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Switch: Change the World Live Recap Episode 13 and 14

Live recap for episodes 13 and 14 of the Korean Drama Switch: Change the World starring Jang Keun-suk and Han Ye-ri
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We ended on high stakes at the end of the last episode. Sung-doo’s life is on the line with all the stupid things he has done. Do-chan has gotten to the makeshift jailcell, but it is basically surrounded by thugs that are about to beat SD to a pulp. DC wasn’t expecting that though and is left stunned as he turns the corner and sees all the thugs looking at him.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Baek Jun-soo – JS | Sa Do-chan – DC | Oh Ha-ra – HR | Gum Tae-woong | Yang Ji-sung – Chief | Jun In-tae – IT| So Eun-ji – EJ | Director Bong – Bong | Cho Sung-do – SD | Secretary Kim – Kim|

Airing Time: April 18th, 22:00 Seoul, SBS
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air
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Review of the last episodes.

DC needs to rescue SD in order to capture Brown Bear. He makes it to the room, but all the thugs are there and it’s a hallway fight. DC turns off the lights to even the playing field. When the lights are turned back on we see that DC locked himself inside the jail. he runs into the room and then goes out the back.

When he gets there, he sees that the company man has taken SD and driven off. HR runs up at that moment. DC lets her know that they are too late. He is breathing hard and HR wonders about DC, does he really not have any motivations (she remembers what JS told her).

Kim takes SD to the woods, he is about to hang him from a tree. TW calls and Kim tells him that they will be done there soon.

HR takes DC to the vacation home, but they are inside the home. HR tells him that he already knew this place before she met him. When he knew they were looking for Brown Brear, your eyes looked shaken. The important thing is the reason, why do you want to find Brown Bear so much? You were almost dead, but you came back, became a prosecutor, and used all the drugs to catch the #2 guy. So why? You saw him, Brown Bear, didn’t you?

DC has a flashback.

DC – I didn’t see him…I didn’t see him, I warn you, don’t try to come insdie of me too much.

HR warns him to not take care of Brown Bear with his own personal rasons. But DC tells her that he sets the rules of the game, who will find brown Bear first.

TITLE: HIDE HIDE, MAYBE I WILL SEE YOUR HAIR (hide and seek kids game)

20 YEARS AGO, 1998
Flashback to the same building in 1998. A small van drives up to the building and a little boy runs out. He thinks this place is a super cool place. Puffs brought him there. Little DC thinks abogi did a con job again, but Puffs says that he is clean now, he just lives here as a summer home.

They go inside and little DC says to look at the clock, it says 4:44. Abogi goes to a room and sees blood on the door. He goes inside and sees something that alarms him. he goes back out frantic and starts looking around, then he hears something outside the window. He tells DC to listen to him, they will play hide and seek now until appa says “I can’t find you” you need to hid. He says he won’t do any more con jobs in the future, as he wishes. they start to play the game. DC hides, but maybe he sees something.

Cut back to the present. DC walks alone down the street.

SD is still alive and is given a picture of Bong, he asks if he knows who that is. SD says that he knows him. He knows him! Cut to him eating at a restaurant all bloody and happy as he finally eats and drinks. SD is so happy that he eats with TW at the same table. TW tells Kim that he and SD should live like family. Kim says that JP said… but TW says he doesn’t listen to anyone, he protects his own family. From tomorrow, you two need to work together until yo find the person int he picture. Trust me.

The #2 person is accused of a false confession. the special investigation team will dissolve. #2 is worried about his daughters safety in Vancouver, so he tells them that he is Brown Bear again. But HR says that they have all the evidence, they are looking for the boss, Brown Bear, who is he? he says that he is Brown Bear. The prosecution team says he should have a lot of money, where is it? You were threatened to confess as Brown Bear. But #2 says that he doesn’t’ know what they are talking about, he is Brown Bear.

TW meets with JP and DY. they talk about covering everything up with #2. Just pretend like he is the boss. They also want to know what to do with JS. Just send him somewhere else? It might backfire. So what are you going to do? Do you have any other way?

DY has some pressure on him now.

HR, the chief, and DC talk about Brown Bear and how he is fake. They start to talk about finding evidence, but it is hard to find.

the director has a press conference and reports the results of the first investigation about drug smuggling. #2 confessed as the boss. We are trying hard to get all the evidence, so i am going to move all of our investigation team to the violent crimes team.

KH meets with DY afterwards and says that the case is HR and JS’s case. Why did you wrap this case up? Should I investigate it by myself? DY tells her that she should fly when she gets wings, otherwise it will be a burden. the chance doesn’t’ come often, but this seat, I will give it to you.

A man tells JO that gas is still burning in a desert. This country has the top 5 natural gas. this counry is just floating on natural gas. As soon as we make our facitilty, we will collect natural gas. We will have many thousand of times return. this country is a Kingdom. The royal family holds all the rights to do any developments.
JP thinks that the royal family wants to have a dual sign for the contract. They have to give money back to the royal family under the table. The man says he is there to find the next president (this man is from Russia). JP says this man has good eyes for reading people. But JP wants to see the Royal family. The Russian diplomat says that he will prepare it. Secretary Kim follows them around.

JP meets with another person and they talk about a new billion dollar business. The man is shocked. JP wants him to make that much money. So it looks like this is secret money and the person is a banker.

TW meets with Kim. Kim tells him that JP is doing business with a Russian and a Banker, he ordered something secret. TW tells him good job and to keep following him around.

SR talks to a prosecutor about his two-faced ness. The prosecutors says that todays issue is more important than tomorrows truth. He scoffs and leaves.

Meanwhile, DC looks at some paperwork about JP owning the vacation home.

Cut to SD walking into his office to meet with his underlings. he is all better and in another suit. the thugs are surprise that he is still alive. But SD holds a grudge and says that he will kill them all when he becomes strong.

Back to the prosecutors office, HR talks to another prosecutor about the search warrant case. they think it was all fixed. HR meets with the swindlers at a cafe and talks to them about spending time in jail and what happens to swindlers when they are prosecuted, they should be interested in that. Bong says that they can’t say that they didn’t have a scene under the gods. they shouldn’t use the law in front of them, they should work together and have harmony.

HR tells him that the chubby president should be rich with all the drugs, but she can’t find the money! Bong wonders why she is telling them that. She says that she wants to break into his house with a warrant, but it is not under their authority….she can’t investigate it legally…..

Bong tells her that they might be able to help her with it lawfully and unlawfully.

HR stands up and tells them that she hopes DC doesnt’ know about it. She leave and the swindlers wonder what just happened. She wants them to investigate somthing without DC?

the swindlers go to the house and dress like CDC (center for disease control) control people. They say that there are a lot of bug spreading around, it is very dangerous. They even throws some bug outside so they scare the woman.

All the swindlers go inside and start spraying everywhere and looking around at everything. But there is a restricted area. Bong sprays the spray at him and tells him that they will report him if the disease spreads! They go into the secret room and look around. The room is filled with paintings.

EJ thinks she found the computer! They open it and start downloading all the files. Bong takes a photo of all the expensive looking paintings. HR waits for them to hand it over. They hand something to her, a usb. She goes unsude and they all take off.

Elsewhere, DC thinks back to what TW told him while he was being strangled. He killed his wife and himself (?). DC thinks about this
He thinks that TW married JP’s daughter, she died, so he blamed TW for it. Then DC thinks back to the 4444, it looks like it happened at 4:04 on May 4th.

The swindlers come back and ask him something. It looks like DC is too much into the prosecutor like. He hangs out with them too much, they are sad about it, it seams like he has a secret that they don’t know about, if he wants to hide it then he won’t be there forever. IT is about to leave, but Bong pulls him back. DC tells them that he has been looking for Brown Bear, his goal is to catch him.

Cut to EJ all sad about DC’s story. She says she can fix his wound. She hugs him and the other swindlers pull her off of him in a playful moment.

DC finds out that JP’s daughter died in June, not May. it was a car accident. Why wasn’t it May 4th. Did you check her tomb? Bong says he checked it, JP always goes there in June. But TW never shows up. For some reason the last puzzle piece isn’t coming together. he needs to know something for it all to come together.

HR sees the paintings and wants someone to search those paintings for her. Then we cut to JS at home, he is looking at his prosecutor photo.

DC goes to work the next day and still enjoys swiping in. He says good morning to the office, but everyone is serious and looking at HR. She is painting something. Ko asks her what she is doing because DC asked him to. HR says to tell him that she is creating something, so don’t bother her. he goes back and tells this to DC.

DR comes in looking nosey, but Ko tells him that HR doesn’t want to be bothered because she is creating something.

Later, HR leaves to the elevator. DC walks to her and starts talking about drawing/painting. He tells her that the bad guys should take care of the bad guys. She gets in the elevator and he says that he is just worried that she will get hurt.

HR meets with TW and brings the painting. She tells him that she painted it. He tells her that it is okay for an amateur. She asks if he can sell her painting expensive. He knows that President Hwang (#2) was prosecuted for drugs. But he doesn’t’ have any money because he spent all his money buying paintings. They are all cheap paintings from unknown painters from South America, they should be worth so much. TW says people buy things for the future price increase. She tells him to buy her paintings for the future. he tells her he can pay her $500k for them (?). If she thinks something is wrong with how he does business, then tell him. He says he is an ex cop so he knows that much.

HR takes her painting back to her office and puts it up. Ko tells her that maybe she shouldn’t put it up there, it isn’t’ an eyesore, but… HR tells him that someone wants to buy it for $500k. It’s TW. Ko says that he knows him. He is an ex cop. he went to find out if a case he was interested in 7 years ago was a suicide or a murder, but he din’t want me to tell you (he realizes his mistake, he just told her).
Ko reluctantly gives HR all that he knows about the case. She reads through it. Some of the paperwork is about DC’s father, HR thinks back to DC telling him that he knows about swindling from home education. She meets with JS and tells him about it. DC saw something when he was young and knows that his appa was killed and didn’t commit suicide. She draws a triangle with Appa – DC- Brown Bear written on each point. But she adds another person TW. TW is the prosecutor. He is a gallery owner, but the money is also laundered through the gallery. they cannot investigate further because they aren’t in charge anymore. DC is meeting TW without telling her about it.

JS looks at the drawing and thinks, maybe it isnt’ two people, what if it is one person.

The swindlers put a tracking device on a car, they follow it. the truck goes to another location, it doesn’t go to see his daughter, it goes to an opposite direction. Bong thinks they need to wrap this up, Maybe May 4 was just a normal day. But DC says that if he gives up then they lose. This is not the end.

The cars drive to a temple. JP gets out and goes inside. A monk rings a bell at the Temple and JP greets them. Bong follows them inside looking like a mountain ajusshi with all his gear and everything. He also has a webcam on him.

But some guards keep Bong from going inside the building. He walks somewhere else and is not able to record what is going on inside the building. Puffs is also there. DC tells Bong to check what is going on.

TW comes out with a photo of his dead wife, he holds it as he and JP follow the monk around. Puffs watches all of this from afar. he also sees Bong there and recognizes him. Then he sees DC helping Bong inside teh car. He sighs and says, Do-chan.

The ceremony for the daughter/wife continues. When it finishes, JP says it has been 20 years, they do this twice a year, but it has been 20 years, lets stop. I will put her in my heart now. TW thanks him. TW calls him Eurushin (elder). JP gets inside the car and thinks that TW didn’t say chairman or father in law but Eurushin? (it is a term used to talk to much older men but he always called JP chairman before and maybe father-in-law privately, but not this time).

Flashback. TW tells JP that Puffs killed his daughter, but it looks like he might have done it. He might have stabbed her many times and left. But he tells JP that Puffs is the one that did it. Appa stabs TW when he is chocking him. TW takes that knife and says he found the knife and will prosecute him. JP says to keep it quiet, the election is soon, only you and me know that she is dead. You catch him! Just chop his head off and bring it to me. Then he picks a date and says that is the day that his daughter died.

TW sighs as he thinks about this in the car.
Meanwhile, DC is looking over the river where the accident happened. Hmm, maybe this is JS looking over the river? I think so, it is the real prosecutor. He thinks back to all the illegal things that they have done over the last several weeks and all the good things they have done. All the good things that DC did that JS wasn’t able to do. He also thinks about what everyone said about JS living like an ethics textbook. He looks at his ID and thinks that someone told him that DC doesn’t look like an avatar, he looks like a real prosecutor.

Cut to DC in the van thinking.

Puffs is also in a car and thinking. He looks at his fake hand and takes it off. Flashback of Puffs hanging off a cliff. He asks TW to save him, please. He will take all the responsibility, I will just hide with my son and be quiet for everything that I saw. For my son, I can do anything, I promise you. But TW just grabs his hand and acts like he will pull him up, but lets go of it. He doesn’t’ believe any promise with a swindler. He stabs his hand and says that the best silence is death. Puffs falls off teh cliff.

Puffs thinks that he lost his hand, his life, everything, including his son. They are bad monsters, he will repay them 100 times, 1000 times!

DC looks at his board and thinks about the next step. He says he will approach TW step by step.

HR’s mom sees Puffs and says that he has a son, he will worry about him. Was that a lie also? Puffs laughs and says that it was, he has no son.

HR calls DC and says that they have a fingerprint of someone he knows. The game is almost over.

The swindlers eat and drink somewhere and talk about Cannes and Swindling. Bong exclaims that he was almost a movie director. He drunkenly goes outside and pees next to SD on accident. He says something he said at the fake casino. SD recognizes him, he is red underpants! Bong starts running away and SD chases him.

Bong runs into an empty building and SD chases him inside. But Bong hides. SD is scared and picks up a large wooden 2by2. he is too scared to do anything, but he keeps walking around and looking around as he holds the 2×2. But then he gets some confidence and starts singing the hide and seek song. A light flashes on.

Elsewhere, TW aks Kim to background check HR.

HR walks somewhere, looks to her left, and then keeps walking.

Inside the empty building, a cat meows, then a lot of thugs comes out of hiding and confronts SD. DC is at the head of all the thugs. SD drops his 2×2.

Fade Out

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