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Suits Live Recap Episode 2

Live recap for episode 2 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik.
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I really enjoyed the clean crisp look of the first episode of Suits. Actually, the cinematography reminded me of a sharp dressed man in a clean suit. Is this drama pre-produced? Because it would be wonderful to keep this look throughout. As for the storyline so far, I have no complaints. It takes a bit of suspended disbelief on my part to believe all the circumstances that led Yeon-woo to work for Kang-suk (same with the US version), but it’s a tiny thing so I will just roll with it.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: April 26th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How to Watch Later: Viu (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia, and several other Asian countries. Thank you Gabriel M!)
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KS walks to work. DH gives him his coffee and points to the work done on his door. He looks at it, then he looks at her. She nods.

KS – My promotion is canceled?

HY says it is, because that men from yesterday wants to sue them. he thinks this has nothing to do with a promotion. HY says there are a lot of law firms and a lot of companies that have their own law teams. But int his situation, you made one of our biggest clients leave our law firm. What do you think our other partners will think?

KS wonders if what the other partners think is important. HY says what one partner does affects all of them, why did you lie to him, with a little mistake, you fell to the bottom. You know how we came to this position, no lies or playing. If you do it one more time, I will put you in front of the judge by myself.

KS tells YW that he is fired. He thinks he just came there, why is he fired? Is it a test? KS says he is at the edge of a knife. YW is not even a lawyer so that is a defect, people will attack him. YW thinks he is the same, so he does things this way? KS thinks it is good that he knows that. YW says he thought he was lying, but he wanted to believe that lie, he had a good chance this time. KS says he dreamed it, it was mistaken. YW says he doesn’t’ know what knife he is having trouble with, but he won’t get stabbed because of him.

KS thought YW would be a nice weapon, but now he is on a sword so he is a weakness point, it is his mistake. YW says KS is at the edge of a knife, but what about him? He is at the edge of a cliff, if you push him, do you think he will just die nicely? Don’t you think you should die with him? KS asks how. YW says he has a lot of ways, did he forget what kind of person he is.

This is the exact conversation KS and HY had. KS threatened HY and said he would take all his clients to another law firm. She says that before he goes to another law firm with a 5 minute walk, he will have a lot of people who will find him (prosecutors, police, judges). Is that okay with you?

KS tells YW that he is threatening him, but regardless of that, he also had drug dealing, is he okay with that in front of a judge? YW says the judge will decide it. You let me go and hid me from the police, we were together.

KS said this same thing to HY, she hid him and they did things together.

YW says that he can do this, can he pull him to the bottom? He is familiar with the bottom, they can live there together.

KS and HY. That is not a difficult job. Did you already forget how we came here? Want to die together? Of course we don’t want to die together. I want us to live together. KS says, Are you threatening me?

YW and KS. I am not threatening you. I am just telling you that I am desperate with this opportunity.

HY and KS. Okay, you are a partner, but don’t think that your bluffing worked.

YW and KS. Whatever we agree or shake hands, we didn’t’ have a clash and found common ground. Good, you passed. Don’t worry about money, but you should be ready to be a lawyer in 6 months. Can’t you do that? Do you think you will continue this swindling job forever with my title? YW says, I will do it.

KS and HY. Of course, you are my opponent so I expect it. First HY wants him to take care of Chairman Parks trouble that he created. Second, take a senator as their client. KS says no problem, is that it? No, there is one more. KS says she wants him to do pro-bono work. He is hesitant. She says it is important for the law firms image. She says it is about lawyers ethics. Someone who is full of conceit that can read others mind but can’t even read clients mind, you need pro-bono. He says, who can’t I read? I just don’t read them because it blocks my work. She holds up some files and tells him to prove it.

KS and YW. KS gives the files to YW and says this is his first case. Pro-bono work. It is his secret that he ordered him to do it. Don’ be seen by HY. And your clothes, lawyers suit is your armor and our mindset. YW says he needs a sword when you go to war (points to brain). KS says this is an unnecessary war, the first rule is that we don’t go to court at all. Get a nice suit and use it for whatever you need. He hands him his card and says not to make any mistakes.
KS calls DH and asks her who is in charge of their trainees. Cut to JN trying to fix her look in the mirror. She is frustrated. YW goes to meet her. JN says she is a paralegal. But then she looks at YW and remembers him? He says she is a paralegal, so is she his secretary? She says, can you hear? Or are you stupid? i am a pa-ra-le-gal.

In the elevator. Your discriminatory gaze, if I am not a lawyer, then I am a secretary, that is a discriminatory gaze, that secretaries should have something with lawyers, that is a perverts discriminatory eye gaze. He says it isn’t that, she has something on her clothing. She says that new trainees are mistaken, this is just like the army. You are a new officer from school and I am a sergeant third class. I have experienced everything. YW says everyone talks about it like a war. She asks him if he went to the army. He says he doesnt’ go to the army. She asks him if he has a defect. He says yes, a lot. You may not have any discriminatory idea of someone who doesnt’ go to the army? She looks at him.
DH puts something on KS’s desk. He tells her that she heard everything so don’t pretend like you don’t have questions. DH basically says that she doesn’t understand, not only didn’t he go to a top school, he doesn’t’ have a degree! Is it his hidden son? he asks her how long they have worked together? She says 14 years. they talk back and forth about whether she knows him and she knows him well and it was a joke about his son, but this situation is risky. She leaves, but she also asks him why he hired him. KS gives her a scary look. She leaves.

JN tells YW that this is the place for new lawyers. She tried to spray some coffee on him? But he avoids it. She shows him his trainee lawyer seat. he goes to it and looks around. She asks him why he isn’t writing anything down. he repeats everything back to her perfectly then sits at his desk. She looks kind of reserve-annoyed and leaves.

KS wonders how chairman Park can sue him even though they don’t have a law team. He talks to GS about it. He asked him about playing golf with the chairman. GS says this can happen when you brag about what you do. He shows him a golf ball and smiles. they talk about something leaking from inside, he knows what is going on, perhaps it is from someone who hates him. Is it GS? Did he leak it? KS says the person who leaks inside information is the thing they hate the most. Whom should I choose, Kang & Ham or that person. GS asks him if he has evidence. KS says, if I give you the evidence, would you be able to take our presidents dissapointment?

There is a pause. KS says he is okay. He picks up the golf ball and pretends like he will throw it at him. GS jumps. KS says it is a long story, but i will take you as my enemy, you can take me as your helper. he drops the golf ball in the fish bowl and leaves. GS grumbles, how dare you touch my family.
Outside. CS is followed byt someone. it looks serious. He jumps over a railing and is running away. he is escaping all the thugs following him around. he crosses a dirty stream, but then someone hits him in the head with a brick.

Phone call to YW who is riding his bike. YW turns off the cell phone and keeps riding.

Elsewhere, KS meets with a woman on the cement creek in Seoul. She tells him that there is a son who likes drugs. this man did all his effort to take his son out of trouble for three times. But now his son is at the club. This is the same guy (Waikiki guy). KS asks about the senator. The senator doesnt’ have any problems. He wants to be an elder at a big church. this church is so big so the elder has more power than senators. She says her church is super tiny. he is surprised, she goes to church? She wonders, does that not fit my character? He says, no, it fits your character.

KS leaves and goes to teh church. He meets with a man (the man from episode 1?). KS says, he will start to come here when he becomes an elder. Why did you come? KS says he thought about ways he can help him do God’s work (?). He talks to him about a person who has trouble with his hospital business. the man asks him if he always works that way, is it a trick? KS says it is not a trick, it is magic. Today, it will be difficult to shake him. But today, as soon as he sees this, he will jsut resign by himself, you just need to smile.

They look at a man who just checked his phone and looked nervous and at KS. The man smiles. The other man leaves quickly. KS asks the man to change his law team to Kang & Ham, right now. Okay?
YW meets with a woman who is washing dishes at a restaurant. She asks him if he is an intern. He says he is. Please tell him everything. But she doesn’t look interested in talking to him, she asks him if he can solve her problem. He says he has good ears and he is smart. he starts to help her wash her dishes. He says it will be better than nothing, it is important to him as well as her so lets finish up and talk.

Afterward, she tells him about her case as they walk outside. As soon as she went to work it was an uncomfortable situation and her desk was facing the wall. She had to do anything, so she cleaned the bathroom and he fired her. She left work. No one helped her, they all kept quiet. They said she is a hooker and a gold digger. But her daughter told her that the world changed, now the woman can be proud and happy

The thugs are in CS’s apartment and looking for the drugs. CS is barely conscious. The thugs grab his phone and call a number, possibly the girlfriend. they kick CS, he rolls over and sees Kang&Ham on a card.

Meanwhile. YW went to the hospital to sleep with his grandmother. She thinks she is okay there, it is a good place. He tells her that he got a job so don’t worry about money. Are you sleeping Grandma?

Huh…yeah, I feel sleepy, what did you say?

I said I got a job in a big company.

You got a job? Good for you. Good for you, I knew you would do well.

Don’t you ask me what happened?

Grandma is sleeping.

I am sorry halmoni, when I really become a lawyer I will tell you everything.

She pulls his arms tighter around her as they both fall asleep cuddling.

YW waits at a street cart for food KS comes up from behind and takes his food. They start to talk about the pro-bono case. He says she is a good person. he asks, what if she is a bad person? Don’t worry about stories, just look at the case. Don’t involve your emotions, you will make a mistake and fail. the second law, only think about winning. It is better to understand your clients and win. Reading people is figuring out what people want and finding out their weaknesses.

They both go inside the company. YW catches up with KS. He asks KS if he greats others. Or accept other peoples greetings to him. KS says that if what their clients say is all true, what about the accuser? No one else says that they are victims in the company, they stay in the company which means they accept it, otherwise they are fired. So he needs to get a list of who was fired. But they won’t give him the list. getting an agreement is like a Monopoly game and depends on your dice. When you have the dice, you throw it first so you can go at least one step forward. YW doesn’t’ think he has any dice to throw because he doesn’t’ have the list. KS says the job is to find the dice right now.

Montage of YW working many many hours. He made a homepage for someone who suffered sexual harassment/assault at that company. A victims homepage.
YW asks the paralegal for help. Does she have anytime? She laughs. After work? We all dont’ go home, we work hard. Assocites don’t come to work (they live there). Going back home is only for partners. He asks her if she is always that angry. She tells him to just go to Lawyer Chae. He asks, Choi or Chae? She says Chae. He asks who lawyer Chae is.

Cut to YW meeting with lawyer Choi. GS asks him if he knows him, his lawyer doesn’t talk about him? Did you say hi to my fish? GS told him he is a genius, but everyone is a genius. He passed everything in his first try (first year?). Everyone is a genius there so they say that it doesnt’ matter if they do well, but others shouldnt’ do well.

he gets a nock on the door. GS asks the man what the report is. The man says he went to a wedding , he will give him the report tomorrow. But GS says he doesnt’ have to, he is fired. The man says he can’t do that but GS basically says he just did, leave.

GS tells YW that he takes care of all of his associates. He waits for them all to make a little mistake. Whatever little mistake you make, I fire you. You are just fired, it doenst’ matter if I do well…..YW answers, others shouldn’t so well. GS tells him to take that to KS and tells him to stop doing all this stupid threatening, we already threw the dice, the war has started.

YW goes to KS’s office and gives him the golf ball. He tells him exactly what GS told him to say. KS says that is that guys motto, he continues with his own war, that is his life. DOn’t care about him. What happened with the probono case? YW wonders why KS has his picture. KS says the son is the one that F-ed you with the drugs? Ah, that is cool. So he goes to the club more than home and he likes drugs more than alcohol. it is the same thing that the spy told KS. KS asks YW if he is good at acting.

Cut to the rich son at the club. He gets a call. YW asks him if he is arrested yet, he will show him how scary a person is. KS goes into the club room and nods for the girls to leave. YW goes to a sauna and talks to a man. He says he is the chairman who sued their lawyer Choi Kang-suk. then he shows him some paperwork.

Club. KS tells the son that someone say him taking drugs and called the police. the police at at the club looking around. KS says, if he signs this paperwork, then he can defend him by himself. The son quickly signs it. KS picks it up and sits on the couch . He calls Chairman Park and says that he is the lawyer for his son.

Sauna. Chairman asks him if he is taking his son hostage and threatening him? He can just give a lot of money to the police and prosecution. YW says his son is caught on site so he will be in jail. KS says he can sue him, if he cancels the lawsuit then he will defend his son. Chairman says anyone can do it. But KS says he is the only lawyer at the site right now. YS says, whatever it takes, KS doesnt’ want to take it to the courtroom.

Club. KS says that he wants to have an agreement, but he thinks he threatened him. Okay, if you want that, I will shred your sons signature and open the door. His son crawls to the phone and says that he is going to die, save me! Are you going to kill your son!

Sauna. Appa shreds up the lawsuit against KS. YW tells KS.

Club. The police bust into the room. The son goes to the police station. Outside, the chairman watches the son driving away with the police. KS nods at him. Chairman tells his driver to drive.

YW looks at them drive away and tells KS that the son is real trash, he should serve time in jail. KS says the father will use all his money and get the son out of jail soon. For those people, we have to involve them at the scene. YW asks how his acting was and wants to fist bump KS. KS just walks away. YW and KS walk away together.

YW rides his bike home. He sees his girlfriend outside looking at her phone. She is crying. She stands up and asks him why she couldn’t contact him! She cries into his chest. Both of them go inside. the place is trashed. the girlfriend says they should call the police. But YW says they shouldn’t call the police. CS will go to jail.

the girlfriend finds the ID and asks what it is. Later she says, that is what happened, you became a lawyer, I didn’t know, you were busy….you and oppa…did I become stupid?
GS walks into the building at around the same time that DH does. He smiles and talks to her. What are you going to do in the future? She asks him why he is asking her that? He says she saw the lawsuit, for when KS leaves the company. She says, ahhhhh, they retracted that lawsuit. He is shocked, it shouldnt’ be. DH says they retracted it and said that they will never ever contact Kang&Ham’s lawyers especially someone…..chae……(he runs away) you you you.

JN drops off some paperwork to YW. She says it is their manual, he needs to memorize everything, if he doenst get fired by KS. But YW isnt’ listening. She tells him, hey you said you want to ask me something! he says, oh, that is….

Later, JN says he has to increase his clicks for the website (so he can be on the surface). She asks him if he is really agenius? he is a genius at making someone mad. Does he thinks Kang & Ham makes SNS stars? he asks if she is angry. She tells him that he looks down on her! She storms off, but he calls to her.

Later, he shows her a photo text for a thank you letter that the daughter of the victum sent him. He wants to help them, but he isnt’ a real lawyer and can’t help, it is killing him. KS shows up and says if he dies with that then everyone in Korea is already dead. He tells him that he found his dice and threw it, so why is he just sitting there?

KS looks at the computer. He sents all his contacts an email saying that they don’t have enough time, increase the clicks by tonight so this will be first in the search. Then he tells JN and YW, what are you doing, get to work.

He leaves. JN tells YW that seh was too upset before, sorry. He asks her if she is helping him now? She says she also has a lot of contacts. She gives them to him.

Later. YW sees that the visit count is increasing on the website. He says he should have contacted her earlier. She says it is not that he is stupid, it is that she is a good worker. They both laugh.
A big company wants to close the website. (It looks like their plan worked). This news is released everywhere and now this website and the lawsuit has become big news. KS tells YW to come with him, they can check and see if it goes well.

They go to the Supreme court. YW is hesitant, but KS tells him to follow him. One of the lawyers complains and says that this hurts their company image. The judge says, what they did to make the online issue might hurt his client (to KS). KS says he knows that , but look at this data that the company gave them. There is nothing. So for them, they didnt’ have anyway to find the victims, that is why we did that. The other lawyer said it is because there is no one else. KS says he wants the list of female employees of who is fired.

Afterwards, they walk away and talk about protecting the client and refusing to have an agreement. They can’t find evidence, they want to close the case. He wanted to keep the case from getting dismissed. The company is desperate, this is how you progress based on the number on the dice. To get the list, they are retracting, what if they have more victims? then the company president becomes a serial harrasser and the public will be angrier. KS says the lawyer defends, it doenst protect, if you are sympathetic then it will be more difficult from now on. It is there turn to roll the dice.

DH says the company didnt’ give the list of who was fired. they gave them everything. (there is a lot of paperwork that all three are looking at). KS tells YW that he can read and memorize everything right? He thinks that they only thought of this mass data. KS leaves. DH tells YW to work hard. She leaves.

The girlfriend asks DH waht he is talking about? Lawfirm? CS tells her, if you don’t find YW then I am dead. YW is at Kang & Ham lawfirm. I don’t know why he is there, but he is there, I am sure. The friend is with the thugs and he is all beaten.
YW is at the law firm working. JN watches him work in a loving way. YW also watches her work in the same way. They leave work together. They thank each other for the work. She tells him that the watch is broken, won’t he fix it? He covers it. He tells her that she might have something to tell him? It seems like she hates him without a good reason, he heard that half the reason is interest. She says that could happen with another associate, but she is sorry, she has a good reason.

SH gets to the building and sees YW talking to JM.

JN goes to work. She looks at all the paperwork. Then she picks up on sheet. He found a firing list. The reason for firing, leaving work without permission.

YW waits somewhere, he is at a person’s house that used to work at the company. He sees her walking to her house. She is apprehensive about helping him. He knows that she may not trust him, but he understands how she feels.

YW goes to work, and tells KS that she doesn’t want to testify. But he asked her about her daughter. After a bit of convincing, she decides to testify. KS tells him to call the company.

Cut to them all sitting at a long table. the victim tells YW that she understands how she feels, so why is he here? YW looks at the lawyer talking. The woman looks nervous/frightened. The man says that this woman works in a bar (?). the last place she worked sued her for threatening. it is because he threatened her. No it is because she borrowed a lot of money. She threatened him with sexual harassment. No one will trust a person with this history. the woman leaves. YW follows her. The lawyer asks KS why he is doing pro-bono cases, this isn’t in his character.

YW runs outside and runs after the woman, but he lost her. He sees her on another street and chases her down. She doesn’t ‘want to talk to him anymore. He tells her that they should have told them. She says she will not testify.

Thug guys go to the company. They ride int he elevator with YW. YW gets a text from his girlfriend saying that thugs will come to his company. He is in the elevator with the thugs. the thugs also recognize him. YW leaves and quickly walks away. the thugs follow him.

YW walks into KS. The thugs pretend like they are just doing looking around. YW tries to walk past KS. he grabs his arm and says, what are you?

Fade Out

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      You’re welcome! I’m glad you found us too. 🙂

  2. Shayri
    April 26, 2018 / 2:13 pm

    I’m pretty sure that that woman is not hyung sik’s girlfriend,but his friend chul soon’s gf.

    • V
      April 26, 2018 / 7:05 pm

      That confused me while watching. In the character descriptions I believe they have her as YW’s ex-girlfriend? But while watching, it did look like she might be either Chul-soo’s girlfriend or sister.

  3. Jims
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    Glad you recap this one, even tough you dropped Live…no wonder because Live getting darker.
    By the way, I haven’t watch the US version, have you watched it V?
    Is the storyline as good as the US one?
    So far I like this fast paced episode, and their acting are solid imo.
    Confuse who is SeHee, maybe they’re childhood friends or something? But SeHee seems jealous of JiNah that’s why she leaked the information that YeonWoo working in K&H firm to ChulSoo?
    YeonWoo looks like in a run for now.

    Thanks for the recap!keep up the good work!

    • V
      April 27, 2018 / 5:36 am

      I haven’t seen the first season yet, but I did watch the first episode and the Korean version kind of matched it pretty well but also deviated from it. I think we need someone who actually did watch the US season to weight in though!

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