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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 21 and 22

Ha-ra realized that she got swindled by Do-chan and Jun-Su. It was good intentioned swindling though. Tae-woong also realized that Do-chan and Jun-su are working together to take him out. Now the team is back together to finish the job. But now that Tae-woong has found out that he is the next target, I’d be surprised if he didn’t form a retaliation attack.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: May 2nd, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air
Countdown: RECAPPING!

Recap of the previous episodes.

Then we open at the moment HR finds out that DC and JS swindled her. DC says he called JS which alerts HR to the fact that she got swindled. You swindlers!

Cut to HR walking with JS outside on the pier. She says she thought he sold his soul to a devil, she was so nervous. JS says that DC was hooked by a devil so to change the tables, this was the only way. Sorry I didn’t tell you. HR apologizes for not believing him. They keep walking, but ten JS falls tot eh fence and gabs his heart. He breathes heavy.

TW throws the Chinese chess pieces against the wall and yells. What happened to our anti wire tapping? Kim says that was off. TW wants to know what he was doing when they snuck in and out! Kim apologizes. TW is in a rage, did JS work with the swindlers…call him.

The doctor tells HR and DC that JS had a problem with his heart valve when he had the car accident. They put in the replacement valve, but he shouldn’t’ work that hard. At that moment, they get a call from TW. DC answers like JS and says he doesn’t feel that good today. TW wants to come over. DC tells him no, he will come to him.

DC goes inside the museum. Kim tells him that TW is waiting for him. DC apologies for being late and says that he didn’t feel good today. TW apologizes for call ing a sick person, but tell him to sit down first. DC sits. TW tells him that he trusted him too easily. That is why he became a horse in chest, but now they lost their King. He wasn’t a help, he screwed everything up. DC apologizes and says that he didn’t know that HR knew about the murder case.

TW shows him the chip and says that he told him he know where DC was. He deducted that maybe DC and JS were already one team and did this in front of them. You acted this entire time. If that is so, then our deal is not valid. I have to destroy the chess piece. TW throws the pieces down in a rage. DC sits and thinks. He shows TW that he has a wire tap also. He pulls it out of his phone and says he knew about it later. He understands that he was mistaken.

TW laughs and says that he played bother of them? DC says everything was by DC, he couldn’t prevent it, he is sorry, but he wants to catch DC also. TW says he accepts his apology, he will give him one mission. Can you finish JP? DC asks him if he wants to target him? To prosecute him, we need someone to report it. TW says he doesn’t know, he will see if he can finish his mission well or not.

DC goes back to the hospital and tells JS and HR how it went. JS say, if he disappears again, then all the things they investigated will stop. JS breathes faintly and asks DC to please continue. He reaches int he desk and gives DC his old ID. From now on, you are the real Baek Joon-su.

DC goes back to the prosecutors offices. He looks at the building and smiles. HR asks him what? Is it good to come back again? Your tie, your glasses, your hair. DC tells her, okay. He says he has to be a prosecutor again. He became one for her, for the diamond, but now he has to be a prosecutor again because of prosecutor Baek. DC says his only dream was to live happily as a swindler. HR tells him to keep it quiet from the chief. Let’s make it so that he doesn’t know about it. Let’s go.

DC says good morning to the security guard again. She is so happy and says that her Baek Jun-soo came back.

DC goes to the offices and brightens everyone up. All the workers are so happy that DC is back, though they just think JS had a lobotomy or something. They are happy JS is smiling again and playful.

Later, DR tells HR that she is not so ambitious, how can she slash the fellow prosecutor? Yeah, you are not from a good school. He walks away. HR is enraged.

Everyone talks about HR while they are in a meeting. But HR fights back and says the prosecutor created more issues, didn’t you know that? KH comes in before they can really get into it. She tells them all that no one trusts their prosecutor team right now, so be careful what you do.

The chief meets with DC and HR. He apologizes to them about the prosecutor. DC says he approached them also to recover his name. He is sorry he didn’t tell him in advance. The chief says it is no problem. everything went back to normal. Now let’s catch Brown Bear. The chief says it was his mistake for praising DC in front of him.

DC is all like, well actually I was thinking of something else at that time, what did you say? The chief says he just thought he was a good guy and a cute guy, he was a real prosecutor and can become a great prosecutor. DC says he agrees with him 100%. Chief, you are really great.

HR pulls him aside and hits him. She tells him to be careful. DC just smiles and repeats what the chief said about him. They start thinking about the case they are on. They want to remove all the VIP club people all at one time.

DC goes to the meeting of all the VIP club people. He studied all the names of all the people, so he has them all memorized. TW comes in and tells them all to sit. he tells them that DY had an unfortunate event. He didnt’ expect that much from him, he wasnt’ good enough to be the King anyway. the replacement….what about prosecutor Baek?
In Europe, young presidents are popular now. Canadas prime minister is in his 40s. If we wait ten more years, he can be it. Toast to Prosecutor Baek’s 40th.

Afterward, DC goes to meet with the other VIP people and drink with them. They talk about giving all their bank shares to TW. They are in the process of it. The bank belongs to JP, but TW wants to take it over. DC says he heard the club was founded by JP, he won’t just sit and let them do this. They say, of course not, he will come back with hells gate.

Victor Jang is a Forbes 100 person. he is a Korean Russian guy who is one of the best business men in the world. This is the hells gate. It is super daebak if they can get natural gas from this country. EJ thinks they should invest in it. how much? DC spins his star and says that something is behind this. it is either a jackpot or a trap.

TW meets with a lawyer. He wants to check how DY’s health is, he should come out of jail quickly. If he doesn’t help him, then he will find someone else. He needs his help as soon as possible. TW says he will send him his present quickly. Cut to DY hung in his prison room.

Ko runs to DC and HR, he tells them that DY committed suicide! It is breaking news!

News: DY is found dead. With this murder case, we think he committed suicide because of that.

The news goes to all the main people. JP sees it, Puffs sees it too. TW sees it as well and thinks Kim did a good job. he says they couldn’t’ use him, so they had to throw him away. Then he asks if Kim found DC. Kim thinks DC moved. TW tells him to find SD instead. Maybe he will be helpful to them because he worked for DC.

A common theme is suicide among people when they were investigating Brown Bear. This is Brown Bears signature method. Ko thinks it looks like Brown Bear knows the law. He knows how to fake people. Maybe they will have more victims. It is almost like he is a serial killer. They must use any possible way to take him down. So now they know he is Brown Bear.

A woman walks at night time, a man grabs her purse and runs off. This man takes the purse to a thug. Ah, this guy is SD. Maybe he wants to gamble some more.
TW goes to the bank as the chairman. Everyone is outside to greet him and someone even gives him flowers. TW goes to his office and tells his VP’s that he will stop buy one or two times a week. He tells them to just work as they have before. They understand and bow.

Meanwhile,JP is about to have a coronary as he talks about JP taking over his bank. He tells his assistant to tell JS that he wants to see him tomorrow at lunch.

Cut to nighttime. HR and DC walk together. A motorcycle comes and DC pulls HR out of the way. they have a moment. HR tells him that she can protect her self. He says JS asked him so that is why he did that. He walks HR all the way to her door. Then he walks off. She peaks out her door to look at him and he turns around like Austin Powers to catch her. She quickly goes back inside. DC laughs and keeps walking.

Then DC meets with JP (as JS) the next morning. JP wants to confess to DC, the money that disappeared from the Bank, he told them to make it. But the banker committed suicide and the money disappeared. DC wants to know why he is telling him that. JP says that TW has that money. He is a bad son in law, he gave him that money in his bad mouth. He watched JS for a long time, he thinks he is a good prosecutor. DC asks him why he made that money. JP says it was for the natural gas business. if they have that money, and it becomes real, then it will be a huge score. They will get a lot of money. He will give enough of it to JS so he can live happily forever.

In spring we have some edible plants growing. When I was little, this time of year my father caught some fish and my mother caught edible plants for soup. It was really good. Eat, eat, eat, it should taste good.

They leave the meeting. Kim watches them leave and tells TW this. TW thinks this is a good chance to test JS. Don’t tell him that I know, and tell him to come meet with me.
That night, TW looks for a heavy instrument among his art pieces. He asks Kim what he thinks hell is. Kim says he never thought about it. TW says it is a place where there are no loved ones and no one you can trust. He finds an instrument to use. He tells Kim that the signal is when he drinks the tea, then hit him with no hesitation. Kim understands.

DC gets there and says he is so busy, why does he make him come and go like this? he goes inside with a huff.

They both sit. DC says that he ate lunch at a restaurant. The menu was spring plants soup. I had a natural fish sashimi and edible spring plants soup. TW grabs his tea. He asks if he ate that menu in his cafeteria? DC feels something.

TW is about to drink. Kim is prepared to hit him. DC leans in and tells TW that he ate with JO at a Japanese restaurant. JP contacted him secretly and told him that he will meet with him. He doesn’t know that he is on his side. TW puts his tea cup down and walks behind DC. he asks him what he told him. DC says that JP told him to remove him and just destroy him. TW wants to know why he is telling him that. DC says, until he catches DC, he will be with him.

TW laughs and says that he thought he would take him to a nice place, it isn’t’ the proper time now. What else did you talk about? DC says, natural gas. JP is investing in natural gas. TW wonders why JP is so invested in natural gas. DC says he wants to catch JP with this natural gas case.

DC leaves and sighs a big sigh of relief as he walks away outside. He knows he just escaped a dangerous situation.

The Russian Korean billionaire is actually Puffs guy, lol. So he is fake. The Russian says Puffs doesn’t need to worry, it took him 10 years to become friends with the Royal Family. He called everyone so no one should suspect him. Puffs thinks they shouldn’t be too relaxed though. The man tells him that JP is selling all his money and investing it all with them. Puffs thinks that is great. The Russian says the problem is Brown Bear though, do you think TW will contact them? Puffs says good swindlers always suspect things. If they approach him first, then he will suspect them because JP is also interested in it because other peoples dduk always looks bigger.

Puffs thanks his friend. the friend says he was about to be killed by the Russian mafia. He is very thankful that Puffs saved his life.
Kim is at the airport watching people coming in and out.

Meanwhile, HR and DC look at the hell gate case. They think it is suspicious. DC wonders if this case if the real deal, if it is, then TW will snatch it up from TW. While they are fighting, we can attack at the critical moment. DC starts to eat Puffs rice puffs. He asks about it. HR says it is the guy that told her about pressure and stuff. that great talking guy. HR asks DC if he wants to have a talking battle with him.

HR tells him that his left hand is fake. Maybe there is a story behind it. DC asks if they can have dinner at his moms place. Cut to DC going to HR’s moms restaurant. The mom is surprised to see him, she says he looks differently from what what her daughter told her. DC tells her that she looks just like Audrey Hepburn. Mom is so happy, she says someone else has told her that before. DC says HR must be pretty due to her.

The rest of the team shows up. The chief says he is paying for today. The team goes to sit. Mom tells HR that JS is so much different than what she told him. HR tells her, no, he is not good!

They finishes eating so HR takes DC to the end of the street to meet Puffs. DC thinks, maybe….~. He asks the guy if he has something. But the man turns around, it is another guy. This man says he bought the spot from the other guy.

JS is resting with EJ looking after him. She tells him that he needs to relax, his blood pressure is way too high. Then she tells him not to look at her like that, her heart drops because he looks too much like DC. JS doesn’t want EJ to tell HR about his condition. She is reluctant. But she gets a call and tells the person on the line that JS is okay. (Maybe that person was HR).
DC says the Russian looks suspicious because he looks so good. For Swindlers there are several processes.

1. Give the Bait
2. Trust
3. make then greedy
4. Make them do something they won’t normally do
5. Get the money and leave

For us.

1. Bait – natural gas
2. Trust – successful business man meeting high officials
3. Greed – lots of money when natural gas is developed
4. Something they don’t normally do – illegal rebate with the royal family and sneaking money out of the country

DC thinks this is a swindling case. HR and the Chief says that they need evidence, but the problem with swindling cases is that they don’t have evidence until the swindling is done. DC asks if this Russian is a dual citizen. He is with another country. Then he should come into Korea with a lot of attention using his Russian passport. If he came in with swindling, then he would come into Korea with another passport, can you investigate that other passport.

Puffs finds out that DC found out that Victor came to Korea on a ship secretly. He is pretty good. Appa laughs, yeah, he is pretty good. What if he catches me and puts me in jail. Appa thinks back to his son wanting to be a prosecutor and told his appa that he will arrest him. They play around as Appa runs from his son and tells him to catch him.

The swindler team brings room service into Victors room. He accidentally spills it on Victor. This allows EJ to copy Victors computer. IT is int he van watching it all. Later, the team looks at all of Victors pictures. This happened ten days before coming to Korea. He was a dual citizen so he used the other passport to sneak into Korea before he used the other passport to come into Korea, so this is definitely a swindling case. For swindling, we have to use swindling, so let’s make out set.

The music plays as we see the setting.

DC shows up to the hotel. He uses his prosecutor position for TW to meet the diplomats of the tiny country. EJ meets with another person. They exchange business cards. She says she is a representative. IT brings in Bong who is dressed as a very rich looking man from an oil rich country. IT is the translator. Bong is pretending to be the cousin of the Prince of the oil rich country.

They also give this man a lot of money for writting this up. This guy si the bad reporter that SR once argued with about leaking a report without any evidence. The bad reporter publishes it and ti is front page news.

JP sees this news article and thinks that he needs to be in a hurry to wrap this business up. TW will also be greedy because other peoples money looks bigger.

TW sees the article also. He talks to Kim about it. Kim says he met a business person and it looks like it is legit. TW thinks JP really is about to have have a jackpot deal.

Cut to DC sitting in his massage chair. Bong comes in and tells him that TW is meeting the Russian. Cut to the Russian. Victor says that he is a business man and he needs trust. He will give him ten times more money. Victor turns him away and says that he is a business man, not a swindler. TW goes to his car, upset

Cut to DR meeting TW. Dr tells him that he looked at the investigative report. HR is investigating TW.

TW waits for HR outside her house. He approaches her and asks her if she is going home now. You work too hard, what if you fall now? You have to think about your family. She asks him why he is there. He says he is just there. HR asks him if he thinks prosecutors are stupid, she is investigating him, so does he thinks he is nervous now? he laughs and tells her to go home.

HR’s nerves show once TW leaves.

At work, DC asks HR why she went home early. He said he would be her bodyguard. She basically says nothing is wrong. Then we cut to DC meeting with someone.

SD meets with TW suddenly. He is crying and asks for one more chance. TW sighs.

Cut to DC meeting with Victor. Puffs is there with him. Victor asks DC who he is. DC says he is a prosecutor from Seoul. He is arresting him. Victor asks why. DC tells him a small thing, he threw trash on the street. Victor laughs and says he can just pay a fine.

DC pulls out some paperwork and says that Victor came to Korea and had a party. He tries hard to get attention, but ten days ago, he came to Korea under a different passport, why did you do that? He says it is because he is the roper (bait). He is not the planner of this scheme, he is just the person that is setting up the trap. What he wants to know is who the hidden person is that is doing this.

Puffs walks out from one of the back rooms. DC sees him and immediately has a flash to his father. He is shocked as he watches his father take off his hat.

Puffs – It is nice to see you, Prosecutor Baek.

Fade Out

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