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Suits Live Recap Episode 5

Live recap for episode 5 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik
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Suits is coming together. The rookie has helped solve two important cases for the company and brought one high profile client to the firm. Love is also brewing between him and the paralegal. I’m looking forward to whatever case they have going this week.

We plan on putting together a music list for Suits. We just need to gather some songs together to start it. If you know of any songs from the first 4 episodes (or today’s episode) then let us know and we will add it to the list!

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 9th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How to Watch Later: Viu (Asian countries)
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KS walks down the hall and looks inside HY’s office. There is a man here, HY is comforting him with a hug and a pat on the back. The man leaves, KS sees him walking by, but it dosn’t looklike they know each other. Then KS looks at HY.

KS – It seems like you made a difficult decision, is that the president of a company? It shouldn’t be
HY – Three people died taking that medicine. This is the president of a drug company. Lou Gehrig’s disease in our country. Their life expectancy is only a few years, medice or no medicine.
KS – That is your defense? You can’t cure it?
HY – You take this case. I want to take it, but I have another case tomorrow, you are the most capable one.
KS – I never had this uncomfortable praise before.
HY – I know you don’t trust that company, but I trust that company, that is the only one I trust besides you.
KS – why do you trust it?
HY – Because I knew, being married for 5 years, he isn’t the person to lie. you have a meeting with him at 9am.

YW is at home looking at SH sleeping.

Cut to the two of them talking the night before. She says it isn’t his fault. He says that he knows she likes CS. She asks him how he is doing, are you okay? He says he doesnt’ know, but honestly, he doesnt’ want to go back to the past. Sh says, okay, I understand YW. You found the perfect place for you.

She stands and YW stands with her.

SH – But me, where is my place YW? I ahve no answer for that.

Cut back to YW looking at SH while she sleeps. He leaves.

HY goes into KS’s office holding something. KS tells HY that he didnt’ forget it, he just doesn’t need it because he isn’t taking on that case, he left it on purpose. KS gives her a present from Tiffany’s. He says it is late, but it is a present for your wedding. She says he knes she was married. He says he didnt’ know she was married to that man. She thinks that isn’t important. He says the most important thing is her emotion when she looks at that person, because of her emotion, she doesnt’ see that matter directly.

He didnt’ see her that way, but now he can look at her that way from now on, but he isn’t going to take on that case. She asks if he is confident? He says he is always confident when he takes on a case. If their customers ex-wife is the president of the law firm, then that is a problem for this case. With an ace like me, in a baseball game you put the replacement pitcher (to lose the game gracefully). I can be the winning pitcher that comes from the ground. But if the coach gives me too many signs, then the ace pitcher can lose.

She tells him that she won’t matter with what he does, is that it? He tells her that he trusts him so why can’t she take the case herself? he is asking her as a lawyer for his client. She says that he had a woman right after they divorced, he didnt’ get married yet, but that woman is the money person for that company (maybe COO?).

KS thinks she put him there because of her emotions, perfect. She says she isn’t sure if this woman is for this guys company or against it, but everyone hates them anyway. Thank you for the wedding present. She leaves and KS thinks it is nonsense, no one hates him.

A person in a suit walks through the hallway, he is curious about something. He asks if this person is for the chemical company defense? The other people ask who this man is. This man hands them something and asks them to look at the date, it will be easier that way.

In the conference room, KS asks his clients if they knew about Lou Gerhig? he was a super star pitcher, but all of a sudden, he couldn’t move his arms and legs. He had brain function but his motor skills went away. It is a muscle disease. You have 3-7 years of life left when you are diagnosed with it. But their life is even shorter if they eat your medicine that distroys their liver. The woman says their medice makes their life better and extends their life. KS reminds them, accept the people that die from it.

The man says they tested this medicine a lot, they didnt’ have side-effects, that is why they got apporoval from teh FDA. The three that died were already in bad condition. the other 5 had other complications. their life was limited. KS tells them to compromise and arrange the money. If they take a lot of time then the money will go up that the publics belief in the drug will go down. the worst case scenario is the [Korean FDA] will sue you.

Cut to the families of the people who died from that medicine. YW looks for Min-ju among them. He finds her in the body of a little girl who is holding a photo of her mother who passed away. Her age is 14. he takes all of her records. JN walks in and sees YW walking hard. She asks him if he is okay? Group sue cases are like this. Is your friend okay?

YW says he couldn’t pay her back yet, he wanted to do it properly. She tells him that he had some trouble. She tells him that the rabbit story is secret. But then YW is called away and goes back to work.
Someone goes into KS’s office and starts speaking English to him. KS tells him that he has the wrong address (Korean expression). KS tells him that he is sure he is losing, so he avoided it. The other lawyer thanks him for putting Lee Jin-suk on the case. KS asks who Lee Jin-suk is. The other lawyer tells him that he needs to find out who that person is. KS calls for his secretary. The man says that he is David Kim. he is a freelancer now, but before, he was a partner at Specter & Law in New York. KS holds his card and rips it. He doesn’t care. David tells him that the green pharmaceutical company Lee Jin-suk should be in a bad position now. Lee Jin-suk’s father smoked for 50 years. (KS has a flashback/forward about someone telling him this). He also served in the chemical infantry in Gwangsangdo, he had training for Nuclear weapons and how to treat radiations (another man says that is true, but it wasn’t dangerous) he did a lawsuit against the biggest chicken company (I found a nail in a chicken).

KS asks him what he is doing. David says that he gave someone all the data and will control the case. KS tells him good job, sarcastically. David keeps talking and says that the green chemical company called him to rescue them because they are about to lose their lawsuit. But what he wants to tell them is, after he finishes this game with a home run, he doesnt’ want to hear about the other lawyer not being an ace lawyer.

KS gets up and tells David that he is sorry to disspoint him but HY is doing the lawsuit, if you think she is not the best, then hit her ball. And second, this [bat], one of the best Korean baseball players used this bat to win the Asian games so dont’ tough it. Third, I dont’ care who you are, so leave.

David says they were about to fight in Harvard law school mock court, The night before, if I wasn’t hospitalized with a car accident, you where super crazy that day against the replacement hitter, not me.

KS just looks at him and then says, the guy that calls himself the best hitter, wants him to throw a ball that he dosnt’ even remember. What if you cant even swing and throw it back to where you were playing before?

David tells him that he will eventually sign the documents, so keep his pen safe. KS tells him that he needs to look left and right when he crosses the street just in case he will have another accident.
A man is in HY’s office. It looks like this man filed the mass lawsuit? KS tells him that people turn these kinds of lawsuits down, but the lawyer came there and tried to block the case, because they are not confident. So from now on, they will not only pressure you, they will also threaten you. Stay with me and wait. (Not sure what is going on right now, maybe there are two cases going on).

The man gets up to leave. HY tells him not to say anything about this meeting to anyone. It looks like HY is taking care of the mass chemical lawsuit and KS is taking care of the pharmaceutical lawsuit. But this man is for the chemical lawsuit.

KS asks HY if she wants him to take on this case? She asks about the Yumi company too? KS says he can have a double header. he says some guy came to his office as if he is the best hitter. he says, if he wins against someone who is not the ace, then it is a nothing win to him. HY is offended, so does that mean i am not the best?

KS says this guy talked about the Harvard law school thing, he told me I shouldn’t’ have been to excited back then because I was fighting against the replacement hitter. I don’t care because I dont’ remember him, but he talked about the mock court in front of me. HY thinks that is pretty bad, she tells him, okay, you can take the case.

He tells her he will not to the pharmaceutical company one then. But she tells him to listen to her until the end. this is a contract for a senior partner, it is the youngest and fastest and highest paying, includes a bonus. She hands it to him. He looks at it and says he should do a double header often. he leaves.

KS calls someone, it is GS. She asks him how the mock courtroom is. GS says he will make it more real than real, thank you your gracious ~. Click.

KS asks YW for a the background of David. YW wants to know why.. KS says it is because he doesn’t know how he plays. YW says he is the ace, he can just do it straight. KS tells him that he makes the rules and YW should follow them. The best Korean pitcher reviews his opponents hitters videos the most. Call him in person. KS gives him the phone.

Someone answers and YW puts the phone down. It’s real! KS says he is always real, you are the fake.
GS preps everyone for it. He tells them what you hear, you forget, what you see you remember, but if you actually do it, it will last the longest. the students say the last part and they all cheer.

YW asks the others, this is a mock courtroom, but is this also a company fighting party? DH and JN tell him that this is an audition to leave an impression to the senior lawyers. YW asks about KS. DH tells him that he is the legend of the mock courtroom.

HY announces the case.

Case: An announcer mocked the other eunnie announcer and this spread around. Someone recorded it and everyone in Korea saw it. The announcer that was mocked, reported it to the company. The younger announcer got fired. Now this younger announcer sues the company. the woman is the plaintiff, the company is the defendant.

DH tells JN that this is the picking scene (scene stealer scene). Last year she was the police woman issuing tickets. A sexy policewoman, the case exploded. YW wonders if this is true. JN says yes, this type of polcie woman shouldnt’ exist. DH says, the important thing is, as soon as you put me as a witness, you won. JN says that is not important. (they are joking but YW is taking them seriously).

GS starts speaking and says this will be YW against Lawyer Seo. Seo stands up and says that YW is just a trainee, he is really sorry to go up against him. Seo won 3 mock court cases….no, he won 4 times since middle school, high school, college, and law school. They ask YW, what about him? It is all empty.

GS tells YW to defend the company and Seo will defend the woman. Everyone mocks YW. GS tells them both that this is their chance, if they lose, they will be very embarrassed. GS goes up th YW and dramatically says This-is-all-for-you. Everyon claps as GS leaves.

SH calls YW and asks if he is late tonight also. He says he will not be back tonight. She tells him to take it easy. Then she looks at the card with the law firm on it.

YW gets another phone call. Cut to him in KS’s office. he asks why things are going so slowly. YW says it was the mock court. Then he shows KS the background check. Trinity HS. Harvard, Harvard law masters, Yale Law shool PHD. He did jujitsu fencing, rugby, baseball, and he was the 4th hitter in high school (the best hitter). As soon as he graduated law shcool, he went to Speck & Law and was promoted very fast.

KS wants to know why he came her. YW doesnt’ know that. KS tells him to find out everything, he gives him homework to check on the pharmaceutical case and find out who the other lawyer is. YW tells him he has to do the mock court case. KS doesnt’ care about the mock case. Don’t ask him for advice. YW tells him he is a legend. KS asks him if he is really a genius. The principle of law never changes. Don’t you remember that? YW says, don’t go to the courtroom? But the mock court is already in the courtroom. KS tells him that, in the war, if you win or not, the soldiers following the rule also die, but the general that makes the rule doesnt’ die. Even though it is fake, it is your courtroom, so you shuold make the rules.

YW – I should make the rules? Okay.
KS – Don’t talk about this nonsense mock courtroom, just do the real work that I gave you.

He is about to leave but runs right into GS who is standing in the office. He tells him that he has 43 hours left for the mock court. he asks him if he is ready to be super embarrassed? he is not giving his asscoiate a hard time, this is their yearly thing. He is the judge. KS says he knows everything, just leave already.

YW leaves. GS stays and asks KS if he is confident, this time he will win. KS says he wants nothing from him. But they will listen to the wish of whoever wins. Whatever.

GS leaves and talks to DH. KS gets up and looks out his window, shaking his head.
In the offices, a lot of the lawyers are crowded around Seo’s desk. YW asks to talk to him. Seo says that he is already getting scared. YW tells Seo that they should compromise and not go to court. Seo says that he will not compromise, he will win. YW says that KS picked him as an associate, he knows that he doesnt’ like him, but KS picked him and he dosnt’ want to sacrifice Seo to prove himself. Everyone here is all good, so who has been picked by KS here, except him?

Seo says, well, how can I trust that this is not a trap?

YW says that this is not a trap, it is win-win. When everyone does whatever and defends themselves as a lawyer, but we will sin with our own rules and we will shine together. Not fighting, but let the opponents yield is the best thing.

Seo says that is from a Chinese war book. he extends his hand and they shake.

YW leaves, he walks past JN’s office but JN has left already. Sh shows up to the offices and sees JN leaving. She remembers her so she approaches her and asks if YW is there, she is his friend. He said he will spend over night there so she brought clothing. JN tells her he is inside, so call him.

YW comes out and thanks SH for the clothing, he asks her if she is okay. She says she is okay. YW tells her not to try too hard, she can stay there longer and think about things longer. She fixes his necktie and tells him that he is not a little kid.

JN watches them from outside.

KS prepares himself for work. He blow dries his hair (Dyson) and checks his collection of watches. He finds one he likes, checks the time, and leaves.

YW asks JN to be the defendant but lawyer Seo already asked her. He asks why she is with him…..okay, that’s fine. She tells him that he should be okay. he is a little confused by that remark and leaves.

Seo gets to his desk in the young lawyer office. JN asks him about the plantiff position. She says that she will do it. He tells her that she said no yesterday. She says casting is like that. She walks off.

DH asks KS why he is wearing his winning watch? KS tells her that this guy is already done as soon as he tried to fight against him. DH just shakes her head and mutters something about bragging.
KS sits at his desk and tells YW that they are going to run two different cases at the same time. YW says, the Pharmaceutical is the defendent and Chemical is the plaintiff. KS says that is not the problem, it is the problem of which side they throw and egg to hit the rock or the rock hits the egg. They need to change their mask. YW says, whether we are threatened or asking for mecy, we need to change out face each time? KS says court is a place where they argue only. The courtroom doesn’t decide who is right or wrong. they decide who made the best argument within the boundary of the law.

YW says he understands that but….

KS tells him that he doens’t care about his understanding, they have to argue first and bring Davide to the table. DH calls. KS takes the call. It is about a negotiation. KS says he will see him and talk about it. While walking out, KS wonders why Davide brought up that law school thing after all these years. If it were me, I wouldnt’ do it. I was a legend at school, especially in the mock courtroom, but it seems like he doenst’ care about the result of this case. YW thinks that what David did is all about KS. The only sure thing is that David acknowledges that he is just like you.

KS says there is only one him in the world. YW says that DH told him that KS picked him because he is another him. KS says he never said that, he will fire her today. Whatever happens, YW won’t be as good as him. KS leves. YW thinks he can catch up to him very quickly.

YW sits with a client and talks about the sales of the company and the profit of the company and how the increase is the same. The important thing is how he knows it. And if this book is the same as the last one. She asks him if he thinks their company forgeries their book and has secret profits? He says there are some people who die and some people who are still sick. She says that their president is still a victim, what do you want to know? he stands and asks her to cooperate with them, that way he can at least understand this case with his head (his heart doesn’t agree with it).

They are both at a pier. David walks to KS and asks him if he wants him to understand what his client thinks? KS says no, he didn’t experince it so he doenst’ know what it feels to have everyone in the family with cancer. David thinks they are similar, he also hates these kinds of lawsuits. KS says he hates it, so lets compromise, you also don’t want to go to the courtroom like him right? David says of course.

KS tells him to stop talking about all that nosense about mock courtrooms and car accidents, why did you pick me? David says he heard his mock court was super good to become a legend at Harvard law school. But when he heard he wasn’t taking the case, he was a little sad. he is the ace, so he gave him that card to bring him out.

KS tells him, so you threw the card as a joke, but I picked it up? David said yes, but it isnt’ embarrassing to lose to me. Our case ended a little anticlimactic. KS says they aren’t ending it.

But they are having an aggreement?

KS says he changed his mind, he can’t break the rock. He wants to put a sticky thing on the rock anyway. You told me I am the best.

David says that he hates to break rocks with eggs.

KS tells him, it is because his client’s toxic chemicals are too high, that is why his clients family got cancer and the wife died. His client is super angry.

David says that he is mistaken, he said someone is the best even though he doesnt’ even know what the problem is. David gives him the agreement money, KS can decide to take it or not. David walks off.

KS opens the envelope and smiles indignantly.
KS walks to a secret location. KS’s source hands him a recording. It is the recording of the Korean chemical companies president conversation. She says that maybe the president of the Korean branch chemical company is getting threatened because they want to cover up the case, he covered up everything due to insurance. This case will be very expensive. But KS isn’t that happy about it. If they don’t show the source, then this case is useless. He can’t show illegal things in the court room.

She says it is her mistake, but this is important. KS says he will give her money, he can’t take this, but she can do the other job.

Meanwhile, YW whaits for someone in front of the building. A car pulls up and KS gets out. They walk in together. YW tried to find out the information but they won’t show him any more of their bookkeeping. KS hands YW the agreement money paperwork. KS says it is yut (F-you). Never take it because it is yut. They should give the other lawyer for the pharmaceutical case something very nice that is within the law.

YW and KS go into the meeting with this pharmaceutical company lawyer. KS shakes the lawyers hand but he doesnt’ shake YW’s hand, he just sits. YW and KS stay standing. KS hands over a piece of paper. The man starts laughing. he tells him to stand up if he is happy. the lawyer asks him if he is for real. KS says he would write something less if he was in his right mind. The lawyer says he should be able to add a bit more.

KS sits.

The lawyer says this is ~8 million for each persons life. That is America, but in Korea that is ~800,000 in Korea. So American lives are ten times more. In Korean, people are worth a very small amount of money. I also think this is pitiful. The lawyer calls YW a little kid that doenst’ understand one thing, those people with low life expectancy, each moment of their life is more important than normal people. So I have become brave and will make this offer.

He slides over his offer.

KS asks him what that is. The lawyer says that this is based on a law, the accusers should pay more because it is bad intention against the society. KS says that law is not applicable for the medical field. The man says that this is the seed for righteousness in Korea. $20 million per person.

YW asks if they want the company to go bankrupt? A lot of people depend on this medicine for their life. The lawyer says he isn’t defending those people. Then he shows him a news article about the company already killing 3 people and more people could die. The lawyer says this is not reported to the public yet, but if they go to court then it could be. This could be threatening….but the important thing is, the stock value with drop a lot. He will give them 3 days. 20 million per person and 100 million all together.

KS leaves.

They sit in KS’s office. YW thinks that lawyer is a bad lawyer. But KS thinks that lawyer is the perfect lawyer. Pharmaceutical companies rely on their trust a lot. YW says they are threatening them with public opinion. They don’t want to solve this case with the boundary of the law. If they really want to think about those victims.

KS tells him that it doesnt’ matter what he things. They are entitles to get paid by the law, but they will only get a little money, he is a smart guy. YW thinks they can make public opinion in the chemical company and pressure them. KS says that isn’t right, their clients in that case started this as a righteous cause.

YW says he shouldnt’ understand what his clients feel, but they need to change their mask when needed because their client it the most important thing.

KS tells him that they should have a meeting with Lee Jun-suk. They have to control him.

Cut to several people threatening Lee Jun-suk with masks on and an ax. he turns his head and he sees his daughter standing there. It isn’t clear whether this was a dream or not. perhaps the bad guys threatened him and the daughter saw it.

The man tells KS and YW about the threatening. he expected it, but he couldn’t move. His daughter also saw it. They tell him to call the police for his daughters sake. The man tells him that everyone will come to the table for an agreement, so do what you need to do. They walk around the corner and see all the families together. David is also there. His people are walking around and showing everyone the aggreement paperwork.

KS confronts him and asks him what he did to his client. This is terrorism and a crime. David laughs, terrorism? KS rolls his eyes. he tells him that people complain that it is noisy, but they never had any physical contact with the protesters. Now you summoned them without my consent. Is that your answer in the American way of yut? David says it is illegal to see teh plaintiffs in America also. But it is okay to talk to you.

David speaks very loudly for a moment: Lawyer Choi, we decided to give the victims $10k, if anyone wants to recieve it then contact me. Tell them we have enough money and time no matter how long it takes.

Then he whispers that KS shredded his business car so you don’t have it right? He spreads his business card all over the floor and everyone tries to grab one. He tells KS that they are like hyenas

KS rolls his eyes again and tells David that the real hunting has started. Now he will throw knives and spears, not balls.

KS and YW walk away.

YW tells him that they are late again. KS says it is true that David is ahead of him. YW says David thinks he is another KS. KS is all like, you are talking about this again? Tell me. YW says that KS can look around, David approaches this case as if he is working under him, that is why he is ahead of KS, on the other hand, the way KS can be ahead of the game is to be David and fight yourself.

KS says, so I will do things that I would never do, that is the way? YW thinks so. KS asks him if he is crazy, if he does that one more time then he will really get fired. YW tries not to smile.

KS meets the informer. He asks her why she doesnt’ ask him why he is changing his mind. She says he wouldn’t tell her anyway. He says he isn’t sure if he will use it. Should I say sorry to you? She says that it wouldnt’ be like him.
KS listens to the phone conversation recording. Then he gives YW a lot of paperwork. he says that he will take care of David, YW should take care of the company. The other lawyer should know all about the finances, so get everything you can get from them and prepare for it. YW says he understands, but he has mock courtroom ~ . KS ignores that. he keeps talking and tells YW to also search about how much their liver is damaged and whether they followed the directions properly. If nothing comes out, follow up on their family members and everything, if you find some room, then attacked that part.

HY comes in, she thought he would compromise, but he will fight? KS asks her which case he is talking about? She says both, especially the pharmaceutical one. He reminds her that she said she won’t interfear.

HY grabs the paperwork from YW and looks through it. She says his preparationg is to put those sick and dying people on the court and shred them apart? KS says everyone will think they are bad. Who do you not want to see as the bad person, him or the company president? When did Kang& Ham become such a nice place?

YW says he has to leave, he has mock court, bye.

KS talks to HY and says, what you are talking about, are you saying it as an ex-wife or the representative lawyer of their company? HY walks up to him and tells him to get an aggreament.

YW walks to the mock courtroom and and looks at JN.

KS talks to HY. HY never ever wants to use their company money. KS thinks she should trust him. The chemical company wants to give the clients 10k and finish the case. At least one third will go to their side. You know what will happen. HY says money is not important. HY wants to know why he is going that far, this is not like him. Is it all because of her? He tells her to think about it like that.

HY is the judge and says this is May 9th, 2018, their mock court starts. Are you ready to defend yourselves?

YW stands and says yes, they came up with an agreement. But Seo stands and says that he is ready to testify. HY wants to know what is going on. YW says they had an agreement. Seo says they had discussions, but he never agreed, he misunderstood him.

David VO – Everyone wants to be a jaguar, but most of them are just hyenas.

KS – To hunt the hyenas, we have to use rotten meat as bait.

KS calls David and tells him that he is ready to throw his ball, is he ready to be at the plate?

HY asks YW if he wrote the agreement paperwork? YW says that he didn’t. So HY says their court will start. She hits her gavel. YW is thoroughly unprepared.

Fade Out

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  1. Lista
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    Thank you so much for recapping Suits!! I started watching it cause I saw you guys were recapping it and I’m so happy I did. Although I wish I waited so I could binge the cliff hangers are too much!!

    • V
      May 10, 2018 / 7:15 am

      So glad your recapping with us! I am really enjoying Suits so far, I love the sharp look and the sharp way of speaking. It reminds me of fast 1920’s movie dialogue.

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