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Suits Live Recap Episode 6

Live recap for episode 6 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik
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Uh oh, Yeon-woo is in a bit of trouble with his mock court case. Seo pulled a fast one on him which left Yeon-woo completely unprepared. It looks like he will have to use all the knowledge from the cases he has worked on to get him through.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 10th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
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KS goes to a baseball field and takes off his jacket.

You said you are not a baseball but a knife or a spear. With all of our deals with the company, we have 20 million dollars with fixing the company with less pollution, if you are not confident then you can just leave.

KS is talking to David, they are both at the baseball stadium.

KS asks David, if you were in my situation, what kind of ball would you throw? David says he would throw the best ball he can throw.

KS is at the mound with the ball, he looks at David at the plate with his bat at the ready. KS winds up and pitches.

Seo says that she drank with her friends and they had a joke where they could speak freely. But in the video that she didn’t want to leak, was leaked. Our plaintiff should complain, this wasn’t to hurt someone else.

HY addresses YW, defendant….defendant….defendant….but YW doesn’t hear her. The crowd murmurs. HY finally gets his attention and asks if he is ready. he pops out of his thoughts and stands. His mind goes through all of the information in his head. We see it all scrolling through his head on the screen.

YW – Based on a previous case, the two parties working on an agreement, but they don’t agree anymore, then the court should give enough time for the people to prepare for the trial.

HY – Proper time? …… fine, you have ten minutes. We will take a ten minute break.

HY breathes and looks at Seo, Seo just smiles back at him. JN looks concerned.

YW goes to the bathroom and stands there as the water runs, he is sweating. He turns off the water and goes back outside. JN is there, she asks him how he is. He says he isnt’ okay. She asks him if he is angry. He says his watch will really stop this time. But he says this isn’t for him, it is for himself. Seo comes up and asks why YW is talking to his client, that is illegal. YW says this isnt’ the courtroom, this is their company hallwya, she isn’t his client, she is a paralegal.

Seo tells him that he shouldn’t do this to a sunbae. YW says, so sunbae doing this to a hubae is okay? Of course you don’t know how to win without cheating. I can’t expect anything from you. Seo tells YW that he is invading his personality rights. he leaves. JN looks at YW and then walks off as well.
Baseball. KS kicks the ball to David, he doesn’t throw it. David asks him if he isn’t confident? KS says he doesnt’ throw his best ball to a jerk like you. Seo says KS has a lot of ways to accept his lose. David bends over to grab something, but then KS throws the ball right then. KS tells David that this will be his last good nights rest. Goodnight.

Mock court. YW sues Seo’s client. HY says that he can talk. YW says that Seo invaded his clients personality rights, so he is going to sue him for insulting and invading their personality rights. He also says he will sue for a lot of other things.

Seo doesn’t understand what is going on. JN looks like she understands everything. Seo says this is nonsense, he shouldn’t say things that are not in the scenario. they argue about personality rights invasion for a little bit. JN insulted the other person but didn’t give enough shame to them. you can prove it that way. In the courtroom there are no cowardly things.

YW basically recites all the thing that Seo told him in the hallway. JN laughs. HY likes this turn of events. She says that she approves this suit. From now on, this court will be an insulting personality rights court. Now the defendant and plaintiff will change their position. The due date is tomorrow. HY hands them both their paperwork. then seh tells YW that is was good that he avoided this dangerous situation. If he wasnt’ that naive in the begining and prepared this lawsuit, then he wouldnt’ have been in danger at all from the begining. YW agrees and takes the paperwork.

he walks back to his desk. Everyone, including JN is crowded around Seo’s desk. No one is around YW’s desk. All the other people go to drink and eat together. YW checks his phone and leaves. JN turns back and sees him leaving.

YW goes to meet SH, he asks her if she found her answer. SHe says she only knows that she sholdn’t be depressed with the past. Whatever happens, at least YW is greeting her now. She knows this is her place, but she has her doubts, she wants to pretend to be a doctor. It is good to work as a stylist, they call her eunnie, eunnie, but sometimes, when someone says sonsangnim (doctor, teacher, lawyer…) she feels good.

She asks him how his day was, was he busy today? He says that he was the same. He isnt sure if Lawyer is his position. She tells him that he decided this position when he said he wouldn’t go back. YW stops walking. He asks SH, he tells her that he has to say something to her. As she knows, he isn’t a real lawyer, he is a fake lawyer.
It is morning at the company and KS is meeting with YW. KS tells YW that he told him that he told him to make his own rules, not to be stupid. YW says that guy backstabbed him. KS tells him to be ready for anything. He experienced it first hand. remember? The witness we found was a fake. The reason we do the mock courtroom is to see if that person is good enough to keep. There are only winners and loser in the courtroom.

YW says he is on the route to be a loser. He doesnt’ have a witness or a client. KS tells him that winners find the way to solve the problem, not complain it. I told you not to talk about that mock court in front of me. Did you check the pharmaceutical company plaintiffs background. YW says he is working hard on it. KS tells him he is still standing there. YW agrees, yes he is standing there. But then he gets it and leaves.

KS tells DH to come in for the mock courtroom thing.

Cut to GS’s office. Seo meets GS and is not confident as he stands in front of him. GS says they are fighting in the arena of mock court. GS is the main, Seo is the supporter, what is YW? Seo says he is the cow. GS says yes, but today, you were like the cow. Seo says he will break him for GS. GS says that he should, my sidekick shouldnt’ be a cow.

Meanwhile, YW is working hard on a case. He looks through a lot of paperwork in the library and find something important. he finds several names and sits back in his seat.

KS meets with COO of the company. She says that one year after LG disease, all the functions of this person stopped, he couldn’t speak, but 6 months later, he changed like this. She shows him the video. they tried 100 people and there is no case with liver problems. YW comes in and wants to see the money. Testing is the most important thing, they need to prove the safety. In that case, their money will go up. She says she understands what he says, their money went up, but the owner had personal reasons not to use the increase in stock value.

KS says HY didn’t want to go to court, if you really want to protect your company president Kim, then you shoulnd’t be swayed by all the past things. She says she understands, but this also wasn’t for her, it was for the president. The president is actually~.

YW tells KS that he found something. He tells him that he surprises hiim a lot recently. He leaves happily, YW follows and then looks back at the woman.

The lawyer sued 5 other pharmaceutical companies for side effects and they all didn’t go to court. KS presents the judge some new information. The same person that sued them for Alzeimers is also part of another Alzeihmer drug mass sue. What should he say? This man recycles plaintiffs? This kind of badly intended law suits should be cancelled and he should be punished for unethical behavior. The judge asks if this is true.

The lawyer says he has more important data for this case. This pharmaceutical company was almost bankrupt two years before this new drug. KS stares at YW. The lawyer continues and says that this new drug greatly increased this companies stock value. This is the evidence that the clinical trial was faked. This is their motive.

The judge says they will continue their case. The lawyer thanks him, this is what he wants, court. He smiles at KS.

KS and YW leave KS wants to know why the bad lawyer has the company finacing that YW couldn’t find from the company. He told him that in the courtroom there is nothng like conscience or rightousness, only the argument from two sides. When the client hides things, you have to get it, otherwise this will be a weak point like this.
KS sees HY and gets in the car. HY asks if this is serious. KS says this is embarrassing, the client hid their data and lied to their own lawyer. But also, the lawyer should pretend like the client is an honest nice person. HY says, what pretending? KS asks her why she said that the president doesnt’ play with humans lives? HY says that when the president was a chief surgeon, his super close hubae had trouble with malpractice. Objectively, this wasn’t only a problem of the doctor, but he said that if the doctor has any liability, they should be liable for it. The hubae was fired and he also quit. KS thinks he can go into the pharmaceutical company.

HY says he didn’t do anything for two years, like you. The two of you, you both dont’ lie to me. But KS says that she doesn’t know a lot of things about the two of them. HY tells him that he is also liable for this. She holds out her hand for the paperwork. KS says that he doesnt’ know if she should see this. He shows her the background check. She asks if he had to do this much of a background check. KS apologizes and says that he has to do this much, as you see, your ex-husband lied to you before. She says she knows they were dating before their divorce. She shouldnt’ have made him take this case, she will take it over, please focus on the chemical company and dont’ disappoint me anymore.

In his office, KS tells YW to call the victims. YW hops up to do just that.

KS meets with her ex and asks him if he is stupid or smarter than expected? He asks her if she really believes that they faked the data because their business is in trouble? She says she believes the evidence. When I asked you if you dated women before hand, you said no. He apologizes for that. They walk, eh tells him that she doesn’t want to figure out his past or what he did right or wrong, but she trusted him with her companies reputation, she wants to know if he is still lying to her. He says it is true, he never faked the data. She tells him, are you sure that you never lied or hid data, like today. he looks down.

David meets with KS in his office, and rolls the baseball to him. He tells him that 17 people out of 20 called them to have an agreement. Whether the other two agree or not, he doesnt’ care, so he won finally. YW runs in with the paperwork that KS wanted. KS tells David that this must have been the case that morning, but right now they all decided to refuse it. I gave all you agreement money to them in advance.

David says the partner gave agreement money to the clients already? What about the other partners? KS says this was Kang&Ham’s money. David thinks he is betting at the company level, not a personal level? I heard y’all are the best, but maybe you are having a hard time. For this kind of case, the company president put her money in.

KS tells him it is the opposite, it is a probono case.

David tells him, something in English that sounds like a quote from a movie about being thrown out on a stretcher. KS shows David a recording of him and the president about all his plans. People will think you are not a lawyer, but a hitman. Listen to this, I was surprised. What? You are at bat but you are afraid to hit the ball. KS stand to press it. David grabs his hand. He tells him that he doesnt’ know where he got this, but this is illegal wire tapping.

KS says he doenst’ know where it came from, someone just put it in front of the building. David thinks he is being threatened with illegal evidence to win. KS says if this was a competition then he lost, he doesnt’ know how to lose, but this time he lost. David wants to know what he wants him to say. KS says he wants him to sign the agreement and he won’t care about the competition. Just sign this with good feelings, otherwise I will put you in jail.

David wants to know if KS would yield to this kind of stupid threatening. KS asks if he would do illegal things only for something like winning? It means that he is emotional now. Only to put you in jail after listeing to this. Maybe you forget, this is not a competition, this is hyena hunting. You are my prey, you want to be in the ring?

YW hands David a pen. KS says, you and me are the same? You think we drink the same water in the same place? You think everyone is the same? We have the same water, but the cow makes milk and the snake makes poison. What do you make? Sign here, otherwise I will make you go to jail for two years.

David reluctantly takes the pen and signs. And says now he will make sure he tastes his venom for sure. He walks off.

YW chuckles and says that KS was emotional but was it truthful? KS says he isn’t sure if it was truthful, but he used his emotions. It was methid acting. YW wants to know if he really would take it to court? KS says he doesn’t do those stupid kinds of things. YW wants to know what he said. He plays it, but it is just a recording from the mock courtroom, so KS bluffed him.

KS tells YW, he does not do stupid things in the courtroom, like you.
KS walks the halls of the company and then looks at his cell phone.

He goes to a bar wheer HY is already drinking by herself. He tells her that this isn’t like her sunbae. Why are you so drunk. HY says that KS took care of the chemical company, David was right, you are the best. KS wants to know why HY is so serious. Hy says that she didn’t see the case properly because she was emotional, she made mistakes but she didnt’ know she made mistakes, she lied, but she didnt’ know it was a lie. KS asks if President Kim accepted that he forgerized the data? HY says he never did it, because he shouldn’t have done it. He wanted that drug more than anyone else. He is dying. He also has Lou Gehrigs’s disease also. HY starts tearing up.

JN walks to YW’s cubicle and leaves him a note. She sighs as she looks at the note and then walks off.

Elsewhere, YW is walking down the street with SH. She asks him if is felt good to confess. He says it does because he can’t tell anyone. She pumps him up and tells him that she thinks he will find out the answer. Thank you for telling me truthfully. YW says everyone has their own secrets and raises their own rabbits. The rabbit that lives in the moon that lives on the other side of the moon so you don’t see it.

YW stops and says, SH….

KS tells YW that the owner has Lou Gerhigs disease. The new girlfriend wanted to hide it a lot. They meet with her and talk to her about it. They ask her how long she knew about it. They need to check to see if she is okay to be a witness in court. That President Kim has Lou Gerhigs disease. She says that she didn’t know in the begining because he hid it from her, but he couldn’t hide his symptoms. He asks her how she knew he forged the data. But she says he didn’t do that, why does he have to do that. KS says that the drug has to be approved and released so he can save his own life. She says he didn’t forge anything.

KS isn’t interested in right or wrong. She says he didnt’ lie. YW tells her that she is the one that lied to them, if she wants to protect the CEO, then she has to tell them the truth. She tells them that they should have seen him back then, back then he was not good, but then he became the clinical test subject and took the medicine. His symptoms got better like a miracle. But at the end of the clinical test, we found a person with the liver problem.

So that will delay the approval?

Yes, that is right. So I removed the patient from our study group.
KS meets with the CEO and tells him what is happening. The CEO is concerned about whether his COO will go to jail. They say that it is possible, she will have to pick a lawyer, we cannot be her lawyer because there will be a conflict of interest. We have an alternative, you become the client.

HY tells the CEO to become the client for the other lawyer. KS says they also represent the pharmaceutical company though so there is another conflict of interest.

HY tells CEO that he should sell his company and promise to give the highest money to the victims. Then he goes to the victim group and also becomes a victim. There is no company, but with the agreement money, you can make another company. The CEO says he is different, he doesnt’ have any side-effects. But HY says he is the same because he is also a Lou Gehrigs patient.

The team tells the other lawyer that they will go bankrupt. This company is a tiny company. Do you think CEO Kim hid something from you? It is true. He was also a Lou Gehrigs patient. KS plays the video of the CEO as a patient. The CEo can’t watch it. He says it is true, it i sunfair that you have this disease, we hav the same disease, it is unfair that I am cured and you have the side effect. I know how it is and I want to repay you until the side effect is cured. I want to do more research so I can cure the side-effect.

But after the agreement, the company will dissapear and there will be no chance. the lawyer doesn’t like this. The other team talks to the patients at the table and says that money won’t extend their life. Just give him a chance to solve this problem.

It looks like the patients agree with this because KS looks happy afterward. h runs into the lawyer. The lawyer asks him if he thinks he is a bad guy. You shouldnt be the one talking about my lawyer qualifications. You didnt’ understand me. KS says this lawyer will not be a lawyer soon because of lawyer misconduct. You should sell insurance. The lawyer asks KS if he thinks he is diferent from him with his 10,000 dollar suits and 200,000 dollar car. KS says he defends properly and gets money properly, that is a good lawyer. You try to make your client, but that is not the same money. We drink the same money, but you are not a cow or a snake because you dont’ deserve to drink it.
HY walks up behind KS and they walk off together.

Afterwards, KS meets with the chemical company guy at the sea. The chemical company guy thanks him and HY. Then he leaves. KS walks over to HY.

HY asks him waht he means about how it isn’t about David, it is about you. KS says it was the same reason as you, I was angry for the first time in awhile. HY says that they both weren’t professional this time. But that is also why they won this time.

HY says she hasn’t seen the sea in awhile. KS says he will go there, Hawaii (joke about the move Friends). They both start laughing.

SH is YW’s client for the mock trial. he meets her at the building and they practice. But Sh has a hard time remembering her lines. She takes a break. JN watches them and also takes a break. Seo walks up to YW and asks if SH is his girlfriend, can he be introduced to her?

KS watches the two of them with GS. They both talk about Seo going up against YW. GS says Seo is good, not their level, but he can be two steps behind them. KS says, how are we on the same level? i am senior and you are junior. KS walks off and talks to YW.

He asks YW how he fells about the mock court. YW is all like, I thought I whouldn’t talk about this in front of your. KS says that YW needs to change his method. A good lawyer looks at the case, but a great lawyer looks at the people. This is not a mock courtroom, this is your first case, you should win.

KS walks off and yW laughs as he watches him leave.

Int he abck room, JN asks SH if she remembers her. SH says she does. They start to talk about the mock court room. SH says hse became the announcer unintended. JN says she is on the other side of her in the fight. SH says YW is smart and a good person so she doesnt’ worry, but she is so nervous, she feels like she is just harming YW. JN wants to know why, they look like a good couple. SH chuckles and want to know what she is talking about. JBN sys it is just the courtroom stuff.

Both sides talk about their case and mention a secret camera. But someone winked at the camera, so it wasn’t hidden. DH starts crying, she is one of the anchors. She says she worked hard to be the main anchor and finally say on the desk seh wanted to sit on. That seat gets all the attention from Korean citizens, but because of her hubae’s joke, she became a laughing stock of Korea and their company became a gag. I had to leave my boyfriend, we were about to get married.

Seo objects to that. DH cries even more and says that marriage is easy for Seo as a lawyer. Everyone laughs in the audience.

YW says the mocking started from these lessons that YW gave to the hubaes, so it is related.

Sh sits at the stand. YW tells her not to be nervous. he starts talking about the case. He asks Sh if she saw the case. SH says she did, the drinking place was congratulating her for becoming the morning news cast. YW says she saw it live, so how was it? SH says it was too much and embarrassing to watch. She thinks she did it because the main anchor recommended her as the morning news so she was mad because she was in line to have the morning news program.

Seo asks his questions, where you friends with her? (No) Did they etll you directly that you were mad? (Not really) Tell me directly (no). So you were not friendsly, but they didnt’ tell you directly.

YW objects because the line of questioning is fishing. He is leading the witness. HY agrees. SH looks stunned so YW gives her a reassuring nod.

SH starts talking about the rabbit that is the secret that people don’t see. This is what JN told to YW. Sh says that JN had a lot of secrets, but it was not easy to read her emotions on the face. JN looks at YW, flabbergasted. Seo asks Sh if she can read emotions? What are his emotions? YW objects, she is not super human.

Seo says of course the witness doesnt’ know. This is the end of his questioning.

KS’S Office. KS plays the recording.

In this kind of war, we have to give them a very cruel image. He is a strong man, he has a daughter right? If his head is made of steel, but his heart should be melo, so you want me to threaten him? Not threatening, he is a determined guy, we should act. If we give the feeling of danger that he will have a bullet in his heart, then he will yield, of course, this should happen in front of the daughter. Rats are everywhere, we can let them eat a little of our cheese, but if they want everything, then we can catch them and kill them, whatever you do.

KS throws the recording in the trash.
Mock court. JN is up for questioning.

Seo questions her. She was not mad for losing her position, if the result was bad and all the hubae’s want to mock sunbaes, the internet would be filled with Dh’s picture everywhere. (DH says that JN is going to far, then she asks YW what he is going to do.)

YW gets up and says that JN said she won’t be at the morning news desk right? JN says they were close, she wanted to have that seat. But she thought it wasn’t her, finally. YW asks her if she made a mistake. JN says no, they told their secrets to each other, but one day, the secrets are all spread everywhere.

YW asks what the secret is?

JN says it was the rabbit. She thought she was raising a rabbit together with DH, not with SH. YW is stunned at this realization. he just stares at JN. Is he done with the interrogation? YW says he is not. So the reason she sent the email around was because of her grudge? JN says that other person spread her secret around, she did it for fun.

YW says, for fun? You were the news anchor that everyone in Korea trusts and she became a joke. YW grabs something and says this is her work report. JN is good at work but sometimes she is not good at spontaneous events. She shows her nervousness. Do you agree? JN says no. YW wants to know why her hubae took the morning news and her superiors evaluated her like this?

JN says she doesnt’ know. YW says, not knowing means that you deserve your position now. You dont’ deserve to be an anchor. He will ask one mroe time. Why didn’t you try to get the position on your own merits instead of taking down your sunbae. Why use SH as your excuse and not work hard and try hard. (several people object).

YW says if she worked hard then she would be goo at spontaneous events. While she was looking at excuses, Dh took the position because she worked hard because news and life are all test after test. The reason you failed the live test is because you are nervous in live events. But it isn’t because of your nervousness, it is because you are not good enough.

JN says she is able to do things as much as others! (flashback of JN telling YW about her rabbit of taking tests and being nauseous while taking exams.) JN is super flustered in the mock courtroom and tells him that she is scared; for other people it can just be a little phobia but for me ~.

YW asks for a break and walks to Seo. He asks for an agreement. Seo doesnt’ want one, he doesnt’ care, they don’t have critical evidence. Do you think you can continue because of JN?

HY wants to know if they will continue. Hey lawyer…lawyer….

YW turns to the judge and tells her that he won’t continue. She asks if he is sure. He says yes. HY says the mock court ends there, Seo won.

GS is one of the other judges, he tells YW that he is out like this.

YW turns around and sees everyone walking out, but KS is standing there glaring at him.

Fade Out

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