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Suits Live Recap Episode 7

Live recap for episode 7 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik
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Yeon-woo lost the mock court case, which seems like it might be a big deal because these lawyers are the best and do not like losers. Besides that, I feel like we are starting this episode with a clean slate. All the cases have been nicely tied up so far and the only connecting piece is that little tidbit that Yeon-woo isn’t actually a lawyer.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 16th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
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How to Watch Later: Viu (Asian countries)
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Courtroom flashback.

KS is trying to get his computer to work, but it isn’t working. The judge asks him if he is going to continue.


YW is looking at Seo. Will he continue with the mock debate? YW turns to HY and says he wont continue with this debate, this is it. HY tells everyone that their court case is over. The plaintiff won. HY tells YW that she expected a lot from him, but he is naive and weak. She leaves. Everyone starts leaving in succession.

YW is still standing there, he turns and sees KS looking at him with his arms foled. But KS turns to leave as well.

Afterward, Sh asks YW if he is okay. He tells her not to worry, it will all work out. SH asks him why he did that. At the end….never mind. It’s just my Yeon-woo. You should go back, you can buy me dinner later. SH walks off but turns and sees YW walks away immediately.

YW goes to KS’s office and says he shoudln’t hurt someone in the mock court, it is just mock. KS tells him that he proved that he doesnt’ deserve to be here. YW wants to know what he wants? To get money? Whoever it is, just get the most money and we will win? YW tells him that he wants to be a lawyer that can protect his own people, not just win.

KS says he is a good lawyer, he agrees with that, but whatever righteous things you say with tyour mouth, I can’t trust it. YW asks why? Because I am a conman and am not a real lawyer. KS says no, it is because of your weak and niave mind, you won’t prtect anyone. If you are not confident, then don’t unsheeth your sword, if you do that, then just cut right away without breathing. Do one or the other, but you dont’ know what the right decision is. Who will you protect?
YW walks back to his cubicle, defeated. he sits down and let’s out a great big sigh. Then he sees a rabbit sticky note. He picks it up and thinks for a moment. then he runs off somewhere.

He goes to the roof and sees JN. JN says seh has a reason. He tells her that he is sorry, he just wanted to win at that moment. She says it wsn’t about him, it is about her, she is publically humiliated. How can she go to the drinking parties? If she doesnt’ go there or if she goes there? People will wonder. Why am I like this? I thought about it a lot. Maybe youa re right, I am this kind of person. But I think that is not true, I am thinking about it a lot.

JN turns and looks at YW. She says that YW bothers her thoughts She dosn’t know why, that is why she is angry like this. He bothers her. It is all her fault. She knows it is all her fault. That is a secret between you and me. Did you tell your friend about the rabbit? He says that was just a coincidence. She says, coincidence? You are really a genius? He says eh didnt’ know when he became a genius that made her angry. She tells him that he should have continued and not stopped in the middle, what was the reason? We messed it up because of you and my emotions. He says it wasn’t that.

But just then, JN’s mother calls her so she leaves.

YW is still holding the post it note and looks at the rabbit as she walks away.
Elsewhere, GS meets with KS in KS’s office. He gloats and says that the winner came to collect his (booty) bounty. KS tells him three days. GS says one week. KS says 3 days. GS says 5 days, KS – one day. Are you not confident? You said you only need 3 days.

GS says fine, 3 days. He leaves with his arms up.

While getting ready, YW thinks back to what JN said about ruining everything because of their emotions. YW tells himself, no emotions from you from now on. he hops on his bike and rides to work. he meets with KS outside and walks next to him.

YW asks why the vendor never charges KS, he never gave him a discount. KS asks him if getting a dicount is his righteousness and his value? YW says he is going to far, he left his emotions at home. KS says if yesterday was real court, then you gave your client defeat and pain. Bring me results. YW says he holds grudges. KS says he is a choosy person, even when he chooses liquor. But you know what I care about most? No grude.

Or course, whisky and court, no grudge.

They get to the building. KS greets the chief prosecutor outside the building. The man asks if YW is KS’s apprentice. YW asks the man why he said prosecutor Choi? the man says Choi’s sword fighting was really good, peole never saw it coming. Never go to the courtroom. The man tells KS to cancel everything tonight so they can eat dinner. He will text him the location and time, see you later. The man walks off.

YW asks KS why he looks like that, you don’t look happy. KS asks him what he lost with this best choice? he walks off.

DH asks him, you didnt’ know that? KS says of course he didnt’ know. He never thought he would lose the mock courtcase. Dh says, if GS wins, then h wants me? Yo ureally didnt’ know about it? The only thing he wants to take from you is me. So, wht are you going to do? KS tells her to stick with him for 3 days. Just play with him for 3 days. She is all like, what ? You want me to play with him for 3 days? this is selling me to him!

KS tells her that this is just acting for 3 days, then he will seperated her from him. She says, acting? Okay, what is the name of this movie? KS says, King Kong.

DH goes to GI’s office and stand outside. She thinks, GS is King Kong, I am the woman on his palm. Then she goes inside.
She walks in and points at GS. Don’t do that, that is me. yeah, yeah, yeah, you do that one…. She walks up to his desk. He tells her that he will give her instructions as sectretary. But seh starts talking first.

1 – You dont’ own me
2 – Even though you are my boss, I am sad becasue you are discriminatory against women
3 – I am going to tell HY and publically sue you.

GS says it was a misunderstanding. DH says we don’t even have a written contract, but for the honor of Kang&Ham, I can have a little agreement in a nice way, just one day.

GS pulls out two tickets. DH is swayed by it. It is a Russian ballet. GS says this Russian ballet reminds him of when he first saw the ballet, he couldn’t forget it. DH says, because you saw it alone. What are the details? GS tells her, after the play, let’s go to an expensive bar and have caviar and drink Vodka. She says, vodka? You can’t even drink. He says he will drink carbonated water.

She says, yes to the play and no to the dinner. He agrees but he tells her that she has to keep the dress code.

A woman is there and says there was a man who worked for her company for 15years, but now she found out that his college diploma is a fake. HY asks her what she is talking about. The woman says he faked his credentials. Everyone thought he went to a top college, but actually, he was a drop out. HY says it will be big trouble for the company if anyone finds out. Try to persuade him with a lot of retirement money. the woman asks HY if she will do that for her.

Seo tells JN that she said she had to go home early, where you with YW? Someone saw it. YW shows up and says it is a mistake. Seo wonders how YW can come in right at that moment they are talking about him. Seo though YW would be a little softer after losing, but he is the same. If I were you, I wouldnt’ be there because it is so embarrassing, but you are different. Seo walks off. JN looks at YW and walks off to her office. YW follows.

She tells him to just accept it. He asks her if she went home straight away yesterday. She says yes. JN asks if he has something to tell her? He syas, did you know that KS used to be a prosecutor?
They look at a computer together. YW tells her that her salary is high. SHe says it isn’t as high as his. Then seh looks at KS’s resume and says that he doesnt’ have prosecutor on his company resume. YW says, that is strange right? I just met his old boss and he said that KS was his apprentice. JN starts typing again and asks why YW did that to lawyer Seo?

YW says, for me it is okay, if he gives me a hard time, I am fine. But he also talks about you. JN says not to do anything like protecting her, she also has her own pride. He says that he won’t screw up because of his emotions anymore. JN pulls up KS’s law database and sees that it has everything about KS’s prosecutor life. YW asks to capture this image so I can use it when I need to threaten him. He puts his hand on her hand which is on the mouse. She takes in his scent for a brief moment. Then seh snaps out of it.

JN – Well , we can search this in the lawyer profile, but why didn’t he update the details on our homepage?
YW – that is strange, maybe he has something to hide when he was a prosecutor.

YW meets with DH, DH tells him that they have a lot of former prosecutors there. YW says a lot of people brag about their prosecutor past. DH asks why he is intersted in it. Who told you that? YW says a chief prosecutor, Oh Byun Wook (BW). Does KS hve a dark past? DH says nothing is there, so don’t worry about it. Don’t say unneccessary things to KS or he will pick on you.

KS comes up at that moment and asks DH if she should be there now. DH says, with GS, I took care of it. You already know, you may try to sell me but I won’t be sold too easily. YW asks what he is talking about. KS tells him it is nothing. Come in. DH snaps her fingers at him and reminds him not to talk about the prosecutor thing.

YW goes inside. KS tells him about their big client but asks YW if he is sure that he left his emotions at home. YW says yes. KS says this is good to test it. We have to fire the director, find out everything about him and find a good reason to fire him. YW asks what he did wrong. Did he take money? Or illegal bookkeeping?

KS says no, he is a good employee, but he forgerized his diploma. Don’t think about your problem, it won’t happen to you. YW asks how you know for sure, what if HY knows about it? Or if anyone knows about it? HY comes in and asks, if I know what? KS says now he knows that YW never dated anyone. HY says it shouldnt’ be because in the mock courtroom he was thinking about the plaintiff.

YW tries to play it off a little and leaves right away. DH sees him leaving and has a feeling.
Are you going to give that Director job to our trainee? KS tells her, if the reason for firing is that obvious, then they dont’ need to come to us. So it is not that big of a deal to me. Is there any other reason we shouldn’t give this to my trainee, the mock court? HY says, maybe it is too much to ask you to have my discerning eye for picking people.

KS – We’ll see.

HY – The one they want to fire worked in accounting for a long time. (The Namyang company is their accounting firm also)

KS – then you know it better. I am proving my own discerning eye.

HY – I don’t know if you are up to my level of discernment.

YW relaxes into his chair, then he sits up and calls someone. he calls the director and asks if he is the director. He says that he wants to see him. GS sits on the desk right at that moment.

GS – What is that thing that Nyamyang company asked KS to do?

YW asks him if he asked it to him. GS says he is the only one there. YW – am I a human? I thought I was a cow. Mooooo. GS tells him, yeah, once you are defeated like that, you should know that you dont deserve to be here. I thought you would quit, but it is my mistake that you are the same.

YW says, to meet your expectations, I should stick here even more. GS tells him, dont’ forget, I have a lot of fire accumulated against you already. YW asks him why he doesnt’ like him, what is the reason. GS explains that he is interested in him, but he direction of it isn’t whethere he likes him or not, it is pointing more at hating him, because he is fake. have you seen any bull fighter not stab the cow because they pity the cow? They aren’t swayed by those cheap emotions.

YW tries to talk but GS says, genius or whatever, everyone is tricked by KS’s bluffing, but I knew it from the beginning. You don’t deserve to be Kang&Ham’s bull fighter. My real question is, why did KS pick someone like you are his associate? YW says, okay, that is what happened, but let me ask you one thing, if the bull fighter is already asking the already beaten up cow where to stab, isnt’ he a good bull fighter? Don’t pint your anger toward me instead of KS.

YW leaves on that remark. GS calls someone.

YW goes to meet with someone and introduces himself as KS’s associate. The man is the quiet shy type and says it is strange, there are no associates named YW at Kang&Ham. YW asks, huh? The man says he has good ability, he is good at numbers. Not only Kang&Ham, but all the companies I take care of, I remember all their numbers and everything. but he hasn’t seen his name. YW says it is because he is a trainee and only on the job for a few days. The man tells him that it is nice to see him. He starts talking about KS’s taxes.

YW says this isnt’ about KS’s taxes, it is about you, I have to fire you. The man says, you have to fire me? Why?

Seo tells GS that the trainee isn’t like a trainee, that is what is wrong with him. GS tells Seo the reason is that they should just hate him. We know what is wrong with him so we need to find the evidence. All pockets have dust. Seo says he will find the evidence.

The man says it is his fault that he said he graduated. He hasn’t had any problems, he worked for the company for the last 15 years, but eh is dumped like trash. You didnt’ even need any fake diploma. The man says, fake diploma? What is this? I have never seen this before.

Cut to YW meeting with KS, KS tells him that he said he would work hard, but he is swayed by his emotions again. I told you not to care about this, it has nothing to do with you, it is already decided. YW thinks it will ruina family so we should think about it deeper. he put that he graduated, but nothing happened for the last 15 years and he never made the fake diploma. KS asks him if he has evidence? You trust him without evidence? You just see yourself through him. I told you not to put your own problems at work. Just call him and I will meet him tomorrow.

YW tells KS that he is the one swayed by his emotions, not him. He will give him the data but you won’t solve it by yourself. I have to get the result, not just talk about working hard, so i work hard and he said without him he won’t say anything. I will find the evidence.

KS walks the strets and goes into a building. But then a woman comes up to him and says he is Kang-suk hyung? (hyung is like work related close friendship when a woman says it. Girls sometimes call male sunbaes that in college. But they call them Oppa if they get super close, some people also say hyung if they are very close).

She tells him, it is because he is a big law firm ace, he looks very nice. KS tells her that this is class, I was born with this class, i was like this as a prosecutor. She says no, you are a little different than those honest classy sharp swords. Hyung, bye me some lunch, let’s talk about when we were young and had fiery hearts. KS tells her that they met after many years and you ask me to buy lunch. Stop acting, just tell me what you need.

the woman says she is investigating BW destroying evidence for their investigation. I on the special investigation team. She hands him her card. He tells her that she is at the wrong address. She should investigate around him, not me, I quit 10 years ago. She says he is the chief, no one will talk bad about him. He says he is the same, he was his superior. The woman says he is different, she knows why he left him. He syas she knows the reason that he doenst’ even know? You want to show a big even becasue the world changed. Don’t work too hard. He starts to walk away.

the woman says, if she can’t even have lunch with a respected sunbae, then he will be in the court as a witness. He asks if this is a threat. She says first he will be there as a witness, but he can be a plaintiff as well.
He says he isn’t scared, you didnt’ get anything, sorry. She says, no, this is a coincidental meeting and I got soem result, enjoy your meal and say hi to chief Oh. She walks off with a warm smile.

YW thinks, the reason he is fired is because he faked his diploma, they figured it out with a background check. Background check? he starts to type a number and calls. the phonce goes straight to voicemail. YW hangs up and yawns a great big yawn. Then he looks at his computer again. he finds out that they first page on the Naver news is about the prosecutor team against BW.

Cut to KS drinking with BW inside the restaurant. A large spread of food is in front of them. KS asks the reason he came by and pretended like it was a coincidence. BW asks if it was easy to figure out? It is difficult to disguise these things when he get older. KS tells him that he met the other prosecutor for teh special investigation. BW says that happens all the time. KS tells him that he told him it would happen sometime and that sometime has come.

BW tells him that if they yeild to them then their justice that the built up to hard will be destroyed. It is my problem, but it won’t be good for your future also. KS asks if he is threatening him. BW says no, he needs his help. With bad parents, good people can become bad. We prosectuted thoes people without boundary. KS asks if they really didnt’ have boundaries. BW says he knows that he hates him, but because of that, you shouldnt’ deny everything they did togehter. Good things are good and bad things re bad. What I earned is a chief position with your name, that name is getting bigger, so people are trying to guard me.

KS has a flasback of BW talking to him while drinking soju. We are all prosecutors for justice, there are no sides. of course, it is difficult to remove our desire, it isn’t easy right? Let’s drink. KS tells him it is his working time. BW tells him, when the wind blows, just be with the wind. When a typhoon blows, we will break if we are against it. That is why I chose you. Come under me. I choose you are my apprentice. From that point, you will become a real knife and you don’t have to take i away because of what you are prosecuting. (“Prosecutor” in Korea also sounds like “Sword Fighter”, so prosecutors are often called “Sword of justice” in Korea). KS drinks the soju.

Present. BW says people don’t even know what prosecutors and justice are anymore. We need to change the system. KS says if you want to change the system, then we have to change the person that used the sword wrongly. they also want to realize judicial justice also, there are no sides. BW asks him if he is not taking his drink? KS tells him that he should accept something that he has to accept and make a deal with the special investigation team. If you go to court then they will find the evidence also. that is what you always told me.

BW says he knows if well and wrapped it up well, there is no evidence left. KS asks him if he wanted to hear which side he was on, right? i left you by myself, but I won’t report you by myself also. But it doesn’t mean that if I am a witness that i will lie for you. That is not my way. It is also not for you who thought of yourself as a real sword man. And the drink, I think I shouldnt’ have drank that drink when I was with those other followers of you.

KS gets up and leaves. H puts on his shoes outside the door, then looks at BW’s shoes.

Flashback. Bad guys will get caught and we will find the evidence somewhere, lets drink! I love you KS, haha. KS, I love you. You are my kid now. I will take care of you forever, until you die. I love you! Hey, you can drink a lot now. Afterwards, they stumble out. BW gives him money and tells him to take a taxi, tomorrow is an important case, just sleep well tonight. I am your brother, in the courtroom tomorrow….no, nothing, you just trust me, your hyung. Do you trust hyung? (Yes) youa re my kid, you should trust me.

Present. KS turns BW’s shoes in the other direction, so it will be easier for him to put them on when he leaves.
JN gets a call from her mother. She answers. She tells her that she has to work late today, seh should have called her in advance. JN leaves and picks up a doshirak order (to go order). Then seh goes back to the office and talks to YW who is still in the library area. She asks him what he is doing, is he still looking for evidence to threaten KS? She shows him the food and says that she works late tonight. There is no meaning.

They eat the food together. He says he was hungry and wanted to eat something outside. She says is that right? By the way, did you see the report about BW? I don’t know which is true and which is untrue.

Dh is all dressed up and goes to the opera. But seh says she will kill him. She sees him and he starts clapping. He tells her that she is the most beautiful person there. She says, tongiht, I want to kill ~. But he touches his figner to her lips. He starts talking into his voice recorder, but seh kicks him in the shin. Then she says a deal is a deal, I will watch this thing with you. GS says, this is not what I planned. He hops after her.

JN asks YW if he slept there? He is all like, huh? What time is it! it is 8:50 am. He runs off but he he comes back and takes her coffee, he tells her that he will repay her with doshirak and coffee!

YW meets with someone, he wants to get a background check. This person says that a third party cannot background check someone. YW says he is there with Kang&Ham. This is a sentitive topic, he is not there to make trouble, he is there to fix the problem. He will call the president. But that is when the guy does the background check.

It looks like someone is fired because they used company money. YW asks this man if he can print out one more thing.

Seo finds out that YW works but doesnt’ get paid. he tells this to GS and says, so it is the same as if he is from a top school but has no resume.

DH tells KS that he has a special witness requestion from the special investigator. DH says, if it were her, she would tell everything and then go home and open champagne and drink it and have the best sleep ever. KS asks why she is doing this. She says he has to do it, does he already forget why he is out of that place? The reason she is with him now is because KS didnt’ follow BW to the end.

YW comes in at that moment. He says he can come back later. he has a background check of director Bang. Should I be excused? DH says they are done talking; she leaves.

YW tells KS that he needs to pay more attention. BW is under special investigation for removing evidence. It is your past, you have to solve it, but if you are involved now then it affects me also. This is your last prosecutor job, they plead no guilty with not enough evidence. KS asks why he is doing something he didn’t want him to do. YW says, after reviewing the case, I wondered why BW chose you and why you had to leave. KS wants to know why he is interested in that. YW says he thought it was a clue as to why he hired him.

Sometimes later, maybe I will have to leave you just like you left him. Before I am fired like accountant Bang. DH goes inside and says that bang came, do you want to meet him there? KS says, in the meeting room. Then he tells YW not to say anything and just sit.

They meet with Bang. KS shows him the compensations for being fired. If you dont’ challenge it then it is more than your retirement money. Bang says he can’t accept it. KS says he accepted that he faked his diploma, you can be prosecutred. Bang says he didn’t make a fake diploma. KS tells him if he lies untl the end~. But YW says that diploma went into HR a week ago. If he wante to fake it, they should have done it from the begining. The president did a background check 7 years ago already.

This is news to KS and Bang. YW tells him that last month, one of the guys under his was fired. KS says, youuuuuu~. YW tells him to listen to him. Why was he fired? bang says his person came to him and said that something was wrong with the company financials, it seems like they had another source of income besides the knows income. there was several money coming in from several paper companies. They dno’t know who the owner is. YW remembers what he saw on the board.

Bang syas he told the president the president told him that it had nothing to do with the company. The manager took the money, that is why they fired him. Bang realizes what is going on and gets up in a huff. they want to fire me just in case I leak this secret! I cannot accept this money! He storms out.

YW says he will get him back. But KS tells him that he screwed everything up even more, is this the type of lawyer he wants to be? KS shakes his head and walks out
KS meets with the company owner and HY. She says this is a company secret, no one can see it. How did the trainee see it. KS says it is not how but why. They are the same. You didnt’ want to fire him without evidence right? HY says that what the owner says is true, the trainee shouldnt’ have looked at that secret file. KS says they wanted to cover it up but they made it too perfect which is what screwed it up? You knew about this 7 years ago, why do you want to make it an issue right now? he says she knew about it one week ago. KS asks who did the background check. She says human resources do it automatically.

KS says HR hid the information from you for 7 years? The owner stands, why are you doing this to me? KS says this is suspicion, not intention, is there another reason to fire him? She asks what he means. HY says it is nothing, I made him work quickly, he just wanted to check the details. The woman says that only thing he missed is that the director didnt’ sign the pink slip contract. In the contract he should sign, it says he should keep the secret (gag order). If he talks about it to other companies ~.

HY says he won’t say anything because KS will find him and make him sign the contract.

YW meets with the accountant. the accountant is fired and has his box. he says he will hire a lawyer, he has nothing to lose, he will fight to the end. YW says it isn’t good for him already because he faked his diploma, peole will turn against you even more. You did taxes for thousands of people and 27 companies. I told you, I understand you. Just think that I have a similar ability to yours. The important thing is tht people will quesiton everything you have done in the company. The worst case is that you will go to jail.

He says the president commited a bigger crime than him. What should he do?

YW says he will find a way, but the insurance is to sign the contract first. The accountant says he did Kang&ham’s taxes for 5 years, 2 months, and 12 days. he never seen any trainee without a salary and then I background checked you. the one I found without the salrary had the name Ko Yeon-woo. Give me the contract, I trust that you will help me. We have similar talents, and maybe we also have similar weaknesses. I think my insurance isn’t just this money, you are my insurance.

With this sword that you took out to protect someone.It might not protect them, it could destroy you, me and our company. YW tells KS that he got the signature. KS says he thought he was always emotional, but he sometimes works. YW says that he always works, but sometimes he wonders if the work he is fully committed to is for him.

KS tells him that he did his work, does he want praise. YW says he wants the opposite, just yell at him, he is right. I realized that only talking about justice and values is nothing, I can’t protect anyone, I am really angry.

KS says that they cannot deny that the director made a mistake. Does your justice include someone that commits a crime?

YW says that is what he wanted to tell him, he knows the reason he left chief Oh. After reading the court report to the end. He understands what really happened in his brain.

Flashback. Do you want to continue? You have CCTV evidence? You don’t have it? KS remembers back to BW telling him to trust him tomorrow at the courthouse. BW stands up and says that he is sorry, judge. Maybe our side made a mistake.

Present. Chief Oh (BW) destroyed the evidence without telling you. You hated that. You couldnt’ accept that wrong doing and left the prosecution office. You were like that, why?

Are you asking me why I gave you a chance?

No, the one that had the chance this time was you. Chief Oh committed a crime, but why did you want to help him? If you are not swayed by your emotions, then this is a good time to use your sword that is sheathed.

Fade Out

YW – Are you going to testify?
KS – I am not going to sell my mentor out becuse someone has a gun to my head.
VO – So you are not going to testify until the end?
KS – HY is looking at you
VO – They had 127 paper companies exactly
HY – How can that be possible?
DH – You know he is this kind of person, you can’t protect him, right?
HY – You decide it.
GS – All your diploma and qualifications are all fake right?
HY – Ko Yeon-woo, you are fired.

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  1. Lista
    May 16, 2018 / 5:01 pm

    Oh wow I didnt expect him to get found out so fast!

    • V
      May 16, 2018 / 7:54 pm

      Me either!

    • tenay
      May 17, 2018 / 7:52 am

      The original drama has lasted about 6 years i think so they have to shrink the story or put it out there in early episodes since the Korean remake its 16 episodes. This drama should has like 50 or 60 episodes… so we can see the development of characters and see JN and YW married.

  2. Angelica28
    May 16, 2018 / 9:36 pm

    Can they even fire someone who’s not getting paid? Hehe.
    The song in the end, they have not released it yet, right?

  3. tenay
    May 17, 2018 / 7:55 am

    The original drama has lasted about 6 years i think so they have to shrink the story or put it out there in early episodes since the Korean remake its 16 episodes. This drama should had been 50 or 60 episodes… so we can see the development of characters and see JN and YW married.

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