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Suits Live Recap Episode 9

Live recap for episode 9 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik.
We have a new big case brewing. One of Kang-suk’s cases led to a man falsely imprisoned for 12+ years. This man isn’t necessarily a saint, but he is in prison on some trumped up charges. It looks like Kang-suk wants to personally right this mark on his legal career and is taking Yeon-woo along with him.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 23rd, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How to Watch Later: Viu (Asian countries)
Recap Countdown: SOON

A man walks through a prison with two guards on either side of him. Cut to KS sitting in a room awaiting the prisoner. He goes into the room and stops cold when he sees KS, his fists tighten and his breath quickens causing the guards to grab him. But KS says it is okay, they can leave.

the man says, you forgot I am a murdered, you made that happen.

KS asks him to sit and says that he knows he is not guilty.

The man asks if he knew it 12 years ago or today


KS and YW talk in front of a truck cart. KS talks about YW’s shoes and suit, do you think they match? YW looks himself over. Then thy start to talk about the reinvestigation of the prisoner.

Later, KS goes to talk to HY about a retrial and investigation. HY is against it because retrials are not easy. KS feels responsible for this case and wants to do what he can. HY is understanding, but she is still against it. He says he doens’t need her permission. Right now it isn’t about his calling or whatever, right now he just wants to correct what he did wrong just as she did in the previous case.

Elsewhere, YW is buying a lot of law books. he purchases several and take sthem to JN. He aks her, if you are okay, maybe we can study togther. She is flabbergasted, but agrees. Then YW gives her a little rabbit. It was his first time getting one and he got it right away with his genius handling. But that was all a lie because we see that he tried a lot in the flashback. She puts the rabbit next to her old one. Now she has one with a pink blowtie and one with a blue bowtie.

Afterward, JN and DH talk in the break area while drinking coffee and looking out the window. The conversation is about YW. YW tells JN that it is sifficult to start, but going to the end is even more difficult. I am just telling you this because YW might make a mistake.

YW reviews the case with KS and ends by saying the prisoner had a favricated murder case. KS believes that he has to correct this, whatever is wrong. YW says it was KS’s mistake, but all his choices were his choices. but this might threaten Kang&Ham.

Elsewhere, GS talks to HY and tells her that the other partners think that Kang&Ham is in danger. HY isn’t hearing it and tells him that the most dangerous thing to Kang&Ham is you, GS! Internal fighting is much more detrimental than external fighting. So just do your job.

KS office. KS says the biggest mistake he made was hiring YW, so he should fire him first. YW takes a deep breath. But KS says he can’t turn back the clock so they need to move forward. He is not emotional, he is rational, he made a mistake and he wants to correct it. He needs to meet SH (the prisoner).

KS meets SH at the prison and shows him a piece of mail. It is the love letter that the woman wrote him.

KS lets him know that someone fabricated the evidence and it was all KS’s fault. SH mutters a persons name. Flashback to KS asking a witness a question. the witness points to SH as the man that came out of the house.

SH says he thought about killing a lot of people everyday. Sometimes that witness, sometimes another person, sometimes KS. KS understands and says he is there to defend him. SH quickly grabs KS by the collar and yells at him because he is in jail because of KS. He just wants to serve his next 3 years then get out of jail and kill them all! The guards have to pull him off of KS.

Cut to YW talking to KS. KS tells YW that SH thinks those other two guys that testified against him are the real murderers. But they need to turn his heart back because he doesnt’ want a retrial.

But he gets a phone call with an urgent matter.

Cut to KS and YW meeting a wealthy looking woman at someones estate. They go inside, there is a man there who just had a 20th birthday, but this man looks nervous. He says he had a birthday party at a club, on the way back, I think I hit some people with my car.

Black box?

He didnt’ back it up so it erased.

Did you drink?

I didn’t drink

it was your brithday party and you didn’t drink?

Ask my friends, I didn’t drink.

Umma – he can’t drink yet

I can’t drink alcohol

What about the person you hit?

I don’t know, it was a sudden hit. I don’t know if it was human or not.

YW – What!?!

YW and KS excuse themselves because YW got a little bit emotional. KS tells him that he is out. YW apologizes for this emotion, it was his mistake. KS says it wasn’t his mistake, it was KS’s. He knows his parents died from a hit and run. YW wants to stay on the case. he wants to prove that he can be calm during this case.

GS goes into JN’s office and asks her to tell him everything/anything she knows about YW. JN tells him that this is illegal per their internal laws, you should ask him directly. GS says he dosnt’ talk about himself much. JN asks GS why he is so interested in YW, do you like him?

GS starts laughing. No. then he mentions that JN and everybody is on YW’s side ever since he came. You have to think about which side you will be on. You will have a super big sigh of regret.

KS checks over the car and thinks that someone probably did jump in front of the car. YW found the person, it is a student from China who went to 911. The son called 911 for him. KS is impressed by that. YW says the student has an injury, but he is okay/stable. The problem is, the son ran away so it can be a problem. Umma says they might not know that her son did it. KS asks her if she will gamble with her sons life, but YW says it is her sons decision.

Later they all go to the hospital. The son is worried, it hurt his heart. He feels so pitiful and he thinks about the injured person. It was a big mistake. YW says he also had a mistake like that once. You can’t turn the clock back, but you can be better from now on. KS comes back after talking to the patient and looks at them.

Cut to YW telling KS that he will stop by somewhere and you can leave without me. KS drives off.

The place YW had to go to is the prison to meet with prisoner, PSH. YW tells him that his lover MJ understood about his drug problem, but she wanted to leave the country to study, what if she sees you now? KS wants to correct what he did wrong. i understand how you feel, but do you really think staying here is what your dead girlfriend wants?

Flashback to PSH and MJ having a fun time laughing. She says anyone can make a mistake, I trust you.

VO – MJ understood your mistakes and wanted to have a life with you in the future.

PSH reads MJ’s note in his cell and then yells for the guards to come.

YW meets with KS. He tells him that PSH changed his mind and will do the retrial. KS asks him why he is doing that. YW just looks away and mutters that he doesnt’ know. Cut to the two of them walking into the lobby of a building. They are talking about the case. They found out something knew about the friends. They wrote that they saw a bloody PSH come out of the house and then saw that MJ was dead.

But they changed their statement because this was opposite of what SH said. They were the bloody ones and SH is the one that ran to the room. They copied everything SH said and changed it to him. But no one would believe PSH because he is a drug dealer and the other two come from good families. It seems like those two guys wanted to blame SH. The blood from the mirijuana had a third persons blood, but no one investigated it. But one of the other two guys was arrested with a marijuana problem.

KS takes in the information and sighs, he should have been more careful. This is all his fault because he trusted prosecutor Oh. YW asks KS if he is friends with that prosecutor? They think the prosecutor on the case will hate KS because he betrayed Prosecutor OH. They will need to have everything they need on the case ready to go.

Elsewhere, JN grabs the legal books and takes it to YW. She sets it on his desk and says her tutor is too busy to study with her. He apologizes. She says they can finish his work first and then get to hers. She fills him in on GS asking questions about him. But she smiles and asys she actually doesn’t know that much about him. He says the same. they clear there throats in a moment of awkwardness and then JN asks what he needs help with and starts to get to work on YW’s case.

KS and YW go inside the courthouse. YW looks scared so KS brings it up to him. Are you scared because you are a conman? YW shakes his head, he isn’t scared. But he looks scared. While walking in, KS gets a call about the son case. The prosecutors want to arrest him.

KS meets with the prosecutor right away to talk about it. She is surprised that they came so quickly. KS says he has another case here so he came right away. They shake hands but she doesnt’ shake YW’s hand and just sits down.

They start talking about the case. Their case is different now because the man died. he had a hemorage and died suddenly. If the victim dies, then it is a big problem. YW is shaken and says he jumped into the car late at night and it wasn’t drunk driving. The woman asks them if this is everything they prepared? Can you find out what is going on first? She gets up and leaves.

KS walks out angrily and then looks at YW. He asks him if he will be shaken like this all the time? YW says, no.

They go meet with the other prosecutor. The prosecutor believes PSH is a murderer and a drug dealer. You also prosecuted him. YW opens their bilbolder and says that they are thinking of retrying all these cases. The prosecutor chuckles and says, is Kang&Ham fighting against prosecutors and threatening me?

KS says no, they are just doing probono cases. The prosecutor tells KS to try this case in order to figure out what he did wrong or at least figure out what he did wrong now. YW leaves. KS starts talking to the prosecutor again. he tells him that he is making him do something that he doesnt’ want to do. he knows what is going on here. If I win, someone here with take off their robes. Who do you think will do that? The prosecutor says he will, everything here is like that. But on the other hand, what if I win? if so then don’t think about coming here anymore. Everyone knows about you, the betrayer sold out the mentor.

KS asks him who said that, he never did that. Th eprosecutor tells him that everyone knows about the rumors of him and prosecutor Oh. Are you pretending like you don’t know it? The rumors are about you turning in the evidece about the case. (the evidence that DH gave to HY). KS leaves.

They drive away with KS brooding as he looks out the window.

Later that night, YW walks his bike somewhere.

Ah, YW is at the funeral for the Chinese student that died. It looks like this is also a restaurant or shop. They tell him they are closed today. YW asks if he can pray for the person who died if it isn’t that much of trouble. She says it is okay so YW goes to the altar and prays for him. The woman asks if he knows her brother. This sends YW into a flashback to his parents funeral. The lawyer was there and had a very slimy smile.

Back to the present, YW gives the sister and envelope and leaves.

KS asks DH if she has something to tell him about prosecutor OH, come to my office! She comes in and tells her that he never thought about firing her, but now he is having those thoughts. What did you take to the proecutor? DH says she only had her diary. That is why she is the evidence.

They argue. KS says whatever happens to him, she doesnt’ have the right to do that. DH looks on the verge of tears, but she holds them back. She tells him that this was her diary and her evidence. Yes, she did this herself, but seh didn’t want them to break him. Should she get fired then and go home?

HY comes in and says no. Then she tells KS that DH gave that diary to me, so she did what she was supposed to do. KS is mad at HY now and asks them if they both worked against him? HY sets him straight and says he needs to be thankful to them and thankful to DH because this was all for him. She storms out.

KS tells DH that the reason she never thought about firing DH is because he trusted her, not because she cared about him. He goes to his desk and DH leaves, sniffling.

It is still nightime, YW goes to the accident site and takes a lot of photos. He prints out all the pictures and looks at them all night long. he also thinks about the writing at the Chinese restaraunt. There was the same mark on graffiti at the site and at the Chinese restaraunt.

Meanwhile, DH walks home teary eyed.

YW goes to KS’s office and sees DH looking sad at her desk. he doesn’t bother her about it and goes inside the office. YW tells KS that this guy is a graffiti designer. it is illegal so everyone does it at night. This kid showed his mark. He wears black clothes and a hoody so he can run away easily just in case someone shows up. So he was doing this that night and ran away when people came.

They start to talk about meeting the prosecutor. She wants to win over them so she can become famous. KS tells him that he is not going to do this case. YW will have to do this case. Are you prepared to do this case without emotion? YW says he has a lot of emotion in this case, but he will not show his emotion to her. he will meet her by himself.

The prosecutor asks YW his school number and year. Are you her hubae? he says this is not important right now, the most important thing is the young man. Seniority is not important right now. The woman is disappointed because he is in front of her.

They argue back and forth about the facts of the case.

Both the victim and the accused are young. But the woman says that anyone would be afraid if someone jumped n front of their car. She tells him that he should do the agreement/settlement. But if it goes to court then he will be prosecuted with a high penalty. She is giving the son a break right now.

YW argues back. The prosecutor wants to make a deal with YW because she wants to look impressive to KS, not the prosecutor team. She wants to join Kang&Ham.

YW tells KS this afterward. KS wants YW to get the agreement from the family. This is the right time because sadness turns into anger over time. YW is emotional once again.

My parents died after being in a coma for one month. A lawyer came to the funeral. He was dealing with the money for his parents life. He had nice clothing and talked about money. He was super scary to me even though he was cool, that is when I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, no, I had to be a lawyer.

KS looks at YW and says that he is different from him. you wear different clothing and different shoes and you think differently. YW says he will not be emotional to the victims, he will get the agreement, you are the one that is emotional now. KS agrees, it is because SH’s life depends on him but he has to listen to YW’s childish complaints. KS shakes his head in a huff and walks away.


The prosecutor has circumstantial evidence that the plaintiff threatened the victim and drugged her but there is no evidence. The judge says that he needs to talk to KS.

KS and the prosecutor fight about it. KS says his person is an honest guy that already suffered toward it, will you make this worse? The prosecutor tells KS that he shouldn’t have stabbed them with his sword. Be careful who you use your sword against. Now you know what is going on here in this field.

It looks like everyone is hostile against KS.

Fade Out


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KS – Either one of them are the real murderer or they both killed her together
PSH – Can you bet your entire life on this trial
YW – I put my life on you KS
KS – To catch the bad guys, you have to be worse than them
DH – If you are uncomfortable firing me, should I just quit?
Prosecutor – Your sword, you are unsheathing it by mistake.
KS – If I bribed or got money, or whatever I did, I did it to protect you.

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