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Suits Live Recap Episode 13

Live recap for episode 13 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik

Ham is living up to his name (because he is delicious). I love him as this new villian who, it looks like, might take us all the way to the final episode. My guess is, he will find out that Yeon-woo is not a real lawyer and will use that fact to get Kang-suk and Ha-yeon fired. That is just a guess though, he could be out by the end of this episode for all I know. ^_^

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: June 6th, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
How to Watch Live: myKBS (may or may not work and it needs flash player)
How to Watch Later: Viu (Asian countries)

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YW rides his bike home and sees ham waiting for him outside his door. he screeches his bike to a halt and asks him how he knows where he lives.

Elsewhere, Kim does not understand why KS lies for someone like YW. KS asks what she is talking about, it is not a lie until people figure it out. When people know, it is a lie.

Ham. ham tells YW that he knows what it feels like to be betrayed. He came back to accept his sin and repay him. The reason is not that he is back, it is why HY and KS want to block him from coming back.


YW goes to work the next day and sees KS waiting for him at their snack booth. YW walks up to him. KS tells him, if he has any fault it is because he did not expect that Ham would use him like that. I should have known that he would do that. The hospitals suggestion deals with cutting people. If everything is all screwed up then Ham will blame you and I would not be able to help. So if I have to use you for something, it is not the same as an emotional fight with Ham.

YW – Ham visited me last night.

Flashback. Ham asks why KS hired him when he never has anyone next to him. Maybe one of you hold the others weakness.

KS asks YW if he is holding his weakness? YW says no, but YW’s weakness is also KS’s weakness so they should help each other.

DW goes inside KS’s office and tells him they have a problem. She hands him a paper, it is a problem with a car company. YW starts telling him the issue. A man was driving a mini van and hit a tree. He is the only survivor, his family died. He is arguing that the steering wheel did not work and sued the company. You know, I have to know this much to protect you ~.

DH says he committed suicide last week. he also has another daughter who is suing the company again. They have different evidence now.

David returns and steps into the building like the arrogant guy that he is.

Inside, Kim and GS go into Ham’s office to talk. Kim tells Ham that KS picked her up and she is working for GS now, she wants to be on their side now. Ham tells her welcom to Kang & Ham, he will make some time. She thanks him nd leaves. GS is about to leave but Ham touches his back.

GS asks if he went to far. Ham says he knows that she is a prosecutor, but he had another person in mind as his associate. the most important thing for you is winning against KS, take everything from KS.

GS listens closely.

Elsewhere, YW stands in front of JN’s office, he is hesitant to go insdie. But then she walks out and ignore him. He apologizes for dinner. She basicalls rails at him and says this is not a bout a promise, she aws worried about him, should she spend this much time thinking about him! She shirks and walks off. But YW is happy about that.

They go to the office library and talk while working in the stacks. They talk back and forth about dating. JN tells him to go to the bookstore and memorize everything about dating. He says he can’t just memorize it, he has to understand it too. She tells him to just memorize it and follow what they say to do.

She mutters that they kissed, that means they are dating, she heard he is a genius, but he is super stupid.
GS tells Kim that he will not get rid of her, but Ham wants to kick KS out. Kim mentions that she thought he was the only rival to KS, but if she is wrong then she will apologize. (So she is saying that GS is the only real rival to KS). GS tells her that she deserves to be his associate. Okay, the first rule, if possible, never go to court…no, drag them to the fight. I am the opponent, I am the one that will take him down or kick him out.

YW and KS meet with David. KS tells him to go back to where he came from, why are you still here. David lets him know that he works there now. KS tells him, sorry, but that guy that had the second degree disability got a license after trying 30 times. He argues that the steering wheel had a problem?

David says their evidence is from 3 months before the accident, not years ago. the president of the car company should know. You should know the same. KS says he never know something like this. David tells him that his client wants 2 million, but I want 5 times more than that.

KS asks him if the last loss was not enough? David tells him that he will be the one losing this time. He will put him in jail if he has enough evidence that KS received the report that the car was wrong. ( So there are two lawsuits, one from the client and the other is David against KS about malpractice if he find evidence that KS received the report for the car). David tells him that he doesn’t just make the water dirty, he adds poison to it as well.

The report says that the steering wheel can be problematic. YW asks him if he never received it?

YW says this is good evidence to turn the case. Are you sure you never saw it? KS asks if she suspects him. He never received it so there is nothing to suspect. HY tells him that this happens when Ham was out of the company. if he knows about this lawsuit then what do you think will happen?

KS tells her that it seems like she wants him to give her his resignation letter. She looks away and says that someone should be responsible for it.

KS takes the letter to Dh and asks her if she received it. DH says she received it and hid it and the Korean secretly service sent her secret documents and she hid it all and a robot lives under a stadium…

KS tells her to stop talking about nonsense.

She tells him that she did not see it, of course she would tell him. KS tells her that they had 14 lawyers on that case. hey need to make sure that no one saw it and if someone did then they need to find out who saw it. Dh understands that no one should know, especially Ham.

KS also tells YW not to do anything, and make himself scarce in front of Ham. KS walks away, YW tells him that you and me don’t do things that others tell us too. Then he acts like KS for a moment and then grabs his stuff and leaves.
DH and YW look in the stacks for something. But then DH suddenly pretends like she might be kissing YW as she watches GS show up. GS is not fooled and wants to know what is going on. YW tells him that it is none of his business (finally!). GS walks away and mutters that this means there is a problem somewhere.

KS meets with the car company people over a meal though he does not eat. They heard that David has agrudge against KS, KS tells them not to worry about David. But they heard that there is no problem without KS. KS wonders if he is fired then? they tell him, no, he will be n advisor.

KS tells them to remember who was next to them 2 years ago in court. They are all like, yeah, we’ll still pay you.

KS tells them he made their almost crumpling company super big, but now they are ignoring him? I still remember that you were looking for help from me. Now you only need help from him (motions to the other guy), you can’t do anything by yourself. You’re tiny heart is the problem (starts using banmal) not the steering wheel.

the owner is upset. He asks if he wants to be fired?

KS tells him he does not have the gumption to fire him.

The owner tells him that he is fired! Get out! KS smiles and starts using jongdemal again. He stands and smiles as he says he is officially fired.

Then he goes back to HY and tells him that he has good news, he is fired from the company. He is publicly fired so he does not have to use his oath to keep everything secret anymore.
YW and DH are still looking for this paperwork in the stacks. She thinks it does not exist. YW tells her that he found something else so he will go take care of it with KS. He runs off with DH muttering that he works so easily. She stays in the stacks, searching

KS talks to YW and asks if he found anything. YW says that the car company would hide something, of course, but he found it ~. Click.

YW shakes his head in his office just as Ham comes in right at that moment. Ham asks for KS’s help on a case but KS says he can’t help him because he is busy with his own case. Ham asks him what his case is. KS looks up and says he usually has 7 but now he has 8 big ones. ham tells him he is the ace right? So another case isn’t a problem. KS tells him he will make time later on in the week. While Ham walks off, he runs into YW. Ham tells him that they should have a drink in his office later on.
YW goes up to KS’s desk. KS tells him that it looks like Ham and he are close. YW says they are not as close as KS and Kim. KS asks him if he is jealous of her. YW says that is a sign of an inferiority complex, he has nothing to be jealous of.

They start to talk about the car case. A quality control guy was in charge of it at the car company. he wrote a report every couple weeks. But right after that incident there was no report from him and he stopped working there. KS wonders if he was fired because he wrote a letter that affected the company?

YW says he took a paid vacation for 2 months. it was too much to keep, but if they fire him then he might leak the information. Smart.

KS tells him not him, the car company. YW chides him on not being jealous of his brain because his address is in his head. he sticks a post-it note to his forehead and says he is the one that solved his problem. KS retorts that he is the only one that can solve his problem. But YW says that so far he is the only one that is doing it. He happily leaves.

JN leaves her office and runs right into YW. He tells her that he wants to introduce her to someone. JN runs after him, who? he tells her to follow him.

Cut to the two of them meeting his halmoni at a little cafe. Halmoni is in a wheel chair and asks them how long they have been dating. Yen-woo is all lie, nooooo, it’s not like thaaaaat. She laughs at their bashfulness and says that her Yeon-woo is like adding water to water, not determinate. JN tells her that he has a feeling of putting alcohol into alcohol (in Korea, people say that a person is like adding water to water or alcohol to alcohol if they are indeterminate people, the type of people that always say, yes, okay and ham-and-haw about things and are wishy-washy).

YW is all like, hey! halmoni takes that as YW liking her a lot. She needs to help him and push behind him and pull in front of him.

But then JN grows hesitant as she looks at something. it looks like she wanted to drink alcohol so she runs over to the owner and grabs one of the bottles. they all laugh. halmoni says a young woman eating well is pretty but a young woman who drinks well is prettier.

They drink properly and toast as they laugh and talk the evening away.

Afterward, YW asks her if she was uncomfortable because of halmoni. She says she was not uncomfortable at all, if it was anything then it was the suyuk. he tells her that halmoni asks him all the time if he has someone to give a ring to. The conversation grows to lying. It seems like they talk about him talking about lying about the ring or not lying about the ring.

YW pulls out a ring and puts it on JN’s finger. He tells her that he will care about her and he wants to know more about her. Not all the time, but sometimes. Sometimes I am ~.

JN leans in and kisses him.

JN – What should I do? I should pull and push you as your halmoni said.

They continue their kiss as they stand on the bridge.

YW – it is good until today, but not at work tomorrow.

YW holds up his ring and shows it to her. She akss if they are buying a rabbit farm now? She is so happy and starts hopping off as she walks to the other side of the bridge. YW hurryis up to walk with her.

But the mood grows anxious as we cut to DH in the stacks, she is holding a form, it looksl ike it is the form that they have been looking for.

KS takes the form to someones house. This man says that he did not stamp it, he told the president this error and the president told him that he did not have to write the report. He was not comfortable with it, but he changes it right away. they changed it right away, but theydidnt’ have any recalls and there was an accident 3 months later. But he did not right the report so there shoudn’t be a report. Only he and the president knew about it. KS asks if he thinks this memo is fake? The man says he isn’t sure, but what is written in the memo is true.

KS turns around and sees David standing behind him. He tells KS not to mistaken it, he was there before him. KS tells him that what he wanted was not to prove something with this unknown article report, it was that you wanted me to meet him? David smiles. He says that he does not know about others, but this paper is not important to him. he was just embarrassed and tried to solve this problem, but the important thing is that the president knew about this imperfection and now you know about it. You should testify about this in court. You said you don’t lie right?

KS – I told you I was at that time ~.

But David cuts him off and says it would be a yes or no question. Do you know about the imperfection? It does not matter when you knew about it because as soon as you say yes, you become the defendant (accused), not the witness anymore.

KS looks at him angrily and says that this was a trap, he knew that KS didn’t know about it. David says he did not know that, the only thing he knows is that if you cannot defend yourself then you will go to jail. All the prosecutors hate you right?
YW shows up to Dh and gives her a coffee but DH jumps at him and tells him that she is doing dangerous work. He tells her that he didnt’ know that shreddign documents was so dangerous, he can do it. But she just clings to the documents and says she can do it. She hurries off.

Elsewhere, KS sits in a car and tells the owner of the car company that he met with the quality control guy. KS removes the black box usb and tells the owner to drive off. they start to talk about the defect. The woner said that he fixed teh defect! What should I do now?

KS grabs the steering wheel which makes the car swerve. he tells the owner that this steering wheel is the reason that that person died. Lets feel how he felt together. He pulls the steering wheel and makes them swerve and almost crash. he tells him that he was on his side becasue he told him that lie. You take care of it and give the remainder of the family their money. if you cannot do that then you will have to think about this in jail.

KS gets out of the car and pops his jacked as he walks past the traffic jam that he created.

DH goes to JN’s office and asks her for a form. She has to find it right away. Seretary Park gave it to her one hour ago, how come she does not know where it is? What happened? JN asks why she is doing that to her. DH yells at her and tells her that no one does their own work in this company well. She storms out.

Meanwhile, GS is scheming in his office as he talks to Kim. Kim thinks KS won’t make any unneccesary trouble. Ham wants to kick out KS, you know. GS thinks that is right. he should look into it. But Kim stops him and says that she can do everything, he should just think about winning over KS.

2nd Rule: Only think about winning….don’t.

Kim says that she shouldnt’ think about winning? that is strange right since I should drag them to fight? GS says it does not make sense, they are just opposite KS.

Kim sighs and pops her neck when GS walks off.

YW runs up to KS in the hallway and talks about the car case. KS says he shook the owner so they need to wait. YW wonders why they shuold wait. KS tells him not to worry, he shook him so much that the roots are coming out.

They go into his office and see GS waiting for them. GS tells KS that, before they fight, after GS gets promoted, he does not want to lose him. KS is all like, whatever, I dont’ need you help.

GS says, if you dont’ need my help, then what can I do? He leaves.

YW grumbles about GS snooping around and messing with them. But KS tells YW that GS is truthful now. He wants to have a real fight with him after he gets promoted. YW is all like, really? He is being truthful? KS says that 1st, he does not need his help. Second, GS wont get promoted because he will fire Ham out. And 3rd, if he gets promoted, nothing will change because he is not his match at all.

KS gets a call at that moment and tells the president that this is a goo choice, it is a win-win for everyone, let’s do it. he hangs up and tells YW that he will make everyone get an agreement, he will make all the lawsuits go away.
KS tells YW that DH was angry to find the document. But he says that document was bait for KS to visit the quality control guy and hear the truth. the camera scroll under the table to reveal some kind of recording device.

Meanwhile, JN drops off a schedule to DH. She tells her that she doesn’t’ know how hard her day was today, but she just wants her to know that she can do her job. DH apologizes to her. JN tells her to just tell her what is going on, say it! But DH does not say it so JN leaves.

YW sees JN leaves and walks out of the office to see what is going on.

Cut to DH about to shred something. YW tells her that he turned off the shredder because it was too dangerous. DH tells him that that was just a joke earlier. But YW tells her that she has enough problems to yell at her best friend so it is dangerous. he convinces her to tell him what happened. She tells him that she saw this document and says that she signed for it. She does not understand how she made this mistake.

But YW tells her, no matter what happens, if you do this then you are committing a crime. She retorts that he is teh one who is a lawyer without a lawyers license. YW is stunned that she knows. DH tells him that she knew on the first day. She is only doing this to pretect KS. YW tells her that she is not protecting him, she is putting him in danger. She should tell him about it, if she does not tell him then he will tell him.

He gives the forms back to her for her to make the decision, then he walks off.

Cut to GS listening to the recording from KS’s office. he listens to the part about GS not getting promoted because he is kicking Ham out, but even if he gets promoted, nothing will change because he is not his match at all.

GS turns off the recording when Ham comes in. ham says he read his proposal, it was pretty good. But then he notices that GS does not look that happy, if it something that he cannot solve himself, then tell him everything.

Meanwhile, DH goes into KS’s office. He tells her to take a break before she has a chance to share the information with him. He gives here a plane ticket. But Ham bursts into the room at that moment followed by HY. He asks KS how he can handle this lawsuit from him.

They argue about trust. It is not that KS does not trust ham. HY says she does not trust Ham. She is the one that hid it, but that is not important, what is important is that they need to take care of it. ham says they should take care of it together like before. This is for Kang & Ham. HY says fine, she will trust him this time.

She tells Ham that the lead lawyer is David. Ham tells them that he will meet Ham’s president. then he leaves.

KS asks HY if she really trusts him? But she just sighs and says they don’t have any cards now.
Everyone shows up to work. YW holds a lot of paperwork and goes to KS’s office. DH is not at her desk. He looks inside the office and sees HY sitting with KS.

Inside, HY tells KS that Ham will get an agreement with the other lawyer. They will cancel the lawsuit. KS says they will do it overnight? The condition is that KS needs to sign a document that says he never saw the memo.

YW thinks back to what he told DH and then hurries into the room. he interrupts KS as he is about to sign the paperwork and trips and spills his things all over their meeting. KS recognizes this as bad acting and tells YW as much after HY leaves. Then YW tells KS that DH found the memo. She signed for it.

KS rushes out and finds DH in the stacks. She is gloomy and says that she found the memo. It has her signature, maybe it was her mistake. he is upset and asks why she hid it. She says it was to protect him. She did everything for him. But if it makes his life difficult then seh can retire.

But KS says they need that memo! Flashback to the quality control person saying that the memo never existed.

KS tells DH that she signed for it. She does not make mistakes. that means that someone put it here. That is a fake memo and it is an important card for you and me because it is evidence of tampering/set-up. DH gasps and puts her hand to her head. She says that Ham came to her yesterday and asked him why he hid it. So she shredded it.

KS is in disbelief. Does she know what a serious crime this is? Firing is too generous for her. he leaves in a huff. DH is left crying.

Elsewhere, JN asks if he thinks DH will be okay. YW thinks KS will protect her.

But it does not look that way as KS sits in his office. he is sitting with HY. He starts to talk but HY says she can do it.

DH looks at the ticket that KS bought for her. The note says that he doesn’t need anything, she can buy herself a nice bag, happy birthday. HY goes up to her at that moment and tells her that KS wanted to do it himself, but she stopped him. This is her company. DH asks, am I….fired?

HY tells her that she is thankful for all the work DH has done for KS and her. But she knows why this has to happen. Please leave the office. Good Job/Thank you. HY walks off. DH is left sniffling at her desk and wiping her tears away.

Later, she starts to pack all her thing in a company box. The music plays as she packs her things and looks at the birthday present one last time. She walks out with her box of belongings.

YW runs up to her desk and sees it empty. JN runs up behind him and says that he told her that KS would protect her!

In the lobby, KS watches DH walking out. She senses his prsence and turns to look at him. She is destroyed and he is still upset. But they have a moment.

Fade Out

Noooo! Secretary hong is gone! the only person that KS could trust 100%. Y’all this has to be in Ham’s plan. He has to be working with David and probably place that memo in the stacks.

KS – I am going to court. It is okay if I reveal all the wrongdoings
David – 5 million and you fire KS
HY – You should know that this was all planned and you shouldn’t be trapped at all.
KS – If something goes wrong, then you should find a way to survive
YW – I am glad I met you.
Ham – You changed your horse?
DH – You didnt’ protect me, why should I help you?
YW – You told me to win, whoever the opponent is.
KS – You are real (truthful)…

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