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Suits Live Recap Episode 4

Live recap for episode 4 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik.
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Yeon-woo successfully solved his first case and also managed to pull a huge client to the law firm. However, I sense a lot of trouble for him if he doesn’t listen to what Kang-suk says and basically ignore everything about Gun-sik or anyone else who is out to ruin his law career.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 3rd, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How to Watch Later: Viu (Asian countries)
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Kang-suk is riding in a car and looking at paperwork. he is in the back of a car. This paperwork is about the divorce case. he looks concerned about it. He pulls out his phone and calls someone.

KS – Hey, this is too much of a joke
L – No this is not a joke, you are koking too much, this i the decicion I made realistically
KS – Where are you
L – my favorite place, the high and difficult place


Cut to YW in the meeting with GA, Bewhy and HY. HY realizes that YW is the one that actually pulled Bewhy. They wonder what fake lawyer means. YW blurts out that he is not a real lawyer because he is still in his training period for 6 months. HY says that is kind of true. Go finish your duties.

YW leaves and dunks his head in a sink filled with water. When he pulls it out he sees JN and realizes that he is in the woman’s restroom. She takes him to the rooftop. She tells him that he should just say that he doesn’t drink. But YW says he has his reason, Lawyer Chae nows why I was on the roof.

YW says he broke his promise to Lawyer Choi. But then they talk about Chae or Choi? (it is a little confusing).

YW meets with KS in his car. KS wants him to give the contract to someone and not say anything. He drives off. Bewhy comes up and wants to know what is going on. Bewhy says he isn’t going to sign with GS, he is going to sign with him (YW). His mentor is actually KS, not GS. GS actually dragged me to the club. They talk a little bit about the contract.

Cut to KS at the rock climbing facitilty. The lawyer is already at the top.

YW. Then we see YW at a very traditional restauraunt. An older woman is outside among many jongtoktae barrels. She tells him he is too young to get married (?) and not come inside.

KS. Meanwhile, KS has climbed all the way to the top of this rock while in his business suit. They talk. The lawyer says this man wants to protect his family. KS asks her if he is doing all this for his family, really? They talk about sharing the divorce money? She tells him that he is the same, he doesn’t see the truth. Marriage is fighting so whoever gets the biggest card wins.

YW. The older woman opens Ganjang, Dwenjang, Samjang and says she puts her kids name on it. But the kids name takes off. It was difficult to make Ganjang and Dwenjang, but now it only takes a week. That is the problem, it is too easy. My kids don’t have the endurance time fore making Dwenjang/ganjang. She asks him if he is too busy. He says he is training. YW tells her that she is a great halmoni to sell gochujang. He starts to talk about his halmoni who worked hard in the market, but she was scared to raise him, she is in the hospital. The halmoni says her kids don’t even come on holidays. He says his grandmother is the reason he lives well now.
KS calls and tells YW to not pick up the phone in front of the client and to give her the documents. Then he says he wnts to talk to her. YW gives her the phone. KS talks to the halmoni about the documents and YW. She says he is a nice boy, she will send him back. They get off the phone. halmoni says this is the first time KS is sending someone else or cares about someone else. KS is talking care of him a lot.

YW goes back to the lawfirm to see KS. DH stops him, but YW decides to go into the office anyway.

HY meets with KS. There is a lot of money on the table. KS says the guy he worked with is not greedy, but all of a sudden he is greedy. Something strange is going on. Both HY and KS are suspicious of this case.

Flashback. KS asks the woman lawyer why she released the criminal like that with one call. They talk back and forth about it. She released him to catch him on the site. KS thinks that is messed up to the victims.

back to the present, KS and HY talk about finding the woman (the wife) and they need to find out if there was some kind of illegal money laundering/trading. KS leaves and goes back to his own office. YW is there and apologizes about what happened with GS. He says that GS threatened him with his past. KS tells him to do everything, there are at least 100 ways to get out of that situation. You have to lawyer to me, I picked you. YW says he should have a good environment to work in, he knows GS and he hasn’t seen HY either. KS asks him how long it took him to meet HY? I didn’t protect you? I solved all your client problems and covered up for you. But then KS has a flashback to someone else.

KS stands and tells YW to write up a story about the airplane people. He will give him a chance. YW says yes, he has to take this chance. But stories dont’ matter? KS says these are not normal people.
Wife. The woman doesn’t want her children to take all the blame.

Husband. he doesn’t want his wife to have an illegal money inheritance.

Wife. HY says her problem had nothing to do with the kids. Usually the mother takes care of the kids but…

Husband. He doesn’t want his kids to grow up with his wife. He will not give up his kids. KS asks if he thinks it is right….

Wife. Of course. HY asks if she has to choose one or the other. Airplane company or kids. Wife says that she is her lawyer and shouldn’t ask her like this. HY says she just wants to know what she thinks. If she doesn’t know then it will be uncomfortable in front of the judge. Wife says her aboji is having a hard time. Her brother and sisters want to inherit it as well. The kid are important, but the company is also important.

YW. YW is working at work with GS breathing all over him and telling him that he is not anything. GS tells YW that if he takes Bewhy then he will be in trouble. He is a god and you are a human. GS leaves. But this entire interaction gives YW an idea of a story. He starts to write a headline “Airline Goddess married to a human”

lawyer and KS. They both talk about their agreement money while at a cafe. The soju company president decided to accept illegal money inheritance. Flashback. KS says he is following the principle but he wants to have the case without Lawyer Na (the woman). Back to the present. Na says that the principle for lawyers….KS starts to talk about winning the case and if the truth is important. Na wonders if KS thinks she is naive for thinking about fairness. it is because she still loves. It is common. You separate because of love and you stay together because of love. They keep talking but Na tells him that she is fighting because of love. He tells her love isn’t anything. She leaves and says they shouldn’t see each other.
The halmae is retiring. HY wants to stop her from retiring because Halmae’s income is there income also. HY gives the contract to KS. KS turns to YW and tells him that he was supposed to give the contract to Halmoni. YW runs and parks his bicycle. KS shakes his head. he wonders why YW locks his bike up. YW says it is because it is so precious.

Cut to KS and YW sitting with the halmoni. KS tells her that she will get a lot of money. halmoni asks what YW thinks. YW is scared to say anuthing. halmoni basically tells him to say what he wants and KS tells him to listen to Halmoni. YW tells Halmoni that she will have to make more dwenjang. She doesn’t want a factory to make her dwenjang. She is making a lot of money but can’t even see her grand children, she has to fly a lot to make dwenjang to foreigners. Halmoni says that is exactly it. This was fun one yaer ago, but now she wants to give her kids the company and take a break. She wants to see her grandchildren more.

Halmoni says the best thing for grandmothers is staying with grandchildren. She has decided and he made it a rule. YW wants her to retire for her happiness but KS wants her to stay in her business. they leave.

YW tries to explain to KS that halmoni likes to call objects human names, but he can’t really explain how dwenjang is for halmoni. KS tells him, if he is not confident then don’t do it like me. In the car, YW wrote the story like a play. KS is all like, you took this assignment too literally. But YW just starts talking about what he wrote up. The goddess loves teh human but they have to separate. KS thinks about what Nam told him about how this case is about love. KS thinks they have to go to the courtroom. They both want to stop the car at the same time.

YW wants to call all the grandkids and kids and everyone to meet halmoni.

KS shows up to the airplane meeting and tells everyone that they should go to court.

Lawyer Na gives her opening discussion. The wife is the president and #1 heir so she has a hard time serving as wife and mother. The husband wants to save the family. KS starts talking. he doesn’t care about whatever, he wants to talk about the truth between them…it is what you said, love.

KS – The rumor says that the wife wants to take care of the company and marry that man. The man follows their role. But now it is tragic because he started to love her. It is important for couples, but in a normal case love is important. He protects the family. if he wants to live as the husband of the #1 heir then he should live as the guy that just married for money. Do you know that? that is what I am going to say in the courtroom.

Na wants to stop the marriage from breaking but she did n’t know one thing. The judge doesn’t care about your story, they just make the decision. You love her, but she wants to release you from the airline company. Because of teh next heir, there is a lot of trouble company. She is okay becaue she grew up in this situation, but it will be difficult for you because you didnt’ grow up in this. that is why she wants to divorce you because she also loves you.

The wife starts crying behind her shades. The wife tells KS that he is cruel. He tells her that they had to do this if they don’t want to go to court. It looks like the wife might be blind. The husband wants to stop her. She tells him that she is sorry, but seh cannot help it. it looks like the man is teh only one that won’t be able to survive in that environment, the kids grew up like that so they will be fine.

KS and HY leave and talk about the case. It is a love story case, that is their mistake. HY says, love? I thought this was a losing case, but it is actually good. What about the dwenjang halmae? KS says if it went well then the truth should come out.

Cut to YW talking to Halmae. He says rality is not that great because he had to worry about her and has a hard time now. She is different from his grandmother. She has a lot og jangtokae to raise. She has to teach her kids how to make dwenjang. One of the kids breaks a jangtokjae. Halmoni yells at them and says to be careful. The daughter tells her it is nothing. But Halmoni says all this jangjoktae are like my kids. I want to raise them well. the son is all like, just stop working. The halmoni says she dosen’t know how to leave this company to them. Then seh tells YW to start the US company, she will teach them how to make dwenjang and will make her children salary people of the company, not owners.
KS meets with YW afterward, they both talk about their cases and how they won them. HY is also looking for them both.

They both go to HY’s office. HY has Bewhy in her office. This is YW’s super client. HY tells KS that he has a super associate who also brought in this client and got recognition from her. You did a good job.

Later, KS tells YW that it is time to learn how to be respectful. They joke about being an A-hole. KS tells YW that what he prepared was bad, but it was a good play. He gives YW a playing card. This card is the 2 of clubs. He says, only two? KS tells him that he was lucky. What are you going to do with GS? Do you want me to take care of him? YW says he will do it this time.

Cut to GS in his office waxing poetic about rice. He says it is just juk, but it is more difficult to make than rice. He is talking to his fish as he says this. YW comes in and says hello to nanet (the fishes name?). YW tells GS that his threatening won’t work anymore. GS tells him that he will bury him alive. GS pulls out YW’s resume. His past is too clear and is too suspicious. YW says KS interviewed him and picked him. You don’t have the authority to question KS’s decision. GS laughs and says that he fired a lot og associates.

YW says, if you like specs and past, how about this. YW shows GS a video of himself sucking his thumb whil ehe is passed out on the floor of the club. Flashback to that night. YW stumbles upon GS and takes a video of him passed out while all the music is popping in the club.

Back to the present, YW asks GS if he wants to talk about his dark future seriously. GS is flabbergasted. He wants to say e-jashiga or something, but he can’t get it out.

KS leaves and says goodnight to his secretary DH. But DH says a poem when he is about to leave. He asks what she is talking about. She says trust is like that, have a good night.

In YW’s office, he puts the 2 of clover on his desk board. Then he runs to JN’s office. She isn’t there though. He leaves looking sad and pulls out his phone. But then he puts it back in his pocket. Cut to JN at his office, but he isn’t there. She turns and leaves just as he comes back in. Theydon’t see each other. YW pulls out his phone again and texts her.

YW: DId you go home
JN: I went to your seat but you weren’t in your seat.
YW: Can I give you my thank you know?

JN comes back in and they both laugh. They go to a restaurant to eat.
YW is about to drink while they are at the cafe. She tells him to give his liver a break. They toast with water instead.

At the same time, KS eats sushi/sashimi with Lawyer Na. They talk about their past a little. KS says it was all bad memories to her. She says it was all her fault, he just kept his principles, but whatever the reason, that was the end of her love.

Flashback. KS says it was all true, he decided it and she followed his orders (to release the bad guy and trap him later). The judges say that if he says this much, he won’t be able to save him and Na. So it looks like KS wanted to throw himself under the bus, but his superiors told him to throw Na under the bus and fire her? It looks like she might have gotten fired and he quit? (Not sure about this).

They both get up to leave and walk out together. They keep talking about their past. She says, whatever the past is, to her, fighting against him and loving, she liked it. He says, Love? She turns to him and tells him that whatever they have now is only fighting on opposite sides, that is the only thing they can do. She walks closer to him, they are about a foot apart, then she comes even closer to his face and slowly moves in…so slowly….and kisses him.

YW and JN. She says, what? What did you tell KS? YW says he said something, but then he says it was a joke. JN says she was so surprised. it looks like she might be a little tipsy. She says she pitied him yesterday, it wasn’t against KS, she just pitied him. He thinks that is cool, she cares about others. Pitying someone is at least caring about someone. JN says she is raising a rabbit. She asks how come he has a specific phobia, she says she gets nervous whenever she takes an exam, she gets nevous. All the sounds and everything become alive and hit her head so she can’t take exams well.

Being a lawyer was her dream, just like his, so she envies him. She came out of the exam room twice. For someone like him it sounds like an excuse. She has a question, this is an important watch for him? he says it is his fathers watch. His parents died and the watch stopped at that time. The watch or him, they all stopped at the same time, broken. JN asks him, well if something is wrong, then you can fix it, you and the watch. He says, is that so? ]]He gets a phone call and answers it. it is the police?!?

Cut to KS and JN at a hotel. It looks like they slept together. He tells her that she can sleep there, she doesnt’ have to leave. She tells him that seh is getting married. He turns and looks surprised. She tells him not to pretend to be surprised. He was right, she volunteered for this job to see him one more time. She wondered how he was. He asked, what if he held her? Would she stay next to him. She says no, she doesn’t want to do this fighting and loving. They are only lawyers when she goes out of that door. Bye-bye Lawyer Choi.

She leaves.

YW goes to the hospital, SH is there sleeping. She took too many sleeping pills, but she will be okay. It looks like she got into a fight as well. Some people asks him if he is the boyfriend? She wanted to contact you.

Cut to KS. HY calls him so he goes back to work. He sees HY meeting with someone, it looks like she is comforting a man in a white suit. KS looks like he might know what is going on, but he stays outside the room.

Fade Out.

The next case is a drug case. Three people died with this medicine. KS says that this one is real hunting whereas before, it was regular games.

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  1. tenay
    May 3, 2018 / 10:42 am

    so … did i read right ? KS the main character and JN (JW future love interest based on the original drama) are having or had a brief affair ?? i didn’t see that coming ! or am i confusing characters here ?

    • V
      May 3, 2018 / 11:04 am

      I may have wrote that wrong above. It was KS and Lawyer Na, the woman that was the lawyer for the husband in the airplane settlement case.

  2. tenay
    May 3, 2018 / 11:28 am

    ohh.. i see, yea their initials are similar. But i really believed it lol ..i though “you never know when the story takes a turn” jeje.

    • V
      May 3, 2018 / 12:13 pm

      It would be really funny if that happened though! I would have thought, wow, they are really diverging from the original 🙂

      • tenay
        May 3, 2018 / 5:15 pm

        thank you for the effort that its been put to translate. 🙂

        • V
          May 3, 2018 / 7:44 pm

          You’re welcome!

  3. tsutsuloo
    May 4, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    Will you be making a music list for Suits? Lots of good background music here and other music I don’t know … Thanks for your recaps!

    • V
      May 4, 2018 / 8:22 pm

      Yes! I need to get on that.

      • tsutsuloo
        May 5, 2018 / 11:26 pm

        Yay! Thank you!

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