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Switch: Change the World Recap Episode 17 and 18

Live recap for episodes 17 and 18 of the Korean Drama Switch: Change the World starring Jang Keun-suk and Han Ye-ri
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We moved Switch to a quikcap. We are working on it right now and will post it after we finish watching it. Just wanted to post this empty to let all the Switch lovers know that we haven’t dropped this show!

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: April 25th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air


TW looks at the rain falling from his office, there is a voiceover.

VO – JS will be in a disciplinary committee. We are sure he will be fired.

JS or DC shows up to meet with TW. TW laughs, ha ha ha why are you here?

JS – I am here to sell someone.

TW says he is there to sell pictures, not people. JS mentions that there was a conman that pretended to be him. TW says, huh, someone pretended to be you and his name was Sa Do-chan? TW says he was out of work and the conman pretended like he was him. TW thinks back to when he thought JS wasn’t real.

TW says, okay, that is a hypothesis, but the important thing is why? Why did he meet me? JS tells him that DC thinks his father was murdered and you were the murderer. TW laughs, I killed someone? JS tells him, you killed Sa Do-chan’s father.

Flashback. DC asks a question about a conman named Sa Ma-chan.

TW wants to know why he wants to sell Sa Do-chan to him. He wants to see something first.

Back at the house, the swindlers talk about how JS was angry. They wonder if he will turn them into the police. DC is lazily eating on a lounge chair. HR is driving and thinks that this is a setting.

Cut back to JS showing TW his scar. TW asks JS what he will get in this deal. He needs to know the size of it. JS says he will be his horse piece in chess, use me. TW says, if you are on my side then I will be happy, if you are not on my side then I will remove that person.

SJ gives TW the address of the building and says that DC’s team is all there. The thugs all hustle out to go to the building.

They get to the building and go inside looking like thugs. But it looks like they are sneaking out in disguise, they walk right past the thugs. Kim kind of notices something is off, but he keeps going inside. They get to the room but no one is there. Kim thinks back to the people he saw in the lobby.

The swindlers get out successfully and call a taxi. Bong was in the suitcase so they had to unzip him and hurry off.

HR gets to the conman building. She goes upstairs in one elevator just as the thugs get off the other elevator.

TW asks JS what his favorite artist is. He asked this question before, DC said Mozart. But this time, JS said he doesn’t know about art. TW says how about Mozart. JS says he was a musician, did he also paint? Do you think I am DC still? TW says no, when we have DC, it will all be solved.

Kim comes in and says that DC and everybody got away in disguise.

HR gets to the condo and tells sunbae that they need to talk, but he isn’t there, no one is there. She calls someone, but there is no answer. Where are they?

JS tells TW that he gave him DC. TW says they can catch him. What do you want? JS says he wants to clear his name, he wasn’t bribed. the second thing is….(says something inaudible). TW says, is that it?

Cut to HR walking down a quiet street. Someone grabs her and tells her to be quiet. It’s DC. She asks where everyone is. DC says that JS sold them out. TW’s people came to their place and tried to catch them. Only her, the chief, and JS know that place. HR doesn’t believe it. DC says everyone has their motives, JS is a posecutor and DC ruined it, he can probably sell his soul to the devil to keep his position. Hr wants to know, why Tae-woong? DC says that was his setup, but he should have told TW everything. He could have told TW that HR is also a part of the plan.

HR thinks that means that DC is in danger and isn’t a prosecutor anymore. He shrugs, he was never one anyway. She thinks he will be in danger, he tells her not to worry, his heart beats slowly. She asks him what he is going to do now. He tells her to keep the cell phone safe.

DC is about to leave but gets pulled back by HR. She apologizes for telling sunbae so much. He tells her that he told her not to look at her so sadly. He leaves and she watches him go. While walking away, DC says, sorry prosecutor Oh.

DR interrogates the woman who gave the bribery money. She said that Baek Jun-soo didn’t know about the money, it is all her fault.

JS looks at the building and is about to go inside. HR comes out at that same time. they talk. HR says JS isn’t qualified as a prosecutor, he sold him out to be a prosecuotr again. JS says he is a prosecutor, HR was seduced by a conman and screwed up his position, he is here to get it back. HR thinks he shouldn’t sell his soul to do that. JS tells her to watch her mouth. But she continues, those guys are really bad guys, they killed a lot of people and it is just like if he yielded to the devil. What about the conman?

JS says he will start over with his two feet. He walks past HR and heads into the building. there is no one else around but those two. JS gets to the building. The security guard is waiting for her hello, she has a smiling face, but JS doesnt’ talk to her at all and walks right in.

TW and DY talk on the phone. TW wants DY to investigate someone a lot so that person will retire from politics. They hang up and JS comes in. he was completely cleared from bribery. The director shows him the new case. JS should retire this man from politics. JS takes the folder and leaves. DY pats him on the back and tells him that they should have a good relationship.

JS goes back to his office. Everyone is so happy to have him there, but JS is so unhappy. It spoils the mood for everyone. Ko and the secretary text/talk about how JS is a little strange……but he is always strange.

DC was able to secure the swindlers another place to stay. It is just as wonderful a place as the last. they wonder if they are back to normal because DC won’t be a prosecutor anymore.

We also see th Chief saying that everything is normal once again. He talks to JS about it. Then he starts to talk about DC. He guesses he is back to his other job. He was really smart and a good person. If he was raised better and passed the bar then he might be top five in their organization. JS gets up to leave. The Chief says that he wanted to thank him, and tell him he is happy that he is back.

HR comes in. The moment is very awkward with her in the room with JS. JS leaves. HR gets right to business about the pregnant woman case. Why did it come to them? The Chief says that JS did that case before so the case went to them. It looks like the people knew about all these cases when they showed up with their warrant. What do you think it means? that’s right, the director, the director covered everything up with the drug case and TW case.

The chief gets up. He thinks, if this goes wrong then your life will be screwed, it is not something that you can handle. Don’t do it, that is my order. But HR wants to do it, the drug smuggling case didn’t care about the prosecution team at all, so if someone is involved with that case we should….

The chief tells her again that this is his order, don’t do it…..I will do it. You only took my order, if something is wrong then I am responsible for it. You just follow my order and investigate. Do whatever you want to. Whoever doesnt care about our prosecution team and made us a joke, take them all in. If something goes wrong, i am responsible for it. Okay?

HR smiles…chief? He tells her to go out. She says, yes, and she gets to work. Outside the door she says that she respects chief…this is what is fun about prosecution.

JP talks to another man. he tells this man that he should stick in that position, they will turn everything upside down at the critical moment. Did TW kill the banker? I want to see JS now.

Cut to TW. TW says that they should put all their shares in and buy the bank. He will give life to the bank again. Kim passes out a lot of forms for everyone to sign. They all sign them.

While driving away, TW says Borrowed Name bank is his when he has power, but it spreads when he doesn’t have power. That bothers the old man, he is trapped in his own trap. (this part was confusing).

The swindlers talk about which bad guy they will punish next. DC chuckles and says that if someone overhears their conversation they will think that they are prosecutors. They ask him if he wants to be a prosecutor again. He says he doenst want to be a prosecutor ever again.

Cut to the prosecutors investigating everything. It is JS and Ko investigating the political leader and HR and the paralegal investigating the Director. They both tell their helpers to keep it secret from HR/JS. So they are working completely seperate. HR locks all her things away in the locker in their office.

Montage of all the paperwork they are doing.

They are basically piled in paperwork and work late into the night. JS still has his heart problem, he sneaks into the closet to take his pills.

At the end of the montage, it looks like HR might have gotten something. She calls Kae Bong-chun and asks to see him. HR sits on a bench at the park and sees all the couples kissing. She wonders if she should put them all in jail for public displays of affection. Then she wonders why Kae Bong-chun is coming late.

JS shows up instead.


JS tells HR that she still has the scale. She pretends like she won’t see me forever. She says she forgot to take it out, why are you here? DC says he has to arrest Sa Do-chan. HR says DC worked so hard for them, do you have to?

JS takes off his glasses and his demenour turns playful. He says, “I thought you didn’t’ notice!”

HR hits DC and runs after him. Then they talk about what she wants him to do. She wants him to catch the director and go to his gallery. They have a report that DY and TW have something going. DC asks when it was, 6 years ago. This director covered up TW for a case 6 years ago. Do you have any evidence that they meet? No, they meet secretly and use a borrowed phone. But the dirctor goes to TW’s gallery every Saturday at the same time. Why does he go there? That is why she needs DC.

DC says he gets it, but that gallery has a good security system. That is why she needs him. He thinks she works too much with a conman. HR says we work together, the prosecutor and the conman.

DY thinks back to TW telling him that he shouldn’t forget about the case 6 years ago.

DC also brings it up to Bong. HR dug up that case. It looks like they are both surprised at that news.

JS goes to meet the man from one of the largest political parties. This man wants to know why he is investigating him. He is nothing, his cell phone is so busy now. Does he want money? JS says the politician bought land in Jeju with someone elses name. The man says he bought it to create a farm, he will send him some oranges, just don’t tell anyone. JS says the politicians son in law was there at a drug party (?). JS shows him the evidence, they took a hair sample that shows that the politicians son regularly takes lsdt (a new drug).

The politician asks JS why he is doing this, what can he do? JS tells him that he should resign from his senator position and retire from politics.

He does it, it is all over the news.

The chief calls HR about it. He tells her that DY is going to run for senate. HR needs to investigate DY quickly. If he becomes a senator then he will be hard to touch.

All the prosecutors meet with DY to tell him congratulations. DY says he wants to stay in the prosecutors office, but all the politicians bug him a lot. So he had to go to that life. DY tells them all to take good care of JS. JS nods his head to him.

The three swindlers talk about this super expensive egg. It is like $50 million dollars. They don’t want to steal it thought. EJ asks the difference between swindlers and thieves. The difference is, if I take your money then I am a thief, if you give me your money then it is swindling. DC comes in and tells them that they should take the poster picture. DC talkes a lot of pictures of a plain egg.

They start editing the photo.

They break the egg and put it in super slow motion.

The swindlers think this looks super cool, they already have a commercial.

SD walks out and sits in a seat. He puts a briefcase down. Bong is already sitting there and picks the briefcase up. they basically switch briefcases.

SD’s briefcase has a lot of money in it that he goes crazy about in the car.

Meanwhile, the swindlers look at the plans for the gallery, DC thinks this gallery is hard to get in.

Cut to Everyone dressed up in their outfits at the museum. Bong is the photographer. EJ and IT are the bride and groom. While taking their photo, Bong also takes photos all around the museum. DC looks through these photos where he is at. He sees where the CCTV’s are.

SR tells DR that JS could hae been fired right away, but he came back. DR says that prosecutor Baek didn’t know it was bribery money, if he knew that then he should have put it somewhere. They wonder why the banker woman gave prosecutor Baek the bribery money. DR wonders, maybe because they are prosecutors?

SR goes into HR’s room and says that she has a report to do. HR tells her to do it in another room. SR sits and asks HR if she can picka good title for her articel…what is the truth about Prosecutor Baeks Bribery Case?……..Prosecutor Baek is a Conman?

This gets a response from HR. SR says she saw Prosecutor Baek at a hospital, he was disguised as a doctor. She wasn’t’ sure, maybe it was just a lookalike? So the banker gave him bribery money because she thought he was a doctor, not a prosecutor, so this is a swindling case. Can I put it in the paper?

HR tells her that she shouldn’t release it. She pulls her to a private room. SR wants to release it because it is a big scoop. She asks her sister how much she already knew. HR says she will tell her everything, but it is all a secret. She tells her everything.

meanwhile, the director goes to his meeting at the museum. He uses his card and is let into a certain room with statues. he tells them, hello, my kids. he might be drunk as he walks in and calls the statues his cute kids, fighting! Let’s go up! Ha ha ha!

The egg is on display and a lot of people are arriving to look at it. TW is busy standing at the egg and greeting all the people that come in. It looks like only high class people are let in at first. They all look at the egg and talk about how super cool and super pretty it is. It is their honor to see it in person.

Kim goes up to TW and shows him a commercial. I am going to take your King.

We see the commercial.

Everyone outside the museum sees the video on their cell phones and the computer. it is a big deal because someone basically publicly announced that they are going to steal this super expensive egg.

TW wonders who would do this. I’m going to take your King? Is is Sa Do-chan? TW laughs, this guy would send me a challenge letter like this? Publicly? Kim asks him what he is going to do. TW says he will let him do it. He announced it, he will open his mouth and when he comes, he will bite him.

DY wants JS to look into this egg thievery business. JS agrees. When he leaves, HR talks to him and tells him that she is investigating the director. JS asks her if she knows that he meets the director often, does she think he will jsut let her do this? She says this is teh last chance. If he continues working with the director, then she will prosecute him also. He tells her to do what she wants to, he will go his own way. He will catch DC. HR asks, are you this bad? He leaves.

Flashback of TW meeting with JS. The second thing he wanted was the safety of Oh ha-ra. TW says that is it? Okay, then I won’t touch prosecutor Oh.

HR cries traitor tears.

TW checks all the CCTV before sending in the people to look at it. Everyone worries about the commercial and the thought that someone might steal this egg. TW reassures them all. He says that they have a world class sensory system. They have a world class system, nothing can go in or out, so please enjoy.

But then the lights flicker and smoke goes off in the egg case. It blocks the egg from everyones view.

All the people look at it, the smile starts to clear, the egg is still there. TW laughs, don’t worry, ha ha, this security system has some changes. It is here, safe.

But there is some moisture inside the case.

The swinders sit in their room. DC wonders if it will rain as he spins his Texas Star.

Water starts to leak onto the egg, the egg starts to crack/hatch.

DC tells him team, let’s go.

The egg hatches, on the inside a letter says, TODAY!!

The news talks about the unbelievable thing that happened. It then goes into the story of how the egg had a warning inside it saying that it will happen today. DY sees the news report and checks his phone. Cut back to the museum. TW locks the museum down and has all the guests leave. The Swindlers leave their place as well and get into their truck. They take off.

Kim tells TW that something is wrong. He contacted Manhattan security but they didn’t’ come there, they were on their way there but they went back. Kim thinks their security team was faked. TW says they have to steal it in 24 hours. So they will steal it in the next one hour. They are brave people.

JS shows up and tells TW not to worry, his friend is on the SWAT team, they are there. What are you going to do when you catch Sa Do-chan? TW says he will take him to the police. TW says no, give him to me and don’t ask me about his whereabouts. HR comes in and says, so you are going to kill D?

TW laughs as he looks at the egg. How will they steal it in 10 minutes? The swindler team drives to the location. DC looks confident. JS looks at the egg.

Fade Out

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    This is my first time commenting but I always visit your site (almost everyday) to read your recaps most especially of Switch. Thank you very much for recapping it…I am enjoying your recaps since episode 1 and right now I have to come back here for the recaps of episodes 19 and 20

    • V
      April 26, 2018 / 9:49 pm

      So happy to have you and they are coming up! Work got the best of us today. But we plan on watching it in the morning. I already made the post for it, I just need to add the actual recap to it. 🙂

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