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Suits Live Recap Episode 14

Live recap for episode 14 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik
Does anyone else think that David created that memo that Ham planted in the stacks for Secretary Da-ham to find which led to her subsequent firing? Because that is what we think happened. Ham wants to get rid of everyone next to Kang-suk, Da-ham is his closet confidant and therefore, target #1. Hopefully Kang-suk rights this situation in this episode because he will need as many people on his side as he can going into the final week!

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: June 6th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
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JN runs through the lobby and grabs YW by the arm. She tells him they didnt have to do this much! Why did they do this! What is the reason!


They both turn and look at KS and DH in their stare off. DH is sniffling as she looks at KS and then turns to leave. She walks out teary eyed.

Cut to KS brooding in an office with a stiff drink.

Then we cut to him going into YW’s house and sitting on the couch. YW is super shocked to see him barge in like that. He asks him if he is drunk. KS says he has never been drunk. YW grabs him a drink and tells him that Dh knows about him as well.

KS tells him that Lawyer Kim knows it as well, if he wanted to keep it a secret then he shoudn’t have told anyone else, even him. YW asks why he didn’t protect DH? KS tells him that he can’t protect anyone if he is fired or goes to jail. When DH found the fake evidence, if you told me….what was written was true but the evidence was fake, that is all fake. they just wanted to put me in a corner. That was all fabricated.

YW says it was good to find it right?

But Secretary hong removed it before they proved that it was fake. So she became a criminal.

YW asks if KS is leaving. KS says yes, he doesn’t stay in not so good places for too long. YW tells him, lawyer, you should find a way, why do you just sit like this. KS tells him, tomorrow, I will go to work like a regular day. I will try to solve it, but just in case it goes wrong, you should find your own way. Now you can make your own decisions and choices.
Ham presents HY with an agreement for the merger. David says the agreement includes firing KS and take away his license with the law committee, he will release this information to the media if they don’t do it. HY is hesitant and annoyed. She asks him if he wants to fire KS. it was not his fault.

Ham thinks the secretaries fault is KS’s fault. If the other partners know that the company is in danger because of KS….

HY just stands and says that she knows why he came back now. he stands and asks her how it feels to be in the same position that he was in. He smiles.

KS goes to his desk, his secretary is not there. he stands there for a long moment and then turns away. He can’t even go inside his office. Lawyer Kim watches him.

YW waits in front of someones hosue and meets with a girl. It looksl ike this might be the daughter in the lawsuit. She tells him that they were super poor before her mother died, then her appa died. But now she might have millions of dollars that she has only seen on TV. If you were me, how would you feel? No…you don’t understand me.

YW tells her that it was true that the steering wheel wa wrong. The car company should give you the money but the lawyer for the case did not know about the steering wheel problem. She says she remembers that handsome guy in the clean suit, her father was no match to him.

Flashback to the courtcase. KS blamed it all on her father and his driving hand. She cried tin the audience.

She stands up and says that his mouth was the problem. KS shows up all of a sudden and tells her that the car company already told her that they would pay so suing his company is a double charge. He is not proving that he did not know, the prosecutors should prove that he knew it.

She pulls out her phone and calls David. She tells him that he what he said came true, he came to talk to her and is telling her that same things David said he would say. She hangs up and walks inside.

KS is left outside with YW.
Cut to the company. KS is meeting with Ham and HY. They argue over the case and DH. he tells HY that he is the face of their company right? She told him that. But HY says she also told him, if he makes a mistake then he is done. He wonders if she doesn’t’ trust him anymore.

Ham tells them to stop fighting, they need an agreement.

They keep arguing over that. HY tells Ham to shut up and then asks Ham about the agreement, but the condition is that David has to prove KS’s wrongdoings. Ham leaves to go prove it.

KS yells at HY, this is exactly what Ham wants! HY tells KS that he should have known that this was the plan and that he shouldnt’ be caught at all. it is true that he made a mistake and should be held accountable for it. KS leaves in a huff.

KS meets with lawyer Kim, she plays a recording to KS about what KS told YW before about the agreement and stopping the suit against him. She tells him that it was from GS’s recorder. She thinks Ham should listen to it also. He asks her how she got it but she just tell him that it isn’t important. he leaves.

KS goes to GS’s office and pushes him against the wall. He holds up the recording and asks what this is. GS says he wanted to help him. He should have told HY already. But KS says he is not like him. If he keeps doing things in this way then he will make it so he can’t practice law forever. KS storms out. he goes to his office and looks around in a controlled rage that explodes all over his desk and he knocks everything off.

Later, YW goes to his office. KS tells him that he will go to court and prove his innocence. YW tells him that whatever happens, going to court will bring the companies reputation down. That is why HY agreed to have an agreement. KS tells YW that he needs to decide what is best for his future and choose the right option. YW leaves.
YW goes to the outside walkway and talks to JN. DH is not receiving any calls. YW tells her that the truth is that she made the mistake. KS is probably having a hard time as well. But She does not know what he is thinking.

She asks him what kind of person he thinks she is. He thinks she is a good person. he poses the same quesiton and she thinks he is a good person. he asks, what if I am a liar and a conman, would I still be a good person to you, JN?

JN – Do you like me? That is a simple question, why do you look so difficult?….my answer is yes. I like lawyer Ko Yeon-woo.

YW – Why do you like me?

JN – I always think of a reason, but you don’t always need a reason. I like you because you are Ko Yeon-woo, not because you are lawyer Ko.

YW – I can really believe your lie

JN – it is not a lie, my Ko yeon-woo who doens’t know what he will do in the future. You do what you think is right. Wait a second…did you make another mistake?

YW – Mistake….yes, I am going to make a mistake from now on, if I make a big issue….then, I will tell you everything.

He walks off.

She shakes her head and smiles.

YW goes to the archives and looks around again. he sees the CCTV. Then he picks up the CCTV usb and plays it on his computer. he looks through all the video. Time passes.

Finally, he finds what he is looking for.

YW goes to Ham and asks him if he can have a drink with him. Ham tells him he is always welcome. They sit and Ham tells him that Native Americans thought that Columbus was a snake that eats it’s own mother. Columbus didn’t find America, America rescued Columbus. Like how Kang & Ham rescued KS who was being chased by prosecutors.

Flashback. KS tells YW that Ham is a snake that eats its own mother.

YW tells Ham that what he is saying is that he rescued KS, but KS pushed him out? Ham says he rescued KS, but he was pushed out by his own wrong doings. But now he knwos why he picked him. He should have met him earlier.

YW says it was nice to have met him. Because his horse is tired but he can’t stop moving forward, he is a greedy person. Ham asks him if he wants to change his horse? YW tells him no, it would be better to change to a tiger over a horse. I told you I am a greedy person.

Ham tells him he can be eaten by the tiger, tigers and horses are different. YW take a sip of his tea but does not respond.

Meanwhile KS is looking out his window. He turns and buttons his jacket, then heads out.

Elsewhere, David rides in his car and pull up to a building. He has two associates with him and walks up to the meeting with HY and KS. They start to sign all the paperwork and talk.

KS asks where he got the fake evidence from? David does not say anything about it. Hy tells him that they fired the secretary. David just says he wants 5 million dollars. They talk for a moment. David tells KS that he fired his secretary and is now hiding under his mother (HY)? KS gets up and looks into Davids face. They have a stare off. He tells KS that he was raised without his father(?). KS punches David hard in the face. David hops back up and says this is the real KS. he will let it pass since they won’t see each other anymore, have a nice time in jail.

He leaves with his team.

KS storms out as well. YW gets to the conference room just at the end. Cut to him meeting with HY. He tells her that he knows that she does not want KS to be fired so he is giving him a last chance.

First, they decide to have a mock court case. If he loses in the mock court case then KS will leave the company. But if HY proves that KS is innocent, then that is a good way to go to court.

HY says that Ham might not accept it.

YW thinks he will accept it because everyone in the building know that HY and KS kicked Ham out. Now Ham is out right after KS comes back so HY is also re-evaluated. it looks like Ham is getting his revenge. So people will suspect his intentions.

HY tells Ham that he knows partners spread rumor about that report being fabricated, so this is a good chance to clear your name.

Second, YW thinks HY should put the re-evaluation results in the result of the mock court. So they will re-evaluate HY if they lose. She will quit the CEO position.

But there is a condition.

Three, YW is the prosecutor. HY does not think he will accept it but YW says he will take care of it.
YW goes to Ham’s office.

HY tells KS that YW will be his opponent and the mock court is YW’s idea. He is confident if they can put DH as a witness, they need DH to do it right.

Ham. YW tells Ham that he suggested the mock court and would like to be picked by ham. he will kick KS out regardless of the court. He can testify that KS hid the evidence. Ham tells him to explain why he is taking this difficult route even though the easy rout is in front of him.

YW says that he at least has to give KS that much. But they will win, they definitely will win, and he will prove to Ham that he can ride on his back and will complete his revenge without anyone knowing about it. Ham smiles.

Then Ham tells HY that he has a condition, everyone needs to attend the court and the jury has to be the senior partners. one more thing, GS is the prosecutor as well.

YW walks around the corner and meets with KS. He tells him that everyone will attend. KS tells him that he and GS are the prosecutors, what do you want me to do? YW shows him a document and tells him that they have to gamble to find out who is behind. Do you trust me? KS says he does not trust him, from now on they are prosecutor and defendant(?). So try to win.

GS and YW talk about the case. GS vibrates his lips and tells YW to go away,h e does not need an other assistant. But YW tells him he should have gotten an order from Ham. He also need to decide what order he should be on. YW gives GS documents and leaves.

Meanwhile, HY speaks with Ham in his office.They talk about the mock court. Ham thinks he should give her a prize for setting up the mock court. He will not fire her if she loses. She asks about what will happen if they win. He says they will go to court if they win. What? Do you need anything else? I think you will visit my office often, get used to it. She rolls her eyes and walks out.

YW visits DH at her house and tells him that she does not like it. He is all like, I didn’t say anything. She tells him that she knows he is there for the mock court. He says he gave her a chance to tell the truth. She wonders how he did this to her. YW says she made a mistake, KS can go to jail now. DH tells him that she does not care and he can talk to her lawyer about it.

YW sighs and says she can be that way and become an alcoholic and start over, but she will regret things her entire life. She tells him to stop doing thing he will regret and go back to where he was (where he came from?).

He leaves and she indulges in another sip of her drink.

HY tells him to win.
GS questions KS and says he once hid important data from a fellow associate. Who was it…….ah, it was Gun-sik.

Flashback to KS hiding info from GS in the past. It is pretty funny.

KS tells GS that that was a joke. GS asks if he apologized to the associate and tried to rectify it. KS said no, it was a joke. GS wants to know if those things never happened later? They did, that behavior continued. He would hide his fault and deny it, he would not apologize or accept it. Why? Because he has no conscience or anything. Two people even died from his joke. The father committed suicide from it.

Everyone mutters in the courtroom.

GS tells KS that this already happened, so what should he do?

Court adjourns for the moment.

Lawyer Kim meets with Ham. He asks why KS picked her, it was because she hid YW’s mistake and pressured KS? She smiles and says it wasn’t just pressuring, it was threatening because he was her opponent. KS and her where not in a good relationship, so I just wanted to let you know that being on your side was truthful.

GS and YW talk after the mock court. GS followed the script well. he tells YW to follow the script with Dh as well. Ham would like to see if you are on their side.

YW goes into the office, lawyer Kim is standing at Ham’s desk as YW walks in. Ham says that KS picked lawyer Kim because of YW. Lawyer Kim tells him that Ham knows his mistake. YW gets nervous. Ham tells him that lawyer Kim has a good reason to be on his side, but what about him? Why did KS pick you?

YW says he had an interview.

Kim says, let me rephrase it, why are you ditching KS and moving to our side?

HY. HY paces her office. KS is sitting on the couch. She tells him that he will be guilty this way and all the partners on her side will turn away. KS tells her that she is forgetting the type of person he is. They will win the case, if they lose then he will quietly disappear.

Ham. YW wants to know if they suspect his ability. Kim says ham suspects his true heart, not his ability. YW tells Ham that he knows why he has a jury system. 16 partners under him and 15 under HY and 8 are undecided. if they go to a real court then the 8 undecided will raise their hand to not go to court. HY’s reevaluation is on the line so it is his only shot.

Why did KS pick him? It is because he knows these types of things well. He trusts numbers, not humans. He told him he wants to ride on his back, not because he respects him but because he has more cards. So if we are done then can I be excused to prepare for the mock court?

He leaves. GS also leaves.

Ham tells Kim that the KS he knows will try and grab the other person’s weakness, it means that lawyer Kim has her own weakness. Maybe she didnt’ know, but I also don’t trust someones heart.

YW looks like he was throwing up possibly. He looks over the sink and gives himself a long look in the mirror.

Cut to the courtroom.

HY – There is a saying that love passes from the right thumb to the left pinky. That is why she laways has her ring over on that side. She took off her ring because she does not need any luck.

She starts to question KS about his first job at Kang & Ham. KS answers. But HY wants to know what he said that night?

KS – I hated you.

HY – No, you told me you wanted to spit in my face and take probono cases and you wanted to quit. For one year, you were a bomb. I did not know what would happen with you. Why did you do that?

KS – Maybe I wasn’t mature enough.

HY – is that so? As you know, we have a food truck that sells toast. It has been there for a long time, when I first came to the company. The son runs the truck now. But actually, KS owns that food truck, no one should know this.

Flashback to KS eating at the food stand. Then one day it was closed. The son sits on the side of the street. KS asks if his mother went somewhere? Time passes as they talk. Then we cut to the very nice food truck place. KS gives the man his card and tells him that if anyone asks to buy this place then tell them to talk to his lawyer.

The man talks to him in sign language. KS just tells him that it tastes good.

HY – The son was waiting for the mother who had dementia and disappeared. This is the same person that told me he wanted to spit in his face. He has warmth to people as a base, he just doesn’t want people to know about it.

Judge – so what is you question?

HY – Why do you hate it for people to know about you?

KS – If I want to survive at Kang&Ham then I should not have any weaknesses.

HY – So you hid your own personality. Do you think it was luck that he became a lawyer that never lost. Was it selfishness? I know Choi Kang-suk very well. He always won and never had any trouble. I know him so well.

GS – So when are you going to defend him?

HY – There is no defense speech for him.

She sits and looks at KS.

Afterward, KS asks her if she had to talk about all that stuff. he is pretty annoyed about it.

Ham asks what YW’s plan is. YW says he will have to attack his weakness.

Back to the mock court case. YW stands and gives JN a little nod. Then DH comes in. YW calls her to the stand.
DH sits in he witness stand.

YW asks her if KS asked her to destroy the report she says that she refuses to testify. He tells her that he will take it as her destroying the evidence without him asking. She says she refuses to testify.

YW asks DH if she will follow KS’s order even if it is illegal. She says no, KS would never tell me to do it. YW says that was not his question, just answer his question. If he asked you to do it, would you follow his order? Is it a difficult question? Is there any reason you cant answer?

No, it is nothing like that.

You knew the defendant for 13 years. With your relationship, it seems like you would do anything he asked you. is my question difficult? I will give you more detailed question that is easier to understand. Do you live the defendant?

Everyone murmurs in the audience.

What did you say?

I am asking the witness if you love KS.

HY – this has nothing to do with the case.

YW – It is related because if she loves him then she will do whatever he asked or she will do it even without him asking becasue she loves him.

HY – Whatever feelings the witness has toward the defendant ~ .

YW – It also does not matter what kind of person KS is to this case. It does not matter if he is warm of cold blooded. Let me ask you one more time. Do you love him or not. Tell me yes or no.

DH is turning red and tearing up.

HY – I object!

YW – The defendants life is more important than your own life, right?

HY – The prosecutor is torturing the witness.

Flashback. DH tells someone that she does not care what decision KS makes toward her. She does not want him to be destroyed.

YW – You wanted to protect the defendant more than others. Answer me, do you love him?

DH – I…..

YW – I asked you, Do you love him! Yes or no!

KS – I will just say that I told her to do it. So stop!

Everyone stops. DH runs out. Ham smirks.

Ham – We will have our jury vote in one hour.

DH runs all the way to the lobby and is headed for the entrance. KS runs to try to catch her but lets her go. Then he turns to the bathroom and pushes YW against the wall.

KS – You A-hole.

YW – you told me to think only of winning and turn the table over. Today, I was the only one in a real court.

KS – You destroyed DH today, not me.

YW – Really? If you wanted to protect her that much then you shouldn’t have fired her. You shouldn’t’ have made that many enemies. DH and HY all want to protect you. But are you that great?

KS – You are for real….

YW – You told me I have to decide myself and choose.

He leaves quickly and runs right into Ham who was listening outside. Ham smiles. YW also smiles a tiny amount when Ham turns his back.

In his office, Ham tells YW that he is great. YW just says he is a natural. They start to talk about the variables. KS’s personality was a strong point for them, but with HY’s defense, we did not have that anymore. So now we have to make sure.

When the car company person wanted to make an agreement, that means that KS threatened him. He will get his testimony.

GS looks uncomfortable with this situation.

YW leaves and JN runs after him. She asks him why he went this far, what is the reason? Could it be….that DH….are you going to finish DH and KS like this? Yeon-woo…..where you always this cruel?

YW walks away.

VO – The best way to keep a secret, is to not tell anyone.

Fade Out

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