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Super Scary Korean Movie Alert! 0.0MHz is set to Scream

Jung Eun-ji and Lee Seung-yeol
Jung Eun-ji (정은지) and Lee Sung-yeol (이성열) have been cast in super creepy scary movie 0.0MHz which is an adaptation from the really scary webcomic by the same name. The webcomic 0.0MHz is written by Jang Jak and was once the #1 thriller webtoon in Korea. It tells the story about a team of ghost hunters that go into a haunted house. Dun! Dun! Duuun!

In this story, 0.0MHz is found to be the frequency for ghosts, so five disparate people (two women and three men) form a club to investigate the occurrence of ghosts in our world. They do this on the presumption that usually the door to the death world is always closed, but sometimes there is a crack and the ghosts get out. When that happens, you will have nightmares, you can see ghosts, and you can track them with 0.0MHz. Ahh! Creeeepy!

Everything goes wrong when the Supernatural Exploration Club go inside a known haunted house. Everyone does not make it out alive. SMH, why are people crazy? Looky hear, my grandma would say, they shouldn’t have gone messing with those ghosts in the first place. Still might watch this though. (with my eyes closed in fear the entire time)

Hopefully this is ready in time for Halloween, though I’m not sure if they can pull that kind of a turnaround.

0.0MHz webcomic two chracters stand next to a haunted house

Source HanKyung, Asiae

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