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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 19 and 20

Live recap for episodes 19 and 20 of the Korean Drama Switch: Change the World starring Jang Keun-suk and Han Ye-ri
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The hunt for the egg is on! But the team has even bigger plans than that. They are King hunting and have a big King that they want to take down which they know will infuriate Tae-woong. Bong also has a scar from his past that he and Do-chan want righted. It all gets handled in this episode.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: April 26th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air

We open at the museum. JS comes in and says that DC is braver than he expected, but don’t worry, my friend is on the swat team so we place the SWAT tam around. What are you going to do when you catch Sa Do-chan? TW says he will take DC, don’t ask me about his whearabouts later. HR comes in and asks if he is going to kill DC? She scoffs and looks at JS angrily.

DC is in a van with his swindlers, looking confident.

A car is approaching. TW tells Kim to guard the egg well. All the SWAT point their guns at the car. The driver gets out. TW looks anxious. The driver is blinded by all the lights, he takes off his hat and says that he is there for a lobster delivery. Are y’all shooting a movie by chance?

Cut to DC and his team somewhere else. DC and Bong get out of the van and look up at a building. Possibly the museum? But they are far away.

TW goes inside and wonders if they are playing with him. Then one of his people ways that Russia is taking the egg. TW looks startled, but he tells them to take it.

IT tells EJ that the egg is going back to Russia. We don’t even want it anyway. Why are we stealing? We actually want something else. DC comes in and tells them to turn on the monitors. That is our big store (the target).

The director is resigning to large fanfare as the news covers the director walking out with his wife among his lawyers all standing in a row clapping for him. He tells KH that he should call her director now. DY addresses the crowd and says he will be a clean politician. The Chief whispers that they have to catch him while he is catchable.

HR goes to a duty office and shows them a warrant.

TW takes JS to the corrupt club and introduces him as the new prosecutor. JS is introduced to each person individually. They are all high rollers. Everyone sits, TW lets them know that some people didn’t show up today, but as you saw in the news, our director is going into politics. We should do our best to win the senate seat and presidency in the future. They toast to his future win.

JS drinks it, but he looks suspicious.

Afterward, TW drives away and wants to go to SD’s office. They head right over there, but SD is sleeping with a book over his face and the place looking a mess. He is startled awake as he sees Kim and TW. TW sits and says that SD lost their company money gambling and selling drugs secretly, when areyou going to be useful! When! All the smart and better people than you, work so hard. If you don’t want to work then leave, we can end out relationship here.

SD apologizes and drops to his knees as says he can do better. TW rails at him and asks him how long he will blame his environment and past. SD says he will do anything, just give him one more chance. TW says if he doesn’t have any idea, pretend like you do, if you don’t have dignity, then pretend like you do, that is what people call decorations, is it that hard! They leave.

SD stands up, exhausted from stress, and sits.

SD runs into a funeral. He sees SD sitting against the wall by himself. There is a woman who died, a young woman. SD stands up when he sees TW, he asks him who he is. TW says he is sunbae, he heard what happened to her. TW says that is his mother. They go drinking. SD says it has been 10 years since she went to the nursing home. TW thinks that is why he couldn’t find her. He asks SD what he does. SD says smuggling and dealing drugs, he has gone to jail several times. He has a goal in life, finding his real father. TW asks, you real father? SD says yes, he wants to kill him, he ran away from my mother and my mother missed him forever and she died like this. SD starts crying as he says this. I am going to kill him when I see him.

TW takes that in. He says he can help him with his goal. As a sunbae from the same hometown, I want to do something, would you like to work with me?

Present. TW wonders when SD will become a real man.

HR and SR walk and talk. Everyone is going to the directors home. They talk about showing everything good and asking good questions as a reporter, don’t hesitate. If you have questions for DY then just ask him. HR calls DC.

At the event, DY cooks for his wife as a dozen photographers take photos. His wife’s says they should take a break. DY mentions she might be tired. He follows her to her room. His wife says she just wants to live quietly, DY basically rails at her and says her husband wants to do this! It looks like he will hit her. Cut to them both sitting on the couch with all of the photographers looking at them.

Every reporters get a message about DY smuggling in the Chinese soldier statues. They start to ask him questions about it. SR asks first. She shows him the article, he looks nervous and says that he doesn’t’ know anything about that. Suddenly smoke appears (DC’s doing). DY says he will take care of it, don’t come down.

DC claps, great timing! DY goes downstairs and tries to put out all the smoke. His soldier statues are all downstairs in his home, where he is now. The press all go down there as well and see all the statues. One is broken with DY on the ground next to it. It is a pitiful look.

DC calls HR and says this set is done. HR tells him good job and adds that when prosecutors and swindlers work together, they are unbeatable. The Korean duty team goes in as well.

Everyone eats in their secret place and joke about how no one can attack his gallery. But then Kim comes downstairs and tells them that they have a big problem, the Chinese soldiers where found in the directors house.

One day ago. DY comes in and asks TW that he heard that the egg hatched, what happened? TW says it it nothing major, don’t worry. DY says he makes him worry, this means that they got through all his security. They are good, he wants to take his kids with him. TW calls him selfish, he wants to take his things back, then take it.

Present. TW thinks that they wanted that.

On the news, SR talks about the statues and smuggling. EJ and IT think that DC is so smart, how can he come up with that idea? IT says that is all about an old Chinese war book, back the East noisy and attack the west.

Cut to someone outside. He calls Prosecutor Oh and says that he found Sa Do-chan. We see a montage of this man and Puffs. It looks like this guy is puffs henchman. This man meets with Puffs over food and drink. He asks if DC is his son. How long will he hide like this? Puffs says he doesn’t’ deserve to be in front of him. He screwed up his life, he can’t do it. He takes another drink.

TW is in a huff, he says that they didn’t look at the egg, they wanted the soldiers, the king he wanted to make…they were targeting DY. I am the one they are playing with, but I am not the guy to play with, I play with everyone! Kim tells him that SD came to the gallery and copied all the gallery blueprints. He found that out. Maybe SD is working with DC. TW yells, bring him to me!

Kim and his crew go out right away to get SD. But he isn’t’ at his place.

Bong looks upset as he sits on the steps. DC comes up to him and says, hyung, why do you do this? Everything should be okay, don’t’ worry. But Bong says this feels like 6 years ago.

Flashback to 6 years ago. A professor tells all the students, good luck with your bar exam. DC is among them. He was #1 in the last exam. Bong meets him and brings him food. He says he shouldn’t worry about his exam tomorrow, Sa Do Chan prosecutor. How is your movie? It is a good scenario, I will start shooting tomorrow. But there is a problem with his brother, he is with smugglers, he wants to take him in.

Cut to a man showing DY all the Soldier statues. He asks him how much he wants for each. It is 100,000 for each one. But on the receipt, 100 dollars for each one? (Not sure about that). The man makes the receipt for DY. But DY double crosses him.

Bong goes into the warehouse letter and backs out quickly. He starts screaming and runs away. Kim is there and tells his goons to catch Bong. Bong runs for his life. He is able to lock himself into a room. But it doesn’t look like there is a way out. He calls DC and asks him to rescue him. DC is standing in front of the exam. DC immediately catches a taxi with his friend calling after him.

Bong hides in the room, but hears some noises. Then he hears DC tell him to open the door. Bong is so happy to see him and gives him a very terrified hug.

Present. Bong thinks that when he thinks about what happened all those years ago, he is really sorry. DC tells him that was a long time ago. He was a prosecutor for a little bit, but it isn’t his style. He is having a lot more fun now because of you. Bong takes a deep breath as DC puts his arm around him.

KH is the new director. She has gathered up all the prosecutors and tells them that she will be a director that listens to even tiny wishes from her team. Who is the deputy director.

JS meets with TW at a bar. TW asks JS to take care of it, he doenst ‘know the details, but it should be legally not guilty. DY calls KH and asks her if she has to take care of it? She tells him that JS is taking care of the case. DY goes to the prosecutor office. He says he is not guilty but he will cooperate with the prosecution investigation. DY walks in with all the lawyers lined up to great him.

JS tells KH, if they know that DY bought it as a fake, then we shouldn’t have any trouble for smuggling.

Cut to the interrogation. JS and Ko are the interviewers. DY tells KS not to finishes the investigation too quickly since there are reporters outside. Cut to HR walking into her filing cabinet with her person. She says they can start. Cut to KH and the chief watching this interrogation.

The lawyer says that DY has a receipt for the soldiers. If it is real then it should be more than $100,000. But it is only $100. The actual result is that it is fake. DY is alarmed by this. He says it was easy right. He told them not to finish too quickly though. HR comes in and says that the interrogation is starting now, this is their second round. She throws a pink package on the table.

KH wonders what HR is doing, she quickly calls the chief to come to her.

IT wonders if prosecutor Oh will be okay. DC says she is actually better than they thought.

Flashback. DY killed Bongs brother with a stone/brick. But he looks alarmed by it. He calls someone to come there quickly. TW shows up. DY says this was a mistake, he threatened him, help me please, I won’t forget your help. TW says he will help him, of course. He will make it a car accident. That is when Bong walks in and sees his brother on the ground. He runs out screaming.

Present. Bong thinks about this and looks very worried.

Cut back to the interrogation. DY is the lead suspect for a murder. The receipt he has, he received from Bong Man-gyu 6 years ago. Bong Man-gyu died with a car accident, she has the blood sample, it is the same blood on the Chinese soldier from your house. It is the same DNA. Explain this to us. DY freaks out. HR’s assistant looks around and tries to keep from smiling.

News report. SR talks on the news about how DY is a murder suspect.

The swindlers all cheer and Bong looks like he is starting to get some relief.

Mom sees SR on the news, she is so happy. JP is happy to see the news as well. He says he betrayed him, so that is good for him. TW sees the news and sighs. Kim tells TW that DY is arrested. TW says they planned this from the beginning. The swindlers is a little ahead of them, he can’t understand how. TW thinks back to the Chinese chess game and how DC brought him new pieces. TW goes over to the Chinese chess pieces. he picks them up and breaks one, there is a chip inside. TW is furious.

He chews up the chip and spits it out.

Cut to DY, he is still shocked that the statues are fake. But everyone is all like, you are a murder suspect, that isn’t important right now. But DY is still thinking about the fake part. He wonders who lied to him. Flashback to TW telling him that in Chinese legend, whoever has those statues will become King, he can get them for him.

DY meets with Bong’s brother and tries to arrange a direct deal with him, not through TW. When the object comes from China, the duty department will swarm this area, don’t send it to TW, just give it to me directly, here. Okay?

Present. DY realizes that TW lied to him, he lied to him. DY cries in frustration.

Puffs meets with his right hand man. The right hand man tells Puffs everything that is going on. It also looks like this man is a police detective. Puffs tells him that he is the one that made up that Chinese soldier. he went to China, faked the soldier, and asks Bong’s brother to contact TW and tell him to smuggle in the statue. He knew TW did a lot of art smuggling, so he bit it right away. When people in a high position find out that the soldier is fake, then I thought I would involve TW with the case.

But DY screwed his plan up. He was greedy with his prosecutor position and Puffs plan failed. But finally he paid for his sin. The detective thinks that TW is still alive though. Puffs thinks they have to show it to the world.

All the swindlers look at the sea. Bong talks to his brother and tells him that he is sorry that hyung was stupid and it took 6 years for justice. Now you can peacefully go to Heaven. DC walks up to Bong and comforts him as they both look at the sea.

Meanwhile, SD is gambling at an underground ring. But he loses all of his money.

At the prosecutors office, the chief signs something for HR and tells her that she is a real prosecutor now.

Then we cut to a meeting between DC and JS. JS tells him good job, it is all because of him. DC says it is all because of his cool setting. When you were angry at me, I was really scared, you are good at acting. But it wasn’t acting. DC says he was really surprised when JS suggested this to him.

Flashback. JS says he can’t go to the prosecutors office from tomorrow. He became a fake prosecutor. DC apologizes for ruining his life. JS says he will put everything back, he knows who did it. TW did it. He wanted to fire him and remove the prosecutor title from him and slowly trap him. But when he is fired, he will have no way to do what they want to do. JS says he will meet TW. JS struggles to stand up but he manages it. He says he will meet TW, the only way they can fake TW is this way. They both smile.

Then we cut to HR meeting DC. She tells him good job, it was a good switch. She says all the truth that was buried for 6 years has come out. DC thanks her, because of her, Bong resolved his old grudge. The oly one they have left is Brown Bear. HR says they have one more Prosecutor Baek. He wants to arrest you DC, be careful, when he decides something, he never gives up. DC scoffs, I am not afraid of him.

But then JS comes in. He tells HR that she did it and knew it was dangerous, how will she wrap it up? HR asks how he came there.

Elsewhere, TW thinks that something is strange. Baek Jun-soo….Sa Do-chan….did both of them plan and fake me out?

Cut back to DC and JS. DC says he called JS, then he laughs. HR looks from one man to the other in realization…..swindlers?

Fade Out

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