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Suits Live Recap Episode 15

Live recap for episode 15 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik.
We are in the final stretch! I am so happy Suits was not preempted like a lot of other shows because I want to complete this drama without having to wait two weeks. Yeon-woo is in charge and has everyone wondering why he turned traitor. He alone knows that he is doing all these seemingly malicious things to save the companies tail. But what is his final gameplan? Will he have Ham take the fall for hiring a lawyer without a law degree, or with that little tidbit stay under wraps till the end?

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: June 13th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
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How to Watch Later: Viu (Asian countries)

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KS walks down the Kang&ham hallway on a mission. He looks into Ham’s office as he walks by. Then YW runs in and tells him NOOOO.

He is at the opposite side of the hallway. KS turns around to look at him, his eyes are blood shot.

YW meets with someone the car owner. he says he is YW from Kang & Ham. Ham sent him. YW answers the phone and gives it to the CEO. Ham talks to the CEO and tells him that he is his person, so just answer his questions.

HY and Ham sit at the head of this huge meeting. They will vote for GS to become a senior partner and other things. There area lot of rumors so in this kind of situation, we need to promote someone good. We can rebuild the company starting now.

Ham tells HY to talk then cuts off HY as she tries to talk and asks everyone to vote. HY votes that she opposes it. it look slike it comes out tied, but KS did not vote yet. Ham tells him that it is okay, you are still a senior, you can vote.

GS is in his office talking to his fish. He tells her that it was his mistake to make her live in this tiny place. If he is promoted then he will let her live in a huge river. he gets a call and says that he understands. Then he tells his fish that he is sorry, he can’t keep his promise, let’s go to the river next time. But then he smiles and exclaims, I WAS LYING, I AM PROMOTED!

In the meeting room, HY asks Ham if they can vote now. Ham starts talking and says that this mock court is not about KS but about her reappointment. If they had something illegal at Kang & Ham then it was about her leadership, so she will quit her job. KS asks for evidence.

YW walks in at that time.

Ham – what if I have it?

KS – Of course I have to pay for it.

Ham – If you are not guilty, then I will resign.

YW comes up to testify, he has evidence. YW puts a USB into the computer. Then we are pulled back to his talk with the Car company owner.

In that talk, they talked about the steering wheel. YW says he met Ham and gave him the memo. CEO says that he told him all the details about knowing the law so he could be responsible for it. he worked like that with ham before (illegal deals). KS stands up and says that ham knew the steering wheel had a problem but wanted their company and him (KS) to take the case. Because he always did his work like that. This is a written note from President Seo. We have the evidence, so you have to pay for what you did.

Ham says this is not the evidence.

YW speaks up and says that the found the handwritten note. One from David and the other in their archives. You put it there after you came back. Ham says he never went there. KS says he checked the CCTV. GS planted it.

GS stands up in teh crowd and says that is nonsense. KS tells him that as soon as ham cae back, he asked him to brief the cases, think about it. Maybe he added one more file after you took it back.

GS thinks back to laughing with Ham and then grabbing all the paperwork to put back. Ham snuck a document into all the documents GS carried (there were a lot). KS tells Ham that he planted his own note and sent it to David. David didn’t know, he just wanted to put KS into the courthouse. He hates him but he does not want to be a part of this big crime.
KS tells GS that he told him he was a snake, a snake is like that kind of animal that you never raise at all, or if you raise them they you have to be ready to get bitten. We were ready to get bitten, but prehaps you weren’t. KS sits.

HY tells the jury that Ham is the plaintiff, not the defendent. If you think Ham is guilty (raise your hands). Everyone raises their hands, even GS. HY smiles and says that everyone agrees, he is guilty, we will close the court.

Court is ajourned. Everyone starts to leave. But the key people stay. GS tells YW that he betrayed him. YW says he is the one that backstabbed KS. KS tells him that they just bit his neck, it is all over. But GS tells him that it isn’t over yet. HY says of course it is not over yet. Come to my office in 30 mintues.

Ham laughs and reluctantly walks away.

HY walks up to KS and asks him when he made this plan. KS tells her to tell him. HY is all like, this is your plan? YW bashfully agrees. HY tells him, good job. She gives one last look at KS and then leaves.

Hy talks to Ham and tells him that the other lawfirm wrapped up this case by firing David as a senior partner, but for them, she can give him one more chance. If he does not do anything, nothing, then he can be the highest associate. She will give him a salary. What, do you need anything more?

If I dont want anything, you will be the same as me one day. Not by me but by KS.

If that happens, you won’t be there so stop thinking about other peoples business.

Ham leaves.

YW apologizes. KS asks if it is because he betrayed him? he knew he wanted to be with Ham, not just by winning over him, because he pushed DH too much. He understood that he had to fake everyone. YW says he just wanted to go to the end and win. the first mock court, he wanted to win but he quit. Today he wanted to go all the way to the end.

KS says he was his opponent so he wanted to win over him.

Maybe…but after the mock court case, what I told you was truthful.

Good, you won this time.

KS smiles at YW. YW smiles and puts his hand out to fist bump. KS looks at it and then kind of hold it. YW laughs and says that he won, but he doesnt’ feel too happy about it. KS is the same, because they have some really big work left to do.

Cut to DH walking home. She turns the corner and asks what this is?

YW and KS are both at her door. She says that left is KS and right is YW. She knew KS is the worst but she didn’t know about YW. YW apologizes. She says it is all her fault, they can follow the law.

KS tells her to take a week break and come back to work. Youa re not guilty, he proved everything. Ham faked the memo. YW solved it.

DH says, you really solved it? She puts her head down as if she is crying, but we don’t see her face. then seh turns and kicks YW hard in the shin. He hops back in pain.

Dh – So me and KS, there is nothing between them?

YW – I am really sorry Secretary Hong.

DH – No, I am the one that is sorry.

She gives him a big hug. YW smiles and says he is leaving, you guys can talk.

He runs off leaving KS and DH alone. KS is reluctant to be left alone with her. He tries to apologize but DH says he can’t say those things and she does not want to hear it. he hands her the plane ticket to Hong Kong and says, thank you…..by the way, when did you start to like me?

She is about to kick him so he starts to walk off. But she turns and says that there is no guarantee that she will come back.
YW goes straight to JN’s office. She is not there so he looks at her stuffed animals for a moment, fixes one of them, then leaves.

Cut to GS in his office. Kim goes in to cheer him up, but GS is so crushed that he is promoted all because Ham used him to do all that nepherious work. But Kim said Ham was only one vote, until KS said yes, it was all equal. So actually, KS promoted you, not Ham.

GS looks up in shock and then curses himself.

He goes to hams office and asks him if it was true that KS picked him. So that means Ham didn’t do anything for his promotion and gave him something illiegal to do. Ham tells him that only GS was on the CCTV.

GS laughs and tells Ham that he should do well under his mentoring since he is now an associate. he laughs and walks out. ham actually chuckles as well. Then he calls lawyer Kim and tells her to come to his office.

YW goes to hang out with his grandmother. JN is already there talking with her and eating grapes. halmoni said uri JN brought grapes. YW is all like, uri JN? Grandma laughs.

JN and YW go outside to talk she says she wanted to see his halmoni and she also thought seh might see him there. He doesn’t have to talk, she knows about what he did. She also tells him that he should be an actor, he is great at it. But why did he hide it from her as well? He tells her that Ham is a perfectionist so he had to be perfect. She tells him that seh knows she has a long way to go to understand him, he says that understanding him is a long ways away.

he then mentions that they haven’t studied in a long time, would you like to stody now? What do you have to do to be accused of fraud?

Fraud is when you actively lie to someone or don’t say what you need to say, then you take the advantage.

Correct. Did I do something fraudulent to you?

A lot, you made me angry and worry and a lot of things.

He grows serious and says, I am….I am….

She holds his hands and tells him that she will wait for him. Some words you can’t say even though you want to say them. If we reach that destination then I will wait, lets just wait today and not say anything and stay like this for 5 minutes.

She rests her head on his shoulder.

Kim meets with Ham. She says that to survive there she should not have any weakness, KS told her that. Ham tells her that KS is not the kind of person that will compromise, he will look for the other persons weakness.

She wants to know if he thinks she has a weakness?

Ham tells her that her brother had a violent issue in the army and the victim is dead. A certain prosecutor worked on the case…..so tell me the real reason that KS picked you.

Kim is stunned into silence, she slightly smiles to hide it.

KS and YW walk into work together. YW jokes that he beat the Harvard legend. KS is a little annoyed by that and walks quicker after staring at YW for a moment. YW is all like, let’s go together!

Upstairs, things are going back to normal, DH is unpacking her things and reorganizing her desk. Inside, YW and KS are throwing trash in the trashcan as a game. (they don’t have any work)

HY comes in in the middle of a point celebration and tells them that another firm representative will visit them. Kim & Jung law firm with come.

A woman goes into JN’s office and sits like she owns the place. JN looks at her and says, Mom? Mom tells her she is there as the Kim & Jung representative, not as her mother. Mom tells her, you still haven’t given up? JN says she hasn’t given up. Umma tells her it is also courageous to accept your own limitations

JN smiles and says no, now she has the courage to overcome her own limitations. Umma says, if the opponent is stronger, dont’ forget to lower yourself and smile. My daughter became better since I last saw you.

JN tells her that, to be exact, she couldnt’ see her, not that she didn’t see her. And, my daughter? You are here as a representative of Kim & Jung, so what do you need? She tells her that it is none of her business.

YW busts in at that moment and then immediately apologizes when he sees umma in the corner. Umma stands up and asks who he is. He says he is Ko Yeon-woo. She says…hmm….you look stupid. then she leaves.
Umma goes to meet with KS and HY. he asks hr how her lawfirm is, she was pretty quiet for awhile. She tells them that they are always quiet, that is the problem. HY asks her why she is there. She says she likes the scene from there. In the last few days, 5 of your clients tried to go to her lawfirm. It will be finalized soon.

Come to my lawfirm, let’s merge.

YW talks to JN in her office and says that the person seh knows at Kim & Jo is her mother and she is the president? He thinks he has a long way to understand her as well.

She wants to know if he is telling her that her mother is so great so why is she there? He says that isn’t it, he just wonders why he is not that great compared to her. But then a phone rings. It looks like someone calls YW.

In HY’s office, Umma suggests that they should merge. HY thinks it will be difficult. Umm says that she knows why she kept Ham there, because if she fired him again then he will do anything to shake kang & Ham. Your company is in danger, you should save your company. Everyone knows what happened after Ham came back. First of all, you survived as Kang & Ham.

KS tells her that it isn’t like that. You just want to eat our company, not give us a chance to save ourselves. Umma smiles and says, to be exact, it is both. think about it, what can save both of you and the company?

Ham calls YW to his office. ham starts talking about probono cases he says he won’t be there long, as he knows. Then he starts reading all the probono cases. People without qualifications are hired and affected good people. They were all bad people. A fake lawyer without a license….ah, you can’t do this case, you know. You are good at everything but this is too much. He shows him something on a computer (it is hard to see). He tells him to call KS, it is time to have an agreement. You can hop on a tiger by yourself, but you can’t get off by yourself.

YW leaves, he takes several deep breathes in the hallway and loosens his tie.

In HY’s office. KS and HY talk. HY says all the rumors are out, the clients and partners know about it. You and I should not have shown our weaknesses. KS says they showed his weakness, but what is hers? She turns around and tells him that her weakenss was trusting him.

So it is all my fault?

I told you, a small crack can destroy everything. We can here very difficultly.

He tells her that she is the one that is crumbling. Has she forgotten how they got there. he won’t see Kim & Jo on their building.

He leaves and sees GS in the hallway. He is about to walk by him, but GS says he heard everything, what is going on. He knows how much he looks down on him, but not the company. He is the ace so he should have an answer for it.

KS just keeps walking.

KS looks out the window and tells YW that Kim & Jo want to merge the companies, but they should stop it. Flashback, if you have a lot to protect, it means you have a lot of weaknesses. To survive at Kang & ham, you should not have a weakness.

YW thinks this is because of him. the merger, they will reavaluate all the employees and it will come out that he is fake. He knows that KS wants to protect him, but people will know that he is his weakness. KS tells him that he knows that he is not his weakness.

YW breaks it to him…..Ham, knows that I am fake. KS slowly turns around to look at him.

Ham is practicing Kendo martial arts in a work out area. KS goes into the room and wants to know what he wants. Ham says he wants to take his company back, duh. KS tells him that this never was his company, he still has evidence of all his illegal behavior. ham says that they will merge and you will be fired. the name will be changed to Jo and Kang.

KS just spits back that this is an obvious trick to separate him from HY. Ham asks him if he wants to bet? KS tells him to shut up and tell him the deal. ham says that he should be a named partner before the merger. Then he will send (a letter?) to HY about YW. he tells KS that they both have each others weaknesses, why, are you not confident?

KS says these are threats and revenge.

ham thinks this is just competition.

LS tells him that he can be his opponent if he wants, but he warns him, you should follow the agreement.
KS meets wtih YW afterward. he sighs and says that ham could have called the police right away when he found out about him. KS will also be prosecuted for hiring YW. But Ham wants his seat back and won’t do anything to break the company. He wants to be a named partner before the merger and go to the new company with his share. But he is like a snake, they need to make a plan to block the merger.

Meanwhile, HY talks to someone who we don’t see. She says it is just a rumor, they are still strong. The man she is talking to says that she knows the chairman, they have a lot of phone calls everywhere. HY tells him that they are trying to merge with Kim and Jo, when they merge, everything will go back to the way it was. the man tells her to call him when it is done, he will tell the chairman.

He walks out and KS walks in. KS tells her that he will make a plan for the merger. HY tells him, didn’t you see that? All our companies are leaving us, our company really will fall.

KS tells her that he will protect her and the company, just trust him one more time, I beg you.

KS meets with GS and tells him to come out, they need to stop this company merger together. GS is all like, what? you said together?

Meanwhile, JN tells YW that she knows her mothers company wants to merge with Kang & Ham. But she is Kang & Ham’s paralegal, it is YW’s company, but it is also her company.

GS comes in at that moment and asks them if they are making the merger document, he sets a box on the table filled with paperwork and says they can do it together. YW starts to smile and they all work in the stacks together.

Upstairs, HY thinks as she looks at KS in his office. Then she turns and looks at Ham. Cut to her talking to Ham. She told him not to do anything. Ham says they should stop their company from crumbling. KS wants to stop the merger, but he is emotional and does not see the truth. they are already losing a lot of clients. Kim & Jo is a good company with good clients. they have good financials .If we can do a good friendly merger with them then, you know….it is win win.

HY mutters, friendly merger?

Ham tells her to accept the deal if the companies become Jo & Kang, maybe it will work then.

HY asks him, now you are helping me?

He says, for her to not mistake it that he is helping her, he just does not want his company to crumble. then he will have a will to get it back. he smiles as if he is sincere and leaves.

HY sits in consternation. She thinks for a moment and calls someone. She tells this person that it is her. (I think she called JN’s Mom).
YW gives KS their plan. KS flips through it. YW tells him not to worry about him, just save the company first. KS tells him, just in case, don’t go anywhere.

YW goes back to his cubicle and thinks about what Ham said. He can’t defend people who are wrongly hired because he is a fake lawyer.

the partners all meet and talk about cutting associates salaries and how to spend money and all the limitations they have. they are going to merge so why are they talking about this?

KS asks what is going on. HY tells KS that it is a friendly merger so they can keep their name and their salary. She sits up and says they can take a break and then vote for the merger.

Everyone breaks. KS comes up to HY and asks what is going on. HY tells him that they are the ones that need them, they don’t need Kang & Ham. the new name will be Jo and Kang.

KS tells her that he told her to wait a little bit! Did you have a deal with Ham?

She tells him no, she is the one that decided it.

KS storms out and goes to his office. He sits on the couch with YW and tells him that it seems like he will lose this time. YW sits back and says that KS is wrong, he is not losing, YW is losing. he read about bribery in hiring (fraud hiring) that Taeyang law firm (Davids former company) is representing. It is a probono case. they are representing the company. No one is helping the victims. How can I represent them when I am not qualified.

KS says that Kim & Jo are representing the company. They should not lose their client to Taeyang. But YW says he saw that Taeyang has the company.

KS has a flashback about HY saying, why would they want to merge with us? We need them!

KS sits up and tells YW, what if they need us? They want to merge with us but they want it to be a friendly merger, what do you think the reason is? they are eager to get the merger, either they need something or they can’t merge us from the begining. YW says, so the merger can be a trap?

Flashback to Ham talking about KS getting fired and making it Jo & Kang.

KS thinks, if it is a trap, then Jo didn’t make this trap all by herself.

Cut to Jo and Ham meeting. they talk about accounting data that Ham gave her. Ham says that it will take a couple months for them to figure things out about her, but they wont be able to do anything. Jo thinks that is true, but how can HY accept the merger? Ham tells her that HY wants to save her company, so she will do it. KS wants to save something else. What they want to save is different so if they don’t change their mind then they will both crumble.

She asks, what about sunbae?

Ham says that he is saving her company that is almost crumbling, so it is a good thing. She smiles and tells him to have a good time in LA. He excuses himself.
David meets with KS at the river. He says that there is no guarantee that he won’t call the police. this isn’t your way so why are you taking this risk? KS wants David to help him. David says their was a conversation about a merger with (his company?) and Kim & Jo.

David hands over something and tells him that he repaid him now. So he needs to repay him now. KS says that he will repay him twice if he gets the chance. David laughs and says he hates to see him so he is going back to were he came from. Let’s not see each other anymore. Peace Out.

At the company, YW and KS talk as they walk. YW tells him, when Ham threatened him, he could not think of anything on the spot, so he looked back and Kang & Ham was there. they both turn around and look at the Kang & Ham sign on the wall. YW says he didn’t want to get recognition, he just wanted to be helpful to the company.

Cut to HY walking with GS, she gets a phone call.

Ham packs his things casually in his office. He holds up his computer and looks at it.

Cut to HY and GS going into KS’s office. The merger is a trap?

KS tells them both that he is sure that this is a trap. ham told you the idea about a friendly merger. they had a bet, he bet that you would fire him and become Jo and Kang. he knows that it is not true, that she wants to save the company.

GS gets a text that shows that YW is a high school drop out. he asks what this is? YW is a high school drop out and has no license?!?


GS asks KS if it is true? Is YW really fake!

KS looks around in anger and storms out.

Meanwhile, YW is walking through the lobby area, he gets a call and then turns and runs back to work.

Upstairs, KS walks down the hall on a mission. He is pissed. he looks inHam’s office but YW yells, NOOO LAWYER.

He is at the opposite side of the hallway. KS turns to look at him, his eyes are fire.

Fade Out

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