. You have a hidden family. We are done! I am going to tell appa everything. She calls him a conman, don’t touch me. You are a liar and a conman.

they argue a little bit and the wife accidentally falls off the balcony and hits a rock. TW calls Puffs and tells him he has a good job for him. Puffs and little DC happily show up. DC sees that the wife is dead in the house.

He waits for TW to show up and asks him what he did. TW doesn’t even try to hide that he is trying to get Puffs to be the murderer. DC watches as Puffs gets choked by TW. He stabs Brown Bear with the knife. But Brown Bear gets it away and starts choking him again. The boy makes some noise which makes TW look up. That is enough time for Puffs to escape.

TW smiles as he thinks about this.

JP laughs at the news. His secretary tells him that she brought SD. SD comes in and says that it is an honor to see him. JP asks him if he knows who his father is. He doesn’t. JP shows him a photo of a family. It is his mother, SD, and his real father, TW.

SD thinks he is joking. But JP is stone faced. This make SD thinks this is real. JP tells him that that bad guy ditched him and his mother and became his son in law. He lied to him and his daughter. Go back to him and do your son duty. If I was you I would never forgive a bad guy like him.

SD gets up and walks out very stunned. JP chuckles. SD will be the time bomb for TW. SD thinks back to when he first met TW at the funeral. He drinks a lot as he thinks about this. hen he meets one of his sidekicks. They drink together. Sidekick wants to know what he will do now. SD says he has to pretend like he doesn’t know it and work hard and thank TW until he kills him.

The street is empty as HR walks home. She sees a dangerous looking man walking toward her. But then Kim and another man are walking behind her. he takes off running, Kim and the other man think he is DC and run after him. But then DC grabs HR’s hand. he tells her that he was too angry, so TW could trick him.

Kim catches the man, the man is all like, why are you chasing me? I am still full from dinner. Kim takes off.

DC wants to be a real murder suspect. HR says no, she wants to catch TW. DC asks HR if she remembers what he told her, don’t go too deeply inside him.

The three meet and wonder about DC. DC walks right up at that moment. They tell him that they were worried about him, why was he caught? they thought Brown Bear was like a bear, but he is more like a fox. they need to catch him. Genius hacker, would you like to start?

Meanwhile, JS is working and has a problem with his heart. He tries to leave and walk to the bathroom. he manages to take some of his heart medicine.

The chief asks JS if he is okay, he looks bad. Are you angry because I said good things about DC? JS thinks DC should die in order to catch TW lawfully. The chief thinks that would make it a pitiful story. DC should die and only prosecutor Baek should be alive. When that happens, the chief needs to lead them well.

Cut back to the Swindlers. They talk to an American over the internet about hacking stuff. This guy is one of IT’s friends. The friend says he can get the program he wants and then sends it to him. The swindlers are super excited. it looks like they might take all the secret money from the bank?

Tw gets a text message. 920,000 F has been taken from his account. TW quickly checks his accounts. He gets another text of even more money taken out of his account. This is all from the secret account.

The swindlers go crazy with joy as they happily pat IT on the back for a job well done.

Kim tells TW that this hacker is a Korean hacker. TW tells him to find him! Kim tells him that they are following the IP address.

TW gets a call from JP. TW wants to know why he is calling him. JP asks about TW’s money that was originally his money. You are too old to play with that much money. If you want that money back then bring me the book, one hour later. TW opens his drawer and sees the book.

Cut to Kim driving to the hotspot location with all the thugs. they see the van. But when they open the doors, there isn’t anything there but boxes. they open the boxes and are swarmed by bees.

The swindlers are in another location. They think they wouldn’t have to worry about money if they took this money. But their plan stops there. Good job genius hacker.

HR and her team leave. She says she will explain it to them while they go there.

TW gets to a certain location, he is looking for JP, but DC is the one that comes out. Flashback to JP calling DC and telling him that he did what he told him to do. TW laughs, so my money was your job. TW throws him the book. But this is an empty book. TW says that he can’t be tricked like this. Does he think he can draw money that easily? I came here to send JP to hell, but you can go see your father.

DC tells him that it started there, so it can end there. You tried to blame my father for the crime of killing your wife. He tells him that he was there. TW thinks back. Ah, you were the one upstairs. DC tells him that he lost his father twice from the same guy. I am glad that you are alive, let’s finish it today.

TW tells him not to be mistaken, he is here not to pretend to be dead, but to kill him.

They fight!

DC gets TW on the ground and starts punching him. He tells him that he sells drugs and kills people. TW tells him that his father was stupid, if he wanted to get his revenge then he should have killed him. You are just like your dad, you can’t kill people. But DC tells him that he id different from his father.

DC starts choking TW. But then HR runs in and tells him to stop. DC yells, he killed my father, ARGH! But he is pulled off while yelling and panting about that. HR tells the detectives to arrest DC.

New: DC is arrested, he tried to kill TW and was arrested again.

JS is at the prosecutors office to meet DC as HR brings him in. They stand off in front of each other. The camera crew asks them if they know each other.

Cut to the interrogation.

JS interrogates DC with Ko as his assistant. HR has a flashback about what DC told her. He wants her to catch him and he will say that he doesn’t’ know about any of the prosecutors. It is to protect them. HR and JS should be apart of the prosecution so they can arrest TW. She should give him a big sentence so they won’t suspect him. She says he will be in jail for more than 10 years. He says, don’t worry about it, just come in with good timing. If you are a little late, I will really kill TW.

Back to the interrogation. JS asks DC what his name is and DC sys his name is Baek Jun-soo. His job is a prosecutor. JS asks him if he is playing with him. Then he says his name is Sa Do-chan, his job is a prosecutor fake, he is a conman. JS asks if anyone worked with him in the prosecutor team. DC says that is why prosecutors are problematic, they think they are smartest when they get the highest mark, he could fake out everyone. He had no conspirators.

They keep talking about the case and who is involved and how TW is involved. DC says he will get 3 years for pretending to be a prosecutor and 7 years for hurting someone, but maybe it will be a 2 year sentence? they keep talking back and forth. DC says someone like JS with a cold heart won’t understand it. JS is upset at the cold heart comment and throws his paperwork. He stops the recording and locks the door.

KH asks the chief what is going on. he goes down and wants HR to open the door, but she isn’t opening it.

JS tells DC that he heard it all from HR. DC will get caught on purpose to protect them. JS tells DC that he doesn’t’ like him, but if one of them should survive, it should be JS. So he is going to kill DC.

HR wonders why they are both so serious. She goes outside and walks down the hallway in a hurry.

Fade Out

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  1. Adralyn
    May 9, 2018 / 4:55 pm

    I feel like the prosecutor is going to take the con man’s place this time. Can’t they both live and be happy?

    • V
      May 9, 2018 / 7:28 pm

      I think so too! I am worried for JS, maybe he wants to die as DC?

      • Nana
        May 10, 2018 / 3:22 am

        Yes, that seems like the most plausible scenario now (and especially having watched the preview)… question now is, if they pulled this scene (JS really dying, but as DC) how long is it gonna take for HR to realizae the SWITCH (will she think for most of the drama that DC really die? is she in love with DC or JS? and how will that feeling affect her?)also questions for DC, i mean, yeah he did the trick and impersonated a prosecutor, but he was still DC in his manners and daily life (ie saying hello to that police officer at the entrance, while JS didn’t even know her name), so, can DC really pull a JS (acting cold and all)????

        • Anonymous
          May 10, 2018 / 6:21 am

          Oh my goodness, I wonder if they wouldn’t tell her? I thought they might keep her in on the plan, but maybe not.

  2. Nana
    May 10, 2018 / 7:40 am

    In fact, they have jept her in the dark before (on a previous setting….) obviousy at the end she will know!!!

  3. Nana
    May 10, 2018 / 7:40 am

    In fact, they have kept her in the dark before (on a previous setting….) obviousy at the end she will know!!

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