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Suits Live Recap Episode 8

Live recap for episode 8 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik
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Uh oh, it looks like the stakes just went up for Yeon-woo. GI and Seo are pressing him on his credentials from the inside and someone on the outside has more than a suspicion that he is faking something, he actually has a bit of evidence. Yeon-woo will have to win this man’s case if he wants him to keep quiet.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 17th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
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KS and YW play basketball at night. They are alone and are in their suits, but their jackets are off as they play 2-on-2 on the empty court. KS goes up for a jump and is blocked by YW.

(giving something back to you that you already deserve as a human)
KS sits on the court next to YW and asks YW what he thinks righteousness is. YW is caught off guard, what? KS says not subjective righteousness, but objective that is written in a book.

YW thinks that great philosophers say that righteousness is giving back what you already deserve. KS repeats it. YW thinks it is the same now as it was back then. KS asks YW if that is why he wants to find out the wrong doing of the accountint firm president and make her pay for it? It was insurane that you got the signature on the resignation letter right?

YW asks how he knows.

KS says YW has the talent for not forgetting and I have a talent for reading people. This time, it is not a person, but a matter. When i see the facts without emotions, then the corruption in the accounting firm will affect our law firm directly. We have to figure it out.

YW, what?!? Are you granting me to ~.

Granting you what? I am opposing you.

YW smiles and stands, Yes, I undertand. I will go and never ever do that thing that you strongly oppose.

This kind of case, you need to be fast and accurate. No one should know that we are doing this.

No one should know we are doing this

Good lawyer, dont’ think about those things at all, just give me the logical deduction and evidence. that is a real lawyer.

Yes, what about you? He turns back to looka t KS. KS grabs his phone and answers it.

Cut to HY’s office. HY wants to confess/testify everything. KS sighs. He says that prosecutor Nah was mad at him because he had to let her go. Prosecutor Oh gave me a helping hand (led me). he quenched my thirst. But, That thing happened.

Flashback. KS asks, Why did you do that? BW says it is good timing to be a chief now because the administration is changing. KS replies that the reason you destroyed evidence and released that guy was only to get promoted? BW says yes, a lot of people get money from sponsors and get houses in their wives names and send their kids to study abroad. I can go up all the way to a position where I dont’ have to think about any other peoples influence only if I ignore this one thing this one time. Then I can prosecute real bad guys. then I can show real justice and not just talk about it.

KS tells him, once or 100 times, it is the same, whatever the reason, if your method is wrong ~. Juts stop. I will just quit. BW tells him he is mistaken, does he think eh will be able to be a lawyer if he quits like this? Kang&Ham wont accept you because you are too troublesome. KS replies, it is better to be there than be shameful over here. BW asks him if he is ashamed of him? He is not ashamed of his name at all.

Present. HY says that BW is done now. But KS says at least he was truthful with me before. Because of me, he didn’t get promoted twice. He argued to put Joo-hee back to the prosecutor twice and put her in a lawfirm (his old girlfriend). I stabbed someone like him in the back? HY tells him to be honest, is that the real reason. Does this mean that you will not testify? Okay, fine. You can be interrogated and I will be your lawyer. She will make it so that he doens’t have to testify to the thing he doesnt’ want to testify to.

KS asks if she is for real? She says she honestly wants him to testify. The thing that bothers her is the truth that he is hiding.

YW thinks about what the accountant guy said. the thing he couldnt’ find wasn’t his salary, but his name. YW searches his name at the company and doesnt’ find it. he looks sadly at the computer.

In KS’s office, DH asks him if he is leaving now. He asks her what she wants to say. DH says, whatever decision you make, I will be here backing you up.

KS gets in the car with HY, she asks him why he changed his mind. He says he dint change his mind, he is just following her orders. And he has a good lawyer. She says the lawyers true mind is diferent from the clients true mind. KS says that the lawyer doesnt’ have to sympathize with the client, they just have to do good defending, i don’t care about the lawyers truthful mid. She agrees, yeah, we lawyers just need to do our job. Whatever, it is just good that you got the signature on the resignation letter. KS informs her that he didn’t do it, Yeon-woo did it.
Cubicles. YW thinks back to the post at the accounting firm. he feels that something is strange about the paper company. he runs to JN’s office, out of breath. S

What is it?

Can I see your salary report? It is related to what I am doing now, can i see it?

She shows it to him.

Yes, this, this, what is this company? Is it tax exemption?

She says it is a consulting firm deduction. it changes from time to time, almost everymonth.

he asks her if she knows any other lawyers around her, not our company, but someone else that can do a search?

She thinks momentarily but he says it’s okay, it doenst’ make any sense.

HY tells the prosecutor woman that his client is there to testify voluntarily so you cannot make him answer anything he doesnt want to answer. She smiles and starts

What was your relationship with BW?
He was my superior and sunbae, you know that well.

What about personally?

HY asks if this is related to the case. The woman says he will be asked this in the courtroom. HY reminds her that this was an interview not the courtroom.

KS says he was his mentor.

The prosecutor says they can stop talking about BW and start talking about KS, he had a lot of cases and won them all.

if I can’t win, then I shouldnt’ go to the courthouse.

With that good of a record, why did you suddenly quit?

HY – this is unrelated

KS – After going to law school, I met HY, she supported me for law school and passing the bar exam. She told me is is better to have prosecutor experinece before becoming a lawyer so I followed her advice. As you know, I got my experience and as planned, I went to her law firm. Out motto is “Carve favors in stones and grudges in water” .

he turns to HY and asks, am I doing okay?

HY tells him he can be better.

the prosecutor tells him to stop joking.

KS tells her that he won’t play with his life with his good resume. She says, so, the reason you quit was because you saw bribery but your couldnt’ say anything because he was your mentor. HY thinks this is a fishing question, it is not a good question for the witness, it is for the plaintiff.

She asks a detailed question. in 2008, December, the BW had a request from a senator to cover up his sons car accident. Did you know that BW removed critical evidence right before court?

KS is silent.

HY – we are going to use our rights not to say anything.

Lady – Don’t you know anything about this acusation that because of this bribery he was assured a promotion?

KS is still quiet and thinking.

HY – We are pleading the 5th amendment. (the right to keep silent)

The woman looks at the people on the other side of the one-way mirror. She tells hyung that he never lost his cases, does he think that makes any sense that he never lost them and his evidence dissapeared right at court. Hyung, maybe it is more convincing that you removed the evidence.

HY interjects but she continues.

Ahn – If I belive that you didnt’ do it, hyung, what about the people above me? What do they like better? To fire a current chief, or to prosecute a law firm ace? Or perhaps do you believe that BW will confess by himself? if you dont’ help me now then it won’t just affect you. You can get all the blame.
YW is working hard in the library when GS comes in and asks him what all that is. Why are you checking all our accounting records? YW says he is just studying, he was thinking about his future and the law firms that become more specialized. What I can do well are numbers.

GS tells him that he is the only needed speicalist for their law firm.

Are you a numbers specialist?

maybe I asked you the wrong question, this is not the time to play with umbers, you have to find your salary that doesnt’ exist. Why dont’ you have a salary? No, that is the wrong question, of course you don’t have a salary because you are not our associate at all. So my question is, why aren’t you legally hired as our associate. you work, but you have no salary. You are here, but you have no name (on the record). Are you a ghost?

GS pulls out some paperwork and shows it to him. He says he has evidence. Dont make excuses, just answer my questions directly, ghost.

YW asys he doesnt’ know where he got this and he doesnt’ understand it.

GS mocks him and repeats what he says. then he tells him to give him his ID, ghost. YW does. GS looks through his computer and says that his number is also wrong what is this, this shouldnt’ be like this!

GS found YW’s employee number and all his information. he storms out.

YW takes a deep breath and we see that YW might have hacked into their system. JN saw him and calls someone. She says, it’s me.

KS asks YW waht is going on with that thing he dint’ ask him to do. Then he notices how YW looks and asks him why he looks like that, was their any trouble? HY is looking at you, it might be a good chance for you to settle down here. YW interrupts and says that he will take care of his own business. KS asks him what he is doing, did something happen?

YW apologizes and says that nothing happened. he leaves.

HY comes in at that moment and says that she wanted to compliment him for getting the resignation letter signed, but something strange is happening there. What is it. KS says it is nothing. She tells him to come somewhere with her then. You will know once we get there.

Prosecutor Ahn is there and welcomes KS and HY. KS says he might not be able to eat anything. Ahn tells him, hyung, to catch chief Oh, if I have to eat you then I will. She hands him something. KS tells her to just prosecture him, why does she want him as a witness. All of this is circumstantial evidence. She tells him that he also didnt’ like this, that is why he quit his job. With your record, that is shameful that you stopped there.

KS says he wanted money. HY tries to calm him down. he fires her as his lawyer and says he won’t testify. HY says really? Then seh turns to Ahn and says that this is all she can do. KS gets up to leave. Ahn calls after him, Do you think that car case is the only case?

KS turns around as tingly trepidatious music starts to play.

Ahn – There are 4-5 more cases and they are all the people that you prosecuted. All these files are on the special tast forces desk. If I dont’ get word from you then i will look through these cases first. An ace prosecutor that never lost. The sword of the right. Your super record, can you be fore sure that you did it all on your own. you have two choices, you take all the blame of being used from the begining, or you testify and put the real righteousness up. Which choice are you going to make?

KS looks at her and walks off.

Seo tells him he is sorry! I will now do some ~. GS stops him and says it isnt’ his fault, it is his fault that he isn’t a good lawyer. Don’t worry about it, just leave. What is on your shoulder….ah, inability. Seo bows his head and walks off as GS feeds his fish. GS mutters to himself, but why is that guy looking at that accounting book?

he gets a feeling and calls someone. Aigo, yes accounting firm…no, I am not Choi, I am Chae.
JN and YW meet on the rooftop area. She tells him that the tiny consulting firm closed recently. it is a tiny firm that got a lot of income so someone reported it to the IRS. They closed right away. It was a paper company. YW tells her it was a ghost company. How did you figure it out?

JN says she just knows someone….next time.

He tells her that it was a big help, see you. he runs off. She mutters to herself that he said she was a big help….that’s all I need.

Cut to a montage of KA and YW looking through paperwork seperately. We cut to YW looking through a lot of paperwork and then KS looking through a lot of paperwork. YW arranges his paperwork on the ground and sighs as he looks at it all with a smile. Then he goes up to KS’s office. Theystart to talk about testifying. KS says that isnt’ the problem, he can be investigated also. YW says he isnt’ guity of forging evidence right?

KS tells him he never did that, but things don’t go that way over there. If he doesnt’ testify then they will involve him and prosecure him as well. DH tells him to testify! KS tells her that he was his mentor. I am not going to betray him even though I am in danger. DH rolls her eyes.

YW says, if he committed a crime then he should. if someone points a gun to my head. I either take the gun or take a bigger gun out, I will have at least a hundred ways to solve it. KS asks him if he thinks this is a chance to tell me what I told you before? just do your job like before. YW says this is not advice, this is helping, what do we have to find?

KS looks at him for a moment and says they have to find the wrong doings that he wasn’t even sure he was doing. YW tells him that is pointing the gun to his own head. KS looks up and says he is right, the gun is pointing the wrong way. he puts on his jacket and goes out. DH is left looking concerned.

KS gets to a building and looks up a long line of stairs.

At the top of the stairs looking down at us. BW says that the director of the wind changed. you told me if it was a typhoon you would jsut break and not sway with the direction of the wind, you and me. If something changed, it is not the wind but the direction of the gun. You are pointing it at your mentors head?

KS – I will ask you a question, the car case wasn’t the first case you forgerized evidence was it?

DW – I realized judicial justice for you, from the begining to the end

KS – If you put innocent people in jail then that is not justice

DW – They weren’t innocent, there just wasn’t enough evidence

they keep talking back and forth about this. KS asks him, if it was your case, would you forgerize the evidence? BW says yes, whatever he did with the evidence, he put everyone in jail that deserved it. KS says he released people he shouldn’t have released as well, that is why he is so dissapointed.

BW – Dissapointed? You decided to clean up all the bad things for rich and powerful people (whip their asses when they pay you money). You defend all the dirty people that you hated before, if they pay you. Dissapointed? that is something you can say?

KS – You are a prosecutor. You require a higher morality and character.

BW – Yes, I accept that, but to fight those people you are helping, I had to be promoted to the proper position and I had to use the proper sword.

KS – Whatever the reason is, it is illegal and a crime. Whatever the position, what does the knife matter?

BW – Whatever the sword? if you dont’ have the right sword then justice is nothing.

KS – The sword without justice is just violence.

BW – I came this far with that sword because I am in this position now. I can put a lot of bad guys in jail whose mess you are cleaning up. Tell me, I won right?

KS – No, if you violate the rule, winning dosnt’ mean that you are really winning, if you did things illegally then you have to pay for it. Righteousness is the thing that gives back things that people already deserve.

BW – So what will I get back?

KS – My trainee, not even an associate, not even a real lawyer, even knows that. But the one who is a judicial justive for 30 years still doesn’t know that?

BW – What you want to say is for me to testify and go to jail to pay for my sins?

KS – I am telling you how to avoid going to jail, just put down everything and remove your cloak (quit your job).

BW – I won’t, never.

KS – Well, it seems like you dont’ even have any more justice to let go.

KS looks him up and down and then leaves.

the accounting president says this was a loss for me and my firm. It is shameful, but sometimes it was hard for me to pay for my employees, that is why I wanted to change my income flow. i just borrowed my friends names and made the company. HY tells her that of course she did that. GS is in the meeting also and tells her that all business people have paper companies. For the good of teh company. HY looks angry but in a reserved way.

The president thanks them for firing the accountant, but your trainee is looking at unnecessary things and pocking around. HY says that she will call KS about it and take care of the trainee.

Meanwhile, KS is in his office staring out the window. DH is off screen and asks DH what he is going to do. If you dont’ do anything then he will ~. KS says that he still wears the same shoes with the worn out heel and lives in the same rented house. He is qualified to tell me that I am whipping rich peoples Asses.

He turns to DH and says, if I am BW and you are me, what would you do? DH says she would make the same decision. The big crime you committed, I wouldnt’ backstab you to save myself. But ~ .

HY tells him that he has to cut at least one thing.

GS coms in also and asks where his trainee is. Dont you know what he is doing?

HY tells him, to make a long story short, fire him.

Cut to KS telling YW that he told him that security is the most important thing about this accounting firm case. YW says he did it securely. KS tells him that he still didn’t figure out what kind of person GS is? What are you going to do? Hy wants to fire you right now. YW says, even if I get fired, I want to say what I want to say right now.

Cut to HY, GS, KS and YW meeting in a room. HY says she doesnt’ want to hear it. KS says they background checked the client, that is true, but they have the next ~. GS interrupts, the next thing is that he only left a critical stain on their law firm.

KS says no, we almost did it. He rolls out a long poster on the table. HY asks what this is.

YW – These are all the foregn paper companies that the owner of the paper company sold and bought.

GS thinks it is just a couple.

KS says it is not just a few and it is not just about tax savings or the owners embezzlement. She has owned 127 paper companies and through the paper companies, they got the money from their clients. They embezzled money from the clients through the paper companies.

HY asks what he is talking about.

YW says, for 5 years, this is over 5 million dollars and our loss is the biggest. HY says this doesnt make any sense, how is this possible. YW says it is a lot of money so it is easy to make the partner lawyers income bigger because it is so much money.

KS – I think she bought off someone in the accounting team. Our company is the same.

HY – How come no one knows about this!

YW – They just cut off the tail of the lizard. They move the paper companies around. When something happens then the close the paper companies.

HY asks GS, is this true? GS says they will have to check in detail. KS wants to know what she will do. HY tells him that they have to take back what they took from them and they will get what they deserve.

GS says he will check everything thoroughly and give her a report.

HY tells KS to check the financial team and criminally charge whoever is related.

then she tells YW, good job. You did an important thing for the company, so I wont’ fire you. But whatever the reason or result is, you background checked your client, that doesn’t change. You are being placed on the wait list until further notice.

YW is shocked but he immediately says that he understands.
Cut to YW copying papework. She thinks things didn’t go well since he is doing this work. He should have gotten a bonus. YW says for now he rediced the potential danger in the company and this is the first job that HY gave him so that is important.

But then he gets a papercut. JN immediatly goes up to him and nurses it a little. She says she had a lot of papercuts when she was first hired. They have a moment where they look at each other. But GS messes it up.

JN leaves as GS walks from behind the stacks. He asks if KS is dating her. GS talks about how YW gave him better prey. This is when people say you make juk and give it to a dog.

KS looks at a newspaper.

Newspaper: BW is under investigation.

This is also on the news. Ahn calls KS and tells him that the mentor he respected is not the person he thought. KS hangs up and looks out the window. DH looks in her drawer and picks up a file. then she takes it to HY’s office.

HY asks what the occassion is. DH says she doesnt’ want to see KS break because of that jashik. She sits.

DH – KS was different from now when he was a prosecutor, of course his work was similar, but he was purer in his heart. Prosecutoror Oh was someone you can expect, especially among young prosecutors. maybe KS wanted tosee him as a righteous guy.

DH hands over the file.

DH – Not this case, but for a long time, I knew that Oh was forgerizing evidence. I saw it with my own eyes.

Flashback of DH seeing Oh doing fishy things. he runs into the building so DH goes back inside as well and sees OH in her office. he says he just left something there. She asks him why he is there. She is there to get her umbrella. She picks up her umbrella and sees a usb. It looked like the same usb, but it wasnt KS’s usb, she thought it would happen, so she decided to make a record of how he forgerizes evidence. it is a detailed written record. If KS knows that I gathered this evidence and showed it to you, then he will hate me. he ask me what I would do in that situation. I told him that I wouldnt’ be able to backstab KS.

HY says she would give the same answer.

But BW is different from KS. BW denied everything and blamed KS for everything. that is bad, we can’t protect him. Whatever KS punishes me, I don’t care.

HY tells her that this is bad, this is a different case. This is not KS’s knife and he is not the person stabbing BW. I will take care of it, you can go back.

Later, we see HY driving somewhere.

HY meets with BW. She says she is just stopping by. She met Ahn, you denied everything? He says she is not in her line. HY says you blamed your own kids. BW says he suggested another way but he didnt’ choose it, what can I do? HY shows him the file and says she is on her way to see the head prosecutor, it will take 30 minutes. If I dont’ get a message that you accept all your wrong doing and quit, then I will give the original evidence to the special team. BW isn’t backing down though, he says there is no evidence.

HY can’t believe what he says. She tells him that his ability to read people isnt’ as good as KS’s. Do whatever you want. I warn you, if you touch KS and talk about KS as your own kid again, I will send all this evidence to the media or the Blue House or wherever. i will send it everywhere.

She walks out.

HY goes to his office and tells him that he won’t have to testify. KS says that is different from what Ahn told him. HY says he wanted to blame you for everything at firts, but now he changed his mind and quit. KS says, you did it? HY says, see, you are much better at reading people that BW.

KS asks her what she did.

HY playfully says he fired this good lawyer and is even suspecting her now? This was good enough quality for BW and him to be satisfied.

He says, so can I carve your favor on my stone? She chuckles and tells him, not that much. I just want to tell you that you are not alone. YW also did more than he was supposed to do. So your ability to pick people is also proven.

KS says she asked why he didn’t want to testify , the real reason is because he wasnt’ sure. He really didnt’ know if BW was forgerizing the evidence. I should have known it. But I had to put those bad guys in jail, so maybe I jsut wanted to see what I wanted to see. I wasn’t sure.

HY tells him to stop there, she will regard it that she didnt’ hear any of that. Remove all this on the table and remove BW from your brain. So, how do you want to finish that accounting firm case. With GS or with YW?

HY leaves and DH and HY have a moment where they signal each other. then hY walks off. DH looks thorugh the window at KS who is looking out of his window.

KS goes to the library and sees YW copying paperwork.

KS – the reason I picked you….

YW – Yes…what did you say?

KS – You are back to work again.

He smiles.
HY tells the president that they are not defending her company anymore. KS speaks up and says that 13 companies want to get their money back from her that she embezzled and they can’t defend her because they are on the top of the list of companies.

She asks them what is going on, are you joking with me?

YW tells her all the technical things about all the company embezzlement. KS starts speaking about all the embezzlement stuff as well.

The woman is all like, who? Me? I never heard about these people.

YW produces all the evidene. All the people related to her are the owners, Her cousins, her friends…..

The woman still denies it.

HY tells her that this is there associate, he was a trainee while he was figuring this out, but now he is a regular.

KS tells the president that for them, even the trainees do a good job.

The president says the companies are all legal.

HY tells her to just stop right there, we know what you did. You jsut wanted to make yourself rich.

She asks for th evidence. KS says this si all the evidence, but if you want….

YW goes outside and grabs the fired accountant. He is the external consultant for this case. YW tells her that she knows he is a genius numbers guy. This is easy to calculate, you don’t even need a college degree.

The woman tries to threaten them.

HY tells her to try everything. But let me give you some advice. Before you do anything stupid before leaving here, you should tell us all that you did. Otherwise, you will see your kids from jail for the next 5 years.

Seo brings GS his meal, there are two of them. He explains it to him. GS says he is a regular because….it tastes good. He asks Seo if he ate. Seo says he didnt’ and then took that to mean that he will eat with him. But GS tells him to leave, he will eat both of them.

YW – You are the one that reported this to the IRS
Accountant – I am not in the situation to talk about someone wrong doing, my conciounce told me to do it.
YW – I am sorry I couldnt’ keep my promise of protecting you
A – No, I saw the CEO make that face and I at least protected myself. I am satisfied, I owe you forever, thank you so much. Maybe I am not in a position to give you advice, but if you did something wrong then you should correct it right now. if it is ficcult right now, then sometime in the future.

The accountant leaves. YW goes to walk off, but GS is right in front of him.

GS says that he heard he went back to work, he looks proud that he figured out this thing on accident. YW says it was a big deal accident, but our Bull fighter, what did you do?

Buy and sell expensive high valued companies, fire people and hire people. We can’t understand all their business. We shouldnt’ understand them. But you are not like that. You started with sympathy toward that guy, why? Was it among genius’? no it was your soft personality. that is my problem, I thought too much in my way, but it seems like you have a different starting pint than us. Everyone here went to teh same school and are sunbae hubae. If you ar a genius, then you should be famous like me, but no one knows about you, it doesnt’ make sense. Are you an imposter? Your license and everything are all fake right? Why did KS pick you are his associate? Did he expect this result? Something that I can’t even do but you are genius enough to solve it? Did he already know it all in advance???

GS storms off.

KS cleans his home and hears a Ding dong at the door. It is YW.

YW – why did you pick me?

KS asks him why he is talkng about that again. YW says it is different this time. GS has valid suspicions as to why you picked me as an associate. KS says he dint’ pick him, YW picked his own positin and threw in his own card to be what kind of alwyer and person. I am telling you one more time, the important thing is not the client.

YW – It is myself? Okay, I decided not to put my emotions to teh client anymore.

KS – that is good.

Byt YW has another queston. He has to repay KS one thing. he thinks about it a lot but it all ended. The mistake you made without knowing it ws a mistake, is it this? He hands him a folder. This is KS’s murder case from 12 years ago. he was an assistant prosecutor. YW read all his cases, nothing was wrong including that one. But, he checked BW’s evidence list and found this. He hands him another paper. he says it is a love letter that the victim woman sent to the accuser.

He used to deal drugs and said he was dating her, but thee was no evidene that he was No cell phone or harddrive. KS says they thought he was lying which is shy they prosecutred him.

KS says, so my first cas and last case is all ~ .

Jang suk-won is the first case I prosecutred with BW. He was only 20 so he spent all his w0’s in jail. He had a 15 year sentence, so he should have 3 more years in jail.

But we cut to the jail and we see a man doing pushups. Someone calls his prison number and tells him to come out. The prisoner walks out among the guards.

Fade Out


KS – it is my fault, I told you I was wrong.
HY – Retrial is not an easy thing to do.
KS – I am going to be your lawyer and defend you.
KS – We have to find evidence that they can’t deny
YW – It is the same situation but two different testimonials. Jang Sok-han…you already made a mistake.
KS – These kids are all from wealthy families
YW – They all tesitified against jang Sok-han
KS – Don’t you have anything to tell me about the evidence in BW’s case?

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