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Suits Live Recap Episode 3

Live recap for episode 3 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik.
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Today and tomorrow only, we are live recapping Suits during My Ajusshi’s one week hiatus! I really enjoyed the first two episodes of Suits. I wonder if every week will present a new pro-bono case for Yeon-woo to work on or if he will start to integrate himself into the high money cases as well?

For anyone looking for any other shows to watch, I recommend giving Mistress a try. I have described it as creepy-crawly but I loved the words Andy used when he described it as haunting. Heads up, it is NC19 and it shows.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 2nd, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How to Watch Later: Viu (Asian countries)
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KS is sitting in a courtroom.

Judge – What do you think, prosecutor? Do you agree that you released the victim on purpose?

KS – Yes, I agree


GS walks up to YW in the lobby and tells him that he will catch him and get him fired. But he should do whatever he can do. YW gets into the elevator, the thugs from the end of the last episode are also in the elevator. They both recognize each other at the same time, but they pretend like they don’t. YW leaves and quickly walks to his law offices. He is in a panic, but he tries not to let it show. The thugs follow him.

YW runs right into KS, KS sees the thugs following him He grabs YW’s arm. What are you? YW takes off running and the thugs follow him. He runs up the emergency stairs, the thugs give chase. But YW is in much better shape than them. YW gets up to the roof and looks like he is about to jump.

The thugs tell him to bring the drugs back. YW thinks he is already dead whether he follows them or not. But, he has a secret. They asks if he is threatening them. He says yes, he is threatening them, if he jumps then they will be murderers. YW is about to jump, but then security comes up and asks what is going on. JN is with them.

The thugs play it off and say, Poor CS, he is almost dead. They walk off.

YW turns around and sees JN there. She tells him that he should have a reason. She had a reason that she didn’t like him because he dirtied her dress. Back then, she didn’t care about him. The rabbit lives behind the moon, maybe you also have one. YW says if you ask me what happened before~. But she says they aren’t that close for her to ask him any questions.

Cut to KS and YW talking. He says YW didn’t listen to him and he didnt’ have time to investigate his case. If this doesnt’ work here, then he will go out and sell drugs, you are making the same mistake again. YW says he wasn’t given a afair chance, he picked him because he is an easy card to throw away. He is there because of time and chance, he wants to see if this chance is a good cahcnce. It is not an excuse, it is an explanation He wants to explain this. It is not that he is partially here, his past is so strong and is holding him, it takes time to cut the lines.When he rolls the dice, he goes backward.

KS tells him to go away. He told him, chances are like that for him all the time. KS tells him that the only persont hat can fire him is him. YW thinks GS can fire him also. KS tells him he is stupid. He does that with fake lawyers. Can’t you see if that is real or not. Whatever the reason, if you want to quit, then quit. Whether you have a reason for it to be me or GS (but he is the reason). (KS remembered something with the probono woman while talking to YW, something about acting).

He takes a phone call when YW leaves.
KS calls his informer and YW goes to the hospital. But he sits outside instead of seeing her.

KS meets his informer and gets the information. He tells her, one more thing…

YW goes to work and thinks about what KS told him about ignoring his advice and not being 100% there.

While walking out, KS tells YW that the problem is not the dice, it is his problem. YW is throwing his dice at the wrong rule. You choose the rule and then throw your dice. it is all up to you.

KS thinks about that and leaves. He grabs the drugs from the locker. The informant follows YW around. YW goes home and wonders what he should do next.

KS goes to the informants house. She doesn’t want to talk to him. He says of course, it is because she never wanted to talk to begin with, what is up with this money in your account? he walks off, she yells that she is the victim, she is the victim!

Cut to YW about to set the drugs on fire. He tells the thugs to release CS or he will set all the drugs on fire. The thugs don’t care. KS shows up and says YW wants to be a lawyer so he has to threaten in the lawyer way. KS starts to tell the thugs all the law things and how they will be in jail for 6-7 years at least. Your face is on their CCTV. Do you know that chaebols son? I am his lawyer. Who do you think the police want? the thugs or the rich son?

KS looks at YW then tells the thugs that they dont’ understand, he is not just leaving, he has an important thing to do. KS gives the lighter back to YW and YW sets fire to it. The thugs think he is crazy. Do you know how much money this is? KS throws them $30,000 and says that this is their lawyer fee. Appoint him as a lawyer and he won’t testify against them. the thugs want to kill him, but KS puts him in an arm lock and says he won’t be better than him (faster than him?) because they are sinners. The police are coming now (sirens in the background), as you lawyer, I will give you advice, sign here and you won’t go to jail.

KS leaves and cooly goes to his car. He tells YW that he acknowledges that YW didn’t give up. In this kind of situation you will always go backward. Remember, you have to choose the game and throw the dice. This is your last case (hands him something), choose it and I will acknowledge you.
Afterward, CS and YW go to the club. At first they talk like friends, but then YW punches CS and they start to fight for a moment. YW tells CS that he should think about others instead of himself. If he didn’t sneak out the drugs, if his sister knows that he is selling drugs in the club ~ . But the sister showed up at that moment. YW walks out and tells CS that they shouldnt’ see each other anymore. Dont contact me anymore. YW walks off, SH calls his name, but he keeps going.

YW goes to his grandmothers room and rests his head on her bed. She sits up and asks him when he came. He says he woke her up ~. She touches his face and asks what happened. He says it was just a bycycle accident because he was so tired. She says it is the same for her. When his parents died like that, she buried her own kids in her heart. But it was scarier that she had to raise him by herself. He tells her that he is done with CS for real.

Grandmother is happy to hear that. He asks if she is angry at him. She says no, human relationships are so strong, so even though it is a bad relationship, it is hard to cut. YW suffered a lot. YW tells her sorry. She tells him that it happened, he should let it go and accept a new relationship. YW closes his eyes as he rests on the bed.

YW comes to work with a new suit. KS meets him outside and gives him his new ID. he says he dropped it off to him, don’t make him disappointed. YW talks to the sexual harassment company guys. The sexual harassment is small trouble, but faking a witness is big trouble. The company men say that she didn’t testify yet so she is not guilty. YW tells him that sinners can’t run away, because you have so much sin on both hands, wherever you go, I will be ahead of you. I know why you ignore that, but with the lawyer, you can be fired. We will ask out lawyer association to punish you. You made a lawyer say something false, so if that happens, you will be guilty. I am just letting you know those things. he is the best lawyer in the business.

The other lawyer wants to know what they want. YW says they want them to pay for the kids and money. She doesnt’ want to go back to the company. (So maybe $100k that they have to pay her.) KS says, it should be $100k plus another $400k for all the sins. So now it is around $500k or they will go to court. YW tells him, one more thing. You should apologize to her. You might not have any truth to it, but you should apologize. The money is the least that you have to do. Apologizing is the main thing.

The man rubs his eyes and looks at the woman. He apologizes. He is sorry.

YW gives him the paperwork to sign. he signs it and storms out. They won!

YW asks his client if he was okay? She says he was like a real lawyer, thank you so much lawyer Ko.

KS has already leaft and is on the phone with something. YW runs up to him and wants to fist bump him. KS asks him what he is doing. He asks him when he is going to get a new suit. YW says he doenst’ have time. KS says, no time? You need to come back now or you are late. Even one minute and you will be fired.
KS smiles in his car by himself and YW rides his bike to the office.

YW is 2 minutes and 48 seconds late. He asks the secretary to save him. She wants to know how? KS comes out and asks if YW is late. She says he is 48 seconds late. KS looks at YW and then motions for him to follow him. YW thanks DH so much.

KS tells YW that court is acting, you have to act to win the case. YW wants KS to teach him. KS says this is not a taekwondo dojo, you have to learn these things by yourself.

Later, KS meets with HY. She wants to know how he solved this case without going to court. KS says he didn’t use any tricks. She hands him another case, it is an airline company boss divorce case. The other side also has a huge law firm on their side. Kang&Ham wants to be the best. KS says they are already the base. But HY says if he wants to make Kang&Ham to Choi&Kang, then he has to take on this case. This is lawfirm vs lawfirm. If we win this case, then we will be the best. She asks him when she will see his associate. KS says he has to prove himself before he meets her.

YW meets with JN, he needs advice from her. He wants to repay her for the help she gave him in the case and on the roof. JN says okay, LLC in a foreign company, I will send you the data. The reward is that he will buy her dinner.

Meanwhile, GS and KS walk the hall together. KS says he was in trouble because GS did something. If he touches his associate then he wont let him pass. He will look the other way this time, but he will be sorry if it happens again.

HY tells GS that they took on the airline case. GS says he can do it! But HY says that KS is doing it. GS is all like, KS again? He thinks she only sees KS. She is all like, do you really think that way? He says everyone can see it. She tells him to just work hard and give her the result. GS goes out and says something to his recording. There is bad polution today and my embarrassment rate is super high. What I said was super cool. how to solve it, make a better result to solve the problem.

YW walks into the hallway at that time. GS tells him that dating is forbidden. His lvoe story will continue if he stays int he company. i want to talk about your past while eating dinner, how about 7pm? We an talk at night and drink at a club and smoke. You know what is going on.
The wife from the big airline company shows up and it is a big arrival with expensive cars. The husband is already there. The husband doesn’t’ want to get divorced, he wants to protect his wife and kids. the wife says she and her children don’t’ need his help.

the husbands lawyer comes in. It is a woman and she is pretty late. KS looks like he recognizes him. The man says he would have been really in trouble if she was later. But she acts like this law firm is nothing. She introduces herself around with a smile and then sits. KS walks up to her and says they need to talk (outside).

Meanwhile, YW works at his desk. GS walks up with a huge gold chain on his neck and a gangster rapper style cap. He throws it on YW’s desk. YW tells him that he told him he has to work. GS rolls YW out of the way and sends his work to someone else in the room. Then he tells YW that 7pm was an order. Whatever he says is an order, now stand up. YW says he doesn’t’ want to. he says he knows it was all acting when he fired people.

GS leans in and whispers, I know your past. Come to me. Hip hop is swag, swag. He swags off.

YW texts JN.

YW: Sorry, GS is holding me so we can’t have dinner tonight.

JN says YW always says sorry sorry, it is complicated.

KS tells the new lawyer that she should quit. She wants to know the reason. He says he told her that he doesn’t want to see her anywhere, inside court or outside. She says she didn’t take this case for him, she took on this case 6 months ago. He says no, she knew we would take this case as soon as it surfaced. o you have any other motive? She asks if he is worried about her? He has changed a lot. He tells her not to be mistaken. She says fights always have someone winning or losing, this time she will win.

Flashback. The lawyer tells a woman that she will protect her. But KS comes in and asks her who will protect her? the lawyer asks him if he is confident.

back tot he present. they argue about principle. He even ignored her for that. he changed a lot. When they leave this door, they are enemies. She asks him how he was, good memories are short but bad memories last a long time. He tells her she is so confident, so lets have a fair fight.
GS brought YW to a dancing club. He tells him that his dancing is like Michael Jackson, but he can’t drink that well. Make BY my client. (Maybe BY is a rapper?).

The lady lawyer says her client doesn’t want to get divorced, he wants to protect his family. KS says his client wants a divorce. She asks if they should take it to court. But he says if they want to go to court then they dont’ have to have this uncomfortable meeting. She says they can wrap up today. it is enough for their image. HY tells Lawyer Na that she is going too far.

YW tells BY that he is his fan. BY says that they are all his fans. YW is pretty drunk though so he starts talking to himself.

KS meets with HY and asks why she didn’t tell him first. HY wants to know if he still has feelings for lawyer Na. He was that angry, I was almost jealous. What do you think? She is so confident. She doest’ only talk, she has good ability. You have something on her. If you care about her, do you want to be off this case? GS wants this case. KS asks, do you really want GS to take this case?

Club. YW says he is a fake lawyer (fake fan?). YW says he is really a fake lawyer. he will not hire GS. But YW says he is a real fan. YW starts singing one of YW’s songs that he sang publicly only once. The rapper starts to lossen up, and sits with YW.

Lawfirm. The young associates talk about YW. They want to know why that one guy is doing that case for GS. It is none o their business. He is all like, GS asked me to so I have to do it. The other assiciaties grumble.

Bewhy starts rapping and YW raps with him on stage. GS is super drunk in the background and passes out with all his chains on.

YW’s alarms is going off. He lazily tries to pull it from his pocket, but he is still sleep so it drops on the floor. But then he hops up, maybe he’s late.

At the lawfirm, DH talks to KS about meeting his ex girlfriend after so many years. KS asks her why she didn’t’ tell him. She says has wanted to keep it as a surprise. Then she playfully checks his clothing for lipstick marks. KS just shakes his head and goes into his office.

YW runs to work and hops in the elevator. HY gets in as well. She asks him how his job is going? He can drink over night. is KS treating you well? YW doesnt’ really answer and kind of sort of bows as he leaves the elevator. She watches him.

he sleeps at his desk. One of the assistants gives him the report he worked all night on. YW hops up and thanks the associate for it. Then he goes to KS’s room rapping like Bewhy and hands over the report. KS asks him if he is crazy and then asks him if he really did the report. KS says he gave it to another guy and that guy didn’t want to work on it. how can’t you keep your promise. YW says…ahem…because of GS.

KS tells him that he cut off his drug dealer friend, now I have to cut off lawyer Chae? What is next? KS storms out.

YW goes back to the assistants office, no one likes him.

YW goes to GS’s office. Bewhy is there. Bewhy says he is there for YW. But it looks like GS was in the middle of taking all the credit of pulling Bewhy while in front of HY. HY starts to figure it all out as Bewhy gives YW dap and a pat-hug.

Fade Out

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  1. PakalanaPikake
    May 2, 2018 / 3:00 pm

    Thanks for your recap, V.

    I’m glad that the pro bono case turned out well. It seems there was more to the witness than met the eye.

    SUITS doesn’t let up. Neither does Lord Goldfish, who has Yeon-woo in his crosshairs. The guy is a stalker. Or a poacher. I’m not sure which. After seeing his clubbing get-up, I’m beginning to think that his recordings are the musings of a frustrated rapper-wannabe.

    I somehow don’t think we’ve seen the last of Chul-soon. Big revelation: Se-hee is his sister. Interesting. So that little spark I thought I saw from Yeon-woo might be for real. Hmm.

    It struck me in this episode that Managing Partner Kang Ha-yeon reminds me a bit of Senior Partner Shirley Schmidt in BOSTON LEGAL.

    • V
      May 2, 2018 / 7:37 pm

      While watching this episode it really struck me that Gun-sik (GS) really doesn’t do any work, lol. He is always getting into other peoples business. Perhaps the boss should really give him something big to work on.

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