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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 15 and 16

Live recap for episodes 15 and 16 of the Korean Drama Switch: Change the World starring Jang Keun-suk and Han Ye-ri
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It is time to find out what happened when all the thugs showed up at the building with DC as the head! It was all their plan to trap SD there, now what are they going to do now that they have him?

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: April 19th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air
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Recap of the previous episode.

SD is shocked to see all the lights turn on and the other gansters walk out. DC is in front of them all. SD recognizes him and DC says hello in Mandarin(?). He says that he wonders his identity, right? I am a conman. SD says he checked him at the prosecutors office. DC says that he is pretending to do that now, the real one is injured. So now he is a conman and prosecutor, prosecutor and conman. Think about it, a good swindler like me has a prosucutor badge, that is like having wings on my shoulders.

DC says that he is working on TW, a lot of money is on the line 3billion. hey you…(they show him some cement)…then they say that the ship is ready. DC tells him this is a 3 billion dollar project so he is removing him. SD asks to save him, he won’t tell anyone his secret!

Cut to HR talking to JS. She tells him that their game is almost over, the guy he knows…SD. Bong says that their target is SD!

Flashback of them trying to get SD. The swindlers followed him around everywhere he went. Then they found the time to pee next to him.

DC pats him on the shoulder and tells him bye bye, lets wrap up. But SD says that he will tell him, TW wanted to kill him, he wants to have a change to get his revenge, die there or by TW. I really want to kill TW, I can do it, but if I am successful, can you give me some money from that 2 billion, at least several million dollars?
DC and crew recorded everything. SD tells him, if you do anything stupid, I am going to send this recording to TW.

Kim tells TW that SD is a little suspicious, you should be areful of him. What if SD asked for help from the prosecutor? Be careful with him, he can betray you at anytime. TW says he won’t be betrayed by him, people only get betrayed when they trust, if I don’t trust him then there is no betrayal


SD drives up to a large church with a file. He goes inside and prays for a moment, but he doesn’t’ actually know what he is doing maybe? Then he goes to the side and goes into one of the rooms there. In the room is Bong dressed like a priest. SD hands him the file.

SD – The bank, when TW asked them, they gave him a lot of cash.

Bong leaves.

It looks like all the secret black money goes from the bank to JP. They think that is the lake (the well).

Ko goes to meet the thugs that are with SD. They think he is a thug but he says that he is with the prosecutors office. He laughs. then he goes back and tells HR and DC that SD said this is not his belit even though they foung his finger print.

TW reads an article. Then some bankers come in. the bankers said that he met with JP about 1 billion secret money. TW tells them to make the money and give it to him. Later, the banker looks through teh computer. But TW comes in and asks him if he made 1 billion dollars. Kim is with him and tells him to put the money in his account. The banker says this is JP’s money. But TW tells him, if you don’t listen to me then you are dead right now. The banker does what he is told. He puts the money into TW’s account online.

TW tells him that he has a very nice view there. Cut to them holding the banker over the ledge. He said that wouldn’t kill him, but TW says he never promised him that. The banker wants to be saved, but TW tells him that when you have a secret, there are only two choices, wither die or suicide. Kim pushes him over. He also say that he stopped all the security cameras.

TW goes back inside and types a suicide letter about the banker saying that he helped criminals and he is sorry.

KH and DY look at the letter. KH storms out.

JO hears about it, he doesn’t think this makes any sense, how can he just die like this without permission.

HR and DC are very suspicious of this. KH didn’t wonder if this was a suicide, she already decided that this was a suicide. So the prosecutor is the problem. DC goes to meet TW but HR doesnt’ want him to go. he says, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. And he smiles at her.
DC brought a gift of new Chinese chess pieces because the old ones looked too Western chess like. DC says TW’s style is called wife style (?) then he asks to see his wife. TW says his wife died in a car accident a long time ago, his father in law was a politician, she helped him and had a car accident on the way back. DC apologizes for mentioning it. they start to play.

Elsewhere, HR walks though the prosecutors office and peeks in DR’s office. He is not there, he left to go to a class reunion. SR walks with DR adn asks him why he isnt’ investigating it. What if it wasn’t a suicide, do you want to bet?

JP meets with TW and with DR. DR introduces DR to JP. JP asks him to investigate it thoroughly. then they continue to the funeral for the banker. They bow to the family and tell them, sorry for your loss. Then they leave and run into DC. DC is shocked to see him there, he asks if he knows him. TW says this banker is a member of the family. DC is there for his job. But then he sees JP and tells him that it is his honor to meet him. He is prosecutor Baek Jun-soo, are you a member also?

Later, they eat together in the cafeteria area. DC tells TW that it bothers him, he heard that the banker is not a gambler, if he spent that much money they he should have left Korea JP agrees, he wasn’t that kind of guy. TW tells them that they saw the will. But bot JP and DC think the will can be fabricated. JP wants to meet privately with DC, he likes smart young people.

Later, JP drives away and yells, how an he lie to me! Later, we will have our club meeting. In another car, TW tells Kim that they need to hurry, that old man is smart.
DC and HR meet on the rooftop. DC filler her in on his fishing investigation. TW was uncomfortable about the case and JP wanted to investigate it. He tells her that it is her turn to give him something. She sends DR a selfie avatar and asks to see him on the rooftop. He thinks she is a little crazy this morning. But he goes to the rooftop.

As soon as he leaves, DC comes in and says that it bothers him, why does he want his hubae to do this, this doesn’t make any sense, but he will take care of it. he goes to the desk and sees that there were no finger prints on the will.

DR gets to the rooftop, HR asks him if he is really investigating the banker case? Show me the results. they argue a bit about it. She asks him which pollution is worse? You shouldn’t’ just take orders as prosecutors, you have to do your job and investigate the truth. he looks like he is about to yell at her, but then DC gives her an okay sign so HR apologizes immediately.

DC and HR go to a private room to talk. DC says there were no finger prints on the will. HR thinks he saw the finger picture right? Where was the will, on the desk or in the printer? If it was on the desk then how are there no finger prints? DC thinks she is a real prosecutor.

Kim goes somewhere with SD to find Bong. But it looks like bong is working with Kim as a double agent. DC told SD to give that picture to TW, he will use you if you are good ability. Kim wonders where SD got the picture, SD asks him if he is jealous? But SD deosnt’ know the relationship between the two of them.

JP talks to someone about how their club used to control everything. Thei underground club controlled all of Korea. This world can’t change even if you want to change it. The man says, you can’t trust TW too much. He agrees. He has to be careful. He says he will fire TW tomorrow when they have their meeting.

JP goes to the club and no one stands to greet him. But then TW comes in and everyone stands to greet him.

JP is shocked at this turn of events. TW doesn’t even look at him as he walks into the room. JP asks him what he is doing in his seat. TW says that they club needs a change, they need a real leader. JP wants to know what he is talking about! Remove him! But no one moves. TW says that he wanted to send him out when it got cold again, but it is a little too early, to make a new King they need a new Kingmaker.

One of the club members says that they think TW is a good person to lead their club it is time for JP to retire. Flashback to Kim giving some money or showing some weakness point to everyone in the club. JP thinks this is a cue! TW killed that banker and bought this club with that 1billion dollars! TW mentions that flowes are only pretty while flowering. JP is enraged and leaves. TW chuckles to himself.

JP thinks that TW betrayed him, but he is JP, he will make him regret it. Hahaha.

The security system went out when the banker died, it was down for 2-3 hours. Ko and a woman are sure that someone killed the banker.

TW tells DY to come to him, DY thinks, how dare he order me around. He goes to TW’s office. TW says that he needs to talk care of his people well, he wants to be the next president. JS is pocking around the banker case with HR. DY says he will take care of it. TW wants to know how he will take care of it. DY tells him that he can’t just fire them. That will be more suspicious.

TW kicks him really hard. DY falls to the ground. He wonders what is going on right now. TW squats to his level and says that he can crown the King which means that he can destroy him. Do you still think that I am JP’s secretary that meets you under the bridge? I gave you your food, when the owner says bark, then you have to bark.
Two women talk about going to a new bank, how can he spend that large amount of money. Another worker over hears and tells them not to spread rumors at work! This woman leaves and says that she has something to report about K Bank. Ko asks her to tell him. She says that the banker didn’t spend money for gambling, someone asked him…can you keep it a secret…no I can’t, sorry!

She hangs up. HR tells Ko to check who called right away. Ko goes to the booth and starts asking around. He sees a truck and is able to get the CCTV from a car nearby. They find out that it was a team leader of the bank. HR approaches her and tells her that she is the one that called them. The woman denys it but HR keeps talking to her. the woman keeps denying it.

KH meets with all the prosecutors in a meeting. Outside, DC thinks the prosecutors are the problem. he meets with his swindlers.

They find out that the woman at the bank only likes doctors. They need to start their setting.

The woman sits at the hospital. Two nurses talk about their new fellow that went to Johns Hopkins and people wanted him to stay there. He is handsome and smart and single. But he is waiting for a movie star like person, maybe I should seduce him. the banker woman perks up as she listens to this.

Then DC comes in and starts to talk to EJ. He uses a lot of big doctor terms, but then he forgets one and EJ has to remind him. The banker woman gets up, but Bong (dressed all in bandages) secretly trips her. DC grabs her. She apologizes to everyone.

DC and the woman go sit outside and talk. She is there for her skincare. DC tells her that she might have a lot of stress recently, the skin show it. DC starts to talk about all the medical things about the skin and brains. But then he apologizes and says that he treats patients a lot. He asks her name, ahn Ji-young. He tells her that she might have a lot of stress. Does she have any secret that she can’t tell anyone. If she does then she has a lot of dopamine building in her brain, when you have too much dopamine then it will lead to craziness (lots of medical terms). So you should tell your secret to someone as soon as possible. He smiles and drinks his coffee.
The woman leaves after her meeting; DC still pretends like he is on rounds and goes down the escalator, he sees her and waves at her. they go up and talk. He asks her what happened? But then SR sees him and thinks that she knows him. She is too far away though.

Later, DC and the banker go to a nice place to talk. He tells her that chamomile tea helps you remove all your secrets, don’t’ you want to say them? The banker says that someone she knows at work killed themselves, but she can’t tell him. Afterwards, the banker gives DC a lot of kimchi that her mother made. He thanks her for it. But then he brings up the important thing she wanted to tell him. Maybe they can meet again? Tomorrow? But he says that he is very busy, he has to go to Spain and Africa, he only has time tomorrow.

The woman says that she can see him tomorrow, maybe 7pm at this cafe. they leave and we see that someone is taking their photo.

Puffs eats at Mom’s restaurant. He says that he likes it, but it needs something. You have to eat it with his puffs. She is all like, evaluate my menu, don’t try to see your things. HR comes in at that moment and sits with them. Puffs tells her that their is beauty in puffs(?). He says that rice slips thorugh your fingers easily, but with pressure and water, finally, you reach a point where it has a chemical change. After enduring all of that, you have a big sound. Poof! that is the sound of rice puffs.

The swindlers talk about how his meeting went. EJ thinks she has high standards. DC tells them that she gave them some kimchi, it is in the car. But EJ just yells, I am not eating that kimchi!

The next day, DC goes through a roadblock, they check his car and let him go.

DC gets to work and is greated with a lot of Puffs that HR brought. HR says Puffs is a super great guy and starts to talk about all the chemical reaction and pressure and hot and…but then DC starts to say the exact same thing…it endures all that time and then poof! Puffs is made. HR wonders if they know each other , but he says of course not.

They leave and HR says that the woman from the bank says that he had to whistle blow because the woman from the bank said that he has a lot of bribery money, it is all over the news. Cameras show up and surround them. DC tells them that he will show them if they are really wondering.

He goes to his car and shows them the kimchi, but it is filled with money. He jumps back shocked and all the news crews take photos of it all.

TW laughs elsewhere as he catches a big fish.

DC thinks this is a good switch, now will be his pressure and endurance time.

HR, DC, and the CEO are being yelled at by DY. DC is suspended, he has to return his badge. The three leave and sit in CEO’s office. The CEO thinks it is all his fault, he should have stopped them and behaved more like their chief. He feels so bad for JS, how can he look at his face?

DC goes back to his office and looks at his nameplate. He thinks that he is sorry, especially to JS. JS is thinking while in his office at the swindler. They all get home and he tells them that the wrong ways will bring the wrong result. HR thinks it is just a mistake, she will take care of it. But JS says HR shouldn’t make excuses, she hung out with swindlers and she became one also. JS starts to stand up and everyone looks at him.

He stands up, HR wants to help him, but he shakes her off. He says that he will take his own position back. Then he looks at DC, because of someone like you..pretending to me me…this happened, that is so embarrassing. He swindler, just get out now.

Everyone looks at the two of them facing off.

TW looks out the window at the rain.

VO – JS will be in an internal investigation, he will be fired for sure.

JS shows up to TW. He tells him that he is there to sell some people.

The swindlers think that JS is all twisted, he thought he was a good guy. DC thinks that something is strange.

TW tells JS that this is a gallery, he sells paintings not humans. But JS says, what if this is fake JS? A swindler who pretended to be like me. Didn’t you know that? Sa Do-chan. TW recognizes the name.

Fade Out

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