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Suits Live Recap Episode 12

Live recap for episode 12 of the Korean Drama Suits starring Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyun-sik

I love the introduction of Ham to this drama. I was curious as to when we could put a face to our character post’s name, and now we have it! Ham looks deliciously nefarious as well which I hope throws several candy coated wrenches in our teams plans. So far, things have been going so swimmingly for them. I hope he sticks around for more than one episode because I love him already. Or, you know, love to hate him.

Also, can you tell that I love these black and white basketball shots?

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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Choi Kang-suk – KS | Ko Yeon-woo – YW | Kang Ha-yeon – HY | Chae Gun-sik – GS | Chul-soon – CS | Hong Da-ham – DH | Kim Ji-na – JN | Sae-hee – SH | Cho – Cho | Lawyer Seo – Seo | Lawyer Ham – Ham

Airing Time: May 31st, 22:00 Seoul, KBS2
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A man is having an affair and someone is filming it. Ham turns around as if he feels he camera and looks out the window.


Back at the mock courtroom. Ham tells everyone that he is back, he knows someone doesn’t want him to come back, but nevertheless he is back. He bows to them and then tells them that he was a good partner at Kang & Ham, but he did not grow up morally so he tried to hide what he did before. It will be his weakness for the people who know about it. Before his comeback, he thought confessing about his past should be the first thing he should do. So he is going to confess.

Two years ago I embezzled with my clients money. I want you all to know how I was before and how I changed now after learning this life lesson. For First Nation people, the most important thing is what they do for their tribe. So for me, I will only think about what I can do for the company, not about me.

He walks off.

KS tells YW to go to his office and never get caught by Ham. YW leaves just as Ham walks up to KS and HY. He asks them, if he was like he was before, then what he would due to HY for making KS threaten him……don’t worry, I am a different person.

HY tells him this comeback show is his confession. Ham lets them know that he told him daughter about his affair, it was difficult. But confessing made all the things he did before go away. My daughter won’t forgive me. You want to protect, you don’t want to get taken, then you have to be evil.

But he quickly chuckles and says that was a joke.
Ham – it is good to confess everything. I have my seat here. I am thankful to you guys only, don’t leave anything unnecessary in your heart.

HY walks to her office and tells KS that their deal is over because KS did not block Ham, fire your associate. KS tells her that he can’t because they hired her. HY tells him to quit. It is either the associate or him, pick one or the other.

KS tells her, yeah, I should quit, but there is one problem. He came back this early which means he prepared this for a long time which means he knows all our little weaknesses. he will bite everything. You need me and I need a good associate. He shouldn’t have come back, but you need one more person on your side.

Outside, GS leans on DH’s desk. DH tries to ignore him. He tells her that she is closest to HY. If we have one more CEO, our relationship is uncomfortable. DH asks him if he knows what a question is. GS says he needs information. Why did he leave and why did he come back.

DH tells him that Ham said everything.

GS basically wants to know which line he should follow to be promoted as senior partner. DH says he should have told her that right away, she doesn’t know? he pulls out another Opera ticket for her. This is her weak spot. It is the show she wanted to see so much. The stupidest thing is the world is sticking to your present and forgetting your dreams.

DH is hesitant but says she doesn’t know the answer, what do you want?

GS tells her, his door is always open, then he literally skates away.

Ham places a statue of a First Nations chief on his desk. Then he dusts off his hands and sits in his large office. (huge office).

Cut to YW asking KS what kind of person Ham is. KS says he is a snake removing his old skin, but he is still the same inside. KS is the one that made him leave in the past so now he will get his revenge. Don’t worry, but be careful to not be noticed by him. You are not my weakness so don’t worry.

KS pulls out something and asks YW if his halmoni is in the nursing hospital. the nurses are under strike. The head of the union is very strong, but he is a knucklehead and fired two of their lawyers. If this doesn’t work this time, then maybe they will be on strike indefinitely.

YW thinks his halmoni should move. But KS tells him not to worry, he will take on the case.
KS and YW meet with two other people and hand over their business cards. The woman says she already has two business cards yet their deal is not moving forwards. KS says he is a different lawyer. The woman does not care who the lawyer is, she just wants to know if their position is accepted.

KS talks about their deal. 10% increase in salary, but no increase in the number of nurses. the hospital is big and spends money on expensive equipment. The nurse thinks they should use it on hiring nurses. But YW says that money is only for equipment, they cannot use it for anything else.

The nurse says people will think that nurses are only interested in money. you have proven to us that you are the same as all the other lawyers. She stands to leave and tells them that the expensive robots they buy can take care of everything when they all quit.

Afterward, KS tells YW that he wants a decision from the court that the nurses protest is illegal. YW is concerned about his grandmother and thinks back to the nurses protest. he tells KS that this is an old person hospital, so their might be other ways to stop them. KS tells him that their card is complete strike. Our plan is not buying time, we have to find their weakness and attack it.

Cut to GS about to ride an elevator with GS. He tells her that a lot of people know his face, but only a few know his real mind (true heart)….how many? He look at her. She looks at him and walks into the elevator with a smile. He tells her to go down first. When the door close, he tells her that he can’t go into an elevator with someone who doesn’t know an old Chinese saying. he can’t go down with her, he will go up.

GS – Don’t plant if it doesn’t produce fruit….

HY – …don’t make friends who are not loyal to you. So, you are tasting us now.

HY thinks GS is tasting who is better, her or Ham. She sighs.
The judge reviews KS’s case to stop the nurse protest. But the strike is legally performed. There is also no evidence that the protest affects the hospital. KS argues that a long strike will irreversibly affect the hospital. the judge tells him that he did not prove the illegal aspects of it. His request is declined.

KS and YW leave. YW thinks the judges facial expression was bad. Do they have trouble with him? KS calls someone as they walk off.

YW and KS get back to work. KS sees Ham’s office and signals to YW to make himself hidden so YW walks off in the opposite direction. KS and HY walk up to the office and look at Ham’s office getting set up with all its furnishings.

GS comes up to them and talks to them about the happenings. he has a question, Ham wanted the cases going on summarized and reported to him. Its ah….trouble. Hey KS, I wanted to hear HY tell me that she is his boss, no matter what happens. HY says of course it is her. Why Ham gave you the work is because you are the best guy to do it here. I also know about it. GS chuckles, of course. I see. Excuse me, I will do my job. they know that GS is on Ham’s side now. KS tells her that they don’t need GS. But HY tells him that sometimes GS can be the most important card.

GS goes to his office in a huff about this report. How did she already know? No one told her. He opens his notebook and has YW’s resume there. he starts recoding into his recorder about a seminal briefing that can change his life.

Cut to GS summarizing all the cases to Ham. He gives him KS’s case and says that it should be declined. GS asks Ham if he already took care of it. Ham says, no…people will misunderstand if they hear about it….you know. they both laugh.

In KS’s office, KS thinks about GS being the most needed card in the future. he calls someone.

In GS’s office. The new lawyer, Kim, comes in and tells him that she was not polite last time. She did not know how important he was, please forgive her, it was her first time. She gives him a coffee as an offering. he tells her that he does not drink coffee because he has to pee a lot and it dries his skin. She tells him that it is Prince Green Tea coffee.

he tells her that he finally met a good associate, is there any other purpose? She says yes. he tells her he won’t drink it. But she says that she wants to be on his side. GS picks up the tea and tells her that her ancestors must have done a lot of nice things. Soon, Kang & Hams future will change. If you are next to me then it is like your ancestors helping you. did you say hi to my fish? She turns to the fish and awkwardly says hi to it.
Kang & Ham all sit around a table for a big company meeting. they all applaud ham for his comeback. HY welcomes him back as well. She is about to start the meeting, but Ham cuts her off and asks her if he can say something before the meeting starts. he stands and thanks everyone for the welcome. But he says that a lot of people are mistaking his comeback. Nothing is changing, HY is #1 and I am #2, I am just an old man who it HY’s advisor.

he sits back down. HY starts talking about the protest case. Ham interrupts her again and says that he will take care of it for the next few days. KS smiles. ham says this is jus case, who does it is not important. We should finish it. Then he addresses KS and asks him why he did not get the decision to stop the protest?

KS tells everyone that Ham can talk about the big picture and they can talk about the details in private. Ham agrees and tells him that he will stop by his place. HY sighs.

Afterward, HY asks KS if he can still smile like that? If her luck ends there, what does he thinks will happen to him? Will he still laugh? KS basically lets her know that she is still there and he is still there, so stay calm. Ham jabbed him, so KS will reply with a hook of his own.

He walks out and goes to YW’s office in the cubicles. YW is passed out in his chair so KS kicks it and wakes him up. How can he sleep when KS is doing all the work. But YW says he works as well. though he agrees that he has a lot of work to do. he waoud like a probono case. He is not a trainee anymore so he doesn’t take pro bono cases anymore. KS tells him that if he has less than 3 pro bono cases with his sympathetic feeling, then KS will be his associate.

YW is all like, huh, my associate? You dont’ like these though? he pulls what looks like 5 pro bono cases out of his drawer. KS takes it and leaves. he goes to Ham and gives him all the cases and says that he told him he was changed. he should prove himself by doing all this good work. ham wants to know why he should prove anything to him.

KS tells him that whatever he does there, don’t touch my cases. Ham is all like, look at the sign board, this is Kang & Ham, I am one of the CEO’s. KS tells him that he said himself that he is the #2. KS only works with the #1 and only reports to the #1.

Ham stands up and tells KS that he dons’t care who he reports to, but he should learn how to respect him. Also, he is #2 now, but you never know…~. He gives KS the cases back. KS tries to give them back to Ham and tells him that he has to prove whether he is the same or worse. Ham takes the case with a chuckle and a pat on the back to KS.

DH and JN are in the room. DH tells JN that YW asked her to date her. But JN notices that it was a joke. She says eunnie doesn’t like YW. But DH says she likes him, he is a smart guy with a nice heart. But he has a romantic heart and doesn’t’ listen to appa, he gives appa a hard time (KS). She playfully tells JN that she doesn’t know how hard it is to raise two boys. Today she will steal the company credit card, so expect it.

GS goes to the trainee room with Lawyer Kim. he tells them that Kim is responsible for them from now in. then he walks to YW and tells him not to be too relaxed. He will not let him go, he will look at him in many different ways. GS leaves and Layer Kim goes to talk to YW. She wonders if she can use banmal to him? They are not enemies, they are colleagues. (she knows he is not a lawyer which one of the reasons why she got this job at Kang & Ham).

In KS’s office, KS and DH eat lunch. They talk about their bando lunch box. GS is there for some reason and talks to them about GS and KS becoming a senior law partner and when their war starts….~. KS just ignores him and tells him that day wont’’ come, don’t you get tired of your one-sided war? GS flashes his ticket to DH again then walks off. KS asks her what that is so she tells him that it is his one-sided love and one-sided art.

Ham shows up to court and gets the exact same judge to accept to stop the protest. KS stares at the judge. The judge gives him a dirty look and leaves. KS asks Ham why he is there, Ham asks KS why he knows he is there. He walks off.

KS follows him and tells him that he told him not to matter in his cases. he knows that he plays golf with that judge. Ham tells him that he is good at background checks, but from now on, he needs to save his ability and take care of himself. If he takes the fact that he is changed as being weak, then it is a mistake.
Elsewhere, YE thinks back to the nurse that forgot about already taking his grandmothers blood pressure. He looks at her leave the protest and go back to work. KS walks up to YW and tells him that ham was able to stop the protest. he is a snake, but he is a capable snake. If you like him then I can connect you, maybe you will match well, genius’s know each other. if so then I will release the snake in front of you one day.

They go inside. KS tells the head nurse, that seh heard this thing starts from tomorrow from his boss. KS rips up the paperwork and tells her that he is not his boss and they have a new suggestion on how they can continue their protest. Whatever you protest of not, the hospital will close 4 days later. They already have an agreement with the company.

the nurse is alarmed and says this is a hospital.

KS knows that and knows that she wants to help the patients. He tells her 5% increase in salary and their vacation time will be protected. No more negotiations. You know you won’t get any salary when the hospital is closed.

KS leaves and tells YE that they are doing a salary negotiation. This is not, “not working,” it is “can’t work” when she can’t work, she will have a sense of purpose. YW thinks this is too harsh. But KS says it isn’t, he is the one that is ending this harsh environment. Both sides dont’ want to have an agreement, so i have to finish it. YW asks about the patients, what about them? KS tells him to move his halmoni to another hospital.

YW visits his grandmother. She is worried about the nurses. YW tells her that they might have to move hospitals. halmae says she asks the nurse if her life was difficult but the nurse says she told her that the sunbaes make their life desperate. All the young nurses are suffering a lot.

Ham goes into KS’s office and tells him that he bought them one week, but KS screwed it all up. KS tells him that isn’t the case. He is solving this case, unlike a person who goes and begs the judge. ham tells him he did it in an ungraceful way and will put their company in danger. KS retorts that he wouldn’t’ have to do these things if he wasn’t cleaning up after Ham. GS wants the people to continue working. KS says his associate had the same idea as Ham with prohibiting the people from stopping their business.

Ham tells KS that he has a smart associate. KS tells him that he is a smart lawyer, he shouldn’t think the same things as his associate.
JN and DH drink happily and lazily at a lounge. they talks about drinking alcohol for the taste. JN says soju is bitter, beer is refreshing, and wine is sweet sour. Dh says drinking good things tht are tasting is dangerous. JN says it is better to drink and remove it. We have to remove all the dangerous things in the world. They say that YW is dangerous as well, should they remove him? they laugh. JN starts to talk about her mother telling her to give up her dream of becoming a lawyer. You know my mom is smart right? But lawyer Ko is giving me hope. The hope of becoming a lawyer and not giving up.

DH tells Jn that hope is not the only thing that YW gives her, maybe he gives her a hotter and more dangerous things. JN agrees and says that if seh can do everything well then she would already be a lawyer. DH tells her that seh thinks she should not have mattered in her business, but JN says it’s okay. DH tells her to do it, do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. If you have to break, then be broken in the future. Dont’ regret it like me. Do you think I didnt’ have any first love? Lets drink.

But DH thinks about something for a long moment and is lost in her thoughts. JN pulls her out of them and they toast.

Elsewhere, GS is standing at the Opera. He tells his recording that he is not dumped, loneliness is greeting him. However, he can’t be cool about it because the flag from the museum keeps hitting him in the face. he gts flustered and tells it that he will leave, he will leave, and he starts walking down the steps.
Yw goes to the hospital and sees Ham in his grandmothers room. They meet outside on a bench. Ham tells YW that KS told him he was a smart guy that came up with the same idea as him. Why did you think that? YW says he thinks that is the only way to stop the protest and continue the negotiation, but the most important thing is to stop the protest. ham tells him that he has the same idea. He will not oppose it, but what is the best choice.

YW says that KS needs an agreement with the head of the Union and go to the negotiation table again. Ham thinks the head of the Union with thing he and KS are enemies so they can’t do it. YW says, you mean I can do it?

Ham tells him he is smart, KS was right. KS said you are the best one to get the negotiation, but to me, I couldn’t’ just send you there and trust KS. So I came here to test you, please understand. YW asks again, KS said I am the best one? Ham tells him that he sympathizes with peoples stories so well. he is a young lawyer, but he is not just good, he can also make peoples minds change. My test is done, I have my assurance. Are you confident that you can persuade the head of the union?

YW tells him that he can try.

He goes inside and calls KS right away, but it goes to voicemail on both tries.

YW goes to meet with the head nurse. She says they sent him now? So that means there is no chance. But he tells her that she said they are all the same so it doesn’t’ matter who comes right? He takes her into his grandmothers room. The nurse looks happy to see that he knows their inner workings. Cho (the grandmother) tells the head nurse that she told her grandson how hard they work. She also tells the head nurse not to put these young nurses in hard times. You guys also had hard times.

The head nurse says this is a bad tradition that they have. But when they don’t have enough time or man power, they have to do it. YW tells her that whatever the reality is, it is only an excuse if someone was already suffering. The head nurse agrees with him, but she wonders about the hospital. They work hard with these patients, but the hospital should work hard also.

YW tells the head nurse that his grandmother told him that you have to change people many many times. They will try to understand the nurses more and be more open minded at the negotiation table. She tells him, if they do that then they will cancel their strike and be at the negotiation table again.
YW tells KS that he took care of it, the negotiation will continue, he will make him proud in front of Ham. The nurses didn’t want a raise in salary, they wanted more people. They don’t have enough man power which is why the older nurses torture the younger nurses. KS didn’t understand what he said at first, but tells him to continue, what did he solve? YW says they don’t want a salary increase, they want 20% more people. The money can be pulled from the advertisement and renovation budget.

KS says, if this happens then they will be at the negotiation table? YW says yes, it is good right? Yes!

KS goes to the bathroom to talk to Ham. He asks him if he had to screw up his case and like to his young associate? Ham says anyway, a smart young lawyer solved this problem. KS says planned? You tried so hard to fire me, but you didn’t’ even know the hospital side? The hospital wanted to fire more people. they agreed to put more money in the advertisement and buildings. they already decided that. We tried to persuade the hospital not to fire people. Now, you ask for more people? What if the hospital side knows about this? You should solve this well. you used these cheap ways and put our company in danger. You need to solve it or you will be responsible for it.

Elsewhere, YW is so happy about the case he just solved. JN asks hi why he is so happy. He hugs her right away. She tells him he is super duper happy? He says yes, he took care of the problem that Han and KS could not solve. Jn tells him that is daebak, they should celebrate. he tells her that they can continue and celebrate after the meeting.

YW runs to the meeting and asks where KS is. Ham tells him that he knew that the meeting was messed up, so he hid. YW is all like, hid? huh? Ham tells YW to hold them up a little bit.

KS goes inside and presents a fire notice to the head nurse. It is for her and 23 more senior nurses over 5 years. You are torturing the young nurses. The law passed in congress and the hospital side knew about it, they can not just let this go. The nurse says, this is the understanding that you talked about! KS tells her to sign the contract, the proposal only works today. KS leaves. YW tries to follow him but the nurse yells that Mrs. Cho would be proud of him! This gets YW right in the gut.

YW asks KS why he did that. He just wanted to have an agreement. KS says they have a responsibility to serve the client. Is it too much? When I told you we have to find the weakness and stab it, did you think I was joking? This is not just the nurses problem, it is the publics problem. I know you don’t like this kind of work, but this is part of our work.

So you sent me to get this information and then backstab me?

Who sent you Don’t you know? ham sent you, you were backstabbed by Ham!

YW thinks back to KS telling him that he will release the snake in front of him.

YW tells KS that he dint’ tell him to go to the Union for a negotiation, but you knew that if you threw a hint, then Ham would visit me.

Flashback to Ham telling YW that KS spoke highly of him.

YW – Han lied to me, but you used me. If i screwed up the case then that is a reason to pressure Ham.

KS – So what do you want to say?

YW – You used me from the beginning to the end, this is a betrayal

KS – Betrayal? If you listened to me and told me that you met Ham, this wouldn’t’ have happened at all.

YW – Report to you? ….. let’s stop here, I don’t want to be in the middle of y’alls emotional fight.

KS remembers what he said about his associate having the same idea and Ham telling him that he had a smart associate.

YW leaves the office, upset. he walks down the hall. ham watches him and calls someone, he tells this person that it is not that easy due to his opponent, but he has many plans. The first thing he has to do is cut his hands and legs.

Jn waits for YW to show up, but he does not show up. She gts up and turns the red bowtied bunny away from the blue bowtied one (as if she is upset at him). She leaves.

YW is sitting outside by his bike. he is thinking back to KS telling him that he should have reported to him from the beginning, then this would not have happened. he gets up and walks to KS’s office, but he sees KS having tea with the new lawyer Kim. So he walks off.
KS asks Lawyer Kim how it is to take care of GS. She says it is not difficult, but it is not his big picture right? He says he has no big picture, but he can’t stop her from believing that. She tells him that, from now on, she will think that she is his real associate. They tap glasses.

YW rides his bike home.

he sees Ham in front of his door. he asks him how he knows that he lives there?

Ham just looks at him and smiles.

Fade Out

VO – Several peoples case
VO – It is not the problem of the car, it is a problem of their driving
David – From my evidence, it is the problem of the steering wheel
HY – Are you sure you never received it
KS – Are you suspecting me
VO – I never wrote this, I never wrote any report
KS – You mean it is fake?
Ham – Well my company sued but you are hiding it from me
YW – The one who can solve your problem is …~.
KS – The one that can solve my probelem is only me.
YW – DH found it a couple days ago…the memo

Image by KBS

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  1. Anonymous
    May 31, 2018 / 6:19 pm

    Ham is shaking things up nicely.

    • V
      June 1, 2018 / 7:20 pm

      He brings so much tension with him. It would have been nice if they introduced him in the second episode!

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