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Suits Live Recap Episode 16 Final

Live recap for episode 16 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik.
Here we are at the finale! Our main team is in all kinds of hurt since Ham outed Yeon-woo as he was about to sail off into the sunset. KS was not having that and looked to be about to put his foot all up in Ham’s mouth. And that is where we left off. Hopefully they pick up right at that moment and we don’t get a weird time jump thingy like in the last episode.

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: June 14th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
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VO – Last night I had a dream. i was sittingn down because I did not know where to go and you came and visited me.

YW turns around and looks at KS in jail clothing.

YW runs to the hallway and yells, NO,LAWYER. To KS who was very close to going into Ham’s office. KS tells him to get out of here and goes into the office.

Everyone is watching this from the hallway. GS is there as well as HY and JN. KS goes into Ham’s office. Ham tells him that he told him that he had to become evil to protect what he had, but this time he has nothing. Listen to me. YW didnt’ even graduate from High school – .

KS throws something over Ham’s head and it breaks. He tells Ham not to be mistaken. This company was never his company, not for one second. He storms out right past HY and JN.

Meanwhile, YW runs through the lobby.

HY goes into KS’s office and yells at him. Fake Lawyer! In my company! You two write your resignation letters first. KS tells her that DH did not know about it. He reaches into his drawer and gets out his resignation letter. He already wrote it when he hired him. He already quit, so if he goes to the courtroom then it has nothing to do with the company. he storms out.

HY tells GS that they have to shut the partners mouths right now if they do not want to see teh company crumble. She hurries out.

JN goes back to her office, she is stunned. Then she walks through the lobby in a daze. her phone rings but she does not answer it after checking the number.

However, she goes to meet YW at the han river. SHe asks how and he says that he started it. it is true, he is fake. This is why he was the most sorry, he should have told her even if she spit on him and hit him. he just couldnt’ tell her. it was the most difficult thing for him, that is why he wanted to say it so much, that he liked her, but he couldnt say that.

She tears up. He tells her that it is true, he is a conman, a fake, he lied to her, it is all true. What he tells her now can be a lie as well. What did I do in that place that I don’t belong to and with people who I don’t belong with?
She tells him that whatever the reason is, she can’t forgive him. He says he knows, but she says that he does not know. The real reason that she is angry is not because he is fake and lied to her, but it is because he is still lying. What you said is not a good lie for someone names Yeon-woo, why should I know those things? I did not know really important things so why should I know all those unimportant things?

I’m sorry

No, don’t apologize to me, I am not going to accept your apology yet. But, I will wait for you.

She walks away quickly. He stands there for a moment then turns to look at her walk away.

KS pops an advil or something and sits at his table with a bottle of alcohol (hmm, maybe it wasn’t advil). he calls someone and tells them to investigate everything about Ham.

Cut to YW doing a lot of investigations at his place. He tries to figure out the merger of the two law firms and how Taeyang law firm fits into all of this. he write all the information that he knows on the clear board. then he goes to KS’s place.
KS meets with HY in her office. She says they need to seperate themselves from YW and call the polcie, they were able to make their partners quiet. KS says the company is the most important thing right? GS tells him, if you care about the company so much, why did you hire that fake? KS is all like, what is fake and what is not fake?

KS wants to know if the company is like this becaue of YW? Do you think we survived like this because of YW? KS asks if he has evidence that the merger is a trap?

GS tells KS that he is talking too much about YW.

KS stands and tells them that he will do everything at the partner meeting, whatever happens, the company will crumble so call the police or whatever. he leaves.

YW is at home and looks at his two watches. One is teh broken one and the other is the one KS gave him. He decides to take the broken one. he goes to his wall and also takes the Joker card with him. then he goes to see his halmae. He tells her that he will study abroad for two years so he won’t be able to see her. She thinks that is very wonderful don’t worry about her.

he tells her that he took care of all the hospital bills so she does not have to worry about that. She smiles and says that she is okay, even if she dies today. But he tells her to be healthy until he comes back. She tells him of course. He tires to tell her that when he comes back…..but he can’t say it and starts crying instead. He cries so much that he can’t say anything but he manages to get out “I am sorry”. His halmae tells him that she knows everything. She was so pitiful when she knows that he lived a hard life. But seh tried to ignore it.

He manages to pull himself together a little bit. She tells him that he might be scratched or broken or if he is tangled, he can always untangle it and do it all over again. He buries his head into her lap and cries some more.

Cut to Yeon-woo walking over a Han river bridge. He looks out over the water.

VO – that is a card that is nothing, it can be an ace or a meaningless number. It is you who chooses what the right thing is and how to live. Now you choose.
The new company name is Kang, it is not Kang and ham anymore. HY tells them that they will wrap up all the things they couldn’t talk about last time. After the merger discussion, they will vote on whether they should fire KS or not. before that , KS has something that he would like to say.

KS hands out a lot of paperwork for everyone to look at. He says, after they listen to him, if they would still like to merge then he will just quit so they don’t have to vote on it.

(This part hops back and forth a lot from the partner meeting to KS’s house when YW was telling him how everything went down. So whenever YW talks, it is at KS’s house and whenever KS, GS, or HY talks, it is at the partner meeting.)

YW – Kim and Jo has a serious financial problem, Taeyang tried to merge with them.

KS – The reason is that Kim and Jo had the same problem as them 2 years ago.

YW – Kim and Jo targeted them to not get merged and to keep their name and put all the risk on us.

GS – that is nonsense, our financials are also bad, they should know that

kS – Yes, but Kang & Ham is the number 1 lawfirm

YW – So half of our value and half of Kim and Jo’s value we are still 47% higher than them.

KS – So they approached us at the begining to merge the entire company so that they will not show their financial problem. Later they changed it to a friendly merger as if they are giving us a deal.

HY thinks back to what GS told her.
GS – Right now, maybe president Jo is in a hurry, so tells her, if you do Jo and Kang then you will accept the deal…maybe it will work.

KS – Whatever the deal is, if it happens, we are taking on their financial vulnerability.

GS – So how can KIm & Jo’s financials match ours so well

YW – They faked their financials based on Kang & ham’s financials, we had a spy that leaked our information

KS – A big house in LA belonged to Kim and Jo’s, Jo, but from today it belongs to Ham’s daughter.

GS – So for only one house he destroyed his own company?

KS – Ham’s goal was not to get the company back, it was to destroy all of us.

Everyone murmurs.

HY – So, from the begining to the end, this was all Ham’s plan? So, without YW, you are saying we would not notice Ham’s plan to destroy our company?

YW – Also….san you take care of my grandmother?…..I know it is late so now, just make me not remain as your weakness, I beg you.

KS – The merger, raise your hand if you want the merger and want KS fired.

No one raises their hand, they all talk to each other. HY says she understands, they can close it out here. But KS says he has one more thing to say.

KS – yes, YW is not a lawyer…

Cut to YW at the river

KS – …he did not go to law school and does not have a license….

YW throws the joker card into the river

KS – ….also, I can’t say that he is a good lawyer because he screwed up cases often due to listening to the clients, sometimes he gave a break to the other side, but he is the one that saved us twice. You all know that….

They all murumur.

KS – ….so to all of you, at least for today, we should recognize him as a coworker and a real associate. So I want to represent him as kang & hams lawyer.

they all look at him and murmur back and forth, this does not look good.

HY stands and says that they should vote for it. If they all do not gree then seh will not let KS’s plan pass. So who agrees with him?

Everyone raises their hands. HY slightly smiles as she sees them all. GS raises his hand last. KS smiles slightly at that.
YW turns himself in.

Cut to a a prosecutor talking to YW. YW says he will hire a lawyer. The prosecutor is all like, why do you need a lawyer? Youare a lawyer right? Oh yeah, you are a fake lawyer. YW says all the law things adn tells him that he is turning himself in and it is illegal for him to stop him from hiring someone.

the prosecutor tries to put him in his place. He tells im that he didnt’ even graduate high school. Do you think you are a lawyer by memorizing a lawy book?

YW is all like, that’s great that I don’t have to prove myself to you that I am a real lawyer. You do have to prove that I am a fake lawyer though.

GS and HY talk to KS. GS thinks KS is a co conspirator and will go to jail with YW. HY tells him to stop, this is all her fault. She wants KS to take the case. But if it affects the company at all then you need to stop defending him.

KS agrees and leaves.

HY tells GS that he saved our company twice, so this is the right thing, right?

In the hallway, DH yells for KS. He gets a text message. he looks alarmed.

the prosecutor talks about YW’s backstory, his parents died in an accident adn he supports his grandmother….I don’t carea bout any of this. YW tells him that it is all his fault.

the prosecutor says that his confession is not important, what is important is about what he says about KS. If you say that KS put you in a hard spot and hired you then I will make it so you don’t go to jail.

YW tells him that KS would go to jail though.

Ah, you are smart.

There is a knock on the door, his lawyer is here. GS walks into the room. The prosecutor is all like, you are not KS…..ah, did KS draw a line?

GS sits down and tells the prosecutor that he is the one that is good at drawing lines and making good paintings, not them. After 48 hours, I am going to take him out. th prosecutor says they will have the warrant before that. YW asks where KS is. GS tells YW to trust him today and be quiet for 48 hours.

Cut to YW’s halmoni. It looks like she passed away so KS is identifying her body possibly?

Meanwhile, YW walks into his jail cell. He sits against the wall and thinks.

No one is at YW’s halmonis funeral accept KS. He sits there against the wall as well. JN comes to visit and lay a flower. DH also visits as well.

GS and YW walk out of the polcie station together. He goes straight to the funeral and gets the arm band put on him that signifies that he is the head of the funeral. KS puts it on him and pats him on the shoulder. Then he walks out. But he turns to look at YW from the door.

YW tries to take it all in. He bows several times to his grandmother while thinking about al the happy moments they had together and all the sad moments as well and just everything. Then he sits in a kneeling position and cries softly. KS is still standing at the door.
Later, KS and YW sit against the wall. KS tells him that he didn’t tell him on purpose. He says it is okay and he thanks him for taking care of his halmoni.

they are quiet for a long moment.

then we cut to the outside of Kang & Ham. HY meets with Jo and tells her that she should have asked her for help. Jo said she should have done that if they were in a good financial situation…..saying sorry doesn’t matter now does it? Jo starts to walk out and turns and smiles. She tells her that she fits in her seat very well.

Then she goes to see her daughter and tells her that she came as Kim & Jo’s representative, he company is not bankrupt yet.

What is going to happen now?

Umma chuckles and tells her to care about herself.

JN says, umma, tomorrow, let’s eat lunch together.

Umma smiles and says, okay….lets do that.

She leaves, JN takes a deep breath as seh walks out.

Meanwhile, Kim meets with KS and apologizes. He looks out the window and tells her that their relationship was formed by weakness and threats anyway. She wants to ask him one question. Why did you pick YW? She says it is because he is different from her. She says, he i sdifferent from me? If that is the big picture, then there was no room for me from the begining.

KS tells her that YW chose to turn himself in. then he turns to look at her. He tells her that she should think about herself and make a different choice this time. Kim tries to keep it together and bows to KS before leaving.

Cut to Kim with a box, it looks like she is leaving the company. She bows to GS as she walks out. GS tells her not to forget that he granted her to be his associate. He will not betray her. When he has his last battle with KS, she should be next to him.

She looks at him with kind eyes and smiles, then she walks out.

KS tells YW, after he is sent to the prosecutors office and goes through all the investigations, he will go to jail. YW tells him that he is okay. KS mentions, back then, when you first came to me, did you think that this chance I gave you was the right chance? YW says no, he thought it was a dangerous and wrong chance.

KS asks why he made that choice then?

YW says he isn’t sure, maybe he just wanted to go high and brag about it at least once. He wanted to show that he didn’t have a chance, but if he had a chance then he could do that. But the begining was cowardly so his destination was also….~.

KS tells him that he doesn’t need to worry, he will defend him and make it so he doesn’t have to go to jail.

But YW tells him, no, even though he had a cowardly start so let’s not make the end cowardly also…..something is wrong so we need to correct it. I will try hard not to affect you or the company so please listen to my last request…

He holds out his fist for a fist bump. HE FINALLY GETS IT. (OMG Finally.)

They stare at each other, YW slightly bows to KS and then walks into the police station.
YW rides the bus (to jail?). He looks out the window and thinks.

VO – I thought about the deal, but I want to give you a different deal.

Cut to YW’s desk, he has all the playing cards that KS gave him and his name tag. KS looks at it all and then holds a packet in his hands about the illegal hiring company.

VO – I will not affect you or your company, so instead, can you listen to my last wish?

KS flips through the pro bono case and walks out.

YW – You took the law school exam in august 2013. No, you didnt’ take the exam. I have a good memory. You didn’t take the exam back then.

Flashback to YW taking the exam for him.

YW – A fake prosecutor interrogating a fake lawyer meeting, do you think this is a coincidence? No, it was always decided when we made the wrong choice.

Are you threatending me

I am not threatending you, we share each others weaknesses, I will confess all my wrong doings, but don’t touch KS or Kang & Ham. No, it is actually Choi and Kang.

Cut to a meeting where GS has to say Choi & Kang, it is hard for him to do that, lol. This is about the illegal hiring probono case. KS tells them that he gave all the evidence that they used for the illegal hiring to the prosecutors, they were very interested in the case. Of course, this has nothing to do with the prosecution, but our clients common law suit will continue until they win.

the other lawfirm asks them if they can do this? You will lose all your clients. HY says she does not care if she loses all her clients. GS tells them that Choi & Kang law firm only thinks about winning, when they win, then the clients will come back. He puffs out his jacket.

the other company lawyers leave.

Ham is at the airport. He gets a call from HY, she tells him taht she heard he is banned from leaving the country. Does he think he can go to LA so easily? His destination is not LA, it is jail. Ham hangs up and thinks for a moment.

Cut to various scenes around Kang & Ham including the truck car outside. JN is studying hard. HY and all teh top people walk down the hall. JN sees them and wonders what is going on. She looks at her blue rabbit and nocks it over. She tries to get back to studying, but her mind is completely distracted. She flips to a page in her book. YW wrote her a little note on one of the pages.

Note: If you study this much, then you will know that I like you a lot. *he drew a little rabbit*

She look sat it and starts to tear up. She quickly grabs her thinks and leaves, but she comes back and turns the little blue rabbit back to sitting position.

Cut to her walking into the courtroom. The prosecutor says that this crime is serious, so they are asking for 3 years in jail.
KS stands to speak his piece. He says that he is letting YW represent his final words.

YW – I, as my mentor and lawyer KS said, fully regret my wrongdoings but I will not ask you for a good sentence.

Judge – Why?

YW – While I was living, often times I did not know what direction to go. I think I always made the wrong choice. I am standing here because of all my wrong choices, not becasue of wrong opportunities. (He looks at KS, KS smiles) My grandmother told me that humans should change many many times, even though they will break and be scarred a lot, when something is tangled, it can slowly be untangled. This is the place where I can untangle everything slowly and start over. I feel like this is my real chance.

Judge – Are you all done?

YW – Yes.

YW sits back down and waits for his sentence.

Judge – I will make the judgement. the defendent pretended like hewas a lawyer even tough he was not qualified and prosecuted the defendents, this is fraud. But, our investigation showed that he was actually better than the lawful lawyers and in his work, he tried his best for his clients. Now it seems like he regrets his sin. But, even though he was a good lawyer, it does not justify that he pretended like he was a lawyer. this is our sentence….two years in jail.

Everyone from Kang & Ham taks a deep breath at the sentence. No one likes it.

News: The victims are saved from hiring fraud and 3 people from human resources are prosecuted. What is the direction of this investigation for the higher officials?

KS drives by that news sign on his way to the jail. he smiles.

YW – Why did you pick me? I had a dream last night, I didn’t not know where to go. I collapsed becasue I did not know where to go. But you visited me and I asked you, why did you pick me.

KS opens up something and hands it to YW. YW smiles and opens it. he says he really wanted to eat this. It looks like toast from his truck. KS tells him that the ace lawyer that never lost from the biggest lawfirm, he knew everything would collapse soon. Not because of Ham, or any one person, but because of everyone, including himself. Maybe they forgot or they were like that from the begining. they all don’t know pain. Since they don’t know pain, they aren’t able to understand the people next to them. But no one knew that to save the company, they had to save the people next to them. Because, to survive, they had to kick the people next to them out. But youa re different, you know pain and you tried to understand the victims heart becaue you know their pain.

YW – If so, then why did you always tell me not to understand the victims?

KS – that is your way not my way. I still don’t like your way. When you came in fro the interview, I was reading a book. the reason for all the horrible things that happen or will happen is…not because of maverick peole who resits civilization, it is because…(he has to pull out the quote, lol) …it is because we have more people who yield and are obedient.

YW – …..because we have more obedient and gentle people. if youa re not confident then don’t try to do things like me.

KS – Are you crazy? …… I wish, no, I was sure that you would not do everything that you would do like those so called elites. Not like someone who becomes obedient when a terrible thing happens…..not like someone who obsequiously yields to survive….someone that understands others pain and does not yield his will…..someone who is not domesticated and can resits his own way…..if I can protect someone like that until the end, then I thought our company will not crumble. It was not that I needed it at all.

YW – So protecting someone like me is protecting the company?

KS – I didn’t need it but you looked like that….a little bit.

YW – it is not because I am different than you…it is becaue I am simiar to you?

KS – I told you that’s not it.

YW – So what is the conclusion?

KS – the conculsion is that it proved once again that I can read people

YW – Not about you, did I do a good job?

KS – No, becaue you did an illegal thing so I can’t says that you did a good job.

YW – Wow, daebak.

YW eats some more of his sandwich. KS just sighs and rolls out a card. He says, if you have to choose one card to win the case…

YW – Don’t do those things, people hate it!

KS – Who hates it? Not everyone hates it. You saw all the cards so pick one, what do you want to be?

YW – I don’t want to depend on someone elses card, I want to be the one that deals the cards.

VO – I don’t want to be the one picking the card, I want to be the one dealing the card

KS – You are not like me at all.

YW – why do you say that all of a sudden?

YW walks out of the jail in the clothes that he went to jail in, so he is wearing his suit. He walks across the jail yard and is let out.

KS is sitting against his car as he waits on him. He smiles as he sees YW get out. YW smiles as well and puts his suit jacket and his back pack back on.

KS – Do you still think you liik good in this?

YW – Yes, this fits me best.

KS hands him a phone.

What is this expensive thing, gold?

KS puts out his hand for a fist bump, YW holds his fist up, but then he pushes KS’s hand down with his hand and laughs. KS smiles as YW asks where they are going.

KS – Life won’t tell you your destination.

YW – therefore, the thing thta decides your life is not coincidence, it is choice.

KS tells him, lets go and they both get in his sports car and drive away.

Fade Out

Y’all it was a bromance until the end. Who thought JN might be waiting for YW to get out of jail? *raises hand* But they maintained this bromance all the way to KS and YW happily driving off into the sunset.

This was a great ending. They completed this story all the way to the end and had the tiniest time jump at the end to show YW getting out of jail. I think that is a time jump that we all wanted to see.

I really enjoyed Suits, the episodes with Ham were the best for me. He really created that tension that this show needed to move it forward (for me). But I would much rather have a show that is good, get better toward the end than to have a great show get worse. So I am very happy with Suits.

Suits Korea Final Group Photo
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